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BLAZETV STAFF | October 28, 2022


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On “The News & Why It Matters,” BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales and guests Jaco Booyens and Grant Stinchfield discussed a new undercover video from Project Veritas that exposed a Democrat Party plan to help “extreme” Trump-endorsed Republican candidates, including Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, win the primaries because they thought they would be easier to defeat in the general election.

In a video posted on the Project Veritas YouTube channel this week, Democratic Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs’ twin sister, Becky Hobbs, can be heard explaining how the Democrat Party “across the country” donated to certain Republican candidates they saw as “extremist” in an effort to give Democrat candidates a better chance of winning.

“So, all across the country, Democrat candidates — not candidates themselves but the [Democrat] Party — was putting money in [Republican] primaries, into the races of the extreme Trump-endorsed candidates, as opposed to the moderate Republicans that were running, because they wanted those extremists to win,” Hobbs said. “They knew that the Dems had a better chance of winning their races against the extremist candidates than they did against the moderate Republicans.”

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Katie Hobbs’ Twin Sister Says Democrat Party Funded ‘Extreme’ Trump Endorsed Candidates

“Everyone knew that Katie had a better chance to win against Kari Lake. Everyone wanted Kari Lake to be the nominee … so, it was kind of like a sigh of relief when Kari Lake actually ended up winning,” Hobbs added.

“You just picked a bear,” Jaco said of the Democrats who thought Kari Lake would be easy to defeat. “I believe [Lake] is going to take it. I really believe she’s going to win.”

Watch the video clip below to catch the conversation or find full episodes of “The News & Why It Matters” here. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.


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