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‘Woke’ Effectively Describes The Left’s Insanity, And That’s Why They Hate When You Say It



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Woke-ism is intentionally ambiguous. So when you describe it, that offends those who wish for its intentions to remain murky.

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When was the last time you were called racist? When was the last time you actually cared about being called racist? Odds are you get called it quite often and care (or should care) about being called it very little.

That’s because lobbing accusations of racial bigotry at anyone who gets in their way is second nature for the left. So when people stopped taking these accusations seriously — realizing it is simply impossible for everything to be racist — the left began decrying “white supremacy,” semantically invoking Nazism.

When accusations of racism failed to coerce enough action, the left moved on to a pejorative with far worse aesthetics while maintaining the same message. Accusing people and institutions of “racism” had lost its utility due to rhetorical inflation, and the era of “systemic white supremacy” had begun.

According to some, the conservative movement and the American right writ large are experiencing a similar ongoing dilemma with the word “woke.” Many suggest the word has come to mean nothing due to right-wing over-saturation, while others insist it has taken on a far more nefarious tone.

Nevertheless, the question remains: Why has the word “woke” become so problematic?

Bad Faith

On Tuesday, Bethany Mandel, co-author of “Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation,” appeared on The Hill’s “Rising” to discuss leftism’s role in damaging American families. 

During the discussion, Briahna Joy Gray, co-host of the “Bad Faith” podcast, inquired if Mandel would “mind defining ‘woke,’ ’cause it’s come up a couple [of] times, and I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page.” What followed was a brief moment of self-consciousness in which the author stumbled over her words before offering a generally accepted definition of the term.

Despite this, the moment was clipped, and the author was lambasted as both a bigot and buffoon across the web. 

The whole point of this exercise was to humiliate someone offering a coherent definition of woke-ism that was insufficiently deferential to the whims of leftist ideologues. However, this attempt was unsuccessful. 

What Is Woke?

Dragging Mandel through the digital public square did not result in the typical groveling struggle session that has come to be expected whenever people explain their opinions in public, but it did inspire many to inquire about the nature of the term “woke.”

The term started to increase in prevalence in the early-to-mid-2010s back when “Black Lives Matter” referred to a hashtag, not an organization, and when the hot-button social issue du jour was the legalization of homosexual marriage. Despite its original meaning, used in common parlance simply to refer to personal vigilance, “woke” quickly took on social and political meanings. Like how every other community uses specific language to signify in-group allegiance, “woke” was used to inculcate oneself among the broader cause of the burgeoning leftist cultural hegemony and, by extension, the Democrat Party.

But as the term became more and more associated with the party, it became less specifically connected with racial protest movements and more so a shibboleth for supporting the party platform — “stay woke,” the slogan went.

It is undeniable that woke-ism and the people who get protective of the identifying label “woke” have an influential presence on the political and cultural left. There was even a short-lived Hulu series titled “Woke” that chronicled a previously apolitical black cartoonist’s journey through the intersectional landscape of identity politics. And in 2018, “Saturday Night Live” poked fun at the concept of corporate fashion brands using woke-ism to market schlock to well-intentioned hipsters.

Woke-ism came to define a movement so insurgent among the institutionalized powers of the left that even its vanguards like former President Barack Obama and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, who undeniably had a role ushering it in, bemoaned its rancorous presence and how it distracts from the Democrat Party’s larger goals. 

This was something the Democrats fully embraced until they could no longer fully control the semantics around it.

It’s a Good Bad Word

Woke-ism is simultaneously a persistent ideological framework and a general inclination — it depends on the person or institution in question at the time. But both rely upon a consistent smorgasbord of Marxian dialectics and ideological accouterment — gender theory, critical race theory, et al. — that seeks to usurp the ideals of the American founding and impose contemporary whims. 

The word has become as commonplace among the current-day conservative movement as MAGA hats and “lock her up” chants were at 2016 Trump rallies. And this is, to be fair, totally warranted; what other slogany-sounding word really works as a catch-all for what leftism has become? 

Sure, it would help if the right had a more tactical approach to diagnosing and labeling each and every radical change introduced to our society at breakneck speed, but that’s not how people work. The right can and should identify the unique threats of identitarian Marxism, managerialism, and contemporary Lysenkoism, but is labeling all of these things useful? 

Using “woke” as a catch-all label for radical leftism is effective. That’s one of the major reasons why the left hates it. They lost complete control of the English language, and the word they used to indicate their radicalism to one another is being used to expose that radicalism to the rest of the world.

Woke-ism is an intentionally ambiguous framework that is meant to keep out interlopers and reward its advocates. Therefore, simply describing it as what it is, is anathema to those who wish for its intentions to remain ambiguous.

Simply saying “woke” works.

Samuel Mangold-Lenett is a staff editor at The Federalist. His writing has been featured in the Daily Wire, Townhall, The American Spectator, and other outlets. He is a 2022 Claremont Institute Publius Fellow. Follow him on Twitter @Mangold_Lenett.


Wokeism In it’s Most Dangerous Role: Public School Teacher

By: Lawrence Johnson | December 12, 2022


image credit: Forbes

“Look in my eyes, what do you see?
The cult of personality.
I know your anger- I know your dreams,​
I’ve been everything you want to be-
Oh, I’m the cult of personality
Like Mussolini and Kennedy, I’m the cult of personality,​
The cult of personality, the cult of personality.”

In 1988, those lyrics by American rock band Living Colour were the opening of their biggest selling single to date, “Cult of Personality”. Its cryptic title came from Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev’s 1956 anti-Stalin report, “On the Cult of Personality and Its Consequences.”

Forty years after the song’s release, guitarist and writer Vernon Reid explained its meaning this way: “The whole idea was to move past the duality of: That’s a good person and that’s a bad person. What do the good and the bad have in common? Is there something that unites Gandhi and Mussolini? Why are they who they are? And part of it is charisma.” For many, our Achilles’ heel is that we are drawn to the charismatic qualities of persons or things but are blinded to their detrimental aspects. Based on these principles, cults have and will always exist.

For Pharmaceutical company heiress Melinda Rockwell, her ‘cult’ experience hit home after her daughter Annabella began attending Mount Holyoke College in 2011; a $60,000-a-year all-women’s institution of higher learning. Most of her fellow-first-year attendees assimilated easily to Holyoke’s gender-fluid programs and practices- but not Annabella.

She focused on her studies and buried herself in her courses. It wasn’t long however, when she herself noticed subtle changes in her own behavior. In an interview with the New York Post, Annabelle, now 29, explained how she slowly lost control: “This professor tells me about the patriarchy,” Rockwell said.

“I barely knew what the word meant. I didn’t know what she was talking about. I wasn’t someone that into feminism. I just knew that I felt I had always been free to do what I wanted. I never experienced sexism. But I was told there’s the patriarchy, and you don’t even understand it’s been working against you your whole life. You’ve been oppressed, and you didn’t even know it. Now you have to fight it. And I just went down this deep rabbit hole.”

Deep Seeded Changes

After graduating from the college, Annabella was clearly no longer the same: “I left school very anxious, very nervous, very depressed and sad. I saw everything through the lens of oppression and bias and victimhood. I came to the school as someone who saw everyone equally. I left looking for injustice wherever I could and
automatically assuming that all White men were sexist. My thoughts were no longer my own.”

According to the Post, Melinda believed her daughter had been brainwashed. She also felt that if she pushed Annabella too hard, she might lose her forever. Not knowing what else to do, she took drastic measures to free her daughter from this prison of indoctrination. She decided to use a $300-a-day deprogrammer, and Scott Williams, Rockwell’s former tennis coach, to fight the Svengali-type hold that, “was no different than cults like the “Moonies” and the” Children of God.”

Annabella had no idea how apropos her mom’s comparison of Holyoke was. As a result of the “deprogrammers” methods she is now free and credits her mom’s relentlessness. Melinda learned a lesson just in time that far too many parents learn too late: the desire to control the minds of students is much more sinister, prevalent, and rampant than you think.

A Young Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

The online site, unveils a much more nefarious, surreptitious plot to snare the minds of our children. In addition, it also reveals the broad scope of their ideological attack. “The alliance between the public education establishment and the march of “progressivism” is as natural as anything could be,” states George Leef in his article “A Racially “Woke” Agenda Is Now Hardwired in Public Schools.”

Public education depends on the power of government: to tax, to build schools and hire teachers and administrators, to compel student attendance, to minimize or even prohibit competition. As the poor quality of many public schools has become increasingly evident over the last several decades, the education establishment has become an utterly slavish ally of the political left. It depends on the coercive fist of government.”

At the same time, the political left has become ever more reliant on the education system (K-12 through college and beyond) to inculcate statist ideas in people. If voters were inclined and able to think through the harmful consequences of “progressive” policies such as minimum wage laws, welfare payments, the Green New Deal, government-run health care, wealth taxes, and so on, they would toss the leftists out of office.

It’s far better for those politicians if as many voters as possible are conditioned to support candidates who mouth clichés about the evils of capitalism, the need for compassionate government, the imperative of transforming America, so it will be a just society, and many others.”

These are the new cults. Contrary to how they appear, there is little daylight in comparison to the ones you’ve heard of from the not-so-distant-past. Today’s cults are just as mesmerizing, and just as deadly. In the examples to come, you will see how the cults of the past hold the keys to avoiding or even escaping those of the present-and the future.

Come back Thursday for Part 2 of this exploration of the modern day cult.

Country music star John Rich’s new anti-woke song tells leftists to ‘stick your progress where the sun don’t shine’ — and it hits #1 on iTunes in just hours

By DAVE URBANSKI | July 26, 2022


Country star John Rich — one half of the popular duo Big & Rich — penned a decidedly anti-woke song he dubbed “Progress” that rails against left-wing politics and culture and stands up for traditional American values. However, Rich told Just the News that he foresaw a problem getting a song that tells leftists to “stick your progress where the sun don’t shine” played on the radio and distributed to the masses. Mainly because the music industry also leans left.

So, Rich did an end-around on Friday, bypassing the music industry’s gatekeepers and instead releasing “Progress” on Truth Social — the platform started by former President Donald Trump — and on the Rumble video platform.

In just a few hours, “Progress” jumped to number one on iTunes, Just the News said, besting the likes of Billie Eilish and Lizzo and Beyonce. A quick glance Tuesday at PopVortex revealed that “Progress” is indeed the top song on the American iTunes charts.

“Here I am with no record label, no publisher, no marketing deal,” Rich told Just the News. “I just got a song that speaks to a lot of people, and Truth and Rumble pushed it out there. And man, I’m really proud of what we did today.”

A lyric in “Progress” takes aim at the forces that conspire to “shut down our voices,” and Rich explained to the outlet that he’s “talking about Twitter and YouTube and Facebook. And I thought, ‘You know what? I’m gonna reach out to Truth Social and reach out to Rumble because they still allow free speech over there.’ Why would I launch this song on the platforms that I’m railing against in the lyrics?”

Rich added to Just the News that his launch experiment is “bypassing this machine that they’ve built, going right around the machine, going right to the people. It means that if you bring the right content, and you have people like Truth and Rumble that will get that message to your core audience, you can beat the machine that’s been put in place to keep people like me shut down.”

He also told the outlet that “the problem with country radio” isn’t the DJs or others at country music stations; instead “it’s the people way up the food chain that run the conglomerates that have bought up 90% of all of our radio stations … a big [contingent] of them … do not like anybody bucking their woke system.”

Still, Rich added to Just the News that “there’s a few good ones in there. And when I say ‘good,’ I mean, you know, ‘lean conservative.’ They want free space; they want artists to be heard.”

The author of “Progress” revealed to the outlet how his new song was born.

“I’m watching what I consider to be the dismantling of our country at a lot of different levels,” Rich told Just the News. “And when you sit back and look at it, the vast majority of it’s being perpetuated on us under the banner of ‘progress.’ Like in the name of progress we’re going to send gasoline through the roof so you have to buy an electric car. In the name of progress, we’re going to let anybody and everybody into our country, and if that means we get overrun with fentanyl and every other bad thing, well, so be it. Because that’s progressive: You need to be open-minded and open borders in the name of progress. They target our kids in the name of progress; they do all these things that are actually the opposite of that. They’re regressive. They’re not constructive, they’re destructive.”

Here are the lyrics:

There’s a hole in this country where its heart used to be
And Old Glory’s divided on fire in the street
They say Building Back Better will make America great
If that’s a wave of the future, all I’ve got to say

(chorus) Stick your progress where the sun don’t shine
Keep your big mess away from me and mine
If you leave us alone, well we’d all be just fine
Stick your progress where the sun don’t shine

They invite the whole world to come live in our land
And leave our countrymen dying in Afghanistan
They say let go of Jesus, let government save
And you can have back your freedom if you do what we say


They shut down our pipelines, and they shut down our voices
They shut down our Main Streets, and they shut down our choices
They bent us all over, but it’s all over now
‘Cause we’ve figured it out, we ain’t backing down


Here’s Rich playing “Progress” live on on “Fox & Friends” and explaining its origins:

Fox & Friends : John Rich’s ‘non-woke’ song hits number one on iTunes

Rep. Matt Gaetz Goes Off on Biden’s “Woke” Sec of Defense in Fiery Exchange: “The Biden administration is trying to destroy our military by force-feeding it wokeism!” [VIDEO]

Reported By Patty McMurray | Published April 5, 2022


100 Percent Fed Up – Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has a reputation for exposing the Left and their radical ideology in House committee hearings. Today was no exception.

This afternoon, Rep. Matt Gaetz blasted Joe Biden’s woke Defense Secretary Lloydoor with the House Armed Services Committee Austin during a heated exchange on the House fl. Gaetz began by exposing the woke secretary, accusing him of allowing a lecture by Thomas Piketty, “Responding to China: The Case For Global Justice and Democratic Socialism,” that took place at the National Defense University. The concept of the lecture was “It’s time for Socialism,” Gaetz told him, as Secretary Austin attempted to interrupt him to object to Gaetz’s assertions.

Gaetz blasted Sec. Austin, for his ineffective leadership, “You guys have been blowing a lot of calls lately on matters of strategy, Mr. Secretary.” He continued, “You guys told us that Russia couldn’t lose, you told us the Taliban couldn’t immediately win—and, so I guess I’m wondering, what in the $773 billion that you’re requesting today is going to help you make assessments that are accurate in the face of so many blown calls?”

Secretary Austin responded by telling Rep. Gaetz that he’s seen the budget and that it “speaks for itself.”

Rep. Gaetz was not impressed with his answer and continued his aggressive line of questioning. Gaetz said that the US military, under the leadership of Joe Biden and Sec. Austin has fallen behind other nations and reminded him how they have failed to deter Russia from invading Ukraine and how our military is losing ground to China when it comes to “hypersonic weapons.”

Austin shot back, interrupting Rep. Gaetz, “What do you mean, we’re behind in hypersonics?” asking, “How do you make that assessment?”

Gaetz responded, “I make that assessment because China is fielding hypersonic weapons systems, and we are still developing them. I make that assessment because Russia actually used one.”

“By the way, your own people brief us that we are behind and that China is winning,” Gaetz told Austin.  “Are you aware of the briefings that we get on hypersonic?” he asked.

Gaetz compared the military capabilities that “everyone else in the world seems to be developing capabilities—we’ve got time to embrace Critical Race Theory at West Point, to embrace socialism at the National Defense University—to do mandatory pronoun training.”

Sec. Austin interrupted to defend his woke leadership. He took a ridiculous swipe at Rep. Gaetz, “The fact that you’re embarrassed by your country.” Oh, no, no, no,” Gaetz responded. “I’m embarrassed by your leadership. I am not embarrassed for my country.”

“You know what? That is so disgraceful that you would conflate your failures with the failures of the uniformed service members,” Gaetz said.

Gaetz ended with a final death blow. “I saw that the Obama administration tried to destroy our military by starving it of resources, and it seems the Biden administration is trying to destroy our military by force-feeding it wokeism.”


Patty McMurray

100 Percent Fed Up Publisher.



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