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Seriously, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Teenage girl sentenced to a year in jail for throwing bacon on a Scotland mosque

June 27, 2014 by

Edinburgh Central Mosque Photo Credit:

Edinburgh Mosque Photo Credit:

How long will it be until libs in the United States start sentencing people to jail for “hurting other people’s feelings”?

A teenage girl was sentenced to lock-up for 12 months Friday for throwing bacon at the window of a mosque and wrapping a few pieces around the door handles, the BBC reported.

No one would question that desecration of a church of any kind is wrong. The act, committed in January 2013, while unkind and inexcusable, was not vandalism. It damaged nothing and hurt nobody. What ostensibly should have resulted in a fine, an obligation to polish the handles and sweep the floor, turned out to be much more.

Chelsea Lambie, 18, and two friends were convicted by a jury of threatening and abusive behavior in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Douglas Cruikshank, 39, was sent to jail for nine months because he pled guilty, and Wayne Stilwel from Gorebridge, who also pled guilty, received 10 months behind bars.

According to The Scotsman, the sole worshipper inside saw the trio at the door but ignored them, and then heard something hit against the prayer room window, the uncooked bacon.

At the trial, security guard Usman Mahmood explained the offensive nature of the encroachment.

“It is against our culture and our religion. We do not eat pork or even touch it. I felt very bad seeing this meat in my sacred place. It hurt my feelings when I saw this meat hanging inside the mosque…it was very disturbing,” he said.

“How do you react to your knot-headed brethren beheading our Christian Brothers and raping our Christian sisters? Shut up with your stupid feeling hurt. I’m not interested. When you start speaking out about your stupid religion’s teaching of sever atrocities, then I will listen to your complaint about some bacon. Until then, SHUT THE HECK UP!!!!!” Jerry Broussard,

Christian Persecution

The prosecuting attorney for east of Scotland, John Logue, said: “The Muslim community are a valued and integral part of Scottish society and there is no place for such attacks in modern Scotland…we will not let it be blighted by a narrow minded and hateful minority,” the Scotsman reported.

“REALLY? Valued and INTREGRAL? Oh, they’ve paid you off, You are a miserable hack.’

“Valued and INTREGRAL this.” JB>>>>>>>>angry 05

He added that “we will maintain our zero-tolerance approach towards such crimes, which will continue to be investigated carefully and prosecuted robustly.”

“It does not seem to me there is any way to deal with this case other than custody,” said Sheriff Alistair Noble, who passed down the terms on convictions of threatening and abusive behavior.

I wonder what would happen if someone left a Ouija board on the pew of a Catholic church in Scotland

Wake up America

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