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Bitter George Conway Releases A Cruel Ad Aimed At Christians

Written by Staff Writer | January 10, 2020

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George Conway started a PAC called the Lincoln Project and they are no longer just attacking President Trump. Conway’s bitterness for President Trump has now included those that support him and his group released a very cruel ad attacking Christians who support President Trump.

The ad opens with a bible verse: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” It then cuts to footage of President Trump quotes before he was President and footage of him attacking Democrats. Next, it pokes fun at Christian leaders who support him and mixes the footage together attempting to make evangelicals look like fools.

The ad ends with saying “If this is the best American Christians can do, then God help us all.”

In a tweet, a member of the Lincoln Project Rick Wilson said, “We’re just getting started.” 

The Lincoln Project is just another angry rhino never-trumpet group led by George Conway similar to Bill Kristol’s group Republicans For The Rule of Law.  Liberals and never-trumpers have taken their hatred of President Trump and are now focusing it on evangelicals because they strongly support the President and helped get him elected. The ad is an obvious attempt to shame Christians who support President Trump and hurt his base. 

I watched the entire ad and most of the cuts that the group used were President Trump attacking the media, violent protestors who infiltrated his rally, and Democrats. One clip, in particular, was when President Trump told Jim Acosta to sit down because he is “Fake News.”

There is nothing more righteous than calling out a liar like Jim Acosta and using emotion to speak out against the coup that has tried to remove President Trump from office.

If anything this ad makes me want to vote for President Trump, even more, just knowing that it’s going to piss off George Conway, Bill Kristol, and other liberal elitists.

This video isn’t going to hurt President Trump, all it really is are liberals attacking Christians because they are mad at them for supporting President Trump; only elitists and liberals will like this video.

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Mike Huckabee Called Racist For Picture He Posted Criticizing Pelosi, His Response Is Legendary

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Huckabee took to Twitter to troll House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi with a photo of MS-13 gang members calling them Pelosi’s “campaign committee” in a tweet on Saturday. Naturally, Twitter exploded as the left came out of their safe spaces to screech and cry about Huckabee’s supposed “racism.”

Huckabee is not known for pulling punches or sugar coating anything. With faith-based sensibility and a genuine affection for facts, Huckabee was once named one of America’s five best governors by Time Magazine nearly a decade ago. The magazine noted that the Republican governor of Arkansas was “a mature, consensus-building conservative who earns praise from fellow Evangelicals and, occasionally, liberal Democrats.”

As the leftist progressive, self-appointed PC police attempted to meltdown the internet with their faux outrage with cries of racism, Huckabee asked the obvious question – “Wasn’t aware that criminal was a ‘race’” when he called out the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty after she attempted to draw a correlation between Huckabee’s obvious satirical poke at Pelosi and his tweet calling out the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia for asking his daughter to leave the premises.

Tumulty tweeted a picture of Huckabee’s MS-13 tweet juxtaposed with one in which the former Arkansas governor accused the Red Hen’s ownership of bigotry for turning away his daughter, Sarah Sanders, because of her job working with President Trump.

He replied – Yes @ktumulty because MS-13 is not a race but an illegal gang who rapes, murders, and mutilates children as sport. Nancy Pelosi defended them because she said @realDonaldTrump insulted them. Are you defending them too? Wasn’t aware that criminal was a “race.”

While these “delicate flowers” report Huckabee for racism, the FBI reports that MS-13 gang members “are known to engage a wide range of criminal activity, including drug distribution, m****r, r**e, prostitution, robbery, home invasions, immigration offenses, kidnapping, carjackings/auto thefts, and vandalism. Most of these crimes, you’ll notice, have one thing in common—they are exceedingly violent. And while most of the violence is directed toward other MS-13 members or rival street gangs, innocent citizens often get caught in the crossfire.”

Hillary Tries to SHUT DOWN Trump’s Latest AD… So Share it With EVERYONE [WATCH]

waving flagPosted on August 10, 2016

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign is pressuring TV stations across the country to stop airing an anti-Clinton political ad sponsored by the pro-Trump super-PAC Rebuilding America Now.

The campaign claims the ad, titled “Outsourcing,” is “directly contracted by evidence in the public record.”

The ad claims Clinton went to India and talked up outsourcing — and then received a donation from Indian politician Amar Singh of up to $5 million in 2008.

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WATCH: Carly Fiorina’s New Presidential Ad B*tch Slaps Hillary in the Face

waving flagPosted on June 12, 2015

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BOOM! Carly Fiorina’s new anti-Hillary ad is nothing but epic and she didn’t have to work that hard getting material.


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