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Gloria Steinem Ban Guns

Radical feminists –some call them “feminazis” — worked hard over the last half century to do what Barry “I have a pen and phone” Obama sought to do in his two interminable terms: fundamentally transform (i.e. destroy) America. Gloria Steinem was the godmother of radical feminism and the sexual revolution.

As I wrote last December:

If Cosmopolitan magazine was the “bible” of free love, sex and orgasm for the single girl, Gloria Steinem was the prophetess of the sexual revolution.

Steinem founded Ms. magazine in 1969, which happily harmonized with Cosmo, further disseminating the dogma of free love and sex without the tedious tether of marriage.

The devotees of [Helen Gurley] Brown and Steinem–who were once college radicals burning bras, protesting the Vietnam War, rebelling against parental authority, and belittling the institution of marriage–are now ensconced in America’s halls of academia teaching malleable young minds.

We now know what happens when you teach a nation that people have no intrinsic value, that women are mere means to pleasure, that women should want unfettered sex whenever and however, and that humans in utero are disposable.  Good ole Gloria started her illustrious career as a Playboy Bunny in the New York City Playboy Club. Now there’s a sure-fire foot-in-the-door for a wannabe radical feminist.

Ms. Steinem made no secret of her abortion at age 22 and writes openly:

I didn’t begin my life as an active feminist until that day. It [abortion] is supposed to make us a bad person. But I must say, I never felt that. I used to sit and try and figure out how old the child would be, trying to make myself feel guilty. But I never could!

There you go.

Nothing like killing your own child to inspire one toward a brave and brazen job move!

Sexual Revolution Kick-Starter Steinem has been opposed to pretty much any and every conservative principle and belief. Although, she was married for a brief time from the age of 66 until her husband, David Bale (father of actor Christian Bale), died. That was one spark of normalcy in her otherwise abhorrent life.

Gloria has been pushing abortion for over 50 years. What a legacy. And her latest hobby? Banning guns!

Yessiree! Ms. Steinem really wants to save the children of America…uh…the ones that have actually survived the abortionists’ killing zones.

Anyone else aghast at this meme and it’s import?


Let’s think about it. According to Feminist Gloria, killing a baby in the womb — or on its way out of the womb — is A-Okay. Killing anyone with a gun? Not so much.

Yea. You radical feminists really have a heart. Babies in America take note. And Ms. G? Hope you like really hot places because, barring a big-time come to Jesus, Paul on the road to Damascus moment, you have a one-way ticket to a very hot, very dark place.


A Higher Resistance

On The View promoting his book “A Higher Loyalty”, James Comey said that he didn’t leave the Republican party, the Republican party left him.


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British Health Secretary Wants to Women to Kill Their Babies in At-Home Abortions

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Reported By Chris Agee | April 17, 2018 at 1:09pm

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Syria has reportedly been hit with another air raid in the days since the government’s latest alleged use of chemical weapons against its own citizens. A trilateral airstrike earlier this month was led by U.S., British and French forces with the support of the other 26 NATO member nations. Days later, the Jerusalem Post cited media reports within Syria that another round of air raids were reported Tuesday morning over specific military sites.

Early Tuesday morning, the strikes were reported near the areas of Damascus, Homs and the Al-Sayrat airbase. A specific target reportedly included in the raid was Dumair airport, which is believed to be the site of Syrian and Russian military coordination. Shortly after the latest round of bombing, locals said Syria’s air defense system was engaged, launching rockets with the intent of intercepting incoming missiles.

Some strikes, including one allegedly targeting the Shayrat airbase, have since been disputed by sources online. It was also unclear which military force or forces were responsible for the latest round of bombings.

Officials at the Pentagon denied the U.S. played any role in continued Syrian air raids following Saturday’s campaign.

President Donald Trump thanked partner nations in a tweet declaring a “perfectly executed strike” just hours after it began early Saturday morning.

The Pentagon confirmed U.S. involvement in the strikes on three strategic targets. A statement indicated the mission was a “one-time shot” in direct response to the latest reports of Syrian citizens poisoned by chemical weapons.

Early social media reports, particularly from sources within Syria, suggested the Israeli military staged Tuesday morning’s strikes. Israeli forces were also linked to another Syrian airstrike on April 9, days before the U.S.-led mission and just two days after the latest alleged round of chemical weapons use.

As the U.K. Telegraph reported, recent warnings have surfaced that the earlier attack blamed on Israel, in which seven Iranians were killed at a Syrian air base, could result in retaliation against the Jewish nation. (SEE BELOW) Israel said it targeted the T4 air base as part of its ongoing effort to prevent Iran from gaining a permanent position of influence within Syria’s volatile military.

Military officials in Israel were reportedly on high alert Tuesday as a senior adviser to Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei pledged the deaths “would not stand without a response.”

Israel had specifically identified the threat of an airstrike launched out of Syria by Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces.

One official confirmed that the military was focusing on the that military force as “most likely to be the designated unit that will try to wage an attack against Israel.”

Iran Responds to Israeli Syria Strike, Says ‘Date Has Been Set’ for Their Destruction

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Following reports of an Israeli strike on Iranian targets at Syria’s T4 airbase last Monday, Iran warned of Israel’s future destruction. The Jerusalem Post reported Tuesday that Iranian Army Ground Forces commander Brig.-Gen Kiumars Heidari said Iran’s military is “much more powerful than before” and warned that “the date has been set” for Israel’s destruction, according to official news agency Mehr.

An Israeli Defense Force official confirmed Monday that Israel was behind the attack on the Iranian air base. The strike was reportedly part of Israel’s ongoing effort to prevent Iran from gaining a permanent position of influence within Syria’s military.

“Israeli officials have repeatedly voiced concerns over the growing Iranian entrenchment on its borders and the smuggling of sophisticated weaponry to Hezbollah, from Tehran to Lebanon via Syria, stressing that both are redlines for the Jewish state,” the Post reported.

The strike also followed an attempted attack from Iran on Feb. 10, “when an Iranian drone launched by a Revolutionary Guards Quds Force unit operating out of Syria’s T4 air base, east of Homs in central Syria, was shot down with a missile from an Israeli Apache helicopter that was following it after it penetrated Israeli airspace,” The New York Times reported.

IDF spokesman Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis, said the drone’s flight path and Israel’s intelligence analysis indicated that its mission was “an act of sabotage in Israeli territory.”

“It was the first time we saw Iran do something against Israel — not by proxy,” a senior IDF official told the Times, adding that the strike on the T-4 airbase “was the first time we attacked live Iranian targets — both facilities and people.”

According to the Post, Iranian Gen. Heidari “taunted others in the region by saying that — unlike countries such as Saudi Arabia which imports its arms from the West — the armed forces of Iran were produced locally.”

Iranian Defense Minister Brig.- Gen. Amir Hatami had a similar message Sunday, saying that Iran had reached a point of “self sufficiency” in producing, supplying and exporting Iranian-made weapons. Iran’s military budget in 2017 was 15.9 billion, up almost 65 percent from 2014, the Post reported.

Besides Israel’s concern about Iran’s influence on Syria, it is also worried that the country is “trying to build advanced weapons factories in Lebanon in order to manufacture more accurate missiles which are GPS-guided and could hit targets within a 50 meter radius.”

In response to Heidari’s threat, a senior IDF official told Sky News in Arabic that “Israel will react strongly to any Iranian action from inside Syria.”

Israel’s strike on the Iranian targets were largely overshadowed by the United States’ strike on Syria on Friday, but as noted by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, tensions between Israel and Iran could lead to an even more dangerous conflict.

“Syria is going to explode. I know, you have heard that one before, but this time I mean really explode. Because the U.S., British and French attack on Syria to punish its regime for its vile use of chemical weapons — and Russia’s vow to respond — is actually just the second-most dangerous confrontation unfolding in that country,” Friedman wrote. 

“Israel and Iran are now a hair-trigger away from going to the next level — and if that happens, the U.S. and Russia may find it difficult to stay out.”

Reported By Robert Donachie | April 17, 2018 at 8:56am

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More American voters want the Republican party to remain in charge of the economy and tax policy, according to an NBC News/WSJ poll released Monday evening. The two media outlets found that 35 percent of Americans believe the Republican Party is better suited to handle the economy, compared with 28 percent who think Democrats have the better economic policies.

Roughly four months ago, Democrats had the upper hand. Thirty-five percent of American voters thought Democrats were the better choice in December — the same month Republicans passed the 2017 tax reform bill. The party now holds a slim 2 percent advantage over Democrats on the question of who has the better tax policy. Democrats had a 4 percentage point advantage in December.

Americans remain divided on whether or not the 2017 tax reform bill was a net-positive. Only 27 percent of Americans think the bill was a good idea, while 34 percent say they don’t know enough about the bill and 36 percent say it wasn’t a good idea.

A slim majority of Americans — 53 percent — think it is likely a negative because of expectations that it will greatly increase the federal deficit. Americans also believe the bill was a giveaway to the wealthy and major corporations.

Recent findings from government oversight officials work to back up Americans’ growing federal deficit concerns. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office expects the Republican tax reform bill and 2018 congressional budget agreement will grow the economy over the coming years, but also add nearly $2 trillion to federal deficit over the next decade.

The CBO released analysis earlier in April detailing how the federal budget deficit will be $804 billion in 2018 and exceed $1 trillion in 2020. Publicly held U.S. debt will total $28.671 trillion by the end of 2028, amounting to over 96 percent of U.S. gross domestic product that year.

Republican tax cuts are expected, as leadership has repeatedly claimed, to grow the economy over the next two years. Real GDP will expand 3.3 percent in 2018 and 2.4 percent in 2019. Starting in 2020, those gains are expected to taper off. The CBO expects real GDP to grow 1.8 percent in 2020, continuing at an average annual rate of 1.7 percent from 2020-2026.

While the deficit remains a concern, the tax bill has shown and is expected to show some other net-benefits for the American people.  Hundreds of corporations and small businesses announced bonuses and wage increases following the bill’s signing last December, although many have decried the moves as simply a public relations stunt.

Americans filed their first tax returns under the new Republican tax plan Tuesday, a first litmus test for voters and politicians as to how effective the tax cuts will end up being. Tax cuts are also expected to bring nearly $2 trillion in capital held overseas back to the United States, according to a United Nations Conference on Trade and Developments report.

The U.N. expects the Republican tax law could lead to the repatriation of roughly $2 trillion in funds that American multinationals are holding overseas. U.N. analysts attribute their predictions to the dramatic cut to the U.S. corporate tax rate that took effect on Jan. 1, 2018.

A version of this article previously appeared on The Daily Caller News Foundation website. 

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Readers Write
Ohio Brothers Convicted in Al-Qaeda Terror Financing

“Financing terror and only facing 8 years in prison? Unreal.”

– J.C.

US Takes Out Top ISIS Leader in Afghanistan

“I just LOVE movies with happy endings. Next?”

– S.H.

Drawn and Posted by Chip Bok | April 18, 2018

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bumbling boy scout comey

Here’s Holman Jenkins in his Business World WSJ column:

That Mr. Comey helped elect Mr. Trump makes it especially ironic that his early publicity tour has been so much devoted to bad-mouthing Mr. Trump’s character. Mr. Trump’s flaws are old news—he’s been bad-mouthed for decades by writers more knowledgeable and insightful than Mr. Comey. Millions of voters preferred him to the establishment alternatives anyway. This is the real news that continues to stick in the craw of Mr. Comey and many others.

Bumbling Boy Scout Comey

Jenkins goes on to add, “Putin is right about one thing: Washington has gone insane.”

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