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Lewiston Idaho veterinarian’s Letter to the Editor re: Ebola, Nails it!

The recent Ebola crisis in the world is frightening. David A. Rustebakke, DVM, submitted the following letter to the editor of the Lewiston Morning Tribune:

Editor, Lewiston Morning Tribune:

If I wish to import a horse into the United States from Liberia or any African country other than Morocco, the horse needs to undergo a 60 day quarantine period at a USDA approved quarantine facility prior to mingling with the general population of horses in this country. Africa has a disease called African Horse Sickness that does not exist in the US; this is the way we have kept it out of this country. African Horse Sickness does not cause disease in people, only horses; our government has determined that it would be devastating to the US horse industry if it were to come here.

The United States (and virtually all other countries) require a myriad of tests and often quarantine prior to bringing in a foreign animal.

I can’t legally cross state lines in the United States with a horse or cow without a health certificate signed by a USDA accredited veterinarian stating that the animal has been inspected and found free of infectious disease. In most cases blood tests are also required. In fact I can’t legally cross the Snake River and ride my horse in Idaho without a health certificate and a negative blood test for Equine Infectious Anemia.

I’m not complaining; the United States of America, the States of Idaho and Washington as well as the other 48 states take the health of our livestock very seriously, and we have a very good record at keeping foreign animal diseases out of our country. I am happy to do my part to maintain biosecurity in our animal population.

If I am a resident of Liberia incubating Ebola, to enter the United States all I need to do is present a valid visa, and lie when asked if I have been exposed to Ebola. Within hours (no quarantine required) I can be walking the streets of any city in the United States.

I feel very fortunate to live in a country that values our animals so highly.

David A. Rustebakke, DVM

Iraqi and Kurdish Media Reports: ISIS Fighters Have Contracted Ebola

by Jordan Schachtel 1 Jan 2015

URL of the Original Posting Site:


The Iraqi outlets reportedly claimed that Ebola had started to spread in a Mosul hospital. The city, known as ISIS’s most important strategic stronghold in Iraq, has been under the control of the Islamic State since June.

Christy Feig, the World Health Organization (WHO) director of communications, told Mashable, “We have no official notification from the Iraqi government that it is Ebola.” She said that WHO had reached out to authorities and asked if they needed help investigating the matter.

Kurdish media network Xendan reported that ISIS jihadists’ symptoms were similar to those shown by someone who has contracted Ebola. However, it is highly uncertain whether Mosul health authorities have the means, tools, or skill-set necessary to test for Ebola, given the current hostile environment in the area.com01

In late December, the Islamic State reportedly executed doctors who refused to treat their militant jihadis. The Washington Post said of the ongoing situation in Mosul, “Services are collapsing, prices are soaring, and medicines are scarce in towns and cities across the ‘caliphate’ proclaimed in Iraq and Syria by ISIS.”

Iraq’s pro-government Al Sabaah (The Morning) daily newspaper reported that Ebola made its way into Mosul through Africa-based Islamist “terrorists” who then linked up with ISIS. Mashable notes, however, that the majority of ISIS recruits in Africa have come from countries that have not reported any Ebola cases, such as Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, and others.

Meanwhile, Mosul’s liberation remains a strategic priority for Iraqi forces and the U.S.-led coalition. Mosul has been described as ISIS’s de facto capital in Iraq. While under ISIS control, many of the city’s one million residents have lived under fear of severe punishment or execution should they not comply with the jihadists’ mandates.



Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

MId Term drawing

New York New York


New York New York



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Barack Obama’s October Surprise

MId Term drawing

Posted by Michael BeckerOctober 24, 2014


Political campaigns are famous for trotting out an “October Surprise” on their opponents.  In 2000, Al Gore accused George Bush of getting a DWI 30 years prior.  Apparently a lot of “values voters” decided they couldn’t vote for anybody who’d had a drink too many 30 years prior and it cost Bush a hefty number of popular votes.

Every election has rumbles of a “surprise” and this year is no different.  Well, there is one difference this year and we’ll point that out in just a moment.

Barack Obama is about as popular on the campaign trail for Democrats as Ebola.  Maybe less popular, you can apparently survive Ebola and a Democratic campaign probably won’t survive a visit from the Royal Narcissist.  That’s why you see all of the Democratic Senators up for election this year even refusing to say that they voted for the President in either of the last two Presidential elections.  The President even went so far as to say that they should do anything they have to in order to get elected and it won’t hurt his feelings.

Then came this little gem.

oct surprise 01

“These are folks who are strong allies and supporters of ME…”  Heh.  Mr. Obama just put himself on the ballot.  Thanks Barack.

Now then, let’s talk about the “won’t hurt my feelings” meme.

Here’s what Josh Earnest had to say, speaking for the President, about the upcoming elections.

oct surprise 02

Here come the bus, here come the bus, order on the sidewalk, get under that bus!

For you youngsters reading this, that is a paraphrase of a sketch from Laugh In, back in the age of enlightenment.

oct surprise 03

To sum up the position of “the judge” – and that would be one Barack H. Obama – you’re on your own suckers!  The difference between this year’s “October Surprise” and every other year’s “October Surprise” is that this year Barack pulled the surprise on his own party.

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Video: NYC Cops Dump Protective Gear in Public Trash After Leaving Ebola Danger Zone

MId Term drawing

“Officers had just visited area near Ebola victim’s apartment “

PC-Rider-590-LIShocking video footage shows two NYPD officers dumping their protective gear in a public trash can after leaving the area near the apartment of Ebola victim Dr. Craig Spencer.

The clip shows the officers placing their gloves, face masks and caution tape in the trash and then walking away from the scene outside the Harlem apartment of Dr. Spencer, who last night became the fourth confirmed Ebola victim in the United States.

It is not known whether the two officers actually entered Spencer’s apartment, although putting the items in a biohazard bag out of an abundance of caution would make sense. Placing them in a public trash can on a busy sidewalk in a major city is ludicrous.

The incident serves as a reminder that unprotected workers used a pressure washer to clean up the vomit of Ebola patient zero Thomas Eric Duncan outside an apartment complex in Dallas where Duncan was sick all over the sidewalk according to eyewitnesses.tweet 01

Concerns about other individuals potentially being exposed to Ebola are paramount after it was revealed that Dr. Spencer violated his voluntary quarantine to go bowling on Wednesday night the day before he was admitted to hospital.

Spencer, who returned after treating Ebola patients in Guinea, also took an Uber cab to and from the location, potentially exposing the driver and other passengers. The doctor also used the subway as well as going for a jog.

Spencer’s fiancée, Morgan Dixon, is under quarantine at Bellevue Hospital, while his two other friends are quarantined at home.

As we reported yesterday, several doctors have told Infowars that health authorities are covering up potential Ebola cases in the United States in an attempt to prevent hysteria.


cops dump

comment 01

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

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Ebola Czar Strategy



Partyof Deceit Spin and LiesDupe and Chains

Freedom is not the problem it is the solution


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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon


Climate Kerry to the Rescue


nature is my religionsecular earth worship

Al Gore as Godfather and High Priest

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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon



Medical Research Org CIDRAP: Ebola Transmittable by Air


The highly respected Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota just advised the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) that “there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles,” including exhaled breath.

CIDRAP is warning that surgical facemasks do not prevent transmission of Ebola, and healthcare professionals (HCP) must immediately be outfitted with full-hooded protective gear and powered air-purifying respirators.

CIDRAP since 2001 has been a global leader in addressing public health preparedness regarding emerging infectious diseases and bio-security responses. CIDRAP’s opinion on Ebola virus is there are “No proven pre- or post-exposure treatment modalities;” “A high case-fatality rate;” and “Unclear modes of transmission.”

In April of 2014, CIDRAP published a commentary on Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) that confirmed the disease “could be an aerosol-transmissible disease, especially in healthcare settings,” similar to the known aerosol transmission capability of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

Although CIDRAP acknowledges that they were “first skeptical that Ebola virus could be an aerosol-transmissible disease,” they are “now persuaded by a review of experimental and epidemiologic data that this might be an important feature of disease transmission, particularly in healthcare settings.” 

CDC’s published “Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Hospitalized Patients with Known or Suspected Ebola Virus Disease in U.S. Hospitals” states: “HCP should wear gloves, a gown, disposable shoe covers, and either a face shield that fully covers the front and sides of the face or goggles, and respiratory protection that is at least as protective as a NIOSH certified fit-tested N95 filtering facepiece respirator.”wouldn't

N95 filters look like surgical masks and are defined by the U.S. Department of Labor as “disposable respirator” with a workplace protection factor (WPF) of 10. A 3M “qualified” N95 respirators rated to block 95% of airborne particles with a size greater in diameter than 5 microns is can cost as little as $.65 each.

However, the US National Institutes of Health reported in 2005 that 50% of bio-aerosols were found to be less than 5 microns in diameter. The NIH calculated that after correcting for dead space and lung deposition, “N95 filtering facepiece respirators seem inadequate against microorganisms.”

CIDRAP warns in regards to N95 respirators, “Healthcare workers have experienced very high rates of morbidity and mortality in the past and current Ebola virus outbreaks. A facemask, or surgical mask, offers no or very minimal protection from infectious aerosol particles.”  wouldn't

CIDRAP is now advising the CDC and WHO that proper “personal protective equipment (PPE) ensures that healthcare workers remain healthy throughout an outbreak.” Based on scientific research, CIDRAP recommends the minimum protection for healthcare professionals in high-risk settings is a “powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) with a hood or helmet” that will filter 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns in diameter.

But the minimum Internet-advertised price for a “qualified” 3M Veraflo respirator is $427.13, compared to about $.65 for an N95 facemask. With Liberia’s per capita GDP only $454 last year and the economy in shambles, there is no way the country’s healthcare professionals can afford to acquire the appropriate protective respirators.

Based on CIDRAP’s research and the fact that Ebola cases are projected to skyrocket, it seems irresponsible that the New York Times and other mainstream media outlets are downplaying the risks of Ebola transmission. PC-Rider-590-LI

Less than two weeks ago, the NYT’s “Well” column responded to a reader’s question: “Can I get Ebola from public transportation?” with “Implying that Ebola is caught as easily as flu or colds would be untrue and inflammatory.” The “Well” column, again on October 13th, responded to another question: “I’m flying soon. What is the risk of contracting Ebola on a flight?” with “Top Ebola experts have said they would not expect to be infected even if they were sitting next to another passenger with Ebola – unless that passenger actually vomited or bled on them.”Obamas PC Airlines

As I pointed out last week at Breitbart News, the Black Death that killed a third of all people in Europe and the Middle East in the three years from 1337 to 1340 appears to have been a “hemorrhagic fever” similar to Ebola. CIDRAP’s warning that Ebola can be spread by “infectious aerosol particles,” such as breathing, means the pandemic should be expected to continue to accelerate.

Chriss Street suggests that if you are interested in Ebola, please read EXPERTS: EBOLA OUTBREAK, BLACK DEATH ‘PLAGUE’ SPREAD FROM AFRICA AS VIRUSES.

Related Video


Texas Dept of State Health Services Confirms 2nd Person Tests Positive for Ebola

15 Oct 2014–2nd-person-tests-positive-for-Ebola?utm_source=e_breitbart_com&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Breitbart+News+Roundup%2C+October+15%2C+2014&utm_campaign=20141015_m122611608_Breitbart+News+Roundup%2C+October+15%2C+2014&utm_term=More

DALLAS (AP) — A second health care worker at a Dallas hospital who provided care for the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. has tested positive for the disease, the Texas Department of State Health Services said Wednesday.

The department said in the statement early Wednesday that was also posted on its website that the worker reported a fever Tuesday and was immediate isolated at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

Health officials said the worker was among those who took care of Thomas Eric Duncan after he was diagnosed with Ebola after returning from a trip to Africa. Duncan died Oct. 8.

The department said a preliminary Ebola test was conducted late Tuesday at a state public health laboratory in Austin, Texas, and came back positive during the night. It said confirmatory testing would be conducted at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

The statement said the health care worker, who wasn’t identified, was interviewed to quickly identify any contacts or potential exposures and that others will be monitored. It added that the type of monitoring will depend on the nature of others’ interactions with the health care worker and their potential of exposure to the virus.

Officials have said they don’t know how the first health worker, a nurse, became infected. But the second case pointed to lapses beyond how one individual may have donned and removed personal protective garb.

“An additional health care worker testing positive for Ebola is a serious concern, and the CDC has already taken active steps to minimize the risk to health care workers and the patient,” the CDC said in a statement released Wendesday in Atlanta.

The federal agency said Wednesday that it was conducting the followup testing to confirm the preliminary Texas lab result. And it said it also took part in interviewing the second health care worker to identify any contacts or potential exposures in the community.

Dr. Tom Frieden, head of the CDC, has acknowledged that the government wasn’t aggressive enough in managing Ebola and containing the virus as it spread from an infected patient to a nurse at a Dallas hospital.

“We could’ve sent a more robust hospital infection control team and been more hands-on with the hospital from day one about exactly how this should be managed,” he said Tuesday.

Frieden outlined new steps this week designed to stop the spread of the disease, including the creation of an Ebola response team, increased training for health care workers nationwide and changes at the Texas hospital to minimize the risk of more infections.

“I wish we had put a team like this on the ground the day the patient — the first patient — was diagnosed. That might have prevented this infection,” Frieden said.

The stark admission came as the World Health Organization projected the pace of infections accelerating in West Africa to as many as 10,000 new cases a week within two months.

In a conference call late Tuesday, the nation’s largest nurses’ union described how the patient, Duncan, was left in an open area of the emergency room for hours. National Nurses United, citing unnamed nurses, said staff treated Duncan for days without the correct protective gear, that hazardous waste was allowed to pile up to the ceiling and safety protocols constantly changed.

RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of Nurses United, refused to say how many nurses made the statement about Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, but insisted they were in a position to know what happened.

A total of 76 people at the hospital might have been exposed to Duncan, and all of them are being monitored for fever and other symptoms daily, Frieden said. Nurse Nina Pham contracted the virus while caring for Duncan. Health officials are monitoring 48 others who had some contact with Duncan before he was admitted the hospital where he died. The Associated Press reported Monday that Pham was among about 70 hospital staffers who were involved in Duncan’s care after he was hospitalized, based on medical records provided by his family.

Frieden said some of the world’s leading experts on how to treat Ebola and protect health care workers are in the new response team. They will review several issues including how isolation rooms are laid out, what protective equipment health workers use, waste management and decontamination.

In Europe, the WHO said the death rate in the outbreak has risen to 70 percent as it has killed nearly 4,500 people, most of them in West Africa. The previous mortality rate was about 50 percent.

President Barack Obama, speaking at the end of a meeting with U.S. and allied military leaders, declared that the “the world is not doing enough” to fight Ebola.

Pham, 26, became the first person to contract the disease on U.S. soil as she cared for Duncan. The nurse released a statement Tuesday through Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital saying she was “doing well,” and the hospital listed her in good condition. She has received a plasma transfusion from a doctor who beat the virus and the hospital CEO said medical staff members remain hopeful about her condition.

Pham was in Duncan’s room often, from the day he was placed in intensive care until the day before he died.

“I’m doing well and want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and prayers,” she said.

Pham’s parents live in Fort Worth, where they are part of a close-knit, deeply religious community of Vietnamese Catholics. Members of their church held a special Mass for her Monday and her sorority sisters at the Texas Christian University held a candlelight vigil for her Tuesday.

Pham and other health care workers wore protective gear, including gowns, gloves, masks and face shields — and sometimes full-body suits — when caring for Duncan. Health officials have said there was a breach in protocol that led to the infections, but they don’t know where the breakdown occurred.

Among the changes announced Tuesday by Frieden was a plan to limit the number of health care workers who care for Ebola patients so they “can become more familiar and more systematic in how they put on and take off protective equipment, and they can become more comfortable in a healthy way with providing care in the isolation unit.”

Frieden said he was fully aware of the fear among health care workers in Texas and elsewhere about the risks of contracting the virus.

“Ebola is unfamiliar. It’s scary, and getting it right is really, really important because the stakes are so high,” he said.

Associated Press writers Martha Mendoza, Maud Beelman, Matt Sedensky and Alex Sanz in Dallas and Tammy Webber in Chicago also contributed to this report.

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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon



PC Non Stop


Obamas PC Airlines

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Oops! Guess Who REALLY Tried to Cut Spending at the CDC



October 14, 2014 By

Obama Ebola
With the midterm elections forthcoming, Democrats have been desperately grasping at straws, blaming Republicans for the spreading of the deadly East African Ebola virus. According to this latest attempt to, as Rahm Emanuel used to say, “never let a serious crisis go to waste,” Democrats are accusing Republicans of cutting spending at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), stating that a cure for the disease would have been found if not for those supposed cuts.


obama-liar4-266x189Not only did the CDC budget not get cut this year, but it actually grew at a high rate, and unbelievably, it was actually Democrat Barack Obama, not the Republican Party, who tried to cut funding to the government agency, so they might want to edit their new “Republican cuts kill” campaign ad.

For fiscal year 2014, the CDC budget grew by 8.2%, to $6.9 billion, which is $567 million MORE than 2013, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported in an article titled, CDC Wins in Budget Deal (emphasis added):

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will see an 8.2 percent budget increase for fiscal 2014, thanks to a $1.1 trillion spending bill announced by Congress Jan. 13. This influx of cash will raise the CDC budget to $6.9 billion, which is $567 million more than it received in 2013. This is more than the agency anticipated, because the president’s fiscal year 2014 budget request for it was just $6.6 billion — a decrease of $270 million from fiscal 2012.

Ebola was discovered in 1976 near the Ebola River in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, so the deadly virus is nothing new. Maybe the government could have researched and produced a vaccine for Ebola if the research wasn’t redirected towards projects like drunken monkeys and why lesbians are fat.

culture of decietThe Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is currently blasting out ads accusing Republicans of voting to cut CDC’s Ebola-fighting capabilities in February 2011 by voting for a bill to cut $60 billion from the federal budget, including from the CDC, in anticipation of the fiscal year 2012 budget battle. The House passed the bill on Feb. 19, 2011, but the bill never passed the Senate. But the Obama administration proposed to cut CDC funding, including for public health preparedness and response, in its very own budget proposal released the very same week as the House vote. Obama’s original budget plan for fiscal year 2012 cut funding for a CDC public health emergency preparedness program by $72 million. The proposed cuts would have taken money away from municipal and state health departments to hire health workers and monitor for public health hazards and disease outbreaks.??
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Will U.S. Troops Be Protected From Ebola During Deployment to West Africa?


Katie PavlichKatie Pavlich | Oct 13, 2014

Three weeks ago President Obama announced he would be sending thousands of U.S. troops and military personnel to West African countries in an effort to combat Ebola.

The White House said Obama will travel to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta — where US Ebola victims were treated — to make the announcement, meant to spur a global effort to tackle the outbreak that has already killed 2,400 people.

It comes as alarm grows that the worst-ever Ebola epidemic which spread through Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea before reaching Nigeria, is out of control. A separate strain of the disease has appeared in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Most of the US effort, which will draw heavily on its military medical corps, will be concentrated in impoverished Liberia — the worst hit nation — with plans to build 17 Ebola treatment centres with 100 beds in each.

But as troops get their boots on the ground in countries devastated by the disease, many are asking how the health of U.S. soldiers will be protected. Last week we learned military personnel will be handling Ebola infected blood samples and now some experts say it’s inevitable some troops will contract the deadly disease.

ABC News medical expert Richard Besser told This Week Sunday morning that there was a “very real” possibility one of the 3,000 U.S. troops being sent to west Africa to help fight the ebola outbreak could contract the virus.

The Pentagon insists troops deployed to combat Ebola will be safe.

“Let me assure you, by providing predeployment training, adhering to strict medical protocols while deployed, and carrying out carefully planned reintegration measures based on risk and exposure, I am confident that we can ensure our service members’ safety and the safety of their families and the American people,” Commander of U.S. Africa Command Gen. David Rodriguez said last week. “We will do everything in our power to address and mitigate the potential risk to our service members, civilian employees, contractors, and their families.” 

Time will tell.

Meanwhile in the United States, new screenings for temperatures have been implemented at some international airports and over the weekend it was confirmed a nurse treating Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, who died last week, caught the disease despite being in full protective gear.

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Obama Ebola Bumper Stickers Appear Around Los Angeles


by Truth Revolt | October 8, 2014

Obama Ebola Bumper Stickers Appear Around Los Angeles
Some Southland drivers seem convinced that the President’s policy on stopping the virus to-date have not inspired confidence

Vice President Joe Biden held up traffic around Los Angeles for a second day on Tuesday, but it was President Obama himself on the minds of many Southern California drivers as bumper stickers began appearing on area cars featuring the word Ebola with the Obama logo replacing the letter “o.”

The scathing stickers come on the eve of President Obama’s Thursday trip to LA for a fundraiser at the home of Gwyneth Paltrow and on the same day that the LA Times reports that it may be premature for Mr. Obama’s government to declare that the deadly Ebola virus is not transmitted by air.

Dr. C.J. Peters, who battled a 1989 outbreak of the virus among research monkeys housed in Virginia and who later led the CDC’s most far-reaching study of Ebola’s transmissibility in humans, said he would not rule out the possibility that it spreads through the air in tight quarters.

“We just don’t have the data to exclude it,” said Peters, who continues to research viral diseases at the University of Texas in Galveston.PC-Rider-590-LI

Whatever the case, at least some Southland drivers seem convinced that the President’s policy on stopping the virus to-date have not inspired confidence.

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No Worries


E JV 2 600 LA

Dupe and Chains

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Ebola: The Fine Line between Medical Martial Law & Common Sense


Posted by Daisy Luther


A man in Texas who is thought to be infected with Ebola may be taken into custody against his will. Is this the beginning of medical martial law, or is this a common sense practice to prevent the spread of a deadly disease?

Thus far, due to medical privacy laws, the man is unnamed.

Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s Courthouse News Service:

Texas wants a second patient “reasonably suspected of being infected” with Ebola put into protective custody in Dallas.

Dr. David L. Lakey, commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services, filed a motion for a temporary order of protective custody Monday in Dallas County Court. The unidentified patient, sued as “M.W.L.,” is “reasonably suspected of being infected with a communicable disease (Ebola) that presents an immediate threat to public health,” the 4-page motion states.

“Further, movant has determined that proposed patient is a threat to himself or others if not immediately restrained. Further, sources charged with monitoring the proposed patient M.W.L. have observed the proposed patient failing or refusing to follow the written order of the Texas Department of State Health Services by leaving the premises of a medical facility contrary to medical directives, without permission and surreptitiously.”

Lakey claims that the proposed patient “meets the criteria authorized by the court” to issue such an order. “The sworn representations of the applicant, who is a credible person, state that the proposed patient is reasonably suspected of being infected with the communicable disease, Ebola, that presents a threat to public health; has failed or refused to follow the written or verbal orders of the Commissioner; and presents a substantial risk of harm to himself or others if no immediately restrained,” according to the motion, filed Monday at 2 p.m.

Lakey wants the patient kept under constant guard at Parkland Hospital, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas or any other appropriate facility. (source)Freedom is not the problem it is the solution

So here’s the conundrum.

I’m all about liberty. I’m a hardcore libertarian who believes that the state should not have authority over my day-to-day activities.


Do we really want people with a gruesome, deadly, infectious disease running around willy-nilly; touching things; potentially vomiting, coughing, sneezing, and bleeding out of assorted orifices; and contaminating sundry doorknobs, public transit, and gathering places? I’m not saying that this M.W.L. fellow has any intention of deliberately making people sick, but still. Is this actually a horrible thing?

I know the headlines are going to be all over the place, calling this “medical martial law”. It’s inevitable, because we are all very protective our our personal liberties.

But…how is it that some of the people who are the most up in arms about illegal immigrants being potential sources of disease, and about US Customs’ complete disregard of health protocols at international airports are the same people who are screaming about this being unacceptable?

You can’t have it both ways.

PC-Rider-590-LIThe Ebola situation in the US has been handled HORRIBLY thus far. As my friends at Truthstream Media said, it’s like a badly written horror film. You just want to grab those in charge and shake some sense into them. “No! Don’t go into that dark forest to investigate the noise. RUN!!!!”

Is it really unreasonable to insist that those exposed to Ebola remain at home? Personally, I can’t understand why someone who might be ill with Ebola would want to risk contributing to the start of a horrible pandemic, but for those who don’t take personal responsibility for that sort of thing, is it really a bad thing for them to chill out at home until they’re clear?

Here’s where the slippery slope part comes in.

  • I don’t want to be forcibly vaccinated.

  • I don’t want to be thrown into a FEMA camp with a bunch of sick people because I’m suspected of being sick.

  • I don’t want to be medicated against my will.

This may make me none-too-popular, but I just can’t think it’s okay for those who are showing symptoms of Ebola to be allowed to wander around the city. We expect officials to perform medical checks and quarantine people at the border. We expect hospitals to immediately admit people who could be ill and we chastise them for doing stupid stuff …you know, like sending away Thomas Duncan. Keeping people who are potentially ill and contagious isolated IS NOT a bad thing. Forcing them to undergo medical treatment or exposing them to other sick people IS a bad thing.

How about this? How about if someone has even been in those countries, they have to wait 21 days before coming here in a preventative quarantine? I’m certainly not for martial law or taking away anyone’s rights, but at this point if they show up here with Ebola, the CDC will quarantine them and take away their rights anyway, as we are now seeing with Duncan’s family members in Dallas who are on a 21-day control order that forces them to stay inside and make themselves available for any and all medical tests public health officials deem necessary on demand, or they will face criminal charges. So, either way, rights are not being upheld. Might as well not put a bunch of other people in mortal danger while we are already on the slip ‘n slide straight to global pandemic land.

So how can we also criticize them for isolating someone who might potentially spread the disease to thousands? I’m not advocating forcible medical treatment, but I don’t think it’s wrong to quarantine a person showing all of the signs of a deadly illness. This is not “medical martial law”. It’s common sense. Who can honestly say it’s okay for people to go around spreading a horrific bloody plague? When people refuse to act like responsible human beings and put others in harm’s way, it ceases to become an issue of personal liberty and turns into an issue of potential criminal negligence.

But I also would not leave my house if I was ill with what “might” be Ebola. I would take the responsibility of isolating myself so that I didn’t make others sick. Or alternatively, I’d cover up and go to the hospital in order to be isolated. Heck, if I even think it’s in my city, I’ll lock down preventatively.

I know opinions will vary greatly on this. So…weigh in. Should a person showing the signs of Ebola be allowed to go on their merry way, potentially infecting others? Should they be required to stay home under mandatory quarantine? Where do we draw the line?



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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon



Written by Steve Bowers on October 6, 2014

Bowers Obamacare

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Obama Lies And Americans Die


Written by Pat Henry on October 5, 2014

Imperial President Obama

Those of you who have not been asleep for the past six years are painfully familiar with the never ending stream of lies that emanate from this president. It would take an entire column to even begin to scratch the surface, but I will mention a few to jog your memories:

“You can keep your current health insurance plan”

“The AHCA will reduce premiums by $2500”

“Not even a smidgeon of corruption” – to Bill O’Reilly when asked about the IRS scandal

Benghazi violence was caused by an internet video & demonstrations – maintained despite the fact that the White House knew, and had been warned, that it was a terrorist attack, and in fact had a live TV feed from a drone during the attack.

“My budget will cut the deficit by $4 Trillion over 10 years”

I could go on forever, but you get the point. More recently he has been endangering the security of our nation with his lies. A current one is that ISIS/ISIL/IS/Khorosan Group or whatever Obama is calling them this week is a “JV” group that poses no threat to the Middle East, let alone America.

obama-border-is-open-378x257He famously told us in his second year of office that a fence on our Southern boarder was “nearly complete”. His own Department of Homeland Security, however, said it was only 5% completed. Recently we have seen illegals pouring into the country, and instead of turning them back, he is actually resettling them all over the country, making them somehow the financial responsibility of the US.

Reports from some of these sites confirm that these illegal aliens are bringing disease and pestilence with them. Naturally, as a human being, one has sympathy for these people and for the suffering peoples of nations all over the world, but where does it say that they have a “right” to come to this country and live off the few people who are still working?

Now, however, the illnesses and crime that are coming in with the illegals pales when compared with that of the ebola virus. Just weeks ago, Obama visited the CDC and assured us that the chance of ebola coming to this country was remote at best. He assured us that all precautions were being taken to ensure that the virus was contained in Africa, and that we would send a team of soldiers (?) over there to eradicate it. I guess they were going to shoot those pesky viruses. Well Pinocchio, ebola is here.

PC-Rider-590-LIBut what about all the measures we were taking? Turns out that the “measures” was a questionnaire at the airport. What happened was that a man who was completely knowledgeable of the fact that he had the disease, since everyone he lived with was sick or had died from it, decided to be less than candid on his questionnaire. He then took a plane, exposed the passengers, exposed people where he laid over in Brussels and at Dulles here in D.C., and then in Dallas.

He went to the hospital in Dallas, told them he was from Nigeria, told them he had been exposed to ebola, and that he had ebola-like symptoms, and they concluded that he had a simple case of the flu. They sent him home to infect his girlfriend and four children, who in turn very likely passed it on to their contacts.

He had such a fever that he literally soaked the bed, and such vomiting and bleeding that he couldn’t walk, necessitating calling 911 and exposing those people as well.

This man was the opposite of a hero. He knew he was sick, he knew that the virus had a huge mortality rate, and decided in an attempt to save himself that he would risk and probably kill untold numbers of people, perhaps beginning an epidemic or pandemic himself. He is laughingly being sought by the Liberian government for lying on his questionnaire, and will face prosecution if he lives that long.

Still, one can understand that a person who knows he will die if he doesn’t receive treatment (albeit there is none of the experimental drug remaining) can become desperate and do morally reprehensible things. What we cannot understand is how President Obama, ostensibly charged with the protection of the people of the United States, does nothing to stop the spread of this disease.

In an interview this morning on FOX News (which you can read here), Obama lackey CDC Director Tom Frieden told Brian Kilmeade, “I wish we could get to zero risk by sealing off the border. But we can’t.Eagle Really

cause of deathThe only way we are going to get to zero risk in this country is by controlling it in Africa. Until that happens, Americans may come back with Ebola. Other people who have a right to return or a visa to enter may come back. People will go to third countries and come from there. Sealing them off – first off won’t work.

Second off, it will backfire. Because if we can’t get help in there, then we’re not going to be able to stop the outbreak and ultimately we will end up at higher risk, not lower risk.”

I have heard some dumb statements from this administration, but this one has to top the list, and have the potential for killing the most people. Any soldier knows that in the case of a biological attack you identify the soldiers by their symptoms and then you isolate them.

This is a basic tenet of public health. In this case, the West African nations know that quarantine (isolation) is necessary to prevent the spread of disease and untold sickness and death, and are doing it themselves.

For us, the first thing we should have done, and should belatedly do, is to close the borders. Nobody  to or from West Africa. Would that absolutely prevent ebola from arriving here? Probably not, but it would sure go a long way. Frieden, however, is saying, “It won’t absolutely stop it, so we are not going to even try.”

gone madHuh? That reminds me of abstinence education used to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and thus abortions. Abstinence works 100% of the time, whereas other methods of birth control for multiple reasons do not. Some 56 million aborted babies would attest to that if they could. But abstinence education is not a part of the administration’s plan for this problem, because controlling people’s sexual drives is not part of the liberal agenda. It is, in fact, anathema to it. So they don’t try it.

Obama will not stop flights to and from West Africa, and will not close the borders, because like abstinence education, it is not part of the liberal agenda. Open borders and free influx of anyone who decides they want to come to America is a keynote of the Obama presidency, from which he has backed off only slightly recently, temporarily pocketing his pen and phone until after the November elections.

Any idea the public might get that something could be accomplished by closing the borders would jeopardize his amnesty plans, and that cannot be allowed to happen. So, as with the problem with illegal immigration, he will not try closing the borders.

The lack of a plan to combat ebola is as striking as his lack of a plan to combat militant jihadi Islam. The only existing plan, it would appear, is to pretend that the threat does not exist. These responses, or lack of responses, are simply a part of the political correctness that enshrouds liberals, with Obama as their poster boy.

Their response to anything depends entirely on how that response fits into their agenda and how they think it will affect the welfare of the democrat party. For this administration, open borders for more democrat voters trumps public health and possible the worst pandemic in history.

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Outrage! Ebola vomit washed down storm drain


By Chelsea Schilling and Jerome Corsi

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America wants to know: Why in the world isn’t the Ebola clean-up crew in Dallas, Texas, wearing protective biohazard suits to prevent further spread of the deadly virus?

A photo posted online by Dallas/Fort Worth’s WFAA-TV News showed workers pressure washing the sidewalk where Thomas Duncan, a man who arrived from Liberia on Sept. 20 and was confirmed to have the Ebola virus, had vomited all over the ground outside The Ivy Apartments on Sept. 26. Hunter’s family members are reportedly quarantined in an apartment unit under armed guard after they attempted to violate orders to remain in their home.

The workers, who appeared to be allowing the potentially contaminated water wash down the storm drains, wore no protective gear – not even gloves.ebola_workerebola_cleanup2

Ebola may cause fever, bleeding, vomiting and diarrhea. Health officials say it spreads through contact with bodily fluids like blood or saliva.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the “virus in body fluids (such as blood) can survive up to several days at room temperature.”

Univision also posted an image of the clean-up effort and the vehicles in the parking lot while the spraying took place:ebola_cleanup

NBC News cameraman Ashoka Mukpo, just diagnosed with Ebola in Liberia, described similar circumstances that may have led to the spread of the virus.

“At one point he was trying to help decontaminate a car,” his mother explained. “He had most of the protective gear on, but he thinks something might have splashed on his body at that point. That’s one possibility, but really, one doesn’t know fully.”

Americans took to Twitter to express their outrage at the Dallas scene. The following are some posted responses:

  • “This Vomit from an Ebola Patient is being sprayed everywhere! Does it become diluted?”
  • “How many does this now infect?”
  • “Wow, not sure this is an approved method to effectively sanitize an area possibly exposed to #Ebola.”
  • “Where the frack is their protective gear!?”
  • “Um, call me crazy, but cleaning up Ebola vomit with pressure washer seems like a lousy idea”
  • “Nice! This is how the gov’t protects us! No one is in charge nor do they have a clue!”
  • “They are almost making it an aerosol with the high pressure water! Any bleach?”
  • “Obama shipped 3,000 troops over to Africa to fight Ebola, but we can’t get a decent cleanup crew in Dallas?”
  • “This Ebola s–t is freaking me out! Have you seen the pics of the cleanup? No one is wearing protective gear!”
  • “If there is one drop of blood or puke is on that sidewalk, THERE SHOULD BE HAZMAT SUITS. This isn’t a f—ing joke.”
  • “Oh, there’s a 1 in a million chance that the puke on that sidewalk had Ebola? In that case… HAZ MAT SUITS.”
A red Cross representative puts supplies outside quarantined family's apartment

A Red Cross representative puts supplies outside quarantined family’s apartment

Supplies delivered to quarantined family of U.S. Ebola patient in Dallas, Texas

According to numerous reports, food supplies have been delivered to the quarantined individuals. However, there are no biohazard suits or protective gear worn in photos of worker interactions with the family.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said the confinement order was issued after the family defied a request to stay home until at least Oct. 19. A woman in the apartment, Louis Troh, said she’s tired of the quarantine and is demanding health officials sanitize her home, which still contains Duncan’s contaminated bedsheets and towels.

According to the New York Post, “A hazardous material crew arrived to decontaminate the apartment Thursday evening but didn’t have the required permits to clean and remove hazardous waste, city spokesman Richard Hill said. The crew, contacted by the county and state, was to return Friday to complete the job.”

NBC News confirmed that hazmat trucks have now pulled up outside the apartment – five days after Duncan was admitted to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

Dallas health officials leave home of quarantined family

Dallas County health officials Zachary Thompson and Christopher Perkins leave home of quarantined family

“There is a possibility in Dallas that some of the people who have been in contact with the Ebola patient might develop the disease,” Bell said, stressing that Ebola is not transmitted through the air and that an Ebola patient is not able to transmit the disease to others until symptoms of the disease are manifest.

Dr. David Lakey, commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services, explained that health officials are meeting twice daily with up to 50 people in Dallas who were in contact with Duncan. Each person is being monitored for fever and other symptoms of infection.

Judge Jenkins said the exposed individuals are being followed and monitored by law enforcement, and “there is a plan in place” to deal with any at-risk individuals that do not cooperate with the emergency plans.

“We are working hard to accelerate the testing and approval of an Ebola vaccine,” Bell explained. “Developing a successful vaccine is a high-priority for CDC but we want to make sure any vaccine CDC approves is fully tested and safe.”

Bell told members of the media that CDC has a “low bar” in selecting the 50 people in Dallas to be followed in the “contact tracing” scheduled to last 21 days.

“We are being extremely cautious and careful about the 50 people we are following, but we want to stress we are not overly concerned about most,” she added. ”

Bell also told teleconference attendees the CDC has been in touch with some 100 hospitals in the United States that have asked to be advised about testing procedures for suspected Ebola cases, noting that some 15 possible Ebola cases have been tested with all cases testing negative for Ebola, with the exception of the one patient currently in Ebola treatment in Dallas.

“We have people in the community we are following in contact tracing as well as anyone in the hospital emergency team on duty when the patient first came in last Friday for treatment,” Lakey said. “This totals about 50 people that had contact with the Ebola patient, but we are really concerned only about 10 of them.”

A reporter from Fox News asked what reassurance the CDC could give the American public that adequate procedures were in place to prevent Ebola-infected people from reaching the U.S. when Duncan reportedly lied on a travel questionnaire before leaving Liberia and, even after the disease was diagnosed in Dallas, health officials had problems getting the vomit cleaned at the Dallas apartment.

“We have controls and actions in place for people who travel internationally, and we have tried-and-true procedures in place here in the United States, including contact tracing, that we know are successful,” Bell insisted, not specifically addressing the fact that the procedures currently in place appear to have failed in the Dallas case.

Judge Jenkins said, “We lack some of the permits to get the apartment cleaned, and there is a haz-mat team at the apartment now, making sure the vomit and other biological residue are properly cleaned and removed. I want to see this family treated as my family would be treated in similar situations. I don’t like how the family has been treated so far. I was at the apartment last night, and the woman is sleeping in one room and the men in another in the apartment.”

He continued, “The family is under tremendous psychological stress right now. When I was there last night at about 10:30 p.m., the media turned on their lights as soon as I knocked on the door, and the family understandably felt very frightened. I’d like to see the family in a different setting.”Eagle Really

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Ebola Outbreak Can Lead to Gun Confiscations, Martial Law

Complete Message

Police State Checkpoint
Police State Checkpoint. Several Coming to a Neighborhood Near You. The Obama administration is perpetrating the conditions required for a government-declared crisis. Image Credits: Public domain

by Kit Daniels | | August 5, 2014

Gun confiscations and martial law are both plausible government responses to an Ebola outbreak in America considering Comming Soon 02recent policies by the Obama administration and the fact that the military has been preparing for domestic deployment for the past several years.

Back in 2009, CNN reported that U.S. Northern Command (Northcom) wanted to “establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities” in the event of a severe outbreak in America.

“The plan calls for military task forces to work in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency,” wrote CNN correspondent Barbara Starr. “There is no final decision on how the military effort would be manned, but one source said it would likely include personnel from all branches of the military.”

hitlerA few months prior, Air Force General Victor Renuart said Northcom would provide “assistance in support of civil authorities” during an epidemic, adding “when requested and approved by the Secretary of Defense or directed by the President, federal military forces will contribute to federal support.”

But Renuart also said that “U.S. Northcom does not wait for that call to action.”

Since then, the federal government created a new domestic command structure in which, during a government-declared emergency, the military police would work under FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security for domestic operations with the National Guard.

This command structure was leaked by a former MP, who secretly recorded a military briefing last September in which an army commander briefed him and other MPs on their domestic duties with FEMA during martial law, including escorting federal officials as they confiscate firearms from Americans.

“They did that in Katrina, right,” the commander said. “They just go on and take away people’s guns.”


But to make things even worse, top military brass have been giving litmus tests to officers, from generals down to sergeants, asking them if they will disarm or even fire on U.S. citizens, according to retired U.S. Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith.

“Going back to the beginning of this administration, I’ve had friends within the community talking about how they were brought in and questioned with people from more towards the top side,” Smith told Infowars. “The questioning resulted in … do you feel comfortable disarming American citizens?”

“You can see that now with the shoving of a lot of the officers and stuff like that. We don’t have 100% track on it, but there’s a lot of funny things happening within the military.”

police_stateThis likely explains the removal of at least 197 military officers by the White House in the past five years.

And in power grabs directly pertaining to the current Ebola crisis, last week President Obama granted himself the power to apprehend and detain Americans who merely show signs of “respiratory illness” and the Center for Disease Control is even ready to quarantine Americans who are not sick at all.

 “Such stringent regulations have led to fears that an outbreak of a dangerous communicable disease in the United States would lead to massive abuse of power by the federal government and the imposition of martial law,” journalist Paul Joseph Watson wrote.

By opening America’s borders and by allowing Ebola patients into the U.S., the Obama administration is perpetrating the conditions required for a government-declared crisis which could easily result in the deployment of military assets within the country and the disarmament of Americans.

The Obama administration is placing its chess pieces on the board to checkmate gun owners, and a potential Ebola outbreak could be just the crisis that leads to such an endgame.ebola

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