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Several Trump-Backed Candidates Win Their Primaries with Others Too Close to Call



FILE PHOTO: Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during the Turning Point USA's (TPUSA) Student Action Summit (SAS) in Tampa, Florida, U.S. July 23, 2022. REUTERS/Marco Bello/File Photo
REUTERS/Marco Bello/File Photo

Several Trump-backed candidates came out ahead in Tuesday’s primaries, with some races notching wins for the former president as he publicly eyes a 2024 run. One of the most notable wins for Trump came in Michigan, where his endorsed candidate John Gibbs defeated Republican Rep. Peter Meijer, who voted to impeach Trump in 2020. Gibbs previously worked under Trump as the acting assistant secretary in the Department of Housing and Urban Development and backs the former president’s unfounded claims that the election was stolen.

Meijer is the second House Republican who voted for Trump’s impeachment to lose a primary, with the first coming in June after Trump-endorsed state Rep. Russell Fry beat out South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice.

Other Trump-endorsed candidates who won Tuesday evening include Arizona’s Blake Masters, a venture capitalist running for a Senate seat, Republican Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon and Arizona state legislator Mark Finchem, who is running in the state’s GOP secretary of state primary.

FILE PHOTO: Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters speaks during former U.S. President Donald Trump's rally ahead of Arizona primary elections, in Prescott Valley, Arizona, U.S., July 22, 2022. REUTERS/Rebecca Noble/File Photo

FILE PHOTO: Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters speaks during former U.S. President Donald Trump’s rally ahead of Arizona primary elections, in Prescott Valley, Arizona, U.S., July 22, 2022. REUTERS/Rebecca Noble/File Photo

Attorney General Eric Schmitt also won Tuesday evening in Missouri for the GOP Senate primary. Trump’s “endorsement” in this race was chaotic, with the former president issuing a statement roughly 24 hours before the primary that endorsed “ERIC” – the name of Tuesday’s winner but also the name of his opponent, Eric Greitens, who has been riddled with scandals in recent years. (RELATED: Missouri Governor Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Scandal)

In Arizona, Republican Rep. Paul Gosar snagged a Trump endorsement and won Tuesday’s primary, though his race was considered fairly safe ground.

While the former president saw success in Tuesday’s primary, some of his picks are still battling it out as of early Wednesday morning. Trump-endorsed Arizona Rep. David Schweikert is projected to win his race, according to Decision Desk, but former TV news anchor Kari Lake’s race remains too close to call.

Lake is running against Karrin Taylor Robson, who was endorsed by former Vice President Mike Pence.

Still, Trump’s picks do not appear infallible. Washington state Reps. Jaime Herrera Beutler and Dan Newhouse – two more Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach the former president – so far appear to be ahead in their primaries against Trump-backed challengers, though the races have not yet been called. (RELATED: Trump Endorses Joe Kent For Congress Over Republican Incumbent Jamie Herrera Beutler)

Overall, Trump has endorsed over 200 candidates across the country, according to The New York Times. In competitive races, his record has been mixed, The Times also noted, perhaps representing the broader debate within the party regarding its loyalty to the former president.

WATCH: Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake on Stage CALLS OUT Pence-Endorsed RINO Primary Opponent For “Duping THOUSANDS Of People Out of Money” – She Was the Very Next Speaker

By Jordan Conradson | Published July 19, 2022


Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial frontrunner Kari Lake called out her billionaire RINO primary opponent in person for scamming thousands of American senior citizens out of their money. This was right before Karrin Taylor Robson spoke at the 78th Annual Mohave County Central Republican Committee Picnic last week. Robson is losing BIG, and she is desperate for grassroots support.

The Gateway Pundit recently conducted a poll with Cygnal Polling which found that Kari Lake and Trump-Endorsed Blake Masters for U.S. Senate both hold a steady double-digit lead over her primary opponents.

Kari Lake is Trump-Endorsed, and she is the only candidate with the guts to talk about the Rigged and Stolen 2020 Presidential Election. Because of this and her aggressive stances on other issues, Arizona loves her.

The Arizona State Media is pushing bogus polls in favor of her opponent to set the grounds for another rigged election.

Karrin Taylor Robson is a weak, pathetic RINO endorsed by Arizona Governor RINO Doug Ducey and Turncoat Mike Pence, who both certified the Fraudulent 2020 Election. Like other weak Republicans, Karrin Robson refuses to admit that the 2020 Election was stolen and incorrectly certified.

In order to save her failing campaign, Robson has turned to the “lowest of lows,” ripping off elderly American citizens with fraudulent text message fundraising schemes.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Kari Lake exposed Robson for using phone messaging alerts that purport to back various conservative causes to trick elderly conservatives into donating to her failing campaign.

According to Lake, she’s been doing this since August 2021, and over 1200 people have been refunded for their donations to Robson’s shady campaign.

“People are still figuring it out, and hundreds more this last reporting period figured out they were being swindled and demanded refunds,” said Kari Lake.

Kari released her exposé at the same moment that she called Robson out live at an event so that Robson would be totally unprepared and uncoached to deal with it. Lake told The Gateway Pundit that “without that coaching, she literally was speechless” when she took the stage immediately afterward.

Robson doesn’t even need this money. She already has so much money that she’s been caught donating thousands to elect democratic candidates up and down the ballot. She donated to Democrats in 2020, and she even donated to elect radical leftist anti-police Mayor Kate Gallego in 2019.

 The Arizona Democratic Party recently thanked Robson in a statement for donating thousands of dollars to elect liberal Democrats “as recently as 2020.”

Her campaign is also funded by her husband, billionaire developer Ed Robson, and Anti-Lake Super PACs funded by Arizona’s elite. Robson and the PACs that support her are each dumping millions into attack ads against Kari Lake.

Lake gave us the following statement.

Lake: She got up on stage, and she didn’t have any response to it because there is no response. She is swindling elderly people out of their social security check. There is no response to that. The sick part is that she didn’t even need the money. Her husband is giving her a “blank check.” She did this in order to trick people, so it looks like she has grassroots support when she has none. Nobody wants her, and she’s trying to make it look like they do, and it’s really disgusting, frankly.

She is a closet liberal, and she is going to destroy this state if she gets anywhere near the Governor’s office. And we are not going to let her buy this election with a bunch of lies, and her ads, and the people need to be aware of it. She’s trying to deflect from what she’s been up to with all these bogus ads on me.  I frankly think she and Katie Hobbs would be just as bad for the state. The RINOs and the Socialists are just as bad for the state.

America First all the way.

Recently, days before dropping out and endorsing Robson, RINO Matt Salmon admitted that Robson has a “blank check” and she is trying to buy the election.

Lake posted the video to her rumble, where she called Robson out straight to her face. The crowd cheered on Lake’s savage remarks.

Robson had to take the stage after this:

Lake: Karrin, where are you? We want answers to why you’re duping thousands of people out of money. It’s wrong. Here’s the sad thing, guys. She doesn’t need the money. The sad thing is, she’s being funded by a billionaire. She doesn’t need to dupe senior citizens out of their paycheck. But she did it to trick people into thinking she has grassroots support. It is unethical and it’s outrageous, and I think she should give every single one of them a refund. Everyone deserves a refund. I had to lay that out because you got to know who’s on the ballot. We cannot put an unethical person with no integrity who is trying to buy this election on the ballot. We can’t put her in the governor’s office. We’re at a crossroads in Arizona, guys. We’re at a crossroads whether we want to go back to the McCain style, McCain Mafia running the show, or do we want to go America first? I don’t want to go back to an Arizona where the high-price McCain consultants are running the show. I want to go back to an Arizona where We The People are in charge of our government. 

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