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Whistleblowers Expose FBI’s Corruption And Ongoing Persecution Of Political Opponents In Damning New Testimony



FBI Whistleblower Friend testifying before the House Judiciary Committee

Author Shawn Fleetwood profile




In an explosive House committee hearing on Thursday, several whistleblowers accused the FBI of engaging in a bevy of highly corrupt and partisan activity, including manipulation of statistics, targeting political opponents, and retaliating against whistleblowers seeking to expose the agency’s corruption. The revelations come days after a report from U.S. Attorney John Durham revealed the FBI had no evidence then-candidate Donald Trump colluded with the Russians when it launched its Crossfire Hurricane investigation into the former president’s 2016 campaign.

While speaking before the House Judiciary Committee, former FBI special agent Steve Friend said he filed protected whistleblower disclosures in August 2022 over concerns he had regarding investigations assigned to his office over the Jan. 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol riot. More specifically, Friend was concerned the conduction of these inquiries represented a departure from proper “case management rules established in the FBI’s Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide” and that such actions “could have undermined potentially righteous prosecutions and may have been part of an effort to inflate the FBI’s statistics on domestic extremism.”

“I also voiced concerns that the FBI’s use of SWAT and large-scale arrest operations to apprehend suspects who were accused of nonviolent crimes and misdemeanors, represented by counsel, and who pledged to cooperate with the federal authorities in the event of criminal charges created an unnecessary risk to FBI personnel and public safety,” Friend said. “At each level of my chain of command, leadership cautioned that despite my exemplary work performance, whistleblowing placed my otherwise bright future with the FBI at risk.”

Despite purportedly following proper whistleblower protocol, Friend said the FBI quickly retaliated against him by weaponizing the security clearance process to remove him from active duty “within one month” of filing his disclosures. According to Friend, the agency then orchestrated a “campaign of humiliation and intimidation” designed to “punish and pressure [him] to resign,” which included leaking his private medical information to The New York Times, refusing to “furnish [his] training records for several months,” and imposing an “illegal gag order” to prevent him from “communicating with [his] family and attorneys.”

In addition to retaliation, Friend went on to accuse the FBI of weaponizing process crimes and reinterpreting laws in order to “initiate pretextual prosecutions and persecute its political enemies.” He also asserted the agency actively colludes with Big Tech platforms to censor political speech the regime disagrees with, gather intelligence on Americans, and “target citizens for malicious prosecution.”

During his testimony, Garret O’Boyle, a U.S. Army combat veteran and former FBI special agent, chronicled his own experience with the FBI’s disdain for whistleblowers. At some point after filing a whistleblower disclosure over concerns the agency was being used to go after the regime’s political opponents, O’Boyle sought another position within the country, which the FBI approved of. According to O’Boyle, it was only after he had sold his home and moved his family “halfway across the country” did the FBI then suspend him.

“They allowed us to sell my family’s home. They ordered me to report to the new unit when our youngest daughter was only two weeks old. Then, on my first day on the new assignment, they suspended me; rendering my family homeless and refused to release our household goods, including our clothes, for weeks,” O’Boyle said.

[READ: The Durham Report Leaves No Doubt: The FBI Is A Mortal Threat To Democracy]

Marcus Allen, a former Marine and FBI staff operations specialist, also testified about his experience with the FBI’s politicization, particularly its attempts to destroy the lives and careers of those within its ranks with dissenting views. As part of his position, Allen was tasked with providing situational awareness and information regarding the Jan. 6 riot. After submitting information to his superiors and others that questioned “the narrative” of Jan. 6, however, Allen was accused of pushing “conspiratorial views” and “unreliable information.” The FBI subsequently suspended Allen in January 2022 and questioned his allegiance to the United States.

According to Allen, it wasn’t until five months later, after a congressional member “made statements indicating the FBI was conducting a purge of employees with conservative viewpoints,” did the FBI reach out seeking an interview. Much like Friend, Allen claims his security clearance was revoked after he filed his whistleblower complaint.

“It has been more than a year since the FBI took my paycheck from me. My family and I have been surviving on early withdrawals from our retirement accounts while the FBI has ignored my request for approval to obtain outside employment during the review of my security clearance,” Allen said. “We have lost our federal health insurance coverage. There is apparently no end in sight.”

Predictably, House Democrats used Thursday’s hearing to slander the whistleblowers to cover for the FBI’s authoritarianism. In one instance, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., attempted to equate Friend’s calls to “defund the FBI” due to its weaponized behavior with support for defunding law enforcement. The Florida Democrat also accused Friend of using Thursday’s hearing to promote his upcoming book — which Friend never mentioned — and attacked the former agent for his concerns over the FBI’s use of excessive force during certain arrests.

In his prior testimony, Friend detailed a case where the FBI planned to use a SWAT team to carry out an arrest warrant on a Jan. 6 “subject.” According to Friend, he was concerned over the use of such tactics because “the subject of the arrest warrant had been in communication with the FBI at that point and had expressed a willingness to cooperate.”

“[I]n my experience in dealing with subjects of crimes and bringing them into custody, the FBI tends to use the least amount of force necessary to do that safely, and I felt that the use of SWAT … was an unnecessary tool to use for that particular individual,” Friend said. Of course, Wasserman Schultz misconstrued Friend’s testimony to make it sound as if he sympathized with the Jan. 6 subject and other suspected criminals upon whom arrest warrants are issued.

A House Judiciary Committee report containing the whistleblowers’ aforementioned allegations and prior testimony can be found here.

If you did not know these were FBI agents, and only heard their testimony, you might conclude this was testimony of people in communist nations, or Hitler’s Germany. I don’t know about you folks, this is frightenly madding. we’ve got to vote these socialists out as soon as possible.

Shawn Fleetwood is a Staff Writer for The Federalist and a graduate of the University of Mary Washington. He also serves as a state content writer for Convention of States Action and his work has been featured in numerous outlets, including RealClearPolitics, RealClearHealth, and Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @ShawnFleetwood


Judge: ‘Unlawful’ Destruction of Ballots in Race Wasserman Schultz Won

disclaimerReported By Cillian Zeal | May 15, 2018 at 8:51am

URL of the original posting site:

Remember Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Yes, I know, you’d like to forget her as she fades into obscurity — particularly when evidence emerges that she may have tried to rig an election.

Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democrat, may be beloved by family members, but that’s pretty much it. Rank-and-file Democrats detest her for her god-awful handling of the Democratic National Committee’s top role — a position she was forced to resign from after email hacks and numerous scandals. The party’s left fringe believes Wasserman Schultz and her retinue have engaged in pretty sketchy behavior to keep them down. 

Now, I know that supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders do indulge in some tinfoil haberdashery from time to time. However, this conspiracy claim appears to have some legitimacy.

See, Florida has some fairly strict “sunshine” laws when it comes to public transparency, and this spills over to elections. So, when Wasserman Schultz faced a difficult primary challenge in 2016 and won with 58 percent of the vote, it was well within the rights of challenger Tim Canova to request a recount of the ballots.

The only problem is that after much stalling, it turns out the ballots had been destroyed. As in, very illegally. 

The saga has wound its way through the court system, but a judge ruled Friday that the “elections supervisor in Florida’s second-most populous county broke state and federal law by unlawfully destroying ballots cast in Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s 2016 Democratic primary … in a case brought by the congresswoman’s challenger who wanted to check for voting irregularities,” according to i said

Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes has already been under extreme scrutiny since the incident happened, and what happened during 2016 looks like it’s going to make her job a whole lot harder.

“During the upcoming election, the Department of State will send a Florida elections expert from the Division of Elections to Supervisor Snipes’ office to ensure that all laws are followed so the citizens of Broward County can have the efficient, properly run election they deserve,” a written statement from the office of Florida Gov. Rick Scott said.

Snipes and her lawyer haven’t commented on the ruling. Keep in mind, too, that Snipes got her job 15 years ago when her predecessor screwed up the 2002 Democrat gubernatorial primary. 

There are two takeaways from this. First, Snipes has been on the job a decade and a half and, in spite of Florida’s famous sunshine laws, she still doesn’t realize that she can’t destroy ballots. And second, it’s so hard to find good governmental help these days.

In all fairness, Snipes claimed that she accidentally signed a certification that no cases were pending involving the ballots (this is a blatant lie; Canova had repeatedly requested the ballots). She called it a “mistake” and insisted that “nothing on my part that was intentional.” Which is why she still has her job, of course.REALLY

I’m not Florida’s governor and I don’t have anyone to mollify. However, I think this is pretty much a fireable offense. And, furthermore, I don’t think Snipes did this without permission — not from the very top, anyway.

Wasserman Schultz won easily with 57 percent to Canova’s 43, although this didn’t seem to jibe with polls that showed the race significantly closer. That doesn’t necessarily prove anything, except for the fact that Floridians are getting awfully tired of Wasserman Schultz’s presence.

And if you don’t believe me, just ask them about her IT guy.

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Imran Awan Allegedly Steals House Democrats’ Laptops, is Arrested; DWS Fights With Capitol Police — This is Big

Posted by | July 26, 2017

Just in the past day a lot has happened with the ongoing scandal of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s (DWS) IT staffer Imran Awan and the politician herself.

Awan and his family operated an IT service company, to which some of his clients were from the House Democratic caucus; about 25. During that time, they raked in about $4 million by House Dems. Yesterday Imran was charged with bank fraud, while being arrested at the airport trying to flee the country to Pakistan. Reportedly he wired nearly $300, 000 to himself in that country.

Awan’s current home in the states is being leased out to a military couple, to which they found what looked like ‘government issued’ hard drives that were smashed. Authorities have investigated him and his wife for stealing equipment from some House members; with suspicions Imran placed information on the cloud from said equipment, according to Politico. 

Many of Awan’s political clients fired him a long time ago, however the former Democratic National Committee head DWS left him on her payroll until yesterday, when he got arrested. DWS even tried to stop police from looking at her smashed laptop. According to reports, Awan apparently had it in his possession.

Democrats are trying to blame the investigation into Awan and his family on the fact that he is a Muslim from Pakistan.

Given the above sequence of events, this all raises serious questions, to which Ben Shapiro brilliantly lines out:

1. Why Was Awan Being Paid So Much Money For So Long? According to The Daily Caller, Awan wasn’t doing a good job — in fact, he and his team weren’t on mandatory phone calls:

Fellow IT staffers TheDCNF interviewed said the Awans were often absent from weekly meetings and email exchanges. One of the fellow staffers said some of the computers the Awans managed were being used to transfer data to an off-site server.

2. What Information Did Awan Transfer? The Daily Caller, which has been all over this story, reports that Awan had “access to all emails and files of dozens of members of Congress, as well as the password to the iPad that Wasserman Schultz used for Democratic National Committee business before she resigned as its head in July 2016.”

3. What Is Wasserman Schultz Trying To Hide? Not only did Wasserman Schultz keep paying Awan, she reportedly “threatened the chief of the US Capitol police with ‘consequences’ for holding equipment that she says belongs to her.” Again, here’s The Daily Caller:

When TheDCNF asked Wasserman Schultz Monday if it could inquire about her strong desire for the laptop, she said “No, you may not.” After TheDCNF asked why she wouldn’t want the Capitol Police to have any evidence they may need to find and punish any hackers of government information, she abruptly turned around in the middle of a stairwell and retreated back to the office from which she had come.

4. Why Aren’t The Media Reporting This Story? Thus far, only Politico amo­ng the mainstream media news outlets has covered the Awan story. Nothing from ABC News. Nothing from Nothing from CNN. Nothing from The New York Times. That’s pretty stunning, considering the potential scope of the story. One suspicion: are mainstream outlets concerned that perhaps Awan might be in some way connected to DNC leaks that damaged Democrats, or that will do so in the future?

Why the mainstream media is simply ignoring this story is beyond our comprehension, but this is clearly a major story and a very strange one at that. This has potential to blow up in the Democrats face, depending on the information stored on the smashed hard drives. Share this story so Americans are in the know!

BREAKING: Putin Releases Identity Of SPIES Who Influenced Election

waving flagPublished on January 6, 2017

URL of the original posting site:

The Left won this round. Putin finally fesses up. Russian hacking, Russian hacking. It’s all we hear about these days. Those two words go together like Peas and Carrots. Like Clinton and Corruption. Like Weiner and Selfie.

The pressure must have gotten to him. He’s ready to name names. Here’s the short list of Russian operatives who influenced the election and were instrumental in Hillary’s Historic Loss.


What? You weren’t expecting these guys, were you?

boris-and-natashaThe single biggest dishonest influencers of this election are obvious. That’s easy. Just ask any Bernie Supporter. None of the ‘hacks’ and ‘leaks’ that were made public were shown to be actually false.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile, Barack Obama.

Brazile working for the Media and for Clinton at the same time. Was she a deep cover mole? Or is this just business as usual?

DWS? She was FIRED from the leadership of the DNC (only to be replaced by Donna Brazile).


The Russians OBVIOUSLY insisted she set up a private server in her home. And had her maid print classified documents for her. And then the Russians destroyed her by exploiting those emails about yoga. Or something.

Hillary had ACTUAL (dubious) financial connections to Russia. That’s probably Putin’s fault, too. An excerpt:

“Because the holding company is completely anonymous, we do not know whether or not he still has deep financial ties to Vladimir Putin and his regime,” Trump advisor Jason Miller wrote. “As such, Mr. Podesta needs to either reveal who is behind the holding company or he must resign from the Clinton campaign immediately.”

Obama? His time in office was so spectacularly inept, and inspired so little hope that We the People demanded Change. The Democrat’s control of Presidency, Senate and Congress was transformed into Republican control of each by the time he left.

Well done, Mr. President!

So you see, Mr. Putin’s secret weapon for destroying the Democrats?

Was the Democrats themselves.

More Political INCORRECTNESS From Michael Ramirez

waving flagDrawn by Michael Ramirez – Thursday, July 28, 2016

URL of the original posting site:

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Partyof Deceit Spin and Lies fight Picture1 true battle In God We Trust freedom combo 2

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

waving flagOverqualified

DNC Chair Schultz Fired as a result of emails revealing she helped stack the deck against Bernie Sanders.

DNC Chair Schultz Fired / Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2016.

More A.F. Branco cartoons at Patriot Update here.

A.F.Branco Coffee Table Book <—- Order Here!

Partyof Deceit Spin and Lies fight Picture1 true battle In God We Trust freedom combo 2

Democrat Leader Loses Job after being Unmasked as Corrupt Liar… Immediately Hired by Hillary Clinton

waving flagBy Onan Coca July 26, 2016

The headline here is NOT a joke. Literally hours after being unmasked as a corrupt, immoral liar who misused her position as the head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz “lost her job” only to be hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign for the White House!

Wasserman Schultz resigned prior to the start of the Democrat National Convention in an effort to appease the very angry left wing of the party. Going forward, the best way for me to accomplish those goals is to step down as Party Chair at the end of this convention,” Wasserman Schultz said in a statement on Sunday. Donald Trump offered the perfect commentary on the scandal erupting as the DNC gets under way.


Clinton offered her own take thanking Wasserman Schultz for the job she’d done getting Hillary nominated – oh wait, I mean the job she’d done running the DNC – and then immediately informed the country that she was hiring the disgraced former leader of the DNC.

“I want to thank my longtime friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her leadership of the Democratic National Committee over the past five years. I am grateful to Debbie for getting the Democratic Party to this year’s historic convention in Philadelphia, and I know that this week’s events will be a success thanks to her hard work and leadership. There’s simply no one better at taking the fight to the Republicans than Debbie–which is why I am glad that she has agreed to serve as honorary chair of my campaign’s 50-state program to gain ground and elect Democrats in every part of the country, and will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign nationally, in Florida, and in other key states. I look forward to campaigning with Debbie in Florida and helping her in her re-election bid–because as President, I will need fighters like Debbie in Congress who are ready on day one to get to work for the American people.”


fit in

DNC-Sell-Job-NRD-600Missed in the uproar of Hillary’s obvious disdain for the American people, including her own Democrat constituents, is the fact that even Wasserman Schultz’s own underlings think that she’s an idiot. The leaked emails that are currently wreaking havoc on the Democrat Party show a staff that has little to no respect for their leader, believe her to be ignorant of the important issues of the day, and speak to her lack of work ethic and responsibility.

The fact that her subordinates think so little of her, coupled with the outrage that most of the Democrat Party currently feels (they booed her off the stage at the DNC) and the fact that under Wassermann Schultz’s watch the local party has collapsed into irrelevance, makes me wonder why Clinton would take her on at all…

The only logical reason for Clinton to take on Wasserman Schultz and her scandalous load of baggage is that the new job is simply quid pro quo paying Wasserman Schultz back for work rendered during her time as DNC chairwoman. Which of course makes perfect sense and is par for the course in the corrupt world of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.


Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Liberty Alliance media group. He’s also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children. You can find his writing all over the web.




Democrat Platform Now Includes This Provision for “Climate Deniers”

waving flagBy Philip Hodges June 28, 2016

Settled-Science-600-LAThe Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) platform drafting committee – chaired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings – have added into their Party’s platform a provision to have the Department of Justice prosecute “climate deniers” in the energy industry for fraud and for misleading their consumers.

The new provision that deals with climate deniers was adopted by unanimous consent under the heading “Climate Change and Clean Energy”:

Moving beyond the “all of the above” energy approach in Solid-Foundation-600-wLogothe 2012 platform, the 2016 platform draft re-frames the urgency of climate change as a central challenge of our time, already impacting American communities and calling for generating 50 percent clean electricity within the next ten years. The Committee unanimously adopted a joint proposal from Sanders and Clinton representatives to commit to making America run entirely on clean energy by mid-century, and supporting the ambitious goals put forward by President Obama and the Paris climate agreement.  Another joint proposal calling on the Department of Justice to investigate alleged corporate fraud on the part of fossil fuel companies who have reportedly misled shareholders and the public on the scientific reality of climate change was also adopted by unanimous consent.Leftist Propagandist

Interestingly, those in the so-called “green” energy industry have misled their investors and consumers on the “scientific reality of climate change.” “Clean” energy corporations have as much a vested interest in blowing global warming way out of proportion as the fossil fuel industry allegedly has in downplaying it.

Why is it that it’s okay to lie about global warming as long as what’s being predicted is a widely exaggerated apocalyptic scenario, the only cure for which is to bankrupt the fossil fuel industry and for everyone to become “green” energy consumers by law?Baal Worship

Never mind the fact that none of their dire prophecies have come true, and that their models and figures are skewed to yield a desired result. It’s all a propaganda contest to get as many people to fall for the manmade climate change/global warming myth in order for the green industry to “legally” bankrupt their competitors and hopefully jail them for “fraud.”

Leftist Religion of Nature Worship Ponzi Scheme Godfather of the Green Mafia Picture1 true battle Picture1 In God We Trust freedom combo 2

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

DNC Chairwoman Gets Her Facts Wrong About Nevada Exchange In TV Interview

Photo of Chuck Ross&amp;lt;img class=”avatar avatar-96 photo” width=”64″ height=”64″ src=”×120.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Photo of Chuck Ross” /&amp;gt;

Chuck Ross


biden_is_debbie_wasserman_schultzDebbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida congresswoman and chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, was called out during an interview for making a false statement about Nevada Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Schultz appeared on Ralston Reports, a Nevada-based political talk show hosted by John Ralston, to discuss two federal appeals court rulings issued on Tuesday which raise questions over whether federal subsidies can be given to individuals who purchased health insurance on state exchanges.

“Just take a state like Nevada, where you have a governor who refused to implement a state exchange and as a result people who get Affordable Care Act health-care plans are getting them on the federal exchange,” Wasserman Schultz told Ralston.

But the Democrat had her facts completely wrong, and Ralston let her know.

“Let me just stop you for a second, because you’re misinformed about that,” Ralston said. “Brian Sandoval put in a state exchange. He did, so whoever briefed you on that is wrong. He did put in a state exchange. He was the first Republican governor to do that.”

The correction put Wasserman Schultz on the defensive.

“OK. That’s not even the point I’m making,” she said, adding “I stand corrected. I’m not from Nevada.”

“I know, that’s why I say, it’s not your fault,” said Ralston, throwing the congresswoman a desperately-needed lifeline.




Click on image to see movie trailer and more

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Article collective closing


Happy Birthday Greetings? Really???????

Democratic Party Chair Wishes Roe v. Wade a “Happy Birthday”

by Katharine Rosario | Washington, DC | | 1/22/14 8:03 PM

A very sad phenomenon exists today, which is that the left conflates ‘women’s rights’ with killing unborn children in the womb.  The two are in fact mutually exclusive, because there are no other rights without the right to life. That is true for unborn baby girls and unborn baby boys.

wassermanschulzHas she stopped to think of the 55 million American babies who were aborted since Roe v. Wade, who will never be able to celebrate their birthday?

Abortion does nothing to advance the rights of women; it hurts them.  The 7.046 billion people on Earth were all born of women.  Debbie was one of them.

If Debbie really cared about women, she would stop advocating murdering them in the womb in their earliest stages of development. There are better, healthier, more American ways to advance the rights of women — and men (sorry, liberals, men are people too, with rights!) — and children, and families.


Debbie 1


And one of those options is adoption, a word liberals seem to fear.  Grazie Pozo Christie is a Cuban-American medical doctor who is also an adoptive mother.  In an op-ed explaining her transition to joys and truth of being pro-life she states:

I looked around our country and realized that our culture had erected a temple to self-realization and sexual liberation, and therefore abortion has to be available, because unwanted children will continue to be conceived, no matter how many “free” contraceptives are provided.

Nothing restricts personal liberty like a pregnancy and parenthood. As a doctor I can tell you that no scientist questions the fact that a zygote, embryo, fetus and infant are all human beings in different stages of development. (emphasis added) Those who believe in unrestricted abortion license do not acknowledge the conflicting right of the little human being, who might be unwanted, but is just as valuable and beautiful as a wanted child.

The left does not respect the right to life, our most fundamental right.  Instead, they manufacture artificial rights like the “right” of a woman to kill her unborn child.  That’s why, as pro-life conservatives, we must take a bold stand and speak for the unborn, whose voices cannot yet be heard.

LifeNews Note: Reprinted with permission from the Heritage Foundation.

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