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Nolte: School and Church Closings, Anti-Police Movement Blow up U.S. Homicide Rate

Reported by JOHN NOLTE | 

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A previously created memorial, right, stands as Baltimore police work at a scene where multiple people were shot in Baltimore, Saturday night, Sept. 24, 2016. Police said that none of the shootings were fatal. (AP Photo/Steve Ruark)

It is also worth noting, although the Journal tries to spin this as a bipartisan problem, that Democrats (including the “progressive” mayor of San Antonio who identifies as Independent) run seven of the top ten cities with the biggest jump in homicide rates. Democrats also run all six of the top six cities with the largest number of homicides, including Democrat-run Chicago, which the Journal notes is responsible for “more than one of every eight homicides.” The top six are Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas.

The experts the Journal spoke with laid the blame on the closing of schools and churches, and the left’s anti-police crusade.

“Lockdowns and recession also mean tensions are running high and streets have been emptied of eyes and ears on their communities. Some attribute the rise to an increase in gang violence,” the Journal reports, adding…

Schools let out young adults in March because of the pandemic and after-school activities largely stopped. Churches and other social institutions were restrained for the sake of social distancing. Police first were hit by coronavirus and then blowback in the neighborhoods they patrol after the killing in Minneapolis of George Floyd, a Black man, while in police custody.

“Gangs are built around structure and lack thereof,” said Jeff La Blue, a spokesman for the Fresno police department. “With schools being closed and a lot of different businesses being closed, the people that normally would have been involved in positive structures in their lives aren’t there.”

Obviously structure is imperative for young people, which is something schooling offers. As far as the Church, this is something especially vital in black and Hispanic communities, a place for troubled youth to go. Many churches also offer after-school activities, not to mention moral guidance.

“Everything that society does that might shape public safety was turned upside-down during the pandemic,” Mr. Ludwig told the Journal, and this of course includes an unprecedented and dishonest crusade by Democrats and the corporate media to delegitimize and defund the police.

The good news is that burglaries and rapes are down, but that’s only because people are staying home. There are fewer potential victims out there.

“Homicides, on the other hand, are up because violent criminals have been emboldened by the sidelining of police,” reports the Journal, and these homicides are “hitting low-income, mostly Black and Latino communities especially hard” — just as I (and everyone with a brain) predicted when this left-wing terrorism launched.

This attack on the police — even as police shootings of unarmed men (including black men) have plummeted over the years — was always about the 2020 presidential election, always about the left’s desperation to reverse the gains made by black America under President Trump’s economic policies.

And the fastest way to destroy economic advancement is to embolden and release violent criminals and gangs.

Although things are not yet as bad as they were before violent crime began to drop in the 1990s, that is a very cold comfort when you realize we are reversing all the law enforcement policies that finally put an end to a three decade crime wave and urban blight: aggressive policing tactics based on the broken windows philosophy, tough sentencing after a legal conviction, etc.

We’re also doing things even the do-gooders of the sixties didn’t think of — ending bail, using the China Virus as an excuse to empty our jails and prisons, electing far-left activists as city prosecutors, and turning the police into eunuchs. Unfortunately, and unless people wake up and put a stop to this madness, we are on the fast-track to a return to the bad old days of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Instead of tweaking our criminal justice system, which I’m always in favor of, especially when it comes with how to handle non-violent criminals, in just a matter of months, the left and their media allies have smashed it — and by deliberate design, blacks and Hispanics are the biggest losers.

Here are the top 14 cities with the biggest increase in homicides this year, along with the incumbent mayor’s party identification:

  1. Austin – Democrat
  2. Chicago – Democrat mayors for 79 years
  3. Fort Worth – Republican
  4. San Antonio – Self-identified “progressive” Independent after two decades of Democrat rule.
  5. Phoenix – Democrat
  6. Philadelphia – 68 years of Democrats
  7. Houston – 38 years of Democrats
  8. New York – Democrat
  9. Columbus – Two decades of Democrat rule
  10. Jacksonville – Republican
  11. Los Angeles – Democrat for two decades
  12. San Diego – Republican
  13. Charlotte – Democrat
  14. Dallas – Democrat

Editor’s Note:  Previously this story erroneously stated that the mayor of Phoenix is a Republican; current Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego is a Democrat. 

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As Multiple White House Lies About the Iran Deal Emerge, the Regime Unleashes Bigoted Attacks on Chuck Schumer

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RUSH; Big news from the Middle East about the Iran deal.  It turns out that we were negotiating with the Iranians before Kerry was secretary of state. We were negotiating with the Iranians beforethe election of the “moderate”Rouhani.  We were negotiating an Iranian nuke deal with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when nobody knew what was happening.  The Regime was telling us that they couldn’t do anything ’cause Ahmadinejad was such a radical extremist goofball.We had to wait for a “moderate” to win, which was Rouhani, and after he did, that’s when we got serious.  It turns out none of that’s true. We had been negotiating with the Iranians long before then and signaling our willingness that they can nuke up.  This latest news is from MEMRI, which is a credible Middle East news source.  Details coming up.


RUSH: What the Obama administration and the Democrat Party are doing to Chuck Schumer… They are treating Chuck Schumer as though he is a Republican, ’cause he is opposed — come out opposed to — the Iran deal.  The attacks they are mounting on him are bigoted — some might even say racist or ethnic — highlighting in every report “Chuck Schumer, noted Jew,” it says in the New York Times, “Chuck Schumer, noted Jewish senator from New York,” Washington Post.

They’re saying that Schumer voted against the deal because he’s in bed with the big money Jewish lobby.  They usually reserve that for Republican Jewish people.  But Schumer is getting it all from sides, led by the White House.


RUSH: Let me give you the latest here on the Iran story, because this is stunning.  The American people have been lied to about another three issues regarding this deal, this so-called nuclear deal with Iran.  First, it turns out that negotiations did not start because of Iran electing a “moderate,” “some guy we could do business with,” i.e., Rouhani.  It turns out that the negotiations between the United States and Iran began when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was still president.

But we were told by the administration that there’s no way we could talk to Iran with Ahmadinejad in there because he’s a nutcase, he’s an extremist, he’s a lunatic. That was one of the excuses the Regime gave for not doing anything on Iran at that time.  And there was pressure to do something, because the news coming out of Iran was they were bragging about how much progress they were making toward the discovery, creation, development of a nuclear power.

And the Regime was saying, “We can’t talk to ’em. There is no reason to get into negotiation with this guy ’cause he’s such a madman.  We have to wait for them to have their next presidential election. Hopefully they’ll elect a moderate,” which they did. There’s no such thing, by the.  This is another thing.  There’s no such thing as a “moderate” Iranian leader, and there’s no such thing as a “conservative” Iranian cleric.  The guy that runs Iran is the supreme leader.

His name is the Ayatollah Khamenei, and he is the heir to the first Ayatollah Khomeini.  They spell their names differently.  One is K-h-o, that would be the original Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and this guy spells his name with an A, other than that they’re identical.  Anyway, he is the supreme leader, and whoever the “president” is a figurehead. Whoever the president is has to clear everything with the supreme leader.

The supreme leader is the genuine radical that runs this country and is state sponsor of terrorism all over the Middle East and parts of the world.  The guy leading the chants “Death to America!” is the supreme leader, and he’s standing there with his Kalashnikov while doing it. He’s written a book on how to trick and how to fool the US and how they’re gonna wipe out Israel, after the deal has been effected between us, the other five nations, and Iran.

So who their “president” is matters not in terms of what the policy of the country is going to be.  It is a genuine theological, religious dictatorship, and it’s run by the mullahs.  The Ayatollah Khamenei has his buddy ayatollahs, and they make up the supreme leadership council.  But the president is merely an office for the rest of the world to observe and think that Iran’s just like every other country.

“It has an elected president! It has a parliament! It’s a democratic process!” None of that is true.  So the idea that we had to wait for Ahmadinejad to go? Why do you think they got rid of Ahmadinejad?  Why do we even get Rouhani in the first place? Isn’t it amazing that we’re sitting around waiting for a “moderate,” and they deliver one?  How’s that happen?  They got rid of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad because the guy was too open and honest about what the intentions of the extreme leader are.

Every time he opened his mouth, it was “Death to America! Death to Israel!” There was no Holocaust, whatever was it. Every time he opened his mouth.  He made it tough for the supreme leader to put forth the false image that Iran is a moderate, harmless country simply wanting to move into the twenty-first century.  So Obama says, “Well, we can’t negotiate with some nutcase like that!  We gotta wait for a moderate.”

Bammo! They give us Rouhani as a moderate, we start negotiate — the point is we were negotiating with Ahmadinejad, because whenever you’re negotiating with your negotiating with supreme leader.  Negotiating with the Ayatollah Khamenei.  There isn’t a single one of these people over there can make a deal or any agreement within a deal without the approval of the Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader.

Now, the second thing we were lied about, even before the negotiations began, is John Kerry — who was a senator at the time — acting on Obama’s orders, had already recognized Iran’s right to enrich uranium on their own soil.  This was known and reported all the way back in 2007.  I think it is huge, because the United States has been trying for more than a decade to make Iran stop its uranium enrichment program.  That involved the centrifuges and all that.

It turns out even before he was secretary of state, Senator John Kerry, as emissary of the Regime, green-lighted Iran’s right to go ahead and enrich uranium on their own soil.  Now, the entire purpose… To illustrate the focus or the magnitude of this lie, the entire purpose of the economic sanctions that we slapped on Iran was to get them to stop their enrichment.  Not only were the sanctions designed to get them to stop, they were designed to prevent them from being able to.

Because with the sanctions in place, they wouldn’t have the money, the capital, or access to materiel that they needed in order to move forward.  And yet all of it did move forward while we had sanctions placed on them, while Ahmadinejad was the president — who we said we couldn’t negotiate with, who we said we couldn’t negotiate with.  By the way, it’s been reported by that great Middle Eastern news service, MEMRI, M-E-M-R-I. All of this was a charade.  The third thing, the third lie, third issue we were lied to about.

The Iranians are already pumping and selling their oil like crazy.  Now, the Obama administration claims that sanctions are not yet been lifted on Iran as it relates to their oil.  MEMRI is the Middle East Media Research Institute.  The headline of the story: “Iranian Senior Officials Disclose Confidential Details From Nuclear Negotiations.”  So the source for all this is a bunch of braggadocios Iranians who feel that it’s apparently okay now ’cause the deal’s done and Obama’s on his way to making sure the world and everybody else ratifies this thing.

“Iranian officials recently began to reveal details from the nuclear negotiations with the US since their early stages. Their statements indicate that the US initiated secret negotiations with Iran not after President Hassan Rohani, [supposedly] of the pragmatic camp, was elected in 2013, but rather in 2011-2012, in the era of radical president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”  Again, folks, there’s no difference in the two.  Don’t doubt me on this.  Because whoever’s “president” is nothing more than a placeholder.

muslim-obamaHe’s a public figurehead that’s designed to create or produce or present an image of Iran as your normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill nation that has a president, has a parliament, that has elections and so forth.  “The disclosures also indicate that, already at that time, Iran received from the US administration a letter recognizing its right to enrich uranium on its own soil,” while we supposedly had sanctions in place.  President Barack Obama has wanted Iran to be able to move forward on their nuclear program.

He made it possible for this to happen even while sanctions were supposedly in place.  “Hossein Sheikh Al-Islam, an advisor to the Majlis speaker, specified that the letter had come from John Kerry, then a senator and head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Iranian vice president and top negotiator Ali Akbar Salehi said that Kerry, while still a senator, had been appointed by President Obama to handle the nuclear contacts with Iran.” Kerry was assuring the Iranians they had the right to enrich uranium on their soil since 2007.

Now, what’s happening here is Chuck Schumer has come out in opposition to the deal, and the administration is unloading on him.  The administration and its buddies in the media are unloading on Chuck Schumer.  They accuse him… Washington Post, New York Times, they accuse him of being “a Jew who is in bed with the Jewish lobby, wealthy interests.” All of the code words it had usually use to attack conservatives they are using here to attack Chuck Schumer.

James Taranto, Best of the Web, Wall Street Journal:  “Bigotry, Pure and Simple — The ugly attacks on Senator Chuck Schumer.”  Now, say what you want, Senator Chuck Schumer is getting a taste of his own tactics.  I mean, he’s not a stranger to these tactics.  He has used them himself.  I just find it fascinating he’s on the receiving end of them now.  And, by the way, other Jewish members of Congress are also getting to one degree or another the same kind of treatment as Chuck-U Schumer is getting from the administration, from the Regime.

Basically the attacks are all, “He’s not a loyal American! He’s a Jew first!  He’s an Israeli Jew and he’s supporting the Jewish lobby.”  It’s despicable.  It really is.  It’s the kind of stuff that when a conservative Republican comes out and supports Israel, that’s the kind of stuff they say about him.  And now they’re accusing Chuck Schumer, but it goes worse than that.  Now they’ve got McCain coming out, actively opposing this deal for his own reasons.  McCain is saying the Senate is not gonna pass this; the Senate is not gonna make this reality.

Obama is saying, “I don’t need you! I already got the UN. It’s gonna happen. I don’t care. You guys are just exercising your own folly here.  I don’t need you guys to vote for this.  It’s already a done deal.”  I gotta tell you, like I said yesterday, I really misjudged this whole Schumer thing.  I thought that Schumer coming out for the deal meant that they had enough Democrat votes to pass this thing and that Schumer could thus vote against it and remain loyal to his base in New York.

Which, in majority (I guess) position opposes the deal.  But it turns out that’s not the case.  It turns out his opposition to it is real and substantive, and it’s extensively documented and written.  But I tell you, folks, this is the kind of in-the-weeds stuff that I know that the low-information crowd couldn’t care less about; they’re not gonna understand it when they hear it.

But it’s huge, to me, the things that we’ve been lied to about and the objective that these lies reveal. All along we have been facilitating Iran’s quest? All along we have been helping them make it possible?  It now puts… You know, people have analyzed the deal and said, “Yeah, Iran’s gonna get a deal in two years, 10 years.” It all makes sense now.


RUSH: Stan in Winlock, Washington.  Great to have you on the program Stan.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  Hello and thank you very much for taking my call.  I’ll get right to my point.  I think Obama’s brilliant.  He put Israel in a no-win situation when he got the UN to approve the Iran nuke deal.  If Israel unilaterally destroys Iran’s nuke capability, it will be condemned by the UN and they become the outlaw nation, not Iran.  If Israel does nothing, Iran gets the bomb and Israel is toast.  And all this was done while framing himself as seeking peace.

RUSH:  Let my let me ask you a question, and I’m not per se disagreeing with that other than your claim that Obama’s brilliant.  He may be a brilliant deceitful political tactician. Do you think Israel cares? On one hand, Israel destroyed and vaporized.  On the other hand, the UN thinks Israel is mean.  Which do you think they would choose?

CALLER:  Oh, I think they have no choice.  I think they will react militarily.

RUSH:  Well, do you know that Obama has told them that we will stop them if this try to do that?  Do you know that in this deal in the United States and the other negotiating partners promise to protect Iran against such an Israeli attack?

CALLER:  Yeah, and supposedly Obama’s saying there won’t be any war but Israel’s already said that they will have no choice.

RUSH:  No, no.

CALLER:  They have to defend themselves.

RUSH:  Obama said there would be a war if we don’t approve the deal.  Oh, really?  Well, who’s gonna start that war?  There won’t be a war if there…? There will be a war if there isn’t a deal?  How does that work?  If that’s the case, who starts that war?  It must be the Ayatollah Khamenei ticked off you can’t get his nuclear power.  Who would start that? If there is no deal, it guarantees a war?  This is what Obama said.  It’s a classic Obama tactic.  “You either take my way or it’s Armageddon!”Alinsky affect

On either health care or economy, the stimulus. Now the Iran deal. Whatever it is, “It’s either my way or it’s the end of the world! It’s either my way or hell! It’s either my way or the worst that can possibly happen.”  He always creates a straw dog.  And, by the way, there are always people, in Obama’s worldview, who want the worst that can happen.  In this case, it would be Benjamin Netanyahu.  His straw dog or straw man always has people who represent the evil that he says would naturally occur if his way doesn’t happen.  Stan, I appreciate the call.

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Confirmed: White House Lied About Jonathan Gruber’s Role in Developing ObamaCare

waving flagby John Hayward22 Jun 2015

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Everyone knew Gruber was critical to ObamaCare, and when he was caught on tape high-fiving himself for helping to fool what he described as “stupid” American voters with the Affordable Care Act’s web of false promises and ludicrous projections, he was speaking from the Administration’s heart. It’s still newsworthy that the House Oversight Committee has released emails to the Wall Street Journal showing Gruber had a far closer working relationship with the White House than it wanted to admit:

The emails show frequent consultations between Mr. Gruber and top Obama administration staffers and advisers in the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services on the Affordable Care Act. They show he informed HHS about interviews with reporters and discussions with lawmakers, and he consulted with HHS about how to publicly describe his role.

[…] “His proximity to HHS and the White House was a whole lot tighter than they admitted,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chairman of the House oversight committee. “There’s no doubt he was a much more integral part of this than they’ve said. He put up this façade he was an arm’s length away. It was a farce.”

Mr. Chaffetz on Sunday sent a letter to HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell requesting information justifying the department’s sole-source contract with Mr. Gruber for his work on the health law.tyrants

burkeGood luck with that, Rep. Chaffetz.  At the rate this Administration responds to congressional and public inquiries, you’ll be getting the answer to your letter sometime in 2018.

The emails show Mr. Gruber was in touch with key advisers such as Peter Orszag, who was director of the Office of Management and Budget, an arm of the White House that oversaw federal programs.

He was also in contact with Jason Furman, an economic adviser to the president, and Ezekiel Emanuel, who was then a special adviser for health policy at OMB.

One email indicates Mr. Gruber was invited to meet with Mr. Obama. In a July 2009 email, he wrote that Mr. Orszag had “invited me to meet with the head honcho to talk about cost control.” … “Thank you for being an integral part of getting us to this historic moment,” according to Sept. 9, 2009 email to Mr. Gruber from Jeanne Lambrew, a top Obama administration health adviser who worked at HHS and the White House. In a November 2009 email, she called Mr. Gruber “our hero.”

In an August 2009 email, Lawrence Summers—then a top economic adviser in the administration—emailed Mr. Gruber and asked “if you were POTUS, what would u do now?” Mr. Gruber responded that Mr. Obama should hold out for enough money to do universal coverage.

There’s a lot more at the Wall Street Journal piece linked above, including Gruber’s invaluable assistance in spinning reporters, working out deals with Big Labor, and getting recalcitrant Senators including Mary Landrieu (D-LA) on board. How’s that ObamaCare working out for you career-wise, Ms. Landrieu? Are you happy Gruber was able to talk you into supporting the law you knew was a pile of garbage?The Lower you go

As with every bit of truth cudgeled out of this furtive Administration, it took a long time for the House Oversight Committee to get to the bottom of this, after obtaining 20,000 pages of emails from MIT. Once again, the Obama delaying tactics worked like a charm.

When the President falsely denied Gruber’s role to the media, it gave them the go-ahead to largely ignore those bombshell videos in which he not only confirmed that the much-anticipated Supreme Court ruling in King v. Burwell should be a slam-dunk against ObamaCare, wiping out the subsidies illegally paid through the federal exchanges, but also explained at length how so much of the Affordable Care Act was an elaborate scam designed to keep American voters in the dark about the legislation’s true objectives and ramifications.Complete Message

On the former point, Gruber was quite clear that the denial of subsidies to states that don’t set up their own ObamaCare exchanges was a deliberate feature of the legislation, not a typo or some old idea accidentally left lurking in the poorly-written Affordable Care Act. The reason we’re going to need the Supreme Court to decide the fate of the subsidies is that, contrary to the expectations of the brain trust that devised ObamaCare, the vast majority of states decided not to create such exchanges (and some of the states that did had to junk theirs, after wasting hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money on them.)

muslim-obamaGruber and his pals figured only a few states would resist creating the exchanges, and the loss of subsidy money to their citizens would quickly pressure the holdout governors to knuckle under and set one up, thus allowing the federal government to offload the expense and hassle of the program (which ObamaCare’s creators always knew would be far, far greater than what they told the public) onto hapless conscripted state governments. As with so much of the Affordable Care Act, voluntary participation was an illusion, a lie. The states were to be given a hypothetical choice not to “opt in” to the exchange program, but in reality the subsidy baseball bat would be applied to the kneecaps of holdouts until they abandoned their resistance.

This is also the reason President Obama lied, and lied, and lied again about how you would be able to “keep your plan if you like your plan.” You were tricked into thinking participation in ObamaCare would be voluntary, and you could just stay with your old health care if you decided the new government-controlled offerings weren’t right for you. Obama explicitly put it that way when he was crisscrossing the country to spread the Keep Your Plan lie – he said the Affordable Care Act would be so wonderful, saving average Americans some $2,500 a year on the cost of insurance while delivering a superior product, that people would voluntarily abandon their old plans and demand ACA plans in droves.If his mouth is open he must be lying culture of deciet

media-covers-obamas-ass-political-cartoon-390x299If the Obama media had paid proper attention to the significance of the Gruber revelations, and the White House had not been able to downplay the depth of his influence on the plan, the uncovering of his videotaped chest-thumping – by a citizen, not any sort of professional “journalist” – would have been devastating. Instead, once again, the media eagerly helped Obama shape a painful news cycle with falsehoods, and the truth comes out literally days before the Supreme Court rules on the subsidies – too late to influence the Court, while Obama was given a clear field to bully them into protecting his health care con job again. The Obama Administration has always understood that truth depreciates in value over time. Today’s blockbuster revelation becomes tomorrow’s footnote. This is especially true under the “progressive” philosophy of never returning liberty it has taken.

The American people were never told ObamaCare would be a permanent disfigurement of the Constitutional order, invulnerable to repeal no matter how many of its promises were proven false, or how much damage it did to the lives of law-abiding taxpayers. They are never told this vision of “democracy” works by banana-republic rules: one man, one vote, one time; no apologies, no refunds, no more choices in the future. “Hope and Change” are popular slogans until the Left gets what it wants – then it’s Despair and Stasis, forever, and only heartless, selfish Enemies of the State would dare to hope for change.Dupe and Chains

By keeping the truth of ObamaCare hidden until Democrats were able to shove the Affordable Care Act down America’s throat in a dead-of-night vote, the Left accomplished its vital goal of tricking its subjects into signing away their freedom and taking steps toward collectivism they will never be able to retrace. What good does it do to learn the truth now? We live in an age where truth has full depreciated to become a yard-sale item, while we are forced ever deeper into debt to pay for illusions.

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FBI will investigate report object struck train before Philly derailment

waving flagPublished May 16, 2015,

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The FBI will investigate a report that a projectile may have hit an Amtrak train moments before it derailed in Philadelphia, killing eight people, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday. FBI forensic experts are going to examine damage to the train’s windshield after the train’s crew reported something may have hit it before the crash, the paper said. National Transportation Safety Board member Robert Sumwalt said the FBI was brought in after investigators interviewed three of the train’s crew members, including engineer Brandon Bostian. Sumwalt said Bostian was “extremely cooperative but didn’t remember anything after passing the North Philadelphia station.

The derailment Tuesday killed eight people and injured more than 200 people. The train jumped the tracks as it approached a sharp curve at 106 mph, more than twice the speed limit. Without Bostian’s cooperation investigators face a tough task trying to determine why the train accelerated from more than 70 miles per hour to 106 mph over 65 seconds, the Journal said.

Sumwalt said a conductor aboard the train reported hearing a conversation in which the engineer of a nearby local regional train told her engineer that his engine had been hit by an object or shot at and she thought she heard her engineer say the same thing may have happened to him. The conductor said that right after that conversation she felt rumbling, followed by the train car turning over on its side.

Sumwalt said his team has “seen damage to the left hand lower portion of the Amtrak windshield” and has asked the FBI to look at it.

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority spokeswoman Jerri Williams told the Philadelphia Inquirer at the time of the accident that a Trenton, N.J.-bound commuter train had been struck by an “unknown projectile” around 9:10 p.m. Tuesday, breaking the engineer’s window. The Amtrak train derailed about 9:30 p.m. three miles away.

SEPTA does not yet know what caused the damage to its train that night, Williams said. SEPTA trains traveling through the area — including one of the poorest and most violent parts of the city — have had projectiles thrown at them in the past, whether by vandals or teenagers, she said. It was unusual that the SEPTA train was forced to stop on Tuesday night.

Sumwalt said Bostian told investigators he last remembered ringing the train’s bell while passing through the North Philadelphia station Tuesday night. “He has no recollection of anything past that,” Sumwalt said. Bostian’s lawyer has said his client suffered a concussion in the wreck. He said Bostian had not been using his cell phone and had not been drinking or using drugs.



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Ivanpah Solar Project Owners Delay Repaying Loans, Documents Say


What Voter Alert 01

Posted by Quest Contributor, John Smith

NRG, Google, BrightSource Said to Delay Paying Back Loans 


TSolyndra-Solar-Panelshe world’s largest solar thermal electricity project is applying for a federal grant—to pay off its federal loan.

In order to pull that off, the owners of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System project, NRG Energy Inc., Google Inc. and venture capital-backed BrightSource Energy Inc., have delayed repaying hundreds of millions of dollars of the project’s federal loans from several months to a year, according to documents.

Ivanpah, a massive project built on 3,500 acres in the Mojave Desert, is the first large-scale deployment of technology developed by BrightSource, a privately held company backed by more than $615 million in equity from investors such as VantagePoint Capital Partners, Morgan Stanley,, California State Teachers’ Retirement System and numerous others.

Imperial President ObamaOakland, Calif.-based BrightSource began developing Ivanpah and then sold the majority stake in the project to NRG and Google. The project received about $1.6 billion in federal loans under the Department of Energy’s 1705 Loan Guarantee Program. In February, after several years of construction, Ivanpah began producing electricity in full capacity. Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz attended the launch celebration.

Two weeks later, on Feb. 27, a part of the project received an extension from the Department of Energy on the $132 million first installment it owed to the federal government, according to documents filed by NRG Energy with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This amount is now due on Feb. 27, 2015. Ivanpah is divided into numerous sub-project legal entities, which are supposed to repay the government at different times.

Similarly, another Ivanpah entity, which owed $159 million originally greendue on June 27 of this year, was allowed to push off the payment to Dec. 27, according to Michelle Tsai, spokeswoman for NRG Energy. Another loan repayment installment, from a third sub-project entity, of $117 million, which is due this year, remains on schedule for Oct. 27.

A Department of Energy spokeswoman declined to comment on the status of the timing of the loan payments, adding the project overall is in “good standing” with the department.

Joseph Desmond, BrightSource Senior Vice President of Marketing & Government Affairs, who said he wasn’t aware of the financial details, added that NRG assumed operational control of Ivanpah last December. 

The three Ivanpah entities all applied to the U.S. Treasury Department media blockto receive $539 million in net cash grants, according to Ms. Tsai. The applications were submitted to the Treasury’s 1603 cash grant program, which allows renewable energy projects to be reimbursed for 30% of their costs in the form of a grant. 

In a recent filing with the SEC, NRG Energy said the first entity, which owed $132 million, was going to use “any proceeds received [from the cash grant] to repay the borrowings” made under the Department of Energy loan program. The applications were submitted to the Treasury this year, after the Ivanpah project became operational, Ms. Tsai said. 

“The extensions [for repayment of the federal loans] were necessary as it takes time to prepare and file the applications, and for Treasury to approve and pay them. The original bridge loan due dates that were set in 2011 did not allow sufficient time for this to happen,” Ms. Tsai wrote in an email to VentureWire. 

The total cost of the Ivanpah project was roughly $2.2 billion. 

BrightSource has drawn equity capital from the following additional investors: Black River, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, DBL Investors, PB PLC, StatoilHydro Venture, Chevron Corp. , Alstom SA and Riverwood Capital. hoax

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