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Op-ed: Post-impeachment rant: It’s time for Trump’s revenge tour

Mitch McConnell trying to have it both ways, by voting to acquit and then condemning Trump, is trash. But that shouldn’t be surprising, because as I’ve been saying for years, old Ditch is trash. He was trash before Trump, one of the main reasons people turned to the likes of Trump, and he’s trash now.

Trump’s mistake was thinking he could do business with him and his ilk, even to the point of putting Ditch’s wife in his administration. Giving Ditch credit for approving a bunch of judges is like giving your kid credit for not skipping school. That’s the baseline expectation of the job, and it doesn’t even consider that too many of these judges will be useless to awful anyway because of the pagan law schools from whence they came. Too many of the worst judicial bowel movements have come from GOP appointees or majority GOP-appointed SCOTUS justices. If Ditch wants to charge someone for inciting the riot on Jan. 6, he can look in the same place OJ needed to find the real killers — a mirror.

Republicans such as McConnell are modern-day Esaus, surrendering the country’s future in exchange for a corporatist kickback to grease their palms now. Disenfranchising voters election after election by not only not keeping their campaign promises, but openly betraying those voters at the same time.

I don’t believe in rioting. Otherwise I’d be rioting. But I have been warning for a while now that if there is not peaceable yet firm opposition to the spirit of the age that has taken over the Democratic Party, it will eventually devolve into other forms. People are not just going to sit quiet forever and watch their way of life being taken away. That’s the harsh lesson of history. It’s a lesson I’d like us to avoid repeating, but for that to happen, there must be a real opposition party. A real platform for people who oppose the regressive deconstruction of Western civilization to channel their principles and values within the system and into action. Unfortunately, no such vehicle exists within the nation’s capitol and hasn’t for a long time. Thus, frustration and angst have only grown out here in flyover country.

Republicans such as McConnell are the reason why. They are the enabling collaborators who have permitted the left’s “long march through the institutions” to be almost complete. They are feckless, technocratic wretches playing conventional smarmy and corrupt politics, while the spirit of the age is playing for keeps and conducting a cultural hijacking. They play trite and tacky political games, while the left plays conqueror.

Now that he’s acquitted, Trump should announce all-out war in the 2022 primary cycle, with the goal of high political body count.

Yes, Trump is his own worst enemy too often, as I’ve pointed out in specific moments. Like last year, when I spent most of it criticizing him for surrendering his presidency to the malevolent Fauci and quack Birx, which cost him re-election in my opinion — for setting into motion the very mail-in voting scheme that toppled him. That being said, any reformer or outsider you put up there — no matter how much nicer and more charming and more worldly they may be — will be treated the same way by the Swamp. Pick a name, and the process might look different given their different personalities, but the endgame is the same.

Trump ran for office on “drain the swamp” and then was done in by his failure to do so as president. Once in office, he went “art of the deal” instead and was ultimately knifed by the swamp he failed to drain but naively thought he could cut deals with. Now, finally, is the time for Trump to keep that promise, not to mention settle a personal vendetta. And I have no problem indulging Trump’s vendettas when they’re to my/our benefit.

This one most definitely would be.

Trump’s lack of restraint has led to his undoing at times, and frankly I think the odds of his acquittal were improved ironically because he’s been de-platformed from places where he could knee-jerk react. His lack of social media presence forced Democrats to make a case on the merits, without Orange Man Bad as a straw man to play off, and the case couldn’t pass muster once cross-examined.

There have been many biblical comparisons to Trump in recent years, but not the one I think fits most. Samson, also, was a towering figure who cast a large shadow, but whose lack of restraint was his undoing at times. However, his final act — plunging the pagan temple to the fish demon Dagon facedown in the dirt — ultimately justified his legacy. This great pruning of the GOP establishment could (and should) be Trump’s lasting legacy.

Grab the jawbone of an ass, Mr. President, and sweep the leg.

Ann Coulter OPED: Is There a Market Where I Can Short Liberals?

Commentary by Ann Coulter Ann Coulter | Posted: Feb 05, 2020 4:50 PM

Is There a Market Where I Can Short Liberals?

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

It’s been a great week! In Iowa, the party that claims to be devoted to “science” and “technology” demonstrated that it couldn’t count to 10. Trump delivered a triumphant State of the Union address, highlighting all he’s done to make America great again — and attacking previous administrations for failing to do so. It was such a bravura performance that when he was finished, Speaker Nancy Pelosi childishly tore up his speech from the podium in a shocking breach of decorum.

Hours after the president’s address, he was scheduled to be “acquitted” in the Senate impeachment trial — if that’s the right word for a dismissal of the most absurd charges ever brought against a chief executive. After weeks of scurrilous accusations against him being made on the Senate floor, Trump’s job approval rating in Gallup polling has soared to 49 percent, the highest it’s been since he took office. He should ask Pelosi to impeach him again.

And the week is young! We should cap it off with something fun. For your gloating pleasure, let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

Liberals know nothing, but always express themselves with great bravado and certainty. These are people who claim to know exactly what the temperature will be a decade from now, but have trouble with what will happen next week. Their confident predictions are as useless as bill of impeachment or an Iowa vote count.

THE ECONOMY: As you’ve probably heard, the economy is booming under President Trump. Unemployment has fallen to historic lows, more than 7 million jobs have been created, and the stock market keeps setting new records.

“In preparation for a completely unpredictable Trump presidency, I sold all stocks in my kids’ education accounts today. I urge u to do same.” — Kurt Eichenwald on Twitter, Sept. 26, 2016

“[Trump’s] statements reveal a deep ignorance of economics … He promotes magical thinking and conspiracy theories over sober assessments of feasible economic policy options. … If elected, he poses a unique danger … to the prosperity of the country. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you do not vote for Donald Trump.”— 790 economists, the week before the 2016 election. The esteemed signatories included a dozen Harvard professors and a slew of Nobel Prize winners, such as Angus Deaton of Princeton, Oliver Hart and Eric Maskin of Harvard, and Kenneth J. Arrow of Stanford, as well as four others evidently not interesting enough to be mentioned in articles about the letter. 

“It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover? … [A] first-pass answer is never. … So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.”— The New York Times’ Paul Krugman, Election Night 2016

THE MUSLIM BAN: On June 26, 2018, the United States Supreme Court upheld Trump’s “Muslim ban,” in an opinion that simply cited the law:

“By its plain language, Section 1182(f) [of the Immigration and Nationality Act] grants the President broad discretion to suspend the entry of aliens into the United States. … It entrusts to the President the decisions whether and when to suspend entry … whose entry to suspend … for how long … and on what conditions.

“The Proclamation falls well within this comprehensive delegation. The sole prerequisite set forth in S1182(f) is that the President ‘find[]’ that the entry of the covered aliens ‘would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.'” …

“[Y]our Muslim ban is unconstitutional.” — The New York Times’ Paul Krugman, Feb. 13, 2017

NAACP Proves to be Organization of Clowns

Written By Kevin Jackson |

Send in the ‘blackface’ clowns. Because that’s what the NAACP represents these days. Sadly, this formerly venerable organization begun by Republicans now represents the worst of black culture.

Tools of the Democrats, the NAACP should be ashamed of itself. Unfortunately, they are too stupid to recognize that.

Frankly, without political race pimps filling its ranks, the NAACP would have disbanded long ago. But as we’ve learned in politics, black race pimps created an industry. These same idiots gave Jussie Smollett an Image Award during his attack hoax.

And that’s why members of the NAACP voted unanimously recently for President Trump’s impeachment. The group announced this on their Twitter page:

NAACP President Derrick Johnson tweeted:

“Trump’s misconduct is unmistakable and has proven time and time again, that he is unfit to serve as the president of this country”.

Unfit to serve? The NAACP is unfit to serve the “colored” people it supposedly represents.

To the point, the reason the NAACP voted this way is Trump proved Barack Obama to be the turd in the punch bowl for black people. Trump exposed Obama as a black fraud.

As Trump might wax rhapsodic, “How do I love thee, let me count the ways I surpassed Obama when it comes to blacks”.

Compare how people feel about Trump versus Obama when it comes to helping blacks. Black Enterprise wrote a puff piece for Obama, and I dare any supporter of Baby Black Jesus to read this and not spit coffee through one’s nose. Hardly any of the initiatives Obama started helped blacks significantly. And blacks now begin to realize that fact.

According to Rasmussen,

33% of Likely U.S. Voters think life for young black Americans has gotten better since Trump’s election. Slightly more (36%) say life is worse for young blacks now, while 22% rate it as about the same. These findings have changed very little from a year ago. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

By comparison, in July 2016, Obama’s final year in office, just 13% said life for young black Americans had gotten better since the election of the nation’s first black president.

For those doing the math, 33 percent for Trump, 13 percent for Obama.

So again, no wonder the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People joins a list of Congressional black clowns in wanting to impeach the white president. How DARE he prove Obama to be as useless as an appendix.

Though according to The Hill. 87 members in the House have announced support for an impeachment inquiry, Democratic leaders balk. It hasn’t exactly been an exemplary week for the Democrats, given the failure of Bob Mueller to consummate what Democrats hope would be the public sodomy of Trump. And their future won’t get any better.

Toiday’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon by A.F. Branco

Reset Button

URL of the original posting site:

The Democrats and the mainstream media laughed at Trump for talking about button size with North Korea.  Now who’s laughing.

North Korea TalksPolitical cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2018.

Intellectual Frog Legs Presents: The Capitalist That Saved America (Video)

Posted by Tami Jackson | on

Capitalist Saved America

Joe Dan Gorman is an amazing guy, a funny guy who’s created his own brand, telling the truth in a fast-paced, multi-media way. And you just gotta love his videos. They’re a bit longer that the everyday short form, 2-5 minute video…more like an über informative half hour TV show. But Joe Dan’s videos are absolutely worth the time.

Grab some popcorn and settle in for 30 minutes of fun and leftie bashing!


Joe Dan writes:

America is starting to feel like America again(complete with the buzz of liberals bitching in the background).

And at the risk of sounding sycophantic… I’m beginning to think  Donald Trump is from the planet Krypton and his real father’s name is Jor-El…  Are you kidding me?

Like most of you—I’d become conditioned to believe that ANY positive changes to our government (if not impossible) would be a painfully long process.

Not our President. But again, there is little ‘conventional’ about Donald John Trump.

President Trump has had the most successful first year in modern presidential history— yet over 90% of his coverage  by the mainstream media is negative.  Despite all that… the Trump economy is exploding.  Breaking a new record almost daily…it seem.

Trump owns the media… lock, stock and barrel. He lives in their heads.  And make no mistake, their hatred for Trump is real.  And if YOU support Trump— they hate you too.

And laughably—these pompous-ass elite blowhards claim Donald Trump is the biggest idiot on the planet—  yet he keeps kicking their asses. LOL. Hard.


More Politically INCORRECT Cartoons for Thursday October 26, 2107

Libs Will HATE Who The President Just Donated His $1M To In Hurricane Relief Funds

Published by | on September 7, 2017

URL of the original posting site:

Libs love when money is thrown at SPLC for them to tuck a few more millions in their offshore account. But have you seen which groups Trump signed checks for? Liberals had better keep their smelling salts ready. They just might swoon.

It should be fine though. He’ already been criticized for ‘only’ giving a million dollars of his own money.

This is the same President who never gets to face his qccusers before the story goes public, and most of thoe stories are told with ‘alternate facts’.

One of them they’d probably be fine with. As for the other parents? News like that could give some of them a stroke.

Perfect example: Franklin Graham. Franklin is definitely his ‘own person’. He’s been on their hit list for a very long time. They aren’t fans of his take on Islam. Or how he weighed in on Charlottesville. Because his charity — Samaritan’s Purse … which among other things it does, specializes in disaster recovery is a great choice. But to know Franklin Graham’s cause got them some coin? It must be driving them crazy. $100,000.

Red Cross and Salvation Army each got $300K. They’ll probably think that’s more or less fine they might chafe at the religious nature of Salvation Army, but will recognize it for the work it does. They’ve probably fogotton entirely about the founding of the Red Cross and assume it’s strictly secular.

Trump also said he would also give $100,000 to Reach Out America, a Houston-based charity connected to the United Pentecostal Church International.

And $25k each to:

—Operation Blessing International, a faith-based disaster-relief charity based in Virginia Beach

—Catholic Charities

— The Houston Humane Society

—The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

—Team Rubicon, a charity that sends teams of military veterans to help in disaster zones.

—Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies, a nonprofit group that focuses on helping those with disabilities.

—Direct Relief, a medical-aid group which has shipped doses of medicines and vaccines — all of which must be kept cold — to flood-ravaged areas in Texas.

Operation Blessing! Oh no!

The Rubicon seems a really great choice, considering how many citizens stepped up to help their neighbors. Of course, the Media (D) and their liberal playmates will find all sorts of reasons to bitch about it.

On that note, how much did Obama and the Clintons give of their own considerable cash for hurricane relief? #askingforafriend

If Trump is Responsible for Death at Charlottesville, Then Isn’t Obama Responsible for these 5 Murders?

Posted by | on August 16, 2017

Leftists and their media puppets have predictably blamed President Trump for the violence and chaos during the white supremacist ‘Unite the Right’ protest that occurred in Charlottesville over this past weekend.

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The president has profusely condemned the acts of the white supremacists and counter protesters that were there also; something Obama never did when Black Lives Matter was running wild.

Here are five murders Liberals and the media should have blamed Obama for — if they are holding the same standard as they are for Trump — but didn’t:

1. Chris Dorner’s murderous rampage. In 2013, ex-Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Officer Chris Dorner murdered four people in slightly over a week, including two police officers. In his manifesto, Dorner railed against the LAPD for firing him for complaining about an instance in which he claimed an officer used excessive force. However, the LAPD determined he had made false statements about it and fired him.

The ex-LAPD officer felt so wronged by the department, he decided to go on a murderous rampage to exonerate his name and shed light to what he believed was the LAPD’s deep embedded corruption. Dorner was a huge supporter of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

2. Micah Xavier Johnson’s assassination of five police officers. Via The Daily Wire‘s James Barrett:

Responding to the outrage over Sterling and Castile, President Obama said their deaths were “not isolated incidents” but were “symptomatic” of a criminal justice system plagued by “racial disparities.” That evening, during a Black Lives Matter rally, Johnson opened fire on Dallas police officers, shooting a dozen officers, five of whom died from their wounds. Before the police were forced to shoot him dead, he told them that he was deliberately targeting “white people, especially white officers” and that the Black Lives Matter movement had inspired his actions.

“The suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter; he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The suspect said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters.

Obama spoke at the murdered Dallas officers’ memorial, but trashed the police the whole time.

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3. Gavin Long murdered three police officers in Baton Rouge, LA. Long was a black nationalist who subscribed to the same kind of Black Liberation Theology perpetuated by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s former pastor. Long frequently ranted about cops and “crackers” and was empathetic toward organizations like the New Black Panther Party.

Hello left/media? Clearly the same thing that happened this past weekend.

4. Kate Steinle’s murder. Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was deported five times yet was able to reside in San Francisco due to the city’s status as a sanctuary city. The Obama administration largely supported sanctuary cities and didn’t use the full legal tools at its disposal to crack down on them.

Again, little to no outrage from the left.

5. Benghazi. The scandal seems have to faded from the public’s memory, but four brave Americans died at the hands of Islamic terrorists in the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The Obama administration initially blamed the attack on a video and did nothing to help the four Americans who were murdered. We still don’t know what Obama was doing that night.

The media was covering Obama’s ass and blocked any blame or responsibility he might hold for the deaths of these 4 Americans. All of these cases Obama and his administration should have clearly been held accountable for, if they (the Left and media) were to have the same standard as they hold Trump to.

CRYING LIBERAL ALERT: Obama’s Muslim Rep Is Upset Because Trump Didn’t Say¦ [WATCH]

disclaimerPosted by on May 22, 2017

Trump is not your run of the mill politician. He does things in his own way, and that includes how he gives his addresses.

Well, an Obama-era diplomatic official had a problem with Trump’s recent address in Saudi Arabia. Farah Pandith, former special representative to Muslim communities at the State Department, criticized the President for not saying “salam aleykum” at the beginning of his speech in Riyadh.

During a CNN discussion panel (go figure) hosted by Jake Trapper, Pandith suggested that the absence of an Arabic hello was a grave oversight:

The president didn’t do some things that you would have expected culturally. He didn’t open up a greeting with an Arabic hello to the group, which you would have expected in Saudi Arabia.

It doesn’t seem like a huge deal to us, but what do you think? Let’s continue because Lord knows Pandith wasn’t done there.

She wants Trump to hold more Islamic centered events at the White House. She brought up the fact that Ramadan was around the corner and would be a perfect opportunity to put actions into words:

I want to see this president come back to America and put actions into words. So for example, it is Ramadan, almost, and is the president going to break tradition? Or is going to keep tradition and have an Iftar in the White House?

Well, Obama sure didn’t do a good job with publicity on this one. Didn’t even know this was a tradition. Did you?

Now on to one of her last statements. She pointed out that there was a lack of applause among Muslim and Arab political leaders. She claimed this was evidence of a poor reception of Trump. (Let’s just forget about all the other things that had happened that day. You know, the media praising Trump and the First Lady, Trump being welcomed like a king. But sure, we’ll go with the poor reception thing.)

Because what you didn’t hear from the president, were the cultural signals in that speech that I think you didn’t see any, for example, applause during that speech. If you looked at the faces of the leaders, they were listening very intently, and some of that is cultural, but you didn’t see the kind of recognition that you saw, for example, when President Bush or President Obama said some very similar things.

Well, according to The Daily Wire, Pandith is spreading some fake news. Neither Bush nor Obama delivered such a speech in Riyadh, let alone Saudi

Not surprisingly, neither Tapper nor any of the CNN discussion panel’s guests challenged any of what Pandith said.

Oh, and one thing we forgot to mention. Pandith criticized Trump back in January over his moves toward extreme vetting, saying such a policy doesn’t make any sense

Well, now her comments make a whole lot more sense.

President Donald Trump Signs Bill to Overturn Obama Rule Forcing States to Fund Planned Parenthood

waving flagdisclaimerAuthored by Steven Ertelt | President |  Apr 13, 2017   |   11:37AM    Washington, DC

URL of the original posting site:

After the House first passed the measure, the Senate voted 50-50 for the bill, with a couple of liberal pro-abortion Republicans joining Democrats in supporting the abortion giant and Republicans voting pro-life. The tie vote made it so pro-life Vice-President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote to approve the measure.

Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser will be at the bill signing and talked with about it.

“This week the pro-life movement had two huge victories: first, the swearing-in of Justice Gorsuch and now, President Trump will undo former President Obama’s parting gift to the abortion industry. The resolution signed today simply ensures that states are not forced to fund an abortion business with taxpayer dollars. Rather, states have the option to spend Title X money on comprehensive health care clinics that better serve women and girls,” she said.

“We thank President Trump, Vice President Pence, who cast the tie breaking vote last month, as well as the women who led this effort in Congress, Rep. Diane Black and Sen. Joni Ernst. Prioritizing funding away from Planned Parenthood to comprehensive health care alternatives is a winning issue. We expect to see Congress continue its efforts to redirect additional taxpayer funding away from Planned Parenthood through pro-life health care reform after the spring recess,” she added.

In recent years, several states receiving Title X family planning grants have opted to direct those funds to county health departments, community health centers, or other types of providers, in preference to organizations engaged in objectionable activities, such as Planned Parenthood, a mega-marketer of abortion that has also been involved in selling aborted baby parts.

H.J. Res. 43, once Trump signs it, would mean that states, if they chose, could continue to attempt to redirect Title X funds away from objectionable organizations like Planned Parenthood.

SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately

Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) were behind the bills to overturn the rule.ATTA GIRL

“State legislatures around the country have spoken out about their preference for prioritizing more comprehensive primary and preventative care providers for the receipt of Title X funding,” the duo wrote in a joint op-ed for the Washington Examiner, “and their voice should be respected by bureaucrats in the federal government.”

“According to its 2014-2015 annual report, Planned Parenthood performed 323,999 abortion procedures in just one year. Taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize the abortion industry in this country. Nor should they be forced to foot the bill for an organization like Planned Parenthood that has displayed such blatant disregard for human life.”

“With a pro-life president in the White House and pro-life majorities in the House and Senate, we will continue to work together this year to undo the damage done by the Obama administration,” the women write.praise-the-lord-png

Leading pro-life groups like National Right to Life supported the bill. In its letter to House members, NRLC wrote: “Over one-third of all abortions in the U.S. are performed at PPFA-affiliated facilities. Longstanding objections to the massive governmental funding of PPFA have been reinforced by widely publicized undercover videos, which illuminate the callous brutality that occurs daily in these abortion mills.”

Other groups also applauded the House.

“President Obama’s parting gift to the abortion industry was in keeping with his Administration’s actions over the last eight years. At every turn, then-President Obama thwarted efforts by state and local authorities – who were acting on the will of the people – to prioritize taxpayer funding away from Big Abortion,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Obama’s legacy of forcing Americans to finance the abortion industry is being steadily dismantled by our new pro-life President and the pro-life Congress. We look forward to swift passage of this resolution in the Senate so that it can receive President Trump’s signature.”

She told LifeNews: “Planned Parenthood which, according to their latest annual report, performed 323,999 abortions in a single year, does not need or deserve taxpayer dollars. We thank Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) and Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) for leading the effort to overturn this unpopular rule. Their leadership reflects the truth that women largely support stopping taxpayer funding of the abortion industry and redirecting funds to centers that offer real health care.”

Recently, two new videos showed former Planned Parenthood employees discussing how women were “treated like cattle” and “herded” through clinics. In last week’s video, a former manager admitted Planned Parenthood had “abortion quotas” that, if met, would result in pizza parties. Other videos have exposed Planned Parenthood’s claim of providing prenatal services and demonstrated that ultrasounds are used almost exclusively for abortion.

Here’s an example of how Obama’s rule has prevented states from revoking taxpayer funding for the abortion company Planned Parenthood.

Under current state law, the state of Tennessee doles out Title X funding provided by HHS to county health departments, who then determine appropriate sub-grantees. All 95 counties have identified community health centers and other providers aside from Planned Parenthood who meet all Title X eligibility criteria to receive this funding, effectively cutting off Planned Parenthood’s access to Title X funds in the state of Tennessee.

The rule from HHS cites other examples of states such as Florida and Texas enacting or attempting to enact similar measures. The rule undermines such state laws, explaining that it “precludes project recipients [states] from using criteria in their selection of subrecipients that are unrelated to the ability to deliver services to program beneficiaries in an effective manner.”

The expose’ videos catching Planned Parenthood officials selling the body parts of aborted babies have shocked the nation. Here is a list of all thirteen:

  • In the first video: Dr. Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood commented on baby-crushing: “We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”
  • In the second video: Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Mary Gatter joked, “I want a Lamborghini” as she negotiated the best price for baby parts.
  • In the third video: Holly O’Donnell, a former Stem Express employee who worked inside a Planned Parenthood clinic, detailed first-hand the unspeakable atrocities and how she fainted in horror over handling baby legs.
  • In the fourth video: Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Savita Ginde stated, “We don’t want to do just a flat-fee (per baby) of like, $200. A per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.” She also laughed while looking at a plate of fetal kidneys that were “good to go.”
  • In the fifth video: Melissa Farrell of Planned Parenthood-Gulf Coast in Houston boasted of Planned Parenthood’s skill in obtaining “intact fetal cadavers” and how her “research” department “contributes so much to the bottom line of our organization here, you know we’re one of the largest affiliates, our Research Department is the largest in the United States.”
  • In the sixth video: Holly O’Donnell described technicians taking fetal parts without patient consent: “There were times when they would just take what they wanted. And these mothers don’t know. And there’s no way they would know.”
  • In the seventh and perhaps most disturbing video: Holly O’Donnell described the harvesting, or “procurement,” of organs from a nearly intact late-term fetus aborted at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte’s Alameda clinic in San Jose, CA. “‘You want to see something kind of cool,’” O’Donnell says her supervisor asked her. “And she just taps the heart, and it starts beating. And I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus, and its heart is beating, and I don’t know what to think.”
  • In the eighth video: StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer admits Planned Parenthood sells “a lot of” fully intact aborted babies.
  • The ninth video: catches a Planned Parenthood medical director discussing how the abortion company sells fully intact aborted babies — including one who “just fell out” of the womb.
  • The 10th video: catches the nation’s biggest abortion business selling specific body parts — including the heart, eyes and “gonads” of unborn babies. The video also shows the shocking ways in which Planned Parenthood officials admit that they are breaking federal law by selling aborted baby body parts for profit.
  • Unreleased Videos: Unreleased videos from CMP show Deb Vanderhei of Planned Parenthood caught on tape talking about how Planned Parenthood abortion business affiliates may “want to increase revenue [from selling baby parts] but we can’t stop them…” Another video has a woman talking about the “financial incentives” of selling aborted baby body parts.
  • The 11th video: catches a Texas Planned Parenthood abortionist planning to sell the intact heads of aborted babies for research. Amna Dermish is caught on tape describing an illegal partial-birth abortion procedure to terminate living, late-term unborn babies which she hopes will yield intact fetal heads for brain harvesting.
  • The 12th video in the series shows new footage of Jennefer Russo, medical director at Planned Parenthood in Orange County, California, describing to undercover investigators how her abortion business tries to harvest intact aborted babies’ bodies for a local for-profit biotech company and changes the abortion procedure to do so.
  • The 13th video: exposes a Planned Parenthood medical director admitting that babies born alive after abortion are sometimes killed.

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

waving flagWhat Chaos?

President Trump says his administration is not in chaos, but is a fine tuned machine doing exactly what he was elected to do.

Trump Fine Tuned Machine / Cartoon by A.F. Branco.

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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

waving flagOath Keeper

President Trump took an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. Does this include Democrats?

Trump Oath of Office / Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017.

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Trump signs executive order to drastically cut federal regs

waving flagPublished January 30, 2017 |

URL of the original posting site:

President Trump signed an executive order on Monday to drastically reduce the regulatory burden on U.S. businesses, requiring federal agencies to effectively eliminate at least two regulations for each new one issued.

“We have to knock out a regulation for every two, but it goes far beyond that. This is a big one,” said Trump, in signing the order that makes good on his “one in-two out” campaign promise.

Trump has signed more than a dozen executive orders in his first 11 days in office.  

The order Monday specifically states that prior regulations must be “identified for elimination” when a new rule is put forward. However, the 900-word order makes clear that the costs associated with new regulations each year cannot go up. So they would have to be offset by eliminating “costs associated with at least two prior regulations.” 

For fiscal 2017, Trump told agency heads that the total cost of new regulations finalized this year “shall be no greater than zero” unless otherwise directed. 

“It is essential to manage the costs associated with the governmental imposition of private expenditures required to comply with federal regulations,” the document also states. 

“We will begin efforts to reduce federal regulations. We’ll be reducing them big time,” Trump said in concluding a White House meeting with small business owners before signing the order.

The military, national security and foreign affairs are exempt from the order, which puts the Office of Management and Budget in charge of the changes. Agencies must present OMB with new regulations and show what is slated for elimination. However, the order offers some flexibility:  allowing agencies to determine the cuts, maintaining White House input and giving the OMB director authority to make emergency exceptions. 

An administration official told Fox News that a recently issued White House memo on temporary regulation freezes remains in place and that the executive order establishes the process going forward. picture2

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