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Reported by CHRIS ENLOE | June 10, 2022


Gun rights activist Lucretia Hughes delivered powerful testimony to lawmakers on Wednesday, making her case for why more gun control laws will not solve gun violence problems. During testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Hughes told lawmakers how her son became the victim of gun violence six years ago when he was shot “point blank in the head.” But her tragic loss only emboldened her belief that the Second Amendment is necessary for protection, and that gun control laws will never rectify the problems that led to her son’s murder.

“My son’s death resulted from a criminal with an evil heart and a justice system failing to hold him accountable for laws he had already broken,” Hughes said. “You see, a convicted felon killed him with an illegally obtained gun. Gun control lobbyists and politicians claim their policies will save lives and reduce violence. Well, these policies did not protect my son.”

Importantly, Hughes noted that cities with the strictest gun control laws often struggle most with gun violence. She called lawmakers “crazy” if they think more laws are the solution. Instead, Hughes said the Second Amendment and defending one’s right to self-defense is the correct path.

“How about letting me defend myself against evil? Do you think I’m not capable or trustworthy to handle firearms?” Hughes said. “You who call for more gun control are the same ones that call to defund the police. Who is supposed to protect me? We must prepare to be our own first responders to protect ourselves and our loved ones. I am a legal, law-abiding citizen.

“I don’t need the government to save me,” she declared.

Mother of son killed in gun violence testifies on Capitol Hill

Instead of gun control, Hughes said schools need more armed personnel and mental health professional to ward off future mass shootings. She also advocated for the elimination of gun-free zones and more firearm education. She outright said the Protecting Our Kids Act, the Democrat-pushed gun control bill passed after Uvalde, will not make Americans safer.

“Despite living with the heartache of the loss of my son daily, I believe that it is our God-given right to defend ourselves from acts of violence,” Hughes said. “Taking away my rights and the rights of law-abiding citizens will not bring [my son] Emannuel back, but it will embolden criminals. We all want the same thing. To be safe.

“Gun owners are not the enemy, and these gun control policies are not the solution,” she concluded.


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