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News Analysis

7 Moments from Trump’s Speech in Saudi ArabiaWas this Trump’s ‘Tear Down This Wall’ moment?Read More


NBA Star Detained ‘for Political Views’Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter is a vocal critic of Turkey’s President Erdogan.Read


ISIS Conducting Chemical Weapons Tests on Live VictimsISIS is testing the weapons before launching them against the West.Read


Fired Student Journalist Andy Ngo Reveals Inside StoryStudent journalist Andy Ngo was fired after reporting on an interfaith event.Watch


Did America Just Escalate Its Involvement in Syria?The U.S. just fired on Iranian-backed militias for the first time.Read


We Remember American Victims of Radical IslamWhy Trump wants to crack down on the extremists.Watch

News Analysis

No-Go Zones For WomenTwo Paris neighborhoods have become virtual no-go zones for women.Read

News Analysis

What Does Rouhani’s Reelection as Iran’s President Mean?Rouhani ran as a ‘moderate.’ Is there such a thing in Iranian politics?Learn More


Egypt Charges ISIS Suspects With Church Bombings48 people have been referred to military tribunal.Read

Readers Write
Fired Student Journalist Andy Ngo Reveals Inside Story

“I hope he is suing them.”
Erdogan Thugs Attack Turkish Minority Protesters in DC

“Trump entertaining a monster turkey?? Should be done on Thanksgiving Day!”

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