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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon by A.F. Branco

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A REAL FEEL GOOD STORY: Young Boy Takes Matters Into His Own Hands After Coming Across Irma Evacuee


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Landon Routzong of Troy, Alabama, has a big heart for the age of 9, and he proved just how big over the weekend at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru. While he and his mother were waiting in line to pick up their lunch, Landon Routzong noticed the Florida license plate on the back of the car in front of theirs. So, he told his mom he wanted to pay for that car’s meal.

“I didn’t want them to waste their money on food because they’re trying to escape the hurricane,” Landon Routzong told ABC News. “I felt like I should help out.”

But in order to pay for the meal, he had to get to the drive-thru window before the Florida car did. As a result, his mother, Tara Parker Routzong, gave him her debit card and told him to run. The man in the Florida car agreed to let Landon Routzong pay for his meal.

Later, the man pulled over to meet the family, telling the mother and her son he was from Miami and was fleeing Hurricane Irma. He said was on his way to Birmingham to stay with relatives.

“Landon and I both had tears in our eyes from how appreciative he was,” Tara Parker Routzong wrote on Facebook in a Friday post detailing the encounter.

Routzong’s post has since been shared over 700 times has over 1,800 likes.

Tara Parker Routzong told Inside Edition she and her husband always try to help out. She was proud to see her son do the same thing.

“A 9-year-old could be focused on so many other things, but whenever a situation presents itself, Landon is always thinking of how we can help,” she said.

Routzong said the encounter gave her hope that she is doing a good job as a mother.

“I often feel like I’m failing because I can’t do it all, all the time and then things like this happen and remind me that I don’t have to,” she said in her Facebook post. “My most important job is going just fine.”

Hurricane Irma was downgraded to a tropical storm after it made landfall along the coast of Florida over the weekend. But the storm’s overall damage has been severe, with more still to come. Irma still had sustained winds of up to 70 mph as of Monday afternoon, while over 6.2 million Floridians have experienced power outages.

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Today’s Two Politically INCORRECT Cartoons by A.F. Branco

Thoughts and Prayers

Remembering 9/11 2017 as we pray for those in the path of hurricane Irma.

Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017 Revised from 2012.

Lerner’s Permit

DOJ will not charge Lois Lerner for targeting conservative groups. But what if she had targeted leftist groups?

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New Hurricane on Its Way and is Supposed to be WORSE Than Harvey

Posted by | on September 2, 2017

After our nation was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey, a new storm has decided to make its way over. Irma is currently a category 3 storm that is maintaining winds of 115 miles per hour, stated the latest National Hurricane Center (NHC) update.

Reports are suggesting it will be a massive category 5 storm; winds potentially reaching 180mph or worse

Right now Irma’s course is moving west or northwest and is currently in the dead center of the Atlantic Ocean. The NHC are saying that this storm is an ‘impressive’ hurricane. With the windspeed nearly doubling in just a day’s time, a drastic anomalous rate, the hurricane’s eyewall convention is intense around a small eye.

According to MSN“Whatever its future path, forecasters said Irma is still expected to be a major hurricane when it nears the Lesser Antilles next week. Some islands could see dangerous wind, storm surge and heavy rain, they said.

If Irma reaches Florida, it could take at least 10 days, a long time to predict tracks with any certainty, said former hurricane center director Rick Knabb, now a hurricane expert at the Weather Channel.”

The Caribbean is projected to get hit by the storm sometime middle of next week. But the path is uncertain as longer term models are varying and suggesting it will hit US, either in Florida or the Gulf of Mexico again. 


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