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You Said WHAT?

“I know you think you understand what you think I said, but what I said is not what I meant.”

That sounds like the explanation President Obama has given about his, “You didn’t build that” statement.  Of course, those of us who actually do think for ourselves know he meant it when he said it, and still does. He was hit with enough negative feedback, even from his own party that he has tried to “walk-back” his “Speaking-Without-Teleprompters” speech. Interesting what you hear when politicians go off script.

Only those dependent on the Democratic Party for their subsistence will support such ridiculous attempts at trying to hide his real commitments to Socialistic-Collectivism ideology and rule. All other Americans can see his duplicity.

Have you also noticed how his own party is backing away from him? Senator Diane Feinstein said she knows that the leaks about national security came from the White House. She never said whom, but evidently got spanked, based on her “walk-back” today. You get the feeling that President Obama’s reelection team is getting very nervous. I hope that they are seeing that most Americans are not buying their lies anymore.

One example of the Left running away from him is his attacks on Romney about Bain Capital. A growing number of Congress People and Senators are asking them to back off from the attack on capitalism and self-made wealth. Perhaps they have heard from their past contributors who are refusing to give to their reelection campaigns.

If I could make any suggestions to the Romney Campaign it would be to stop attacking President Obama, treat him like he does not exist. Instead focus on ANSWER, ANSWER, ANSWER, SOLUTION, SOLUTION, SOLUTION. Wouldn’t that be refreshing?


“What Did You Say President Obama?”

Have you noticed the arrogance meter has reached it’s critical mass and the Left is actually speaking so truth as “arrogance pot” overflows. Yesterday, President Obama said, complete with video coverage, what he considered a failing in his first term of office. The economy, unemployment and record spending were not at the top of the list. His confession was that he was not a better story-teller to the American people. “STORY-TELLER?” Along with his conviction that he is the Messiah, King and smartest man on the planet, he now thinks he can talk away the many failings of His Presidency by telling better stories.

His “Talking-Points Choir” has been out today claiming he was referring the President not explaining his programs better and how he believes they will benefit the American people. This is a running theme of the Left saying that we are not smart enough to understand the proposals and just have to wait until we see how it benefits us after it is in law, and affecting our lives.

Either they are convinced that we are the most ignorant people in the world, or as I said, the “arrogance-pot” has overflowed.

In 2008, Candidate Obama exclaimed that when your opponent has no plan or answers of their own, they resort to making you seem to be someone to run away from, instead of explaining why you should run to them. Now they are accusing Mitt Romney of being a felon with Bain Capital, cheating and doing something criminal because of off shore bank accounts (notice the man who advertised the advantages of off shore banking to his customers while he was the head of a major bank, is now advising the President). Once again the Left has pulled out it’s well used play book of making accusations without ever being able to prove the accusations. (See Ann Coulter’s latest column on “Fast and Furious is not a D.C. law firm” )

Once again, I will say that we have to use whatever means available to us to make the Left prove their “claims, accusations or surveys quoted”. Until their feet are held to the fire, they will continue to go along deliberately lying to the American people, and in almost half of the nation, get away with their felonious conduct.


Because the President Obama Administration, along with the Democratic Party and their willing media partners, have labeled all of you as “VULTURE” Capitalist, and because they have demonized what you do, lied about how you function and dehumanized the profession as being thieves taking from the poor and giving it to the rich, I propose the following:

  • Immediately stop all work with companies you are trying to save who are in States Governed by Democrats, especially those that have joined the bandwagon to bad-mouth all of you.
  • Go immediately into States governed by conservatives who appreciate all the companies you save, and therefore, all the jobs that are associated with those companies.
  • Look into Canada. They will welcome you with open arms.
  • Look into other countries who are going bankrupt. They will appreciate all the taxes you generate when you save companies and make the prosper.
  • As you leave each Democrat State, let the government know that they can be expecting more unemployment because you are taking your own money to States that are governed by those that understand what you do, and what you have to do in certain cases to save a company the their employees. Also let them know that because you are leaving, their tax revenues will drop dramatically.
  • Let the employees of those companies you are leaving to the Democratic Government that President Obama and the entire Democratic party feels their pain as they stand in line for unemployment.

That should make everyone happy because the Democratic governance can be free of you and your “vulture capitalism”. It will give them an opportunity to lie about something else.


Profit is good. Loss is bad. Profit enables profitable companies to hire more employees. Profitable companies pay many taxes. The more employees on the payroll, they more Federal and States Taxes, the more Sales taxes and the more other taxes the government has hung around our necks. Profit means more other companies can hire more people and pay more taxes.

Loss means layoffs and unemployment. No taxes paid because there is no income generated. Loss makes people grumpy and some to break the law just to be able to eat. Loss does not make momma happy, and if momma is not happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Venture Capital companies take their own money, and sometimes the money of investors, and take a big risk by investing in companies that are doing good, but could do better, and struggling companies that could be profitable. They know by experience that the bigger the risk, the possibility of a greater return on that investment exists. They lose THEIR money because the risk was too great, oh well. They took the chance and it didn’t pay off. That is why more people are NOT in the Venture Capital business.

They succeed in their risk; they get a return on that investment. That is fair. They risked their own money; they should be able to enjoy the benefits of that investment. They also pay State income taxes on that profit AS WELL AS Capital Gains Taxes. Profit good. Loss is bad.

The Venture Capital Company sometimes makes changes in the company they invest in, and that can mean staff is laid off, or let go. That happens every time any company has to do to become more profitable. It’s never a person thing, but a business decision to keep the company going and most of the employees keeping their employment. It is never pleasant, and yes, it can make for some bad feelings. I have been laid off more than once. It is not fun.

When government thinks it knows how to run business better than the business people, regulators are created to make business very difficult. That can also cause people to lose their jobs.

President Obama claims he has a better way than all business people. He is so smart, and has so much experience in running multimillion-dollar business, that he says he will make everything fair. Of course, no one bothers to ask him to define “fair”, just like no one asked him to define “change you can believe in” from the last election. President Obama says he wants to make sure that everyone has a “fair shot.” Again, no one has asked him to define what he means.

President Obama says that Mitt Romney is a bad man because he closed down a steel company and took all the profits of the company for himself. The past president of that steel company says that is not true. Bain Capital, the Venture Capital Company that Mitt Romney once run, actually closed the doors of one of the five companies in that steel company in order for the other four plants could stay open and thrive (that means they made profit and those employees kept their jobs, income and benefits). Why is that bad Mr. Obama?

Let us summarize. Profit is good because it enables the business owner to hire, train and develop employees who earn an income and benefits. When companies prosper, taxes are paid. When Americans are working taxes are paid. When businesses have to shut down because they can’t afford to stay in business because the government has made it too difficult to stay in business and make a profit, employees lose their jobs, have no income and no one is paying any taxes to keep the government running.

Telling lies about your political opponent is really ugly. President Obama does not like Mitt Romney’s experience, but it is far more leadership experience than he had going into office.

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