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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

waving flagAdios El Presidente

Obama seems to hold Castro in high regard, possibly because he envied his Position as a dictator with unchecked authoritarian power.

Castro Obama Gone / by A.F. Branco.

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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

waving flagArticle One

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon

USA In Decline

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More From the, “YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP” File

Lawmaker calls for a rebellion against EPA pollution emissions for backyard barbecues

A Missouri state legislator wants the Environmental Protection Agency to back off of people’s backyard barbecues. On Monday, State Senator Eric Schmitt (R) from St. Louis kicked off a #porksteakrebellion after he discovered the EPA is funding a study on propane grill emissions that suggest pit masters use a special tray to catch grease drippings and a “catalytic” filtration system to reduce air pollution, reports Fox News KTVI. “The idea that the EPA wants to find their way into our back yards, where we’re congregating with our neighbors, having a good time, on the 4th of July, barbecuing pork steak or hamburgers, is ridiculous and it’s emblematic of agency that’s sort of out of control,” Schmitt said.

The EPA is funding a $15,000 University of California-Riverside study to look at the particulate emissions you breathe when grilling over an open flame.  Along with the drip tray, the emission removal system includes the use of a “secondary air filtration system is composed of a single pipe duct system which contains a specialized metal filter, a metal fan blade, a drive shaft, and an accompanying power system with either a motorized or manual method,” according to study. 

Those opposed to the study met Monday night at St. Louis’ LeGrand’s Market & Catering sandwiches shop after Schmitt launched the rebellion via Twitter.  “Personally, I think being able to barbecue in your back yard extends your life,” customer Pat Schommer told Fox. “It’s part of pleasure – backyard barbecuing and I love it.”

The EPA said that it doesn’t regulate people’s backyard barbecues and that the grant is part of the EPA’s “National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet (2014)”, which is a student-designed competition for sustainability.

Schmitt called on people to grill in their backyards this week as a sort of “peaceful protest”.



Welcome to the Obama Tyrant Obama Picture6


The Unstoppable Emperor of LaRaza

 Posted by Michael Becker

Let me be clear about where I stand on illegal immigration: were I President I would use the US military to immediately shut down the border. I would give them shoot-to-kill orders to respond if attacked in any way, and I would put the Border Patrol to work raiding businesses that are thought to employ illegals and I would set a deportation target of two million in 2015, starting with everybody who holds a DACA card.

That said, the reality of life in 2014, 2015, and 2016 is that we’ve got millions – five is the current guess, but it’s an open ledger – of Mexicans and Central Americans with a smattering of others who are getting social security numbers and work permits and it’s a safe bet the government will disperse them in a way, and not track them, so that it will be practically impossible to remove them.

The President’s actions are absolutely unconstitutional and the idea that he would compare his actions to that of Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush is a lie, and is not the historical record. Both Reagan and Bush I granted amnesty to a small but well define group of illegal aliens in accordance with the law that was passed by Congress in 1986. Reagan certainly, and likely Bush I, acceded to the amnesty portion of the 1986 law based on assurances from Congressional Democrats, led by none other than Harry Reid, that we would secure the border.

For reasons we’re not going to argue here, border security didn’t happen under Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, or Bush II. In fact, Bush II would likely have done something similar to what Obama did last night if he could have found a way to justify it. The difference with our current President is that he doesn’t give a damn about the law or the Constitution nor does the leadership of the Democratic Party, at least as long as their Party is making the rules.

The other group of partisan supporters of across the board amnesty for illegal aliens is the major media outlets. The broadcast news – ABC, NBC, CBS – couldn’t contain their glee last night. The major daily “news” papers – NYT, WaPo, LA Times, etc – will ordering more ink to publish editorials and “news” stories that are little more than press releases from the White House. Cable “news” – MSNBC and CNN – will be setting up altars to the Emperor of LaRaza, and Fox will not be outraged.

The new Republican Congress will do nothing but make weep, gnash their teeth and fill the air with a cloud of ash. The unfortunate reality is that the Leadership of both the House and the Senate don’t want to do anything and the few back-benchers who do want to take real action to stop this outrage will be quickly shut down.

The Senate has already passed the Gang of Eight amnesty bill that goes much farther than Emperor Obama’s order last night. It didn’t pass the House only because of some stalwart conservatives who managed to hold off a floor vote. Had the Gang of Eight bill come to the House floor, it almost certainly would have passed.

The action currently being discussed will not stop this action.

There’s discussion of defunding DHS’ ability to act on the order. Republicans may even pass legislation designed to do it as part of a continuing resolution. Emperor Obama will absolutely veto it and the votes do not exist to override that veto. There are not 12 Democratic Senators who will jump ship to override.

If you think for one second that the Republican Leadership is going to “shut down” the federal government in order to stop the Emperor and his Party you’ve been living in a cave. That will not happen. Bottom line, lots of noise, no action.

There’s discussion of filing a lawsuit against the President by both the Congress and the state of Texas and others would likely join. It’s likely the parties would prevail in the suit at the Supreme Court. It will take three to four years to be heard by SCOTUS and by that time the horse is out of the barn and long gone because no court will stay the Emperor’s order.

Impeachment. Is this an impeachable offense? Yes. It is. Investor’s Business Daily lays out the case.

We live in a constitutional republic, and the president who says he cannot wait for the Congress to act ignores a Constitution that says he has to. Article I, Section 8 gives Congress exclusive authority to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization” and Article II, Section 3 says that it’s the president’s duty “to take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”

Professor Turley told the House Judiciary Committee at a Dec. 3 hearing that Obama’s abuse of executive power has grown to the point that “he’s becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid.”<<<

IBD is not asking for impeachment, they’re demanding that Congress not give the Emperor the money. The point of the above citation though is that the Emperor is in clear violation of the US Constitution, both Article I:8 and Article II:3.

The problem in the real world comes back to 12. There will not be 12 votes on the Democratic side in the US Senate to impeach this President. In fact, there’s every reason to believe that Mr. Obama, Emperor LaRaza, is doing this and daring the Congress to impeach imperial obama

The result will the same as Republicans utterly stupid impeachment of Bill Clinton. They empowered Clinton, lost the American people, and turned the Clintons into folk heroes. The added benefit for Democrats is that their friends and sex partners in the major media will be able to spend the next two plus years reporting on how “racist” the Republican Party is on a daily basis. If you repeat a lie often enough…

In the real world, it’s time for Republicans – or at least the Republicans who still care about the rule of law and the Constitution – to figure out what comes next. The Southwest is already on the verge of being “Northern Mexico.” What can be done to stop that transition, can anything be done to reverse it, and what can be done to limit the Emperor of LaRaza from moving beyond immigration and creating a Progressive Paradise by executive order?Imperial President Obama

We don’t have the answer. The bigger concern is that we don’t think the Republican Leadership has the courage to even look for an answer. Heck, they probably don’t even understand the question.

And you can bet your last peso on the fact that Emperor Barack Obama, Protector of LaRaza and All Things Progressive, knows that.

Michael Becker

About the Author; Michael Becker

Michael Becker is a long time activist and a businessman. He’s been involved in the pro-life movement since 1976 and has been counseling addicts and ministering to prison inmates since 1980. Becker is a Curmudgeon. He has decades of experience as an operations executive in turnaround situations and in mortgage banking. He blogs regularly at The Right Curmudgeon, The Minority Report, Wizbang, Unified Patriots and Joe for America. He lives in Phoenix and is almost always armed.



Forensic profiler: Obama ‘slipping mentally’


Imperial President ObamaA forensic profiler whose career has included work on the double-murder case against O.J. Simpson and the Natalie Holloway disappearance says Barack Obama is confessing he’s under enormous pressure and is “slipping mentally.”

“Not madness such as total loss of control mentally, but more and more drastic behavior seen in disturbed traumatized leaders,” said Andrew G. Hodges, M.D., who wrote “The Obama Confession: Secret Fear, Secret Fury.”

Hodges, an expert who previously suggested Obama was revealing alarming ideas about martial law and described how the president wants “total gun control,” provided to WND an analysis of some of Obama’s recent comments, specifically those from speeches in Minneapolis in late June.

“On June 27, he said that Republican inaction ‘drives you nuts … and it drives me nuts.’ He reveals his enormous internal pressure – far greater than his conscious mind knows.’

“Appreciate his casual psycholinguistic reference to ‘madness’ in a deeper scarier way. Obama is warning us that he’s slipping mentally,” Hodges wrote.

Hodges works with words and analyzes the “see-all, tell-all unconscious mind” of people. He calls it the “super intelligence” and through psycholinguistics observes “how a person’s words reveal deeper unconscious messages.”

As he explains, “As a forensic profiler, I serve as a translator who decodes unique linguistic expressions that derive from a person’s deep unconscious, his super intelligence.”

obama-liar4-266x189He said at the recent Minnesota speeches, Obama was under pressure from various groups over the “the IRS lying about ‘lost’ emails about persecuting conservative non-profits, the NSA spying on everyday Americans, Benghazi cover-ups, setting free five brutal terrorists from Club Gitmo to gain back a deserter” and “fostering the onslaught of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children on the southern border.”

“Obama declared, ‘I’m not sure which of the things I’ve done they [Republicans] find most offensive,’” Hodges said. “Denial represents a classic way of telling the truth. A person rationalizes his behavior consciously – yet unconsciously he admits his actual actions. When we read through his denial confession, we can see that he really means ‘Deep down I’m sure of the many offensive things I’ve done to Americans.’ Note his word, ‘offensive.’ Secretly Obama confesses, ‘I’ve been on offense – to the extreme.’ It fits with reality – his behavior has been shocking, far beyond mere political fuss.”

Order “The Obama Confession: Secret Fear, Secret Fury” and find out the true extent of Hodges’ concerns.

Cloward Pevin with explanation

On Hodges’ website, Steven A. Egger, associate professor of criminology at the University of Houston, Clear Lake, has written that Hodges’ technique is “becoming the cutting edge of forensic science.”

“Dr. Hodges’ investigation of forensic documents in the Natalee Holloway case indicates that his ‘thought-print decoding method’ and ‘reading between the lines’ is, in fact, becoming a major contribution to law enforcement tools used by criminal investigators,” wrote Egger.

Hodges is not new to the field, already having identified killers by studying ransom notes, emails, letters and police interviews to spot secret confessions. He decoded Simpson’s “suicide note” to reveal Simpson’s links to a double murder. He deciphered the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note in Boulder, Colo., to identify the child’s killer. He decrypted letters from BTK to predict that he was about to kill again – the only profiler to do so. He studied statements by Joran van der Sloot and Deepak Kalpoe to tie them to the slaying of Holloway. He claims Casey Anthony secretly confessed to killing her daughter in 200 letters written to a jail mate. He even decoded Bill Clinton’s comments about Monica Lewinsky.

Tyrant Obama

Hodges also found that Obama was projecting.

“First he denies what he’s doing – and then he attributes failure to others, not himself. His description of ‘others’ unconsciously fits his own behavior. Here is the proverbial log in his own eye, sins that he so glibly sees in those who oppose him,” he said.

“First, we observe two repeated messages on June 27, ‘They don’t do anything…..They’re not doing anything.’ In reality he’s describing himself. Numerous Americans, on both sides of the aisle, have been alarmed by his habitual lack of assertiveness, his passivity, his leading from behind after events are well down the road, by his incessant golfing, fundraising and vacationing instead of doing his job. Understand passivity is his secret plan,” he wrote.

Hodges continued, “In the June 27 speech Obama whined about opponents, ‘They don’t do anything except…call me names.’ In fact, he calls his critics names. First he called them antagonistic do-nothings, then he called them phony scandal-mongers. Obama accuses his opponents of making up scandals. In so doing he confesses he’s a charlatan creating a bogus scandal to divert Americans from the truth. Let reality be the judge – new administration scandals confront us almost daily.”

kingobamafingerconstitution-300x204But Hodges said Obama goes even further.

“To reveal his trademark passive-aggression in another projection he finally acknowledges anger, ‘They’re [Republicans] not doing anything – and they’re mad.’ Then he adds a powerful image to his confession further describing his fury. Remember, things said in jest are ideal for true super-intel confessions. Obama said, ‘With Secret Service, I always tease them, I’m like a caged bear and sometimes I break loose. And I’m feeling super loose today, so you don’t know what I might do.’”

Hodges continued, “His terrorizing aggression surfaces more and more. He cannot contain himself nor his attacks. He is increasingly out of control – ‘super loose’ indeed.”

“Columnist George Will recognizes that we face the greatest constitutional crisis in our history. Obama’s offenses against separation of powers are ‘qualitatively different’ than the offenses of any previous president. Will supports a House lawsuit to ‘reverse egregious executive aggressions’ by Obama. He insists Obama has nullified laws and ‘rendered Congress’ power meaningless.’ The nation needs ‘robust judicial assistance’ which ‘would unify fractious Republicans while dramatizing Obama’s lawlessness,” Hodges said.

“Read the tea leaves. The messages from Barack Obama’s super intelligence are utterly terrifying to those of us who understand what he’s saying between the lines.”

Hodges previously: Has express concern that Obama himself recognizes his presidency as illegal. And he reports how Obama’s confessed to not being constrained by the Constitution and wanting “total gun control.”

gun 01

In that analysis, Hodges noted that even activists on the left have expressed concern. Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the left-wing Code Pink, in a radio interview with host Aaron Klein, called the potential abuse by the Obama administration’s huge domestic police power “extremely troubling.”

“Recall Obama’s earlier words which, importantly, he made spontaneously, strongly pointing toward an unconscious confession. ‘We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded [as the military],” Hodges said then.

gun 02

“What exactly was he thinking and why? Undeniably this was extreme: a civilian force just as well funded and strong as our military – implying majorly armed. The question is what exactly was Obama secretly confessing about his future plans? His unconscious super intelligence suggests a warning from a very dangerous Obama,” Hodges contends.

Obama also has “warned” about “martial law,” according to Hodges.

“One thing we can say for certain is that America is in a very precarious place. And such an angry wounded president arming a civilian force to the maximum when speaking of an apocalypse, evil on the horizon and a dictator president – along with his need to control law enforcement – presents an extreme warning,” he said.

Comming Soon 02

Hodges previously noted Obama’s reference to two sci-fi movies.

“He suggested the idea, ‘I should somehow do a ‘Jedi mind-meld’ with these folks [Republicans] and convince them to do what’s right.’ He used a mixed image from two sci-fi shows,” Hodges explained. “First he alluded to a Jedi ‘mind trick’ used on weak-minded foes (‘Star Wars’ films) implying his continued mind games to trick subservient foolish Americans.

gun 03

“His spontaneous ‘Star Wars’ image also references his war on the Republicans – efforts to discredit them so that he can affect the next election and control both houses of Congress in his dictatorial behavior. (He also suggests his war on the military – to weaken it.)’

“Finally he implies in the ‘mind-meld’ technique he’s opening his unconscious mind up and we can read it if we know how – just as Commander Spock in ‘Star Trek’ would let others read his mind to provide them with special insightful messages,” he said.

Hodges even has found Obama is confessing that he’s a “secret foreigner who has passed himself off as American.”

Obama tearing up the constitution

CPUSA stands for, "Communist Party of the United States of America"

CPUSA stands for, “Communist Party of the United States of America”








Where liberty dwells
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Unleashed Upon America: Obama Unchained!

National Day of Protest with date

July 8, 2014 By Lloyd Marcus


“Obama Unchained” starring Barack Hussein Obama.

My fellow Americans, we are all bit players in the making of a metaphoric slasher movie, “Obama Unchained” starring Barack Hussein Obama.

Here is a summary of the movie. It is a heartwarming tale about how the mainstream media and Democratic Party suckered America into electing their extreme far-left dream president; a Trojan Horse in the form of a black man.

Once in the Oval Office, Obama began incrementally implementing his socialist/progressive agenda and iron-fist pressure on Americans to conform. Everyone, including a 175-year old order of elderly Catholic nuns were forced to comply to Obama’s decreed anti-biblical new moral standards or face termination. Only donors, labor unions and favored friends of his royal Obamaness, totaling over 2000, are unlawfully granted exemptions from his tyrannical overreaches hidden in Obamacare.2000

Imperial President ObamaUnchained from pretending to be a moderate to get reelected, Obama is releasing his judgment and rage upon America; wielding his executive pen sword, causing a bloody massacre of our economy, national security, world standing, freedoms, liberty and culture.

Now totally unrestrained, with lawless abandonment, Obama dishes out what he believes is well-deserved revenge on America for her crimes against the rest of the world. Obama is delivering the retribution spoken of by his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright who said, “America’s chickens have come home to roost”.

Pundits say Obama is merely incompetent. They site highly unfavorable approval polling to conclude that Obama’s presidency is in deep trouble. Political analysts believe dismal poll numbers will force Obama to back away from his intensely focused savage attack on America as founded; his vowed fundamental transformation of America. These sycophant, apologist or naive talking heads are missing the point. Obama does not give a rat’s you know what about polling. Nor does he fear lawsuits, Congress, impeachment or anything else.America the movie with hyperlink

Remember Michael Jackson’s famous line, “I’m not like other guys”? Obama believes he is not like other presidents. I am Barack Obama, the first black president. I can do whatever I please and no one is going to stop me. Period!

“Obama Unchained”, the movie, is directed by Unknown Socialists/Progressives.

Obama’s supporting cast includes Eric (cited in criminal and civil contempt of Congress) Holder as the corrupt partisan head of the DOJ. Lois (Wicked Witch of America) Lerner as the corrupt, vindictive and evil IRS enforcer. Kathleen (Yes, you will fund abortions against your faith) Sebelius as the totally incompetent head of the botched Obamacare roll-out. Jay (please don’t make me go out there and lie again with a straight face) Carney as Obama’s Press Secretary. This just in, Carney has been replaced by understudy liar, Josh Ernest.

obama-liar4-266x189If the metaphoric Socialists/Progressive’s movie were to snag a Best Song nomination, their song would be titled, “I Believe I Can Lie” performed by Barack Obama. A real trailblazer, Obama is the first U.S. President awarded, “Liar of the Year.”

In my metaphoric scenario, the buzz in D.C. would declare “Obama Unchained” a shoe-in for Best Picture. However, the sentimental payback favorite for Best Picture would be “Sixty-Six Years A Liberal” starring Hilary (don’t asked me about Benghazi) Clinton.

Folks, while I have taken a humorous approach to describing Obama’s Revengeful War on America, the situation is extremely serious. The solution is quite simple. It is pushback, pushback, pushback politically. While the Tea Party remains fully engaged, what strong courageous conservative will emerge to lead the charge?Where liberty dwells

We who love America are metaphorically in the process of producing our own movie titled, “November 4, 2014: Independence Day”.




kingobamafingerconstitution-300x204Tyrant Obama








Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Click on image to see movie trailer and more










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Mexican Flag-Wearing La Raza Militants Arrive in Murrieta

Members on site to “protect the children”

 by Paul Joseph Watson | July 7, 2014

An image posted by an activist who is protesting against the arrival of illegal immigrants in the flash point town of Murrieta shows the arrival of La Raza militants adorned with the Mexican flag.

Immigration-PiperAccording to Eric Odom, the La Raza members told him they were there to “protect the children.”

Murrieta has seen unrest since Friday as anti-illegal immigration activists clash with pro-amnesty protesters over the arrival of illegal immigrants, mainly children, from Central America.

As we reported earlier, those arrested for instigating violence against both anti-illegal immigration activists and police on July 4 were all pro-amnesty agitators who described themselves as “anarchist-communist.”

Despite the fact that the unrest was caused by pro-illegal groups, the federal riot police now arriving in the town have been sent ostensibly to deal with anti-immigration demonstrators.

“Yes you read that right. La Raza shows up to cause problems and President Obama’s enforcers directAmerica the movie with hyperlink all their attention on the righteous citizens demonstrating their disapproval of the Obama Administration forcing these illegal immigrants on their town. Typical. The Tyrant in Chief using his “enforcers” to quite freedom loving, law abiding, patriots of the “Rule of Law”. Can total Socialism be far behind?” JB

The arrival of La Raza members is only likely to enflame tensions given the organization’s radical outlook, which has been attacked by critics as divisive and racist.

La Raza, which literally translates as “the race,” has been connected to the Chicano Student DHSMovement of Aztlan (MEChA), an extremist Mexican race hate group which firmly believes in exploiting illegal immigration to bring about ‘La Reconquista’, a violent overthrow of the southern U.S. states that would be absorbed into Greater Mexico.

“STOP! STOP! STOP! The Obama Tyrannical Administration is supporting a militant group known to hate Americans and is working to overthrow the Southern States, by force if need be. His “enforcers” are more interested in PRO-RUL-OF-LAW American Citizens, than to put down the obvious threat of violence by La Raza militants. Did the Tyrannical Obama Administration send them there? JB

As Breitbart reported, La Raza activists were also out in force at a town hall meeting last week in Murrieta, chanting “Viva La Raza!” through a bullhorn.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Obama tearing up the constitution

Tyrant Obama

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Fox News Bombshell: Secret Internment Camps and Obama’s Brown shirts

Researched and Reported by

Earlier today, I posted a story by Mac Slavo that came via Todd Starnes’ article from Fox News. I want to post something again because this is so important. America has to wake up and they have to wake up now. There is no more time.

Alternative Media gets a bad rap for so-called conspiracy theory. It comes with the territory. For those of you who don’t know me, I run an independent blog called D.C. Clothesline. We are small and have no ad budget. So, in order to get site traffic I do a lot of sharing on social media. Whenever I share a story that doesn’t quite fit in with the mainstream media norm, I tend to get lots of critical comments. One of the most common comments I hear is something like, “This is a blog. This can’t be true. Until I hear it on Fox News it isn’t true.”

Well, I am here to tell you that it is time to wake up because Fox News is now on board.

People should not be shocked if they have been paying attention.

SpyingSupreme Court Justice Scalia recently warned of the return of internment camps on U.S. soil.

As for FEMA camps, if anyone would bother to research something called REX-84 they would find that Oliver North spearheaded an effort to make plans for internment of American citizens. If things go south, there are plans in place. Don’t fool yourself. Why wouldn’t the government have a contingency plan?

That isn’t conspiracy. It is common sense.

The latest revelation, however, is frightening beyond belief.

By this time you have likely heard of the contagious diseases coming into this country via the immigration disaster at the southern border.

But Todd Starnes reported earlier today that workers are being threatened with arrest if they open their mouths about this problem:

A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

Click on image to see movie trailer and more

about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, sources say.

In spite of the threat, several former camp workers broke their confidentiality agreements and shared exclusive details with me about the dangerous conditions at the camp. They said taxpayers deserve to know about the contagious diseases and the risks the children pose to Americans. I have agreed to not to disclose their identities because they fear retaliation and prosecution.

What these workers additionally revealed is a much bigger story, in my opinion. These security officers are calling themselves “Brown Shirts.”

“There were several of us who wanted to talk about the camps, but the agents made it clear we would be arrested,” a psychiatric counselor told me. “We were under orders not to say anything.”

The sources said workers were guarded by a security force from the Baptist Family & Children’s Services, which the Department of Health and Human Services hired to run the Lackland Camp.

The sources say security forces called themselves the “Brown Shirts.”

“It was a very submissive atmosphere,” the counselor said. “Once you stepped onto the grounds, you abided by their laws – the Brown Shirtlaws.”

Cloward Pevin with explanationp>For those of you who do not know what the significance of “Brown Shirts” are, let’s see what Wikipedia has to say:

The Sturmabteilung (SA) (German pronunciation: [ˈʃtʊɐ̯mʔapˌtaɪlʊŋ] ( listen); Storm Detachment or Assault Division, or Brownshirts) functioned as the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party. It played a key role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s. Their main assignments were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of the opposing parties, fighting against the paramilitary units of the opposing parties (especially the Rotfrontkämpferbund) and intimidating Slavic and Romani citizens, unionists and Jews (e.g. the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses).

Please understand that thanks to a few conscientious whistleblowers, Barack Obama’s hand has been shown. Some might say that this is not Obama’s work, but rather the responsibility of the contractors.

This is how government officials cover their tracks. We saw evidence of this in Iraq when our government hired Blackwater, now Academi, to do the “dirty work” that they didn’t want connected to them. It’s a simple yet effective strategy of passing the buck.

This story did not originate on D.C. Clothesline.

DHSFox News is reporting that Barack Obama has a security force in place that is named after the original Nazi German paramilitary wing.

Why would they call themselves “Brown Shirts?”

Is it because they reportedly wear tan shirts? I doubt it. What kind of a sick joke would that be?

Think about it hard. They know the historical significance. Don’t kid yourself.

Do you think it might be time to start paying attention?

This administration is not concerned with “conspiracy theorists” because they know that they won’t have to discredit them. The useful idiots will do it for them, as I witness on a daily basis.

But when Fox News runs a story like this, perhaps you might want to start paying attention to what is happening around you.

What are you going to do when the “Brown Shirts” are running your camp and there is nowhere to run and no one to listen?

The time to prepare is now.

Not tomorrow.


Water, guns and ammo are most important. You can hunt for food if need be. As for the silver and gold thing…

If my family has only 50 gallons of fresh water left, no amount of precious metal is going to barter that away. Think about survival because an economic collapse is coming and when it does things could get really crazy.

Obama Civilian Security Force Takes Control of Immigrant Internment Camps: “Abide By Brown Shirts Law”

Researched and Reported by July 2, 2014

In the run up to the 2008 Presidential election Barack Obama promised he would work to implement a domestic security force which would rival that of the U.S. military. It was an idea heavily criticized by his opponents because of fears that such an organization would bear similarity to World War II era spying groups that policed the citizens of Nazi Germany.

2008police_stateMany dubbed Obama’s proposed force the “Brown Shirts,” a term often used to describe a Nazi assault force and one that has repeatedly been associated with extremist nationalists for their unwavering willingness to take and execute orders without question or contemplation. Brown shirt brigades were tasked with, among other things, arresting dissidents, silencing criticism and wholesale executions of those who could not be reeducated.

For the majority, the notion that such a force would be assembled in the United States was nothing but another conspiracy originating from the lunatic right wing. But in October of 2012 the Department of Homeland Security quietly graduated their first corp of civilian responders under the new program. And since then it is likely that thousands more have been trained and deployed across the country to be called upon in the event of an emergency.

And if there were ever an emergency that required a military level response in the United States, many believe it is happening right now on the Southern border as hundreds of thousands of migrants make their way illegally into America. Because of the sheer number of people heading to the U.S. and the complete failure, whether by chance or by design, of the Obama administration to secure the border, America is now faced with housing, feeding, clothing and providing medical care for more people than it was prepared to handle.

In response, rather than deploy Homeland Security or the National Guard to stop the migration at its source, the Administration hasComming Soon 02 instead set up makeshift internment camps, some of which put scores of people in a room the size of a studio apartment. As a result, disease has spread and civilian emergency personnel have been tasked with providing care.

But among the doctors and caregivers is also a private security force that has been hired to keep the peace. And according to several people working inside the camps, the security groups have turned their attention not towards keeping peace between the migrants, but rather, at keeping the goings on of the facilities completely secret from the general public.

According to the unnamed source, who could not provide video documentation of these events because cell phones are not allowed America the movie with hyperlinkin the facility, the security force is reportedly calling itself the “Brown Shirts.” The insider says they have been given orders to arrest anyone speaking to the public or using cell phones, and have implemented what is being referred to as “Brown Shirts Law.”

“There were several of us who wanted to talk about the camps, but the agents made it clear we would be arrested,” a psychiatric counselor told me.

“We were under orders not to say anything.”

The sources say security forces called themselves the “Brown Shirts.”

“It was a very submissive atmosphere,” the counselor said.

“Once you stepped onto the grounds, you abided by their laws – the Brown Shirt laws.”

She said the workers were stripped of their cellphones and other communication devices. Anyone caught with a phone was immediately fired.

“Everyone was paranoid,” she said. “The children had more rights than the workers.”

She said children in the camp had measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat as well as mental and emotional issues.

Fox News via Drudge

The U.S. Government has spent billions of dollars preparing a wide variety of protocols to respond to domestic emergencies. In War on Christiansaddition to the Brown Shirt security teams currently in operation at migrant internment camps, the government has also stockpiled billions of rounds of ammunition, rifles, riot gear, armored vehicles, military drones and is believed to have set up hundreds of detention camps around the country in anticipation of events ranging from widespread civil unrest to natural disasters.

In the event of an emergency, the President, having authorized himself by Executive Doomsday Order, will have access to military assets, law enforcement, homeland security, and now a civilian policing force that is, apparently, ready to perform its job without questioning their complicity in covering up the spread of disease and who knows what else.

FEMA camps, believed to exist as a last resort in case the government has to round up and detain tens of thousands of people under a martial law declaration, will require very similar logistics as the existing migrant internment camps.

Now we know that, should you ever reside in a detention camp, there will be no information making its way in or out unless the message has been officially approved for dissemination. Anyone who fails to follow the rules and abide by Brown Shirts Law could have their career destroyed, be arrested or worse yet, charged under terrorism laws that, as the Brown Shirts of old may have referred to it, allow for a “final solution.”

Supreme Court Justice Confirms American Internment Camps Will Happen Again: “It is the Reality”

Researched and Reported by February 5, 2014

Tyrant ObamaWhile President Obama and Congressional members have made an effort to convince their constituents that the provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act will never be used against citizens of the United States, the fact is that the laws clearly allow for the detention, arrest and detainment of Americans without charge or trial. The President attempted to assuage these fears of potential abuse of the law by including a signing statement promising he would never use the law against Americans, but the statement itself is non-binding, leaving the possibility of misuse wide open.

In the event of a declared national emergency or war, when fear and panic are running rampant, the President will, without a shadow of a doubt, implement whatever means necessary in order to control the populace and maintain order.

Detainment and interment will be at the top of the Department of Homeland Security’s to-do list.

And if you have any doubts about this possibility then pay close attention to the words of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at a recent event where law students asked the judge about the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Keep in mind that this is coming from one of the people who will be sitting on the panel of judges who decides whether or not such an act is Constitutional:

Well, of course, Korematsu was wrong. And I think we have repudiated in a later case.

But you are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again.

That’s what was going on — the panic about the war and the invasion of the Pacific and whatnot. That’s what happens. It was wrong, but I would not be surprised to see it happen again, in time of war.

It’s no justification, but it is the reality.

Imperial-PresidentThere will come a time in America when panic grips the nation. There will be riots, violence, and bloodshed resulting from any number of plausible scenarios like the collapse of our economic and monetary systems.

When this happens the government will implement their continuity plans. Martial law will be declared.

The Department of Homeland Security will activate their already stocked and staffed Federal Emergency Management Agency refugee camps. We’ve seen these in limited form during major storms like Hurricane Sandy. Those who came to FEMA for help reported that their facilities were like concentration camps.

But they were nothing compared to what would happen in a situation where hundreds of thousands of people would need to be detained under a national emergency declaration. According to various sources and a ton of research over the years, FEMA camps are situated all over the country and are awaiting internees.

A U.S. Army internal document provides some additional insight:

The document makes it clear that the policies apply “within U.S. territory” and involve, “DOD support to U.S. civil Trumanauthorities for domestic emergencies, and for designated law enforcement and other activities,” including “man-made disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks and incidents in the U.S. and its territories.

The manual states, “These operations may be performed as domestic civil support operations,” and adds that “The authority to approve resettlement such operations within U.S. territories,” would require a “special exception” to The Posse Comitatus Act, which can be obtained via “the President invoking his executive authority.” The document also makes reference to identifying detainees using their “social security number.”

Aside from enemy combatants and other classifications of detainees, the manual includes the designation of “civilian internees,” in other words citizens who are detained for, “security reasons, for protection, or because he or she committed an offense against the detaining power.”

If you’re paying attention you can see the signs everywhere. The government of the United States is preparing for a widespread event that, based on their recent activities, will require the deployment of armed police, military and even a multi-million strong civilian security force.

This is happening and a Supreme Court Justice of the United States just confirmed that there will be no stopping it.

Antonin Scalia: ‘You Are Kidding Yourself If You Think’ Internment Ruling Couldn’t Happen Again

Freedom is not dictator friendlyHONOLULU (AP) — U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told law students at the University of Hawaii on Monday that the nation’s highest court was wrong to uphold the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, but he wouldn’t be surprised if the court issued a similar ruling during a future conflict.

Scalia was responding to a question about the court’s 1944 decision in Korematsu v. United States, which upheld the convictions of Gordon Hirabayashi and Fred Korematsu for violating an order to report to an internment camp.

“Well of course Korematsu was wrong. And I think we have repudiated in a later case. But you are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again,” Scalia told students and faculty during a lunchtime Q-and-A session.

Scalia cited a Latin expression meaning, “In times of war, the laws fall silent.”

“That’s what was going on — the panic about the war and the invasion of the Pacific and whatnot. That’s what happens. It was wrong, but I would not be surprised to see it happen again, in time of war. It’s no justification, but it is the reality,” he said.

CPUSA stands for, "Communist Party of the United States of America"

CPUSA stands for, “Communist Party of the United States of America”

Avi Soifer, the law school’s dean, said he believed Scalia was suggesting people always have to be vigilant and that the law alone can’t be trusted to provide protection.

Soifer said it’s good to hear Scalia say the Korematsu ruling was wrong, noting the justice has been among those who have reined in the power of military commissions regardless of the administration.

“We do need a court that sometimes will say there are individual or group rights that are not being adequately protected by the democratic process,” Soifer said.

Scalia was appointed to the nation’s highest court in 1986, making him the longest-serving justice currently on the court.

The 77-year-old spoke after teaching a class. He didn’t take questions from media.


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Barack Obama: America’s First Islamic Tyrant

Tyrant Obama

Written by Pete Parker on June 30, 2014

Despite the endless accolades that have been bestowed upon one Barack Hussein Obama concerning his so-called coolness, brilliance and magnanimity–he is nothing more than a calculating and cunning Islamic tyrant.

ConfusedYou read it correctly: Islamic tyrant.

His chilling propensity to not only flout the Constitution with every breath he takes–but to also impose Sharia on the citizens of this great nation is beyond the realm of treachery.

Lest we forget: It was Obama who–while delivering a speech to the United Nations General Assembly in 2012– brazenly uttered the following: “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet Mohammed.”

This declaration was not only a strident assault on one our most cherished rights (free speech)–but it was also an implementation of Sharia which strictly prohibits even the most benign critique of Islam’s prophet.

Manifestly, such a statement could only emanate from a self-absorbed despot whose allegiance is with Muslims and their convoluted, Koranic doctrine.

But, of course–we received a full dose of Obama’s allegiance when (in 2009) he went to Cairo and genuflected at the feet of the Muslim Brotherhood while profusely apologizing for the many “mistakes” America has made.

Obama defending muslimsAnd just last week Obama was seeking yet another $500 million to further arm the rebels in Syria. You remember the rebels–don’t you? It’s that horde of  Koran-carrying, Islamic thugs who rape, pillage and cannibalize Christians on a daily basis.

Sadly, with a spineless (and truth be told ballless) Republican led House that out of trepidation refuses to pull impeachment out of its quiver–Obama has no reason to halt his tyranny.

From unilaterally changing such laws as Welfare Reform and the Affordable Care Act–to carrying out the Taliban Five exchange without notifying congress–Obama is a rogue on a rampage.

G-d save us!

One hundred years from now–if history is accurately recorded–Barack Hussein Obama will be as know as America’s first Islamic Tyrant.

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Cloward Pevin with explanation

obama-CPUSA “Communist Party United States of America

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Is Obama Tired Of Being President?

Jim Treacher

King ObamaIf he is, it’s not his fault. It’s never his fault. It’s your fault, America.

Amie Parnes and Niall Stanage, The Hill:

Is President Obama done with Washington? …

The president twice went for unscheduled walkabouts last week, taking a trip to a Starbucks near the White House with his chief of staff Denis McDonough on Monday and, the next day, turning up at a burger joint in Alexandria, Va…

Last Tuesday, Obama was asked about gun control during a question-and-answer session hosted by the social networking website Tumblr. He didn’t try to assert that progress on legislation was realistically possible, instead launching into a personal broadside, permeated with a sense of resignation, against “this town…”

The couple have also never sold their family home in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, a fact that prompts speculation they will return there after his White House tenure ends.

Cloward PivenIf he’s so miserable, he could end that tenure right now. Today. He could get out before his ineptitude and dishonesty cause even more problems for the world, and, most importantly, for himself.

But he won’t, because his ego won’t let him. He’s willing to destroy the Democrats’ brand just to hold onto his power, no matter how miserable it makes him. No matter how many times he screws everything up, and part of him can’t push away the shame.

Even now, there are people with an emotional investment in this guy. They believed in him, and no matter how he disappoints them, no matter how many outrageous lies he tells them, they can’t bring themselves to abandon him.

There’s nothing the rest of us can do but laugh at them. You can point at them as you do so, but either way works. Just laugh at them. They hate it. And the more they seethe, the better it gets.

History will remember what this man did to America, and who stood by him. There’s nothing we can do to change that now, but at least we can stand clear and sneer.

Is Obama President, King, Dictator, or Tyrant?

Written on Friday, March 21, 2014 by


President Obama is breaking all precedents in steamrolling a complacent Congress as he governs by executive orders. With Obama, we the people has been replaced by me the president.  In recent speeches, the president has been forthright in saying that in every case where he can act without Congress he will do so.  Not only is this an extraordinary statement coming from a man who is supposed to have been a professor of Constitutional law, it shows a dangerous disregard for government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Ever since the U.S. Constitution was established as the law of the land, there has been tension—some would say power struggles—between the executive and legislative branches of government.  In fact, this tension is a necessary part of the checks and balances our Founders put in place to ensure that each branch of government plays its assigned role without encroaching on the prerogatives of the other branches.  If the president gains too much of the upper hand over Congress, the voice of the people is replaced by the voice of just one person: the president.  If Congress gains too much of the upper hand over the executive branch, we have government by committee, and nothing gets done.  Consequently, it is important to maintain the proper Constitutionally-prescribed balance between the executive and legislative branches of government.

Barack Obama knows this. He probably taught the concept when he was moonlighting as a professor of law.  But knowing about a concept and complying with it are two very different things.  In President Obama’s defense, working with Congress can be a frustrating experience.  Congress can be ponderous, self-protective, parochial, self-serving, and excruciatingly slow to act.  It is governance by committee with all of the shortcomings inherent in that concept.  President Obama is hardly the first person to be elected president only to find that his hands are often tied by an unresponsive Congress.  I am sure that many of his predecessors would have loved to simply by-pass Congress and—like him—govern by executive order.  But most had the good sense to understand that governing by executive order is one of those concepts where the solution is worse than the problem.

When the President of the United States by-passes Congress by issuing executive orders or by using the regulatory process—things Barack Obama does frequently—he undermines the concept of we the people that is the foundation of our form of government and of the freedoms Americans have traditionally enjoyed.  Congress, with all of its warts and blemishes, is still composed of the representatives of the people.  By-passing the elected representatives of the people is the same as by-passing the people.  Rulers who by-pass the people are dictators, kings, and often tyrants, but they are not presidents. Barack Obama was elected president, not dictator nor king, but by governing through executive orders and bureaucratic regulations, he is behaving like one or the other, or both.

One measure of an effective president is that he understands the governing process and is sufficiently adept politically that he can work with Congress to implement his programs and make good on his campaign promises.  Some presidents have had the political skills to accomplish this and some have not.  Barack Obama falls into the latter category, but where he differs from his predecessors is that he has made no effort to learn the way Congress and Washington, D. C. work.  Rather, if he cannot get what he wants when he wants it—regardless of whether the American people want it—he simply by-passes Congress using executive orders or bureaucratic regulations.  What makes this tyrannical situation especially dangerous is that at a time when our country has a president who thinks he is a king, we also have a weak, complacent Congress that lacks the fortitude to stand up to him.  As a result, government of the people, by the people, and for the people has been replaced by government of the president, by the president, and for the president.

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