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Written by Steve Bowers on October 6, 2014

Bowers Obamacare

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DISTURBING PATTERN? Underestimating (You Name It)


Written by Steve Bowers on October 3, 2014

Did you ever notice how computer programs that simulate your basic “End of the World” scenarios end up giving ridiculous pictures of what’s coming and their scenarios are always exactly the same as their programmers predicted before entering their data? “Garbage in…etc.” These baloney computers and programmers are best typified by AlGorian “Climate Change” guys who wear Birkenstocks and drink lattes (whatever that is) and wear Leon Trotsky facial hair …if they have any.

During the Eighties, their computers were spitting out end-of-the-world scenarios involving gigantic icebergs grinding up on the sand in Miami. Now we’re all gonna’ die of flaming and Hellish heat. Maybe it’s all baloney. Just maybe. (Follow the Federal grant money.)

Now you must question if the guys over at CIA borrowed the same computers the guys over at Department of Global Warming (aka; EPA) have been using for decades. If Obama says the “intelligence” he relies on “underestimated” the potential for the “development of a terrorist Islamic state” …one must wonder if the same ancient computers and programmers are still being relied on.

One has to wonder if those programmers ever read the history of the Holy Land…or the Bible…or the Koran? Have they ever read anything? Has Obama? His grades are “sealed” so…who knows…maybe he’s illiterate? Sure as the world is heading for some sort of doom (probably featuring human perfidy instead of climatic horrors), somebody at CIA or the White House is functionally illiterate. Or smokin’ dope …or so stupid he’s ashamed for us to see his academic records.

These guys should stop “estimating” stuff and try “doing” stuff.

Maybe it’s just me.

Dupe and Chains

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PERFECT STORM OF IDIOCY: Obama Versus Islamist Terrorists


bowers decap

Written by Steve Bowers on September 23, 2014

Imperial Islamic President Obama

I’ve never watched the movie Perfect Storm. Some of the actors are a little too androgynous for my liking. However, the idea of several factors occurring concurrently is easy to grasp as the central idea of the movie plot. The more dangerous factors that come to the fore, the worse the problem…in the movie…the Storm. O.K., O.K.

So what we’re looking at is a perfect Storm of Failure.

  1. ISIS is running amok. Even our former (preceding ISIS) enemies in the Middle East are distancing themselves from these savages. They are getting worse and more atrocious every day.
  2. Obama has no idea who these sinister SOBs are.
  3. Obama has furnished all sorts of weapons to ISIS.
  4. Obama has given away all the gains our troops made in the Middle East and doesn’t seem to realize what a screw-up he has made in Iraq.
  5. Obama has fired some of our most experienced and capable generals, just when we probably need them most.
  6. Obama surrounds himself with idiots…perhaps because he cannot distinguish idiocy. Shrinks tell their patients not to worry whether they are nuts because if they are worried about being nuts they probably aren’t…because crazy people never know they are personally whacko. Maybe crazy people cannot recognize insanity in others any better than in themselves. Perhaps this is also true of idiots. Maybe the same is true of functional idiots. Voila!
  7. “I like cake!” Oooops. That’s another story, which, if I told now, would make perfect sense in this context..
  8. The media is oblivious to all this.
  9. Obama seems oblivious to all this.
  10. Obama’s current press secretary is certainly oblivious to all this stuff.
  11. The Colts are down 2-0 and I was already depressed.
  12. Obama’s favorite sound is the Muslim morning call to prayer.
  13. Obama has no idea about foreign policy.
  14. Obama seems incapable of understanding anything.
  15. Obama’s medical and Harvard grades and records are hidden from our view. Ergo…Obama may be a psychopathic functional idiot. We have no way of knowing. Both sets of records would reveal this…or rule him out as a sociopathic idiot.
  16. Obama thinks he is a genius about everything.
  17. He appears to know nothing. (Not counting his favorite mantra about inheriting the “terrorists from his predecessor”.)
  18. We have no idea who Obama is.
  19. I’m out of space…but could go on for a long time.

When these factors are considered (amidst myriad others) I think we are worse off than the guys in the movie.

Put on a life vest…or don’t. It probably won’t matter considering what may be coming.

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WHAT DOES IT MATTER? Interchangeable Liberals

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bowers libs

Written by Steve Bowers on August 20, 2014

I’ve been screwing up lately by getting quotes attributed to the wrong liberal/commie/ socialist/terror-sympathizer. My cartoon about SOMEONE saying the secret to good foreign policy is to “not do stupid stuff” had Hillary tossing off the inane little maxim. No…it was Obama who offered up that throw-away non-sequitur. I think.

It’s hard to follow minuscule items like this because…after all…who really cares? Or should I say “What does it matter?” Liberal/commie/socialist/terror-symps are like dollar bills…they’re fungible. One’s as good as another. They are barely distinguishable.

You have to look carefully for the “high cheekbones” or facial characteristics of the guy whose kid would look like Trayvon…or…Al Sharpton’s former Mary Tyler Moore hairdo (OK…that was the Eighties, but nevertheless it looked silly) or…physical attributes failing us…look for typical liberal cheap-low-life-stunts…like plagiarism …as with Biden in Law School…or that Democrat Senator (?) in Wyoming (a Cowboy state, which makes it even more reprehensible because it besmirches real Americana…which the politician wasn’t).

But the point is it’s easy to confuse them because they are all the same. They may look different, but they say the same things, believe the same crackpot ideology, act the same and move in lock-step. The Republican leadership is also shamefully indistinguishable from the same folks. So forgive me if I mix up the quotes and terror-symps sometimes. I’m doing pretty good for an old guy.

Besides since they are “Public Figures” we can tear them apart…just for our own fun and entertainment. It’s part of the cruel burden they bear along with the huge salaries and pensions we afflict them with.

All this is by way of apology for messing up the quote referenced in this cartoon. If I have it wrong, “What does it matter?” The cartoon is right, even if the quote is wrong.

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REMINDER: ‘No Stupid Stuff’

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bowers Hillary

Written by Steve Bowers on August 17, 2014

Barack Obama’s “No Stupid Stuff” foreign policy is something he and others would do well to remember.

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BRUTAL, BARBARIC ISIS: Fun Bunch in Iraq. Not

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bowers ISIS Williams

Written by Steve Bowers on August 15, 2014

One truly noteworthy news item this week: the death of Robin Williams. He was fun. Just when we need more of his fun, he abruptly leaves us. All of which is made sadder by his having done so by his own choice. Was the party that was his life, to which he invited us all, really that bad for him personally? How can he have possibly been so sad when he made us laugh so easily…and often. Fare well, Dear Prince of Laughter and (laughing) choirs of angels sing thee to thy rest.

However, the intense irony of Mr. Williams’ sadness while making so much laughter is surpassed by the irony of the passing of the Classiest Clown Ever being followed on the World Stage by the Islamic Funsters of I.S.I.S. Will we ever be able to forget their antics? They can pull off mass beheadings so gracefully. Truly memorable. And if our Prez truly gets off his duff and does something violent to them…may raucous gangs of Hellish demons drag them to their just fates.

All of which reminds me of another (sometimes) very funny man, the late Christopher Hitchens, a now reformed British atheist. Whenever he talked or wrote about atheism, he was out of his depth and not funny. But when he spoke about things he was knowledgeable about, he could be uproariously funny. I recall one speech wherein he expressed his confusion about why Muslims hate the Western modern World so much. He was perplexed by finding a complete lack of logic behind the Muslim Hostility towards “everyone else.” He concluded by saying “since they hate us so much, I feel it is time to give them a reason to do so.”

Who can disagree?

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BASEBALL: It Can Help Explain Life–And Politics!



Written by Steve Bowers on August 2, 2014

I like drawing athletes, particularly baseball players. The baggy pants are a challenge. I enjoy watching baseball games, whereas I used to hate watching baseball. Something changed in my head while I watched the 2011 World Series. I think I got hooked on watching certain individual athletes play the game and began following those players, but not teams (although I did favor the Cards).  The individual players are funny, engaging (how many actors can you say that about?) and genuine.

My favorite baseball player quote (ignoring Y. Berra for the moment) has to have been Manny Ramirez (Original Mr. Baggy Pants) who, when asked how he felt about being fined zillions for using drugs, replied “It’s only money.” When a guy can say that in the face of a huge financial setback, his head is screwed on right in some part of his brain. After all, “what DOES it profit a man if he gains the whole world and …?” Out of the mouths of babes and …baggy pants ball players. What if we had that sort of candor in politicians?

One of the things that had changed from when I had last watched the game in the nineties is the “umpire challenge” by reviewing a play on video playback. The amazing thing about the challenges is how infrequently umpires are mistaken. Plays can be incredibly close, but umpires are nearly always correct and their calls usually survive challenges. Nearly every game provides one of these very dramatic close calls by umps.

Of course, the best thing about baseball is when a really good game comes along, like the Yanks and Rangers last night. The lead had changed dramatically twice and it finally ended with the Rangers behind by one with two outs, two strikes, bases loaded and at bat was the best hitter the Rangers have. He finally hit a high fly to left, which was caught on the warning track. The game ended, but it was a great one.

As I was thinking about the Rangers-Yankees game this morning it occurred to me that one of the reasons watching sports is enjoyable is because you get to see what is happening. You get to make the call. You may even agree with the umpire. Or you may think the umpire was asleep at the switch. You even get to see the challenge replay and see it agree or disagree with you.

Of course it’s fun, right? Yes, but contrast the immediate feedback from watching the play in real time with the frustration you feel when considering the things that are concealed from most of us. Some things are, of course, by their nature, necessarily concealed. Macy’s doesn’t talk to Gimbels and that sort of thing. Putin doesn’t tell Obama what he plans to do next.

Obama doesn’t tell Putin, but he doesn’t have to. He telegraphs everything. He (and, apparently, Kerry) are the very worst negotiators. Everyone on the planet can tell what dumb thing they are going to do next. This is mostly because they generally do nothing. If you guess Obama will do nothing the next time terrorists kidnap all the Christian schoolgirls in some remote village…you will be correct. If you guess Obama or Kerry will do nothing at the next Middle-East crisis…except…throw Israel under the Hamas bus at the earliest opportunity…you will be right again.

The other way anyone can correctly anticipate what Obama or Kerry will do is (assuming you missed the first guess, ie; “nothing”) …is to assume they will do the “wrong thing.” This is their favorite move in any situation. They are experts in this method. How they invariably manage to pick the “wrong thing” is amazing. You would expect they would do the correct thing once in a while …if only by mistake. But, no.

Baseball managers and players do the wrong thing frequently and they almost never do “nothing.”  Sometimes players do incredible stuff. That’s when the game is really fun to watch. But whether they do the wrong or right thing it is fun just to watch. You get to see what really happened, even if you need the replay to figure out what you just saw. Or what the umpire saw.

We are usually deprived of the opportunity to see what happened when politicians are calling the shots…or plays…actuallyComplete Message “shots” is more accurate when politicians are involved. What happened that night in Congress when the Republicans were locked out and Nancy Pelosi and other airheads dreamt up Obamacare. Obamacare, which we now know is an utter disaster, was birthed in the dark. Where we couldn’t see it when the doctor or Obama smacked its backside and it began breathing and devouring the nation’s wealth.

Politicians hide their labors from us. Sort of like Lois Lerner’s taking the Fifth. That’s just a fancy Constitutional way of hiding your actions. Sort of like Lois’s emails which have recently taken a turn towards the really sophomoric by revelations of her calling conservative groups she doesn’t like …junior high school derogatory names. How do such low-lifes get into high governmental positions?

Anyway, I now understand why I automatically and subconsciously hit the remote to switch from the most important televised (aren’t they all) speech of Obama to the worst and most boring baseball game imaginable. Who knows what you will see some unknown player do.

Whereas…we all know what Obama is gonna say.

Besides…it’s more fun to watch a ball team self-destruct than a nation…particularly my own.

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