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Hillary & Obama Helped BUILD The Islamic Mess The World Is NOW Reeling From

Written by Wes Walker on March 23, 2016

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There’s both an upside and a downside to being in a team photo. When you pull on the team colors and take that team photo, you are part of that team. Its story. Its legacy. You own a share of its winning record — if it has one. You also own a share of responsibility for the dashed hopes of fans if you lose. You don’t get to have it both ways.

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That’s the message that Gloria Borger is bringing to the Democrats’ leadership race.

If former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is going to “hug the President Obama really close, she’ll have to hug the fact that we haven’t gotten control of ISIS.”  This must come as bad news for Hillary.

Bill, if you have been paying attention, was already trying to set up Obama as a foil for any problems she might have as president, with words like 7 awful years as he was caught saying in my piece just yesterday.

Borger actually reverses that. Instead of affording Hillary plausible deniability for the unpleasant aspects of Obama’s administration, it actually puts her in the spotlight for its actual failures, some of which fall directly under her prevue as former Secretary of State. (Most famously, that failed nation state of Libya, and her own role in bringing that about.)


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As the dust still settles in Brussels, and Islamist attacks around the world become commonplace, we have not seen anything like a plan for victory over that “JV team” as her administration so badly misjudged it. Both she and the President she worked under had an opportunity to show their true mettle in times of crisis, and I’m not sure that’s a record she really wants to be called out on.   

Does she have a plan going forward?

Does it matter? Her party has been finger-wagging since Dubya for how they would do everything so much better than the Republicans. Unearned Peace Prize notwithstanding, what have we seen Hillary and her president doing to truly solve this crisis?

Not much.

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Obama clean energy loans leave taxpayers in $2.2 billion hole

waving flagBy Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Monday, April 27, 2015

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Nearly $1 billion in loans have already defaulted under the Energy Department program, which included the infamous Solyndra stimulus project and dozens of other green technology programs the Obama administration has approved, totaling nearly about $30 billion in taxpayer backing, the Government Accountability Office reported in its audit. (Associated Press)
Nearly $1 billion in loans have already defaulted under the Energy Department program, which included the infamous Solyndra stimulus project and dozens of other green technology programs the Obama administration has approved, totaling nearly about $30 billion in taxpayer backing Read more: Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

Taxpayers are on the hook for more than $2.2 billion in expected costs from the federal government’s energy loan guarantee programs, according to a new audit Monday that suggests the controversial projects may not pay for themselves, as officials had promised. Nearly $1 billion in loans have already defaulted under the Energy Department program, which included the infamous Solyndra stimulus project and dozens of other green technology programs the Obama administration has approved, totaling nearly about $30 billion in taxpayer backing, the Government Accountability Office reported in its audit.

The hefty $2.2 billion price tag is actually an improvement over initial estimates, which found the government was poised to face $4 billion in losses from the loan guarantees. But as the projects have come to fruition, they’ve performed better, leaving taxpayers with a shrinking — though still sizable — liability.

“As of November 2014, DOE estimates the credit subsidy cost of the loans and loan guarantees in its portfolio — that is, the total expected net cost over the life of the loans — to be $2.21 billion, including $807 million for loans that have defaulted,” the GAO said in its report to Congress.Taxes-In-Wind-600-AEA

The green program loan guarantees were created in a 2005 law and boosted by the 2009 stimulus. The first applications were approved in 2009, and through 2014 the Obama administration had issued some 38 loans and guarantees, covering 34 projects ranging from nuclear power plants to fuel-efficient vehicles to solar panels and wind-generation technology.

The Energy Department said it considers the loan program a success.Liberalism a mental disorder 2

“We believe that the data presented demonstrates that the department’s Loan Programs Office is achieving its statutory mission to accelerate the deployment of innovative clean energy projects and advanced vehicle manufacturing facilities in the U.S., while being a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars,” Peter W. Davidson, executive director of the loan programs, said in an official reply to the GAO.Picture1 more evidence

Mr. Davidson said the expected loss to taxpayers has dropped some $2.28 billion since the initial estimates, and he predicted that the cost will continue to drop as projects mature and repay their loans. But most of that improvement came from one green vehicle loan where the project’s credit rating improved dramatically, making it far less likely the project would default. Another green vehicle program, Tesla Motors Inc., has already repaid its loan in full, helping the government’s balance sheet.

Indeed, leaving the vehicle loan program aside, the loan guarantees office is deeper in the red than it was initially, by nearly $500 million, chiefly due to defaulted loans.Picture2

Across the entire loan program there have been five defaulted loans: two solar panel manufacturers, Solyndra Inc. and Abound Manufacturing Solar LLC; two green vehicle programs, Fisker Automotive Inc. and the Vehicle Production Group LLC; and one energy storage project, Beacon Power. GAO investigators said those technology projects were risky from the start, and each had a shaky credit rating. By contrast, the more than 20 projects up and running that focused on energy generation or transmission have done well, with not a single default, the investigators said.

greenGAO investigators have been warning for nearly a decade that the loan programs are unlikely to pay for themselves overall. From the beginning, the investigators said because companies knew more about their projects and their own creditworthiness, they had an advantage over the Energy Department. The GAO said the companies were more likely to accept a federal loan guarantee if the Obama administration underestimated the actual risk of a project, leaving taxpayers on the hook.

Most of the loans are still in their infancy, but some are paying off.

As of the end of 2014, the projects in the program have repaid $3.6 billion in principal and another $810 million in interest. The Energy Department says it expects, over the life of the loans, to earn $5 billion in total interest — though that has to be offset against the costs the federal government incurs for borrowing to finance its spending, so that’s not pure profit.bankrupt

In addition to the risky loans, the program isn’t collecting enough money in fees to cover the costs of administering itself, GAO investigators said, calculating that less than half of the $312 million in administrative costs has been offset by fees.

Part of the problem is that the loan office didn’t even have sufficient staffing until 2011, which meant it wasn’t able to properly assess administrative fees. That problem has been fixed, and the program is getting better at matching fees with costs, the GAO said. “At this time, it is too early to tell whether [the Energy Department‘s] actions will result in sufficient funds to offset [the loan guarantee program’s] future administrative costs,” investigators block OARLogo Picture6

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil”

By Joe Messina – Apr 13, 2015

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Recently, when it serves him well, the president has resorted to beating on Christians with ridiculously out of context scripture references. Well, Mr. Obama, I have one for you.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” ~ Isaiah 5:20 English Standard Version (ESV)

Basically, woe to the confused who think right is wrong and wrong is right! Mr. Obama, I have been listening to your carefully chosen words with these 2 major boondoggles you have going on.

First, there’s Iran. You stated in a recent interview that you thought it was crazy that the legislators were out there “spinning” the Iran agreement that hadn’t happened yet (but then you said it did happen over a week ago.) You are concerned that the legislators are saying that Iran will not live up to the proposed agreement. Imperial Islamic President ObamaNot that that matters. Iran won’t put it in writing and the legislators wouldn’t sign it anyway!

You also say that the way we’ve been handling Iraq isn’t working and hasn’t worked for 30 years. Shouldn’t we use an entity’s previous track record or “MO” (modus operandi) anticipate how they will respond? Our military experts do it. Financial experts do it and you’ve even cited them many times. Business experts do it to predict the market and consumer buying trends. But Obamavision seems to be blind to this. It seems you believe that you have the Midas touch and everything you do is golden. Actually, I think you’re more like Schleprock from the Flintstones. You have a dark cloud that follows you around and everything you get involved with fails!

And now you want to give Iran a chance because you say this time they will actually stick to the agreement. Interestingly, almost every Middle Eastern leader thinks otherwise, but your crystal ball must be clearer than theirs. The fact that in the past they have cheated and lied to U.N. inspectors doesn’t concern you. The fact that they built an enrichment facility deep inside a mountain so we couldn’t see it doesn’t concern you. The fact that they have been playing war with their navy ships while bombing replicas of American ships doesn’t concern you. And what about the fact that their leader says there is no agreement, says you are lying, and says that they will not do anything until ALL restrictions are removed? Remember, you said restrictions would be removed gradually. Why don’t you call him out? Prove you’re not lying to us and that you have a spine. Never mind. I knew you wouldn’t.

The agreement says we won’t be able to inspect their military installations. Does that mean they promised us with a cross my heart and a kiss up to Allah that they will not be having any uranium on the bases? To coin an old seventies term, “Sure, I’ll still love you in the morning.”

Then, there is Cuba. Mr. President, you say we have been handling them the same way for 50 years and it has changed nothing. You’re right, I agree! They still oppress their people. The Castro brothers are still vicious dictators. They still imprison and torture political prisoners. Their 1% percenters are the Castro brothers. They still imprison homosexuals (so much for human rights.) But none of those things bother you. And you think that if we just lighten up and start doing business with them again all that will change?

Don’t you think if they really wanted freedom for their people they would have installed, or allowed to have elected, a democratic government? Just sayin’!

What do you think normalizing relations with an oppressive, communist, human rights offending government will do for them, and for that matter, us?

Raul Castro wants money and an apology for how we have treated them over the years and I have a sneaky suspicion, Mr. President, that you’re trying to figure out how to do that! I’ll tell you what, you get them to apologize for the human rights violations they have committed against their people since they took over and you can tell them, well, nothing. We did nothing wrong.

You tap the phones of all our friendly allies and then give a pass to the nations who hate us. You won’t help arm or rearm those who are willing to really fight for freedom for their people, but you will allow Iran, another human rights oppressing, woman and homosexual-hating country to get closer to creating a nuclear weapon.

Mr. Obama, I really am seeing the hate and distain you have for the American way of life and living.

America has always had issues but has always worked at correcting those issues and mistakes (although maybe not fast enough.) We have righted many wrongs. We have even helped our enemies rebuild. We have fed and defended peoples all over the world. We are not the big, bad country that you make us out to be. And still, you continue to beat on us, yes all of us, except a chosen few that you deemed worthy.

Newsflash, Mr. President, we will come back. You are awakening a sleeping giant. Even from within your own Party they are seeing the damage you do, and although they can’t stand Republicans, they can’t stand what you’re doing to this country even more!

Next to you, Joe Biden looks like an Oxford Professor, and I am sure Jimmy Carter is dancing in his living room knowing when he leaves this earth he will no longer be known as the worst president ever. Your real danger comes from thinking you know more than lifelong military experts, lifelong economic experts, lifelong foreign affairs experts, and that you simply know more than anyone else on the planet!

You have confused right with wrong. You have confused truth and lies. And you are confused as to who the ultimate judgment comes from. As a professing Christian, I am sure you won’t mind if I ask my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for God to open up your eyes with understanding so you can see what you need to do to make things right again.

Otherwise, move aside and let Joe drive…


Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

Taxes In The Wind

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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

Wind Fall

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Dupe and Chains

Freedom with Prayer

Under Obama, U.S. personal freedom ranking slips below France

By Jason Russell | November 18, 2014

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Celebrating Freedom???????

Photo - A new study shows shows that citizens of France now feel that they enjoy more personal freedom than Americans. (iStock)A new study shows that citizens of France now feel that they enjoy more personal freedom…

Americans’ assessments of their personal freedom have significantly declined under President Obama, according to a new study from the Legatum Institute in London, and the United States now ranks below 20 other countries on this measure.Thank you

The research shows that citizens of countries including France, Uruguay, and Costa Rica now feel that they enjoy more personal freedom than Americans.Thank you

As the Washington Examiner reported this morning, representatives of the Legatum Institute are in the U.S. this week to promote the sixth edition of their Prosperity Index. The index aims to measure aspects of prosperity that typical gross domestic product measurements don’t include, such as entrepreneurship and opportunity, education, and social capital.

The freedom scores are based on polling data from 2013 indicating citizens’ satisfaction with their nation’s handling of civil liberties, freedom of choice, tolerance of ethnic minorities, and tolerance of immigrants. Polling data were provided by Gallup World Poll Service. The index is notable for the way it measures how free people feel, unlike other freedom indices that measure freedom by comparing government policies.

“This is not a good report for Obama,” Legatum Institute spokeswoman Cristina Odone told the Washington Examiner.

In the 2010 report (which relied on data gathered in 2009), the U.S. was ranked ninth in personal freedom, but that ranking has since fallen to 21st, with several countries, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom passing the U.S.

The nation’s overall personal freedom score has declined by 17 percent since 2009, with a 22 percent drop in combined civil liberty and free choice contributing to that decline.Thank you

Of the eight categories in the index, personal freedom was America’s second lowest performance relative to other countries. The U.S. had its lowest ranking when it came to safety and security (a broad measure of how threatened citizens feel in instances such as walking late at night, or expressing their opinions) — ranking 31st out of 142 countries.Thank you

The cross-country comparisons in the index should be taken with a grain of salt. The perception of what freedom means in New Zealand, which has the highest personal freedom ranking, may vary from how Americans measure their own personal freedom. But regardless of how the U.S. compares to other countries, there is no denying that Americans felt less free in 2013 after four more years of Obama’s presidency. And so now he faces the embarrassment of being the president that made Americans feel less free than the French.

Freedom is not dictator friendly



Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

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Ebola Czar Strategy



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Freedom is not the problem it is the solution


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