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waving flagWednesday, February 10, 2016

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Chris Christie Drops Out of Presidential Race After Poor Showing in New Hampshire
Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie, the pro-life New Jersey governor, will formally suspend his presidential campaign today after a poor showing last night in the New Hampshire primary. Due to the finish in the bottom of the pack and the fact that it is unlikely he would have enough polling to qualify for Saturday night’s debate, FOX News and CBS have reported that Christie will bow out.

Carly Fiorina Ends Republican Presidential Campaign: “I Will Continue to Fight for Americans”
Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, a pro-life businesswoman, ended her campaign for the nomination today after two disappointing showings in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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Barack Obama Pushes FDA to Allow Scientists to Create Three-Parent Embryos
Pro-abortion President Barack Obama made a move this week that brings to light his support for scientific research involving the destruction of human life to create three-parent embryos.

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Marco Rubio: “Donald Trump Will Not be the Nominee,” He Just Says What You Want to Hear
 After a disappointing fifth place finish following the New Hampshire primary election, pro-life Florida Senator Marco Rubio today is renewing and restating his campaign in an effort to bounce back in South Carolina.

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Ohio House De-Funds Planned Parenthood After It Sells Aborted Baby Parts, Cuts $1 Million
 After the Planned Parenthood abortion company was caught in multiple states selling aborted babies and their body parts, several states have taken steps to de-fund it. Ohio is the next up to the plate with new legislation to de-fund Planned Parenthood, which runs approximately one-third of the abortion centers in the Buckeye State.

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Hillary Clinton Criticized: “She Has to Remind People She’s a Woman All the Time”
 After losing the New Hampshire primary election, pro-abortion Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is coming under criticism for overplaying the gender card. Critics are saying Clinton is a one-trick pony who is attempting to twist voters arms by repeatedly mentioning her gender — which is also a ploy to play up her pro-abortion credentials.

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Couple Shares Their Joy of Adopting a Physically Disabled Baby Others Called a “Curse”
 When Adam was born, his future was very grim. The baby boy was born in India with severe physical defects, and his birth parents abandoned him. Some people called him a curse. Even after hospital staffers, husband and wife Raja and Jessica Paulraj, adopted him, doctors predicted that Adam would not live long.

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Catholic Bishop: I Became Pro-Life After Finding the Body of an Aborted Baby in a Sink
Catholic Archbishop Samuel Aquila was not always pro-life or religious. In a letter marking the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, Aquila recounts the horrific sights that influenced him to become a strong advocate for unborn babies.

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After Five Democratic Debates, the Media Hasn’t Asked One Single Question About Abortion

Head of Pro-Abortion Group: Having an Abortion Allowed Me to Achieve My Dreams

Abortionist Botches 18-Week Abortion, Appears to Leave Part of Baby Inside Mother’s Womb

Abortion Activist Laughs About Using Aborted Babies to Grow Rat Parts

Planned Parenthood Exploits Zika Virus to Fundraise for Abortions

Pro-Life Group Sends “Love Letters” to Abortion Clinic Workers Urging Them to Quit

Abortion Activists Demand Apology for “Hands Up Don’t Abort” Flyer Decrying Abortions on Black Babies

Louisiana Judge Stops Pro-Life Law That Could Close Abortion Clinics Injuring Women

Paraguay Will Keep Abortion Ban in Place Protecting Unborn Babies During Zika Crisis

Texas Abortion Clinics Launch Public Relations Campaign to Build Support to Stay Open

New Mexico Democrats Defeat Pro-Life Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks

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waving flagFriday, February 5, 2016

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Marco Rubio: Hillary Clinton Okay With Abortions Up to Baby’s Due Date, She’s the Extremist
While some Republicans say Marco Rubio is too pro-life to become the Republican nominee, Rubio is keeping pro-life issues front and center but he’s taking it to likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. In new remarks, Rubio says Clinton is the real extremist on the issue of abortion, not him.

Hillary Clinton’s “Litmus Test” for Supreme Court: Judges Must Uphold Roe, Unlimited Abortions
There is no bigger issue for pro-life voters in the presidential election than the Supreme Court as t will determine the fate of abortion and whether or not the nation must endure another 43 years of ending the lives of unborn children in abortions.

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Radical Feminists Carry Huge Plastic Statue of Vagina Through City to Protest for Abortion
In a blatant attempt to mock the Catholic Church’s life-affirming teachings, a radical group of feminists marched through a Spanish city carrying rosary beads and a giant plastic vagina.

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“Blind Side” Mom of Michael Oher Praises Adopted Son on Making Second Super Bowl
 On Super Bowl Sunday, proud adoptive mom Leigh Anne Tuohy will watch her son play football for the second time in the biggest American sports game of the year.

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Mom of Child With Microcephaly Slams Push for Abortion Because of Zika Virus: “She is a Gift”
 When Gabrielle Frohock was pregnant with her youngest daughter, she had no idea what microcephaly was. When her doctors diagnosed her daughter Laney with the brain disorder, she was afraid and devastated.

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Abortion Increases Risk of Premature Birth for Next Baby Analysis of 36 Studies Finds
 A new study shows that surgical abortion can increase the risk of premature birth in future pregnancy. The study was performed by researchers at Thomas Jefferson University and involved analyzing 36 studies that enrolled more than 1 million women. The researchers found that the risk of future premature births after an abortion was small but significant, given the amount of women who had surgical abortions.

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New York Times Refuses to Correct False Claim Only “Hundreds” Participated in March for Life
 No one denies that fewer people attended this year’s March for Life in Washington, D.C., which began just as a massive snowstorm hit the East Cost.

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Abortion Advocates Complain More Babies Were Born When Texas Defunded Planned Parenthood
Vox is a liberal website whose calling card is explaining the news, but a disturbing belief slipped out on Feb. 3 from one of its head writers as she discussed the effects of Planned Parenthood’s defunding in Texas: More babies being born is a bad thing.

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If You Defund Planned Parenthood Lots of Welfare Babies Will be Born? Study Proves That’s False

U.S. Panel Allows Scientists to Create Three-Parent Embryos With Sex Selection

“Nothing Justifies Abortion,” Catholic Church Says Killing Babies Not Acceptable During Zika Crisis

“Comedian” Lizz Winstead Mocks Pro-Life People, Calls Pro-Life Lawmaker “Senator Vaginal Probe”

Woman Says Boyfriend Forced Her to Have Abortion, Wouldn’t Marry Her Without Killing Their Baby

Woman’s Husband Dies Suddenly While Driving Her to Deliver Their Baby at the Hospital

Colorado Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide, Elderly People Targeted as “Sitting Ducks”

Washington State Senate Committee Passes Ban on Sex-Selection Abortions

Pregnancy Center Fights Back After City Censors Ad for Helping Women Find Abortion Alternatives

BBC Tells Reporters to Call Pro-Life People “Anti-Abortion” and to Call Pro-Abortion Activists “Pro-Choice”

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I AM A PERSON with Poem In God We Trust freedom combo 2 Pro-Life News Report

waving flagThursday, February 4, 2016

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David Daleiden Refuses Plea Deal for Probation: “What We Want is an Apology”
The man behind the videos exposing Planned Parenthood has no interest in a plea deal for probation for the bogus charges filed against him. Instead, he wants an apology from the District Attorney behind the baseless charges.

Obama Visits Mosque and Calls for Religious Tolerance, Except for Pro-Life Christians
President Barack Obama was quick to bring up religious freedom on Wednesday during his first visit to a mosque as president and again Thursday morning during his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.

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David Daleiden Posts Bail on Bogus Charges of Investigating and Exposing Planned Parenthood
Pro-life advocate David Daleiden posted bail today in response to what his attorneys and pro-life groups explain are bogus charges related to his undercover investigation and exposure of the Planned Parenthood abortion business selling the body parts of aborted babies.

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Pro-Life Advocates Make Strong Show of Support for David Daleiden as He Appears in Court
 As pro-life advocate David Daleiden posted bail today in response to what his attorneys and pro-life groups explain are bogus charges related to his undercover investigation and exposure of the Planned Parenthood abortion business selling the body parts of aborted babies, local pro-life advocates provided a strong showing of support for him.

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Chris Christie Complains Marco Rubio is Too Pro-Life on Abortion for New Hampshire Voters
 Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie is pro-life and has a strong record as New jersey’s governor of vetoing taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business multiple times. But pro-life voters probably won’t like what he has to say about fellow presidential hopeful Marco Rubio. Christie thinks the Florida senator is just too pro-life on abortion for the voters of New Hampshire.

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Hillary Clinton Won’t Take Assisted Suicide Position, Wants to Emulate Pro-Euthanaisa Netherlands
 Hillary Clinton has a shriveled moral core. When asked about one of the most important and radical social agendas the other night–the euphemistic, “death with dignity”–she wouldn’t take a position.

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“Hands Up Don’t Abort” Posters Highlighting Epidemic of Abortions on Black Babies Cause Controversy
 In recognition of Black History Month, a group of pro-life students at Purdue University hung posters across campus to raise awareness about how black babies are targeted for abortions.

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Abortion Advocates Complain More Babies Were Born When Texas Defunded Planned Parenthood
Vox is a liberal website whose calling card is explaining the news, but a disturbing belief slipped out on Feb. 3 from one of its head writers as she discussed the effects of Planned Parenthood’s defunding in Texas: More babies being born is a bad thing.

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Democrat Voter: “I Just Right Now Can’t Vote for Hillary; I Can’t Believe Her”

Woman Wants $14 Million in Wrongful Birth Lawsuit, She Didn’t Get to Abort Baby With Cystic Fibrosis

Abortion Activist Targets Second Pro-Life Leader, Throws Brick Through Family’s Window

23-Year-Old Woman Dies From Huge Blood Clot After Taking Birth Control Pill

My Son Was Saved from Abortion at Birth—Now He’s Beating Cancer

Kentucky Bill Would Put Planned Parenthood Last in Line to Receive State Taxpayer Funding

Missouri Bill Would Make it Third to Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb

Mississippi Bill Requires Burials for Aborted Babies After Planned Parenthood Dumps Them in Landfills

Pro-Abortion Lawmakers in New Hampshire Kill Bill to Save Babies Born Alive After Botched Abortions

Kansas Attorney General: Supreme Court is Wrong, There is No “Right to Abortion”

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You Can’t Have One Without the Other

waving flagBy: Jim Shempert; Posted: Wednesday, July 29, 2015

“What the world, mortally wounded as she is, needs to hear as she edges closer to the end is the message of the Gospel. There is right and wrong.”

– Jim Shempert

I am a great lover of history.  While most kids were poring over the latest comic book, I had my nose stuck in a history book. At first, it was American history, and that grew into a general love of all things historical.  Because a large portion of human history has been shaped by war, my particular focus seems to be based around the squabbles of differing kingdoms.  I’m a sucker for a cheesy Hollywood war movie, because I have hope, that one day Hollywood will tell a true war story, as opposed to the fairy tale that every war movie made turns out to be.  You know the scene I am talking about.  A mortally wounded soldier, being comforted by his friend, the five stages, and finally….the end.  The movie usually turns on what the one says to the other.  So, what should Christians tell a mortally wounded, dying world?

Some of my past blogs talked about America no longer being a Christian nation.  The conservatives decried me as weak and giving up the fight.  The liberals came with the same old tired line that “America never was a Christian nation.”  To the conservative camp, let me assure you that weak is not an adjective to describe me.  To the liberals, normally, I would try to point you to historical context, quotes by our founders, and other overwhelming evidence that though America was not meant to be a theocratic society it most assuredly was built around and meant to be based on Christian values.  However, I know that liberals’ entire knowledge base comes from themselves, and if they don’t agree with it, then it’s wrong.  Truth be told, history speaks for itself.

The same could be said for Christianity.  Far too often in today’s America, the Church is trying to “change things up” to attract a bigger crowd by raising more dollars to fill more seats.  Church leaders go to seminars on how lighting affects giving, which music to play at poignant moments, and how to court more givers. We sacrifice the Gospel and the eternal for public acceptance.  Sure, we talk about physical poverty, but not spiritual.  We talk about golden streets and harps, but nothing about flames, damnation, and endless torment.  We preach God’s Grace, which I am a firm believer in, but we don’t talk about God’s judgment anymore.  In doing so, we make Christ a liar.  If all those things didn’t await those who refused His sacrifice, then what was the need for Him to die?

I lost a few of you there.  I said that Hell is a real place.  I said that not everyone gets to go to Heaven.  Jesus says the same, and no “new-thinking” wolf-in- sheep’s clothing will trump the words of Christ in my book.  While on earth Christ said: “This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous and throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 13:49-50.)  Later is Revelation, “They, too, will drink the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of His wrath. They will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb.  And the smoke of their torment will rise for ever and ever. There will be no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name (Revelation 14:10-11.)”

A lot of fair weather fans just jumped off the bandwagon.  Too much fire and brimstone, not enough grace.  Friends, you can’t have light without dark, the hope of Heaven is only fully appreciated by the fear of Hell, and you cannot have mercy without judgment.

If Christ is Who He said, and it is my belief that He is the Son of God who died for my sins, then judgment is coming.  Some say soon, some say at the end of our lives, but whatever the time, we will all stand in a place of judgment.  By our sin nature, we all stand condemned.   “There is none righteous, no, not one (Romans 3:10.)”  Whatever we try to do to change ourselves for the better, will not be enough, because you can’t be “good enough” to attain forgiveness.  If salvation could be earned then there would have been no need for Christ to die.

What the world, mortally wounded as she is, needs to hear as she edges closer to the end is the message of the Gospel.  There is right and wrong.  Unrepentance leads to damnation.


Jesus Christ, the Son of God, saw you in your sin.  He loved you before you could ever love Him.  He was there at the beginning, and will be there at the end.  No matter how far we push him out of our government, we cannot push Him out of history, because He was there before history began, and He has seen when “history” will end.

We will stand before Him one day, and give an account of every word and deed that you have said and done while in this life  (Matthew 12:6).  That, to me, is enough to make my knees quake.  However, those who are found to be in a relationship with Jesus Christ will receive forgiveness. Those who are found to not be in

freedom combo 2

The Problem with Sin

By:  Jim Shempert, Posted: Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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 Jim Shempert One Million Dads Connect FollowMore Articles

“Your sin separates you from God. He is holy, and we are not.”

– Jim Shempert

Sin….the toughest three letter word in the English language.  The Greek word for sin revolves around an archery illustration.  It means to miss the mark.  You probably need a simple explanation since archery isn’t exactly in our forte anymore.  In archery, you aim for a target, usually the center of the target.  To succeed is to hit the target, to fail is to miss the mark.

So, what does archery have to do with life in 2015?  Well, in short, everything.  Every talking head, from every spectrum of life, tries to shout what the problems of this city/state/country/world are today.  Unfortunately, the talking heads never seem to address what the real problem boils down to.  In fairness to them, why would they?  No one likes to hear that something is wrong with them.  No one likes to be hedged into the thought that they are in opposition to God by their very nature.  No one wants to be called a “sinner.”

The objection is rampant in society today.  Americans especially, but all mankind has been and is being deceived that there is no such thing as sin.  “Don’t judge me, it’s my right to do….”

Americans are especially guilty of having a God complex.  We confuse political freedom with eternal freedom.  We lie to ourselves and say that the founding fathers of our nation would have agreed with what America has become.  We hide behind the premise of free will, while not acknowledging that God never intended for us to justify evil by using a free will excuse.  Americans need a newsflash.  Just because you have the freedom to do something, does not mean that you should.  Jesus was very clear about darkness and light:

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.   Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.  But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.  (John 3:19-21)

Harsh?  Yep.  But the Author of Life spoke those words.  In my view, His words trump anyone else’s, no matter how sophisticated or forward thinking they are.  If that makes me backwards, a Neanderthal, a Bible-thumper, redneck, or whatever other word people like to call Christians now, I’ll wear that banner proudly.  My King bore much worse for me.

When I spoke to a trusted friend about this article focus, his response was, “I’m glad someone has that worked out.”  He said it in jest of course.  Sin is far too complex to understand, even after years at seminary.  While it is easy to look at abortion and say, “That’s sinful.  You shouldn’t do that” there are many factors that even someone as pro-life as I am has to look at as a Christian.  Pro-choice people will immediately pull the rape card out.  Rape is a terrible terrible thing.  Right there with murder.  In my mind though, one doesn’t justify the other.  I have a friend who once told a story about his daughter being raped. He drove to a state that he knew allowed abortion.  He thought at the time, that it was the best thing for his daughter.  He searched in the phone book for a clinic to perform the abortion.  Being from out of town, he didn’t know any of the places so he picked the first one he found.  By God’s Grace, it ended up being a pregnancy counseling center.  This man has served more than 40 years in the Army.  He is a tough dude.  When he tells this story, he always pulls out a picture of the little girl that he was once going to help his daughter abort.  His voice quivers, a tear comes to his eye, and he says, “I can’t imagine my life without her in it.”  AND THE PRO-LIFE CROWD GOES WILD!  But before pro-lifers like me have a parade, we need to accept our part in the story.  If you know of a situation like that, rape or not, where someone is struggling raising a child by themselves, for whatever reason, it is your duty to step in and help.   If you do not, you cannot call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ.

The same can be said for drug and alcohol abuse.  Most addicts that I have ever talked to, (and I am an expert on the subject because I was an alcoholic before I came to Christ), all have something missing in their lives.  It’s easy for us to stand on the sidelines and shake our heads.  It’s more Christ-like to find that brother or sister that is struggling, throw our arms around them, and tell them that you love them,  that Christ loves them, and that He died for them so that they could have new life in Him.  Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.  Most of the time, an addict is just looking for someone to genuinely believe in.  Most people suffering from addiction have lost faith in everything else.  Christian, you possess a drug that gives an eternal High! Get out of those khakis and pews and reach out to someone!

Sin is all encompassing.  Not that all our sins are the same.  But they are all equal.  Let me say that again, whether you have sat in a pew since you have had breath, or accepted Christ the night before you were sent to prison, our sins are all equal.  Your sin separates you from God.  He is holy, and we are not.  Any time I feel puffed up about my righteousness, I always call up Isaiah 64:6 for a wakeup call.

But the good news about sin is this:  God made a way for you to be reconciled to Him:

As for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins, in which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient.   All of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our flesh and following its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature deserving of wrath.  But because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved. (Ephesians 2:1-5)

God sees us in our sin.  We have proved time and again that we are incapable of being obedient to Him.  But because He loves us, He made the way through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

The problem with sin is, it was defeated on the Cross of Cavalry.  Sin just doesn’t know it yet.  That’s our job, to tell the darkness, that the Light has come and destroyed it forever.

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When Papa Mc Ran the Pews


By: Randall Murphree, AFA Journal Editor, Posted: Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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I don’t think there’s any debate that Western culture is living in blatant and proud rebellion against God and godly principles.

Papa Mc was “runnin’ the pews,” and this four-year-old was scared to death. Runnin’ the pews? Yep, that’s what I said. Papa Mc was caught up in the Holy Spirit at Cliff Springs Methodist Church revival. His big feet landed lightly only on the backs and seats of the pews as he raced from the back of the little church to the front and back again, lifting his arms and shouting all the way. I hovered horrified in the pew where he had left me. 

My granddaddy Thomas I. McWaters was my best buddy in those post WWII days. He and Mama Mc kept me company while Mom and Dad taught school. I didn’t know it was child care. I thought they wanted to hang out with me. Those were halcyon days. Revival with Papa Mc. Lunch at Mama Mc’s kitchen table. On warm days, Papa Mc sat in a straight chair leaned back against the outside wall, supervising my creative corncob construction of houses and forts, winding highways, and city streets. (No Legos in my time.) 

On the morning of the Cliff Springs revival, Papa Mc and I had walked a mile up the dusty road to attend morning revival services. I remember two things about that morning: his big hand holding mine as we walked and the performance he put on in the church. I don’t recall that we ever talked about it afterward. I wouldn’t have had the courage to ask him about it. 

Papa Mc died about a year later. I’m grateful I got to spend a lot of time with him during my childhood. Through the years, I was witness to more revival services in which men and women were filled with the Spirit in extraordinary ways, people spoke in tongues, and God moved in great ways. For me, they validated Papa Mc’s reckless worship that had frightened me as a child.  As I grew into adulthood, however, our little country churches grew more and more inclined toward restraint and “proper” decorum in worship. 

I wonder if today’s church needs a little dose of Papa Mc’s Holy Spirit. Clearly, the church in our nation needs spiritual CPR. No follower of Christ can look about in our chaotic, confused, and morally challenged culture and not recognize our desperate need for revival. I use that word – revival – in its literal sense. I’m not talking about evangelism, local church outreach, missions, or personally sharing our faith with others – though all of those are needful for a vibrant body of Christ. 

I’m talking about the church as a whole. The Western arm of the body of Christ needs to return to a walk with Jesus Christ that depends on Him, not our own devices and strategies. A walk that demonstrates humility, not pride. A walk that is others-centric, not self-centered. A walk that reveals godly love, not human lust. A walk that shows restraint, not selfish gratification. A walk that illustrates obedience to God, not obeisance to our own desires. 

The Bible is well seasoned throughout with stories of dramatic revival, both on the personal plain of individuals and on the corporate plain of God’s people. We’re well familiar with the Old Testament cycle that recurs through the generations. God’s people draw close to Him. They thrive and grow and prosper. They rebel and turn away from God. Their spiritual life takes a nosedive. They repent and turn back to God. He restores. They thrive. They rebel. They fall away. They repent. He restores. Thrive. Rebel. Fall away. Repent. Restored. 

I don’t think there’s any debate that Western culture is living in blatant and proud rebellion against God and godly principles. Unfortunately, the church too often reflects the culture rather than being a light to bring it back to God. Are we, too, living in rebellion against Him? 

God’s warnings to the seven churches in Revelation should melt our hearts and rattle our conscience. He described the church at Sardis this way: “I know your deeds, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead. Wake up, and strengthen the things that remain, which were about to die; for I have not found your deeds completed in the sight of My God. So remember what you have received and heard; and keep it, and repent” (Revelation 3:1-3, NASB). 

A number of key words in that passage pinpoint elements that either lead to or are inherent in revival:

  • your deeds — obedience to God’s commands

  • wake up — conviction of sin

  • strengthen — exercise of faith

  • remember – acknowledgement of God’s faithfulness

  • keep it  — faithfulness in daily life

  • repent — turning from sin 

No, it isn’t a packaged, perfect formula, but it does describe a path to revival for God’s people, one at a time and all together. 

Papa Mc, my parents, and my generation all grew up with William P. Mackay’s 1863 hymn “Revive Us Again.” Haven’t heard that one in my church in decades. The chorus uses both praise and pleading: “Hallelujah! Thine the glory. Revive us again.” 

Stephen Olford (1918-2004), pastor and Christian leader, once said, “It is my conviction that we are never going to have a revival until God has brought the church of Jesus Christ to the point of desperation.” 

Are we desperate yet? 

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio.)  Picture6

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Satan Destroys Us By Presenting The Bait And Hiding The Hook

Posted on July 24, 2014

Screen-Shot-2014-07-24-at-1_29_59-PM-300x180The following is from Thomas Brooks’ Puritan Classic, Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices;

Satan’s first device to draw the soul into sin is, to present the bait—and hide the hook; to present the golden cup—and hide the poison; to present the sweet, the pleasure, and the profit that may flow in upon the soul by yielding to sin—and to hide from the soul the wrath and misery that will certainly follow the committing of sin. By this device he deceived our first parents, “And the serpent said unto the woman, You shall not surely die—for God does know, that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened; and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil” (Gen. 3:4-5). Your eyes shall he opened, and you shall be as gods! Here is the bait, the sweet, the pleasure, the profit. Oh—but he hides the hook—the shame, the wrath, and the loss that would certainly follow!

There is an opening of the eyes of the mind to contemplation and joy—and there is an opening of the eyes of the body to shame and confusion. He promises them the former—but intends the latter, and so Satan cheats them—giving them an apple in exchange for a paradise, as he deals by thousands now-a-days.

Satan with ease pawns falsehoods upon us, by his golden baits, and then he leads us and leaves us in a fool’s paradise. He promises the soul honor, pleasure,

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profit—but pays the soul with the greatest contempt, shame, and loss that can be. By a golden bait he labored to catch Christ (Matt. 4:8, 9). He shows him the beauty and the finery of a bewitching world, which doubtless would have taken many a carnal heart; but here the devil’s fire fell upon wet tinder, and therefore did not ignite. These tempting objects did not at all win upon his affections, nor dazzle his eyes, though many have eternally died of the ‘wound of the eye’, and fallen forever by this vile strumpet the world, who, by laying forth her two fair breasts of PROFIT and PLEASURE, has wounded their souls, and cast them down into utter perdition. She has, by the glistening of her pomp and preferment, slain millions; as the serpent Scytale, which, when she cannot overtake the fleeing passengers, does, with her beautiful colors, dazzle and amaze them, so that they have no power to pass away until she has stung them to death! Adversity has slain her thousand—but prosperity her ten thousand.

Remedy (1).

First, Keep at the greatest distance from sin, and from playing with the golden bait which Satan holds forth to catch you; for this you have (Romans 12:9), “Abhor that which is evil, cleave to that which is good.” When we meet with anything extremely evil and contrary to us, nature abhors it, and retires as far as it can from it. The Greek word that is there rendered “abhor,” is very significant; it signifies to hate it as hell itself, to hate it with horror.

Anselm used to say, “That if he should see the shame of sin on the one hand, and the pains of hell on the other, and must of necessity choose one; he would rather be thrust into hell without sin; than to go into heaven with sin,” so great was his hatred and detestation of sin. It is our wisest and our safest course to stand at the farthest distance from sin; not to go near the house of the harlot—but to fly from all appearance of evil (Proverbs 5:8, 1 Thess. 5:22). The best course to prevent falling into the pit is to keep at the greatest distance from it; he who will be so bold as to attempt to dance upon the brink of the pit, may find by woeful experience that it is a righteous thing with God that he should fall into the pit. Joseph keeps at a distance from sin, and from playing with Satan’s golden baits, and stands. David draws near, and plays with the bait, and falls, and swallows bait and hook! David comes near the snare, and is taken in it, to the breaking of his bones, the wounding of his conscience, and the loss of fellowship with his God.

Sin is a plague, yes, the worst and most infectious plague in the world; and yet, ah! how few are there who tremble at it–who keep at a distance from it! (1 Cor. 5:6)— “Don’t you know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump?” As soon as one sin had seized upon Adam’s heart, all sin entered into his soul and infested it. How has Adam’s one sin spread over all mankind! (Romans 5:12)—”Therefore as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin, and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned.” Ah, how does the father’s sin infect the child, the husband’s infect the wife, the master’s the servant! The sin that is in one man’s heart is able to infect a whole world, it is of such a spreading and infectious nature.

The story of the Italian, who first made his enemy deny God, and then stabbed him, and so at once murdered both body and soul, declares the unmixed malignity of sin; and oh! that what has been spoken upon this head may prevail with you, to stand at a distance from sin!

Remedy (2).

Consider that sin is but a bitter sweet. That seeming sweet that is in sin will quickly vanish; and lasting shame, sorrow, horror, and terror will come in the room thereof—”He enjoyed the taste of his wickedness, letting it melt under his tongue. He savored it, holding it long in his mouth. But suddenly, the food he has eaten turns sour within him, a poisonous venom in his stomach.” (Job 20:12-14). Forbidden profits and pleasures are most pleasing to vain men, who count madness mirth. Many long to be meddling with the murdering morsels of sin, which nourish not—but rend and consume the belly—and the soul that receives them. Many eat that on earth what they digest in hell. Sin’s murdering morsels will deceive those who devour them. Adam’s apple was a bitter sweet; Esau’s bowl of stew was a bitter sweet; the Israelites’ quails a bitter sweet; Jonathan’s honey a bitter sweet; and Adonijah’s dainties a bitter sweet. After the meal is ended, then comes the reckoning. Men must not think to dance and dine with the devil, and then to sup with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven; to feed upon the poison of asps, and yet that the viper’s tongue should not slay them.

When the asp stings a man, it does first tickle him so as it makes him laugh, until the poison, little by little, gets to the heart, and then it pains him more than ever it delighted him. So does sin; it may please a little at first—but it will pain the soul at last; yes, if there were the least real delight in sin, there could be no consummate hell, where men shall most completely be tormented with their sin.

Remedy (3).

Solemnly to consider that sin will usher in the greatest and the saddest losses that can be upon our souls. It will usher in the loss of that divine favor which is better than life, and the loss of that joy which is unspeakable and full of glory, and the loss of that peace which passes understanding, and the loss of those divine influences by which the soul has been refreshed, quickened, raised, strengthened, and gladdened, and the loss of many outward desirable mercies, which otherwise the soul might have enjoyed.

Remedy (4).

Seriously to consider that sin is of a very deceitful and bewitching nature. Sin is from the greatest deceiver, it is a child of his own begetting, it is the ground of all the deceit in the world, and it is in its own nature exceeding deceitful. “But exhort one another daily, while it is called ‘today’, lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.” Heb. 3:13. It will kiss the soul, and look enticing to the soul, and yet betray the soul forever. It will with Delilah smile upon us, that it may betray us into the hands of the devil, as she did Samson into the hands of the Philistines. Sin gives Satan a power over us, and an advantage to accuse us and to lay claim to us, as those who wear his badge; it is of a very bewitching nature; it bewitches the soul, where it is upon the throne, that the soul cannot leave it, though it perish eternally by it.

Sin so bewitches the soul, that it makes the soul call evil good, and good evil; bitter sweet and sweet bitter, light darkness and darkness light; and a soulMen Love Darkness because they know thus bewitched with sin will stand it out to the death, at the sword’s point with God; let God strike and wound, and cut to the very bone, yet the bewitched soul cares not, fears not—but will still hold on in a course of wickedness, as you may see in Pharaoh, Balaam, and Judas. Tell the bewitched soul that sin is a viper that will certainly kill when it is not killed, that sin often kills secretly, insensibly, eternally, yet the bewitched soul cannot, and will not, cease from sin.

When the physicians told Theotimus that except he did abstain from drunkenness and uncleanness he would lose his eyes; his heart was so bewitched to his sins, that he answered, “Then farewell, sweet light”; he had rather lose his eyes than leave his sin. So a man bewitched with sin had rather lose God, Christ, heaven, and his own soul— than part with his sin. Oh, therefore, forever take heed of playing with or nibbling at Satan’s golden baits!








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