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Benghazi RemebrenceIf you don’t already know, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has announced that she has decided to put five Democrats on the Benghazi investigative panel. She repeated that she still believes that this is a waste of time, and claims that “…the family members” asked why all this was being “dragged up again.

Let’s get this straight. The only thing Pelosi wants to to obstruct the investigation and protect her precious President Obama and Hillary Clinton. She is NOT interested in any of the truth to be published. She want the American people to just believe what the Leftist want them to believe and that’s it. They care nothing for the truth, because the truth will set the record straight and further anger the American people about what “knot-heads” the Leftist really are.

Let’s also get some language definitions because we keep hearing the same lame phrases andf talking points coming out of the Left;

(1) “The Benghazi incident has already been investigated by several entities and all the answer have been determined.

ANOTHER LEFTIST LIE. The information given each of the investigations are so redacted making them unusable. Giving investigators boxes full of papers does not mean they have complied with legal orders to provide specific evidence. Not all papers are created equal. I’m confident the Leftist could fill the Capital building with boxes of paper, but that does not mean they are the correct papers need to complete the investigation.

(2) Each and every investigation has not turned up any wrong doing by the Obama Whitehouse or the Hillary Clinton State Department.”

ANOTHER LEFTIST LIE. It has been determined that there are multiple people that were NOT deposed making any investigation incomplete. Several of these people have come forward, who have first hand knowledge of what happened in Benghazi September 11 2012. They also have much information about what happened leading up to the attacks.

(3) “This is just a conspiracy effort of the Republicans to embarrass President Obama.” “The Republicans are doing this because they are afraid of losing control of the Congress after the mid term elections.” “The Republicans are doing this because they are racist and hate President Obama because he is Black.”

MORE LEFTIST LIES. Conservatives want the truth to come out. Their efforts are no more motivated than the Leftist had when they made the same big deal over “Watergate”. Big difference; FOUR PATRIOTS DID NOT DIE DURING “WATERGATE”.

There are more, but you get the point.


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