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News: ISIS Encourages Attacks on US Hurricane Relief Centers  Homeland Security warns of lone wolf attacks  Read
Podcast and Poll: Is Washington Finally Reining in the United Nations?  Should your taxpayer millions go to funding the UN?  Listen and Vote
Analysis: Muslim Brotherhood Men in DC to Push Political Islam  The MB is seeking to influence US policy  Read and Act
Feature: When the Terrorists Come Home  The West must begin operating from a sense of moral clarity  Read
News: Trump Signs Iran Sanctions Waiver Despite Concerns  The president said the spirit of the deal was being kept ‘atrociously’  Read
Readers Write
Memphis Imam Linked to Terror Financing

“Shall we give him a medal or kick him the hell out of this country? It’s not safe to put him in prison, where he will influence and convert others. What’s the alternative? I think Congress should create new legislation requiring institutionalization for insanity for those who commit treason and consort with or aid the enemy. I doubt anyone will listen to his treasonous rantings in there.”


If You’re Christian You Need to Watch This

“What has happened to our society, our humanity when politicians with their MSM news outlets purposely turn their back on the horrendous brutality and death being perpetrated against the world?”


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