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Would Planned Parenthood Stop Abortions to Focus on Women’s Health Care? New CEO Says “Absolutely Not”
Black Activist Says Abortion is the Real Racism: “We’re are Literally Killing Ourselves From the Inside Out”
Texas Town Declares Itself a “Sanctuary for Unborn Children,” Bans Abortion Clinics
Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Pregnancy Center’s Van, Slash Its Tires

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Man Beaten for Wearing “Make America Great Again” Hat
Single Mom Who Rejected Abortion of Twins Graduates With Two Degrees
California Bill Would Mandate Free Abortions at Colleges and Universities
Satanists Challenge Pro-Life Law, Claims it Violates Their Religious Freedoms
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Would Planned Parenthood Stop Abortions to Focus on Women’s Health Care? New CEO Says “Absolutely Not”

Since the sudden, forced departure of Dr. Leana Wen from Planned Parenthood, some have been skeptical about the organization’s motives. 

Without a Guaranteed Right to Life, All Other Legal Rights are Fiction

Arkansas Abortions Drop 6% Last Year, 44% Since 2000 as More Babies Saved From Abortions

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Washington State Assisted Suicides Jump 25%, Many Patients Experience Long and Painful Deaths

Abortion Tells Women: We Can’t Help You Raise Your Child, But We Can Kill Your Baby

Australian State Considers New Law legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

Kamala Harris Brags to Joe Biden During Democrat Debate: I’m More Pro-Abortion Than You

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