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Are you noticing all the Leftist promises of giving people who are here illegally, the right to vote? Isn’t that foreign interference in our elections?

Very quietly the Left has been encouraging illegal immigration. President Obama flew them in by the plane loads from Islamic countries, claiming they were suffering refugees. (Notice none have asked to go back? And, yes, American taxpayers are still paying for their benefits.) What that fact established, these Leftist had the audacity to claim President Trump invited Russia to interfere, when our nation’s spy guys told them the Russians have been interfering for some time. So has the ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Why are we NOT screaming this from the house tops? Why are we thinking the hapless Republicans will? FOX won’t; in fact, the only medium that IS TALKING ABOUT THIS are the bloggers. Perhaps promoting us will help the messages out.

If you are one of the ones who gets entry into one of these so called “Town Meetings”, how about asking this question? Maybe show them the following political cartoon?

Food for thought.



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