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My Own Two Cents

If you missed the “feeding frenzy” Democrat debate last night, you didn’t miss much. They devoured one another, especially the socialist. Even the far left commentators are using such phrases as “Train Wreck” to describe what happened during the debate.

That’s not what has motivated my writing today. I want to talk to you about the growing tactic of the Leftist and appears to be having a genuine effect; The Tactic of “Fearmongering”.

Typical of the Leftist, they accuse all who oppose them of using such tactics, which is a standard for all their conduct. Last night’s debate was flooded with such Fearmongering giving any who listened the impression that if President Trump is elected, the world as we know it will cease to exist.

Fearmongering has always been a tactic of those whose complete focus is absolute control over their citizens. Acting as “puppet masters” they pull the strings of the citizenry in certain ways to get them to do what the “puppet masters” want, not what the citizens want. Fear is one of those strings.

If you haven’t paid attention, you’ve missed their practice. It’s important we are aware and help our neighbors, friends, et., al., who are being misled.

Last night was bloated with examples. Joe Biden exaggerating gun deaths, and all other so-called “facts”. Of course, the press never challenged them on any of the “facts” quoted because they are complicit in the lies and fearmongering.

I can hear some of you saying that the Right uses the same tactics. Agreed. All during the Obama years speculations raged about President Obama’s motivations and intent. Of course, none of it happened. Yes, I am guilty for getting caught up in it as well. For that I have repented.

Because so much is important about the 2020 elections, clear minded, sober minded people must be vigilant to resist anyone sowing fear as a means to control your vote. Study. Be highly informed. Vet everything you hear, and prayerfully vote.

F= False

E= Evidence

A= Appearing

R= Real.

Humbly submitted,

Jerry Broussard

My Own Two Cents: Foreign Interference in United States Elections

Are you noticing all the Leftist promises of giving people who are here illegally, the right to vote? Isn’t that foreign interference in our elections?

Very quietly the Left has been encouraging illegal immigration. President Obama flew them in by the plane loads from Islamic countries, claiming they were suffering refugees. (Notice none have asked to go back? And, yes, American taxpayers are still paying for their benefits.) What that fact established, these Leftist had the audacity to claim President Trump invited Russia to interfere, when our nation’s spy guys told them the Russians have been interfering for some time. So has the ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Why are we NOT screaming this from the house tops? Why are we thinking the hapless Republicans will? FOX won’t; in fact, the only medium that IS TALKING ABOUT THIS are the bloggers. Perhaps promoting us will help the messages out.

If you are one of the ones who gets entry into one of these so called “Town Meetings”, how about asking this question? Maybe show them the following political cartoon?

Food for thought.



A Special Note From Me

waving flag New WhatDidYouSay LogoGood afternoon everyone.

I have just now sat down at my computer after dealing with a hospital stay for my 88 year old mother. She’s fine now and home, but I’ve been away from you since 12:15 Pacific Standard Time. 

Thank you for your patience and faithfulness to this blog.

Jerry Broussard of

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A Special Note from Me

waving flag

New WhatDidYouSay LogoI have been consumed with my 89 year old dad who had major surgery yesterday. It has kept me at the hospital, and takin are of my 88 year old mom. Dad is doing very good, and mom I have someone staying with mom.

Thank you for you patience. Hopefully things will be normal after this weekend.

Jerry Broussard of

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My Own Two Cents About the Results of the Officer Wilson Verdict


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The news is full of reporting on what happened in Ferguson, Missouri, last night after the Grand Jury issued their results of three months of testimony, questions and carefully considering their decision.

Rather than join the crowd of regurgitating the reports of the riots, including those in many other cities, please allow me to give you some other thoughts about the entire subject;

  1. “Never argue, or try to reason with, nor bother to ask questions of delusional people. You are NOT the DONKEY (Leftist/Marxist/Socialist/Extreme-Liberal/Full-of-Hate/Democrat followers) whisperer.”DO NOT JACKASS
  2. Most of the rioters you saw last night could care less about Michael Brown, or how he died. They just wanted to riot, destroy, pillage and make a fuss. No matter the verdict, they were determined to riot.Angry Black Mob 01
  3. They wanted free stuff. Noticed the businesses they targeted; Cell Phone stores, liquor stores, auto parts stores (McDonalds I really don’t understand).
  4. They wanted to destroy. They hate anyone who actually makes something of their lives. They do not understand, nor do they want to understand, how someone starts and builds a business. This is largely due to the Professional Pot-Stirrer-Thugs of Sharpton/Jackson. As long as these humans remain convinced that the world hates them, owes them, has oppressed them, they will remain victims and never think for themselves. The Sharpton/Jackson’s will continue to get filthy rich off their victims supposed oppression, and laugh all the way to a lifestyle their victims only dream of having. Adding to the wrong is the Sharpton/Jackson’s not paying taxes like good citizens.Stirring Angry People Group Pot
  5. Race relations will never heal as long as these vicious Pot-Stirrer Thugs continue to poke at the bruises they have inflicted on their victims. You can never extinguish the firestorm of hate with more fuel.satisfied people
  6. These victims are so drunk with their hatred, and perceived oppression, that reasoning will never be possible. They will continue to hate, riot. destroy and murder at exponential numbers. Black on black crime will continue to grow in exponential numbers. Black on black hatred will continue as independent-thinking black people seek to escape their perceived bondage and become successful like Dr. Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Allen B. West and other like people. They actually started thinking for themselves. They were raised by parents that encouraged them to get a great education, and do something with that education. They were taught to not follow the crowd, or cave into the stereotypes thrust on them by the Sharpton/Jackson Professional Pot-Stirrer Thugs. Isn’t it odd that they all became conservatives?
  7. More evidence of all this was the riots in other cities. No one can possibly give a righteous reason for their conduct. All they wanted to do was riot, they didn’t care what opportunity they had to do so.
  8. All the pundits that FOX and others interviewed live that are died-in-the-wool Leftist/Marxist/Socialist/White-Hating/America-Hating/Democrat’s that had the same talking points; The prosecutor failed in his job because he took the right steps in going to the Grand Jury first. Their claims that Office Wilson was not cross examined, and that they didn’t have any of the information of the evidence, was all a canard (Definition of CANARD: a false or unfounded report or story; especially : a fabricated report b : a groundless rumor or belief) Their real reason for their complaint was that they didn’t get to have MORE “ammunition” to yell and complaint about, giving them MORE reasons to sharpton america
  9. Another reason they wanted a public trial was so they would have faces of jurors they could intimidate and punish. The Grand Jury is private and unknown.

Unfortunately these acts will not end. More than ever before in history is the United States been in a head-on collision with a Race War. Stoked by the Islamist, and all those profiting from keeping the fires burning and the Pot Stirring, these perceived victims will get bolder, grow in numbers, and anything can flip the switch.

As long as the Evangelical Church in America remains content with playing church, instead of being the Salt and Light Jesus said we are to be, our country will continue its downward spiral into destruction. Waiting at the bottom are the Sharpton/Jacksons, the Islamist and all the other Leftist/Marxist/Socialist/America-Hating/Freedom-Hating/Christian-Hating/Politically-Correct-Worshiping/Democrats. America as designed by God the Father through His instruments of peace, our founding fathers, will completely cease to exists. What rises from the ashes will be the totalitarian, Socialist, Tyrannical, Marxist, Saul Alinsky Designed, Cloward-Piven planned oppressive government these thugs have wanted all along.

I’m still going to fight to the end. How about you?

Jerry Broussard of





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The apartment complex we live in will be undergoing some Edison repairs tomorrow. It might happen that I will not be able to write, or repost anything tomorrow. We’ll have to see.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jerry Broussard of

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