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This Week’s Ann Coulter Letter: How Delta Airlines Wrecked American Health Care

Commentary by Ann Coulter 

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I think I’ve found the core problem with health care in America. And guess what? It involves Delta Airlines!

A few weeks ago, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was going on and on about a “single insurance provider” that pays for 49 percent of all births, as well as full health care costs of almost 40 percent of all children in the United States. This single “insurer,” Maddow said, was the biggest “health insurance provider in the country by a mile.”

Maddow was talking about Medicaid, which, of course, is not “insurance” but “welfare.”

When we’re allowed to call things whatever we want in order to win an argument, there is a total breakdown in democratic politics, fair commerce and social interaction.

Thus, for example, until we get our terms straight, Americans will be forced to keep paying through the nose whenever they try to buy actual health insurance — because they aren’t buying health insurance; they’re paying for other people’s welfare. Washington will never be able to make it legal to sell real health insurance — because, if they try, the welfare recipients will mob congressional offices claiming that Republicans are murdering them.

There is no truth in any discussion of Obamacare. Currently, the most persistent lie is the claim that — according to scoring by the CBO! — 22 million Americans would “lose” their health insurance under the Senate health care bill. Turn on the TV right now and you’ll hear someone saying this.

“A new (CBO) budget score said 22 million more Americans would lose health coverage under this plan …”

— Poppy Harlow, CNN, June 27, 2017

“A score from the Congressional Budget Office … said the Republican bill to kill Obamacare would kick 22 million Americans off their health insurance.”

— Rachel Maddow, June 27, 2017

“The clock is ticking on the Senate health care bill as the CBO estimates 22 million people will lose their insurance.”

— Chris Hayes, June 26, 2017


The actual CBO report says nothing of the sort. People citing the “22 million” figure didn’t read past the CBO’s headline-grabbing paragraph at the top of the “Summary” page.

In fact, the CBO merely estimates that — in the year 2026 — 22 million Americans who otherwise would have been forced by the Obamacare penalty to buy health insurance will choose not to buy insurance once the penalty is gone. By “people thrown off their health insurance,” liberals mean: “people who voluntarily decide not to have health insurance.” (More accurately, “people who choose not to prove to the government that they have health insurance.”)

To use the word “lose” here is absurd. It would be like saying that Nixon ending the draft meant that 50,000 American men would “lose” their military service. The poor lads would be forced to volunteer.

Last year, I chose to end my New York Times subscription. I wasn’t “thrown off” the Times’ subscriber list. In full possession of the facts, I made an informed decision that I no longer wanted to receive the Times — just as 22 million Americans (the CBO guesses) will make an informed decision in the year 2026 not to have health insurance, if given that option.

Redefining words like “insurance” and “lose” to mean whatever the speaker wants them to mean makes human conversation impossible. We can still grunt, howl and shiver when it’s cold, but we will no longer have the ability to communicate slightly more complex thoughts to one another.

The only solution is for the rest of us to impose a broken windows policy on the truth, demanding it in every walk of life. If liars continually get away with it, their lies will only become more preposterous and more enraging.

Illegal aliens are not “undocumented immigrants.” They’re not “immigrants” at all. Immigrants wait in line and jump through hoops to be here. They are invited, by us, to come. Illegals cut to the head of the line whenever the mood strikes them, without waiting for an invitation.

When you have a “reserved seat” on Delta, it means you expect to be given that seat and not have your ticket snatched from your hand, then moved to a worse seat — only to get abused on social media by an imperious corporation for talking about it on Twitter.

(Idea for new Delta motto: “If you like your seat, you can keep your seat!”)

This is why the “Seinfeld” exchange with a car rental company struck such a chord. It was about the infuriating result when words like “reservation” have no meaning:

Jerry: I don’t understand. I made a reservation. Do you have my reservation?

Rental car agent: Yes, we do. Unfortunately, we ran out of cars.

Jerry: But the reservation keeps the car here. That’s why you have the reservation.

Rental car agent: I know why we have reservations.

Jerry: I don’t think you do. If you did, I’d have a car. See, you know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to hold the reservation. And that’s really the most important part of the reservation: the holding. Anybody can just take them.

If we’re going to have any kind of civil society, we need to insist that words mean what they say.

“Health insurance”: A group of people pooling their money every month, in the event that one of them ends up with an expensive medical problem.

“Wall”: Wall.

“Republican”: Does not raise taxes, propose amnesty or appoint David Hackett Souter to the Supreme Court.

“Seat 3A”: The seat you were promised.

Unless the rest of us demand truth, the liars will be emboldened, their lies will snowball and nothing will ever work.

13 Inconvenient Truths About Obama’s Legacy

waving flagAuthored by Genevieve Wood / / January 10, 2017

President Barack Obama holds his final press conference of the year in the White House on December 16, 2016. (Photo: Douliery Olivier/ABACA USA/Newscom)

According to President Barack Obama, the last eight years have been just swell. But his rendition of history leaves out a few important facts about the state of America following his two terms as president. In two videos, we run through 13 facts about his administration’s domestic and foreign policy record he conveniently ignores.

On the domestic front, the national debt has almost doubled on his watch. He is responsible for an unparalleled expansion of the job-killing regulatory state. And his signature policy, the Affordable Care Act, has proven to be anything but affordable for many Americans.

His foreign policy and national security record also paints a bleak picture. By any objective measure, transnational terrorist threats are far greater today than when Obama took office in 2009. His policy of appeasement toward hostile regimes in Iran and Cuba have not made Americans safer or the Cuban people freer. And his refusal to adequately fund the U.S. military has threatened the readiness of our country’s armed forces.

Watch the videos:

PEACEFUL ISLAM: The Greatest Lie Since 632 AD

Written by Audrey Russo on February 18, 2015

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kids1It’s been some 1,400 years since Islam entered the world’s culture. And from its inception, it has maintained a suffocating menu of choices to mankind…none of which concern free will OR peace. As we have seen and continue to see globally, Muslims hot for the Quran and Sharia Islamic Law, are on a Jihad crusade against all who choose NOT to follow Allah or his prophet Muhammed.

There have been over 25,000 deadly terror attacks committed by Muslims since 9-11. From Canada to Denmark to Australia…Islam’s influence (by its hateful harangues emanating from Islam’s holy books) has encouraged torture, rape, pedophilia and slaughter (via beheadings, incinerations, stabbings and bombings) of thousands upon thousands of innocent human beings.

And yet, anyone who dares mention these facts…is subject to an crushing bombardment of verbal salvos by cowering Westerners…as well as death threats by Muhammed’s faithful.

Exactly WHEN was the last time an Islamic message broke out in loving and serving non-Muslims? Or a street rally of Muslims chanted: “Love to America”, “Hugs to Israel”, “Bless anyone who slanders the prophet” or “Be kind to Infidels, wherever you find them”? Has this EVER happened? As we say in NYC: NEVA!!culture of deceit and lies

Western leaders and the mainstream media like to use the term “Radical” when referring to devout Muslims that commit heinous acts for Islam. But here lies the rub…the actual definition of that term is the antithesis of how it’s being used. The dictionary defines “radical” as: of or going to the root or origin; fundamental.

These Mohammedans have gone back to the roots of their creed. They are fundamentalists who follow in the footsteps and behaviors of their prophet. M0hammed was not a man of peace, but rather a man of war, having been in 100 violent campaigns to spread Islam and fill his Jihad coffers. We see this STILL occurring with ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas, et al. They invade the lands of non-Muslims, kill, steal and destroy… Just like Mohammed did…

The split second these Islamic attacks occur…the West is falling all over itself in a mad rush for the microphone to announce to the world the mantra of morons: Islam is a religion of peace.radical-islam-threat

But, in actuality…according to the empirical evidence: Islam is a religion of bigotry, hate and brutality. And that’s on a good day…

Now, I don’t intend to be harsh, BUT…let’s stop being the idiotic infidels that Mohammed told his followers we are. Let’s instead go back to critical thinking where we use the intellect the Judeo-Christian God gave us…and finally confront this centuries-old LIE with TRUTH. Freedom with Prayer

“Feminists” versus the Truth


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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

“They insist that women’s choices are not truly free.”

feminism vs the truth prager university

There’s nothing more offensive to me than an article that leaps off the cliff in the first sentence by dropping the “as a woman, I…” bomb.

It doesn’t matter how the sentence ends; what matters is that the author, whoever she may be, believes that on some level her gender proves her point for her.

We’re meant to accept everything that follows because to dissent is to deny not only her opinion, but her equal footing in society.

Fortunately, conservatives are doing the work to fight back this flawed idea that feminism consists entirely of the full acceptance of womanhood as victimhood:

Women in America are the freest in the world, yet many feminists tell us women are oppressed. They advocate this falsehood through victim mentality propaganda and misleading statistics, such as the gender wage gap myth. In five minutes, American Enterprise Institute’s Christina Hoff Sommers tells you the truth about feminism.


One of the biggest mistakes the GOP has ever made is to think of women as this mysterious demographic, unattainable and uncomprehending in their pearls and their Ann Taylor sweater sets. For too long, we’ve let the left control the narrative and push this toxic idea that women are somehow “less than” because of policies Republicans support.

Like Christina says in the video, women today are the “freest and most liberated in human history.” Women like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and the founders of the first female fraternities are remembered not because they asserted their gender as the worthiest part of themselves, but because they asserted their personhood in a world that resisted their participation in history-making.

I can’t be the only one who believes that Susan B. Anthony would literally gag on her own irrepressible anger if she saw this happening in society:


From spearheading a constitutional amendment securing the right to vote, to dressing up as vaginas and yelling at passers by about coat hanger abortions, you’ve totally come a long way, baby.


Meanwhile, women as a group are doing great, but modern feminists are so wrapped up in their own dogma that they literally are incapable of acknowledging how far we’ve come:

These feminists hardly acknowledge women’s progress. Yes, they concede that some advances have been made, but the fact that most women reject their activist brand of feminism and think of themselves as “free” is for this crowd proof of just how entrenched patriarchy and inequality truly are. Women are so oppressed, they don’t even know it.

Feminists do everything they can—even going so far as to use flawed statistics on the gender wage gap, depression, eating disorders, and even criminal victimization—to convince women that “their choices are not truly free.”

This isn’t education—it’s manipulation.

And they call the patriarchy oppressive.

Article collective closing

5 questions to ask a liberal progressive

Written by Allen West on June 19, 2014

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Greetings from our nation’s Capitol where I am to speak this afternoon at the Faith and Trigger the VoteFreedom Coalition. And as always, I enjoyed a nice early morning 5-mile run from the bat cave over to the D.C. mall — doggone it is more humid up here than South Florida.

As I was pounding the pavement, I came up with a list of questions I’d like to pose to a liberal progressive. Well, for every mile it seems I came up with one — glad I didn’t try running 8 miles this morning!



Here you go:

1. If former President George W. Bush was un-American for adding $4 trillion to the national debt, then what is President Barack Hussein Obama who is on his way to adding $8 trillion — and still has two more years to go? Yep, under Obama the national debt has risen from $10.67 trillion to almost $17.5 trillion.

2. If as Obama states, “we leave no man behind,” then what of Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, Pastor Saeed Abedini and Kenneth Bae — not to mention still-imprisoned Meriam Yahia Ibrahim – who had her chains removed after giving birth to her daughter, Maya? (And by the way, she is still under a death sentence under Sharia law for marrying a Christian). Nah, those folks don’t help Obama’s political agenda and certainly aren’t as important as recognizing illegal immigrant children “dreamers” at the White House.

3. When the average price of gasoline hit $2.50 a gallon, liberals and their media accomplices went apoplectic (you may have to define that word to a liberal friend) on George W. Bush. Why so silent now, when it’s $3.67?

4. If the late and former President Richard Nixon resigned over a bad case of “breaking and entering” (and the liberal media made a big hoopla over that), what does it take for Barack Hussein Obama to consider the same? Or does the color of skin trump content of character in America now? By the way, I’m planning on my computer crashing next year around tax return time.

5. If it is racist to disagree with the proven failed policies of Barry Soetoro, oops, I mean Barack Hussein Obama, then Truth The New Hate Speechwhat is it when liberal progressives disrespect, dismiss, denigrate, demean, disparage, discredit and seek to destroy black conservative Republicans? Funny, all those “D” words come from the Democrat party. Don’t believe me, just look for the responses to this post from liberal progressives (so predictable).

Now, just so you’re aware, be careful when asking these questions to be outside the range of spittle and frothing of the mouth. As well, stand clear so as not to be struck by a liberal progressives wild arm-flinging tantrums as they throw themselves on the floor in a mad rage. These are the telltale symptoms of liberals exposed to the truth — similar to exposing vampires to light. But know that this reaction affirms you are right on the issues and confirms the liberal progressive inability to intellectually respond.

Never Argue Group
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“Lady” Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

Benghazi RemebrenceIf you don’t already know, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has announced that she has decided to put five Democrats on the Benghazi investigative panel. She repeated that she still believes that this is a waste of time, and claims that “…the family members” asked why all this was being “dragged up again.

Let’s get this straight. The only thing Pelosi wants to to obstruct the investigation and protect her precious President Obama and Hillary Clinton. She is NOT interested in any of the truth to be published. She want the American people to just believe what the Leftist want them to believe and that’s it. They care nothing for the truth, because the truth will set the record straight and further anger the American people about what “knot-heads” the Leftist really are.

Let’s also get some language definitions because we keep hearing the same lame phrases andf talking points coming out of the Left;

(1) “The Benghazi incident has already been investigated by several entities and all the answer have been determined.

ANOTHER LEFTIST LIE. The information given each of the investigations are so redacted making them unusable. Giving investigators boxes full of papers does not mean they have complied with legal orders to provide specific evidence. Not all papers are created equal. I’m confident the Leftist could fill the Capital building with boxes of paper, but that does not mean they are the correct papers need to complete the investigation.

(2) Each and every investigation has not turned up any wrong doing by the Obama Whitehouse or the Hillary Clinton State Department.”

ANOTHER LEFTIST LIE. It has been determined that there are multiple people that were NOT deposed making any investigation incomplete. Several of these people have come forward, who have first hand knowledge of what happened in Benghazi September 11 2012. They also have much information about what happened leading up to the attacks.

(3) “This is just a conspiracy effort of the Republicans to embarrass President Obama.” “The Republicans are doing this because they are afraid of losing control of the Congress after the mid term elections.” “The Republicans are doing this because they are racist and hate President Obama because he is Black.”

MORE LEFTIST LIES. Conservatives want the truth to come out. Their efforts are no more motivated than the Leftist had when they made the same big deal over “Watergate”. Big difference; FOUR PATRIOTS DID NOT DIE DURING “WATERGATE”.

There are more, but you get the point.


How Liberalism Violates All 10 Commandments


One of my readers, we’ll call him Moses, is the publisher of a mainstream newspaper in California. He wrote me the other day with an insightful observation. Since Moses works in one of the most liberal industries, in one of the most liberal states in the union, I won’t divulge his real name. We don’t want Moses tarred, feathered and banished to Oklahoma with a scarlet “C,” for Christian, emblazoned on his Harris Tweed sport coat. (Note: I have antipathy toward neither Oklahoma – I once lived there – nor Harris Tweed, though I do recommend against wearing Harris Tweed in Oklahoma. Especially in the summer.)

“Matt, think about this,” wrote Moses. “Every one of the Ten Commandments is explicitly violated by a principle of the left.”

And you know what? Slap me with a Red River catfish if Moses ain’t exactly right.

To be sure, as individuals, we’ve all violated many, if not most or all, of the 10 Commandments. In our fallen, sinful state we have an inherent propensity to rebel against God’s perfect and holy will for our lives. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).

Thank God for making available a path, narrow as it is, for eternal redemption and salvation through Christ Jesus.

Still, there is a difference between individual sins and a philosophical worldview that embraces those sins as a matter of course. Modern liberalism – “progressivism,” leftism, secularism, pick your poison – is built upon, by and for sin itself. Liberalism’s entire fabric is constructed by precept planks that are soaked through and stained by man’s arrogant rebellion against our Creator God.

In sum, liberalism is folly. It represents man’s futile attempt to disorder God’s natural order. It’s the unholy brainchild of God’s very first enemy, given by that enemy to God’s favored creation, us, with the sole purpose of destroying that creation.

Unfortunately, we’re all too happy to help. Liberalism just formalizes the process, making sin public policy.

Volumes could be penned on the myriad ways in which the central tenets of liberalism violate each of the Ten Commandments. The following is a much truncated analysis:

1. Thou Shalt Have No Gods Before Me.

At worst, liberalism denies the very existence of God in the forms of atheism and secularism, while, at best, it adopts that wonderfully “inclusive” blasphemy called religious pluralism. Pluralism presumes to give the false gods of false religions equal footing and denies Christ as He defined Himself: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). Liberal “Christianity” falls under this category. It’s pluralism with a Christian stamp.

Secular humanism, liberalism’s prevailing false religion, denies God altogether and crowns man as king over himself and the measure of all things. “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.”

2. Thou Shalt Not Make Graven Images.

We’re talking idolatry here. Liberalism is built on it. First, there’s literal idolatry (the worship of man-made idols, animals or inanimate objects) enjoyed by our New Age friends. And then there’s everything else: pantheistic environmentalism, the idols of “reproductive freedom,” “sexual liberation and equality,” etc.

Essentially, liberalism worships the created over the Creator. Liberalism also worships the sins of the flesh (see Commandments No. 1, 6 and 7).

Leftist State Religion

3. Thou Shalt Not Take the Lord’s Name in Vain.

  • To deny God is to take the Lord’s name in vain.
  • To deny God as He defines Himself is to take the Lord’s name in vain.
  • To misrepresent God, to call other gods God or to deny the deity of Christ is to take the Lord’s name in vain.

Liberalism does this and much more. Many liberals also mock Christ, Christianity and Christians. They revile the exclusive nature of Jesus, His commands and His faithful followers. They hate truth.

4. Remember to Keep Holy the Sabbath.

This one is a bit tricky as it is widely understood to fall under the Jewish ceremonial law, not the moral law – the old covenant, not the new. Christ Himself healed (worked) on the Sabbath. That said, many Christians still view Sunday as the Sabbath and do, indeed, keep it holy. Not all liberals (there are certainly liberal Jews), but liberalism at large denies the Sabbath any significance whatsoever, much less a holy significance.

5. Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother.

Liberalism seeks to supplant parents with “progressive” government. It diminishes parental rights and encourages children to rebel against the antiquated conventions held by mom and dad. It denies that children even need a mother and father and bristles at the “heteronormative” lack of “gender neutrality” inherent within the very words “mother and father.” The sin-centered, counter-biblical notion of “gay marriage” desecrates God’s design for true marriage and family and is intended to undermine these cornerstone institutions.

6. Thou Shalt Not Murder.

  • Abortion,
  • euthanasia,
  • “pro-choice,”
  • reproductive rights,”
  • “death with dignity.”

Need I say more? Sacrosanct is the liberal rite of passage for a feminist mother to slaughter her own child in the womb. Fifty-five million dead babies later, liberals continue to worship at the pagan altar of “choice” (see Commandments No. 1 and 2).

7. Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.

This means all sexual immorality as identified in the scriptures, to include

  • marital infidelity,
  • fornication,
  • homosexuality,
  • bestiality,
  • incest,
  • et al.

Liberalism, it seems, embraces all perversions of God’s design for human sexuality. Central to liberalism is moral relativism. When it comes to sex, you can do no wrong because there is no wrong.

8. Thou Shalt Not Steal.

With class warfare as its fuel, liberalism embraces the redistributionist philosophies of Marx and Engels. Liberalism thrives on theft. Like some completely incompetent and inefficient Robin Hood, liberal government steals from the middle class to give to the poor, thereby ensuring that liberal politicians remain in power and everyone else remains miserable.

9. Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.

I give you Saul Alinsky from his Rules for Radicals:

“The third rule of ethics of means and ends is that in war the end justifies almost any means.”

As we’ve learned from Barack “you can keep your insurance” Obama, that includes lying. Liberals lie. That’s what they do. The ends justify the means. Bearing false witness about detractors of liberalism is par for the course.

10. Thou Shalt Not Covet.

Again, liberalism uses man’s inherent covetousness as the driving force behind all liberal economic policies. Creating a political climate of economic envy and class warfare gives liberal government the cover needed to take wealth from those who produce and redistribute it to those who don’t. Not only does liberalism violate this commandment, liberalism commands its adherents to do the exact opposite. “Thou shalt covet.”

As Satan “masquerades as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14), so, too, does liberalism masquerade as good. It’s deceptively packaged in flowery euphemisms and feel-good sound bites that promise “equality,” “tolerance” and libertine notions of “social justice.”

Yet, in reality, liberalism, in both philosophical and practical terms, simply signifies man’s predisposition to “call evil good and good evil.” It’s sin, all dolled up and doled out.

Ronald Reagan once quipped, “I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the U.S. Congress.”

If the Gipper had lived another couple decades, he might’ve found out.

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