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False Prophets

March 17, 2023 by Jerry Broussard

This verse came up in my devotions this morning. I was prompted by The Holy Spirit to make this image and publish it. False prophets have always been a problem with numerous cultures, and dealing with them varies with severity. Knowing who are the “false” prophets has always been the rub. God’s answer? If their prophecy does not come true, then they’re false.

Above are some of the High Priests of the Climate Change Religious Cult. They also clam to be prophets, though they do not use that term. They claim science is behind their forecasts, when in reality they are tyrannical prophecies that have never come true.

Name any other discipline, and any of them had the same record of false claims of catastrophes that never happen, and they would be derided is all the main stream press, and the political elite would make their lives a living hell.

For 40 plus these false prophets have forecasted disasters that never happened. Using terms that gender fear, they prey on the weak minded. Fear is their only tool, because science is NOT with them, neither is their forecasts. Running their climate change religion as any typical tyrannical organization, they have amassed a large portion of the wealthiest people and organizations, they seek to amass more wealth, and more control. Working with the World Economic Forum, they quest for “One World Government” proceeds with freighting results.

When you consider the number of nations that have been dupped into acting on the “Green New Deal”, and have failed miserably, you’d think that the entire World would rise up and deal appropriately with these false prophets of climate change.

All prophecies have failed. All scientific claims have proven false. All attempts to apply their demented Green New Deal has proven disastrous. Their quest for One World Government is becoming more obvious. The false masks they wear to decieve are beginning to slip, revealing who they really are.

When is enough? How much more are we suppose to take?


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