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Sorry, Gavin Newsom. Real Freedom Fighters Are Leading Conservative Southern States, Not California


JANUARY 20, 2023


Greg Abbott
Conservative governors in the South such as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Glenn Youngkin, and Ron DeSantis provide hope to freedom-loving Americans.

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“Freedom is our essence, our brand name — the abiding idea that right here, anyone from anywhere can accomplish anything,” so said the stunt double for Gordon Gekko’s hair, Gavin Newsom, upon being sworn in for his second term as the governor of California. Never mind that California was the exemplar of draconian lockdown policies designed to stop Covid, nor that businesses are fleeing the state, nor that it’s using “1984” as a roadmap. If Gov. French Laundry says it’s true, as he’s taking shots at potential future presidential rivals in Florida and Texas, it must be true.

And maybe it is true on Earth-2. California was once the home of innovation and a bastion of America’s independent spirit. The expression “As goes California, so goes the nation” didn’t gain currency because it was incorrect. But as another expression says: That was then, this is now. For in the now, it’s southern states and governors who are leading the way on freedom, empowering citizens, rebuilding infrastructure, and returning to the lost ideal of just leaving people alone.

When it comes to policies that actually promote freedom, states like Florida, Texas, and, God willing, my own Arkansas are doing much more to promulgate the free expression of the American spirit than Beijing on the Bay. How do we know this? Well, while actions speak louder than words, the actions of the governors of those states show they’re not afraid to put their money where their mouths are. 

When Ron DeSantis was sworn in for his second term as governor, in a previously purple state in which he won reelection by almost 19 points, his inaugural speech proclaimed Florida as a bastion of freedom, but he has the stats to back it up. From fighting indoctrination masquerading as education to battling woke corporate excess to remembering that conservation is a conservative value, he has a record.

When Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was elected the first female governor of Arkansas by a margin of roughly 27 points, was sworn in, she immediately began issuing executive orders fighting racism masked as education while urging the legislature to enshrine the orders so that future governors could not rescind them. She repealed five executive orders left in place by her Republican predecessor, Asa Hutchinson, regarding Covid. And she instituted a promotion and hiring freeze for state workers and made it impossible for state government agencies to issue new regulations without her approval.

And when Greg Abbott, who dealt Robert Francis “Novice Air Drummer” O’Rourke his latest defeat, was sworn in for his third term as governor of Texas, the new technology and innovation hub of America, he sounded the alarms on indoctrination, public safety, and the crisis at America’s southern border as well as offering a positive vision for the future of Texas. He stressed the need to focus on infrastructure and ensuring that the state’s power grid is prepared not just for the next four years “but for the next 40 years.”

Texas’ population has grown to more than 30 million people while California’s population has declined. And it’s no wonder why; it must be reassuring to these ex-Californians that their new home is being proactive in preventing the rolling brownouts of their former state. They can also take solace in the fact that Abbott didn’t give into Covid hysteria and has helped foster a climate that has drawn more than a few businesses from the Golden State to the Lone Star State.

It’s not just Texas that’s growing, but also Florida. Being open for business during the disastrous response to Covid propelled the state to the leader of the pack for growth for the first time since 1957. (Arkansas is also growing, and being home to the world’s largest retailer — and non-governmental employer — helps, though that company may soon need to be reined in akin to how DeSantis reined in Disney.)

Factor in Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia in 2021, and it really seems like these southerners are onto something. Whereas conservatives in the past just wanted to be left alone, so do conservatives in the present day. However, with regulatory and Big Business busybodies unwilling to leave us alone, we need executives who will fight back. 

The future of the country isn’t found in an office, it’s found in our communities, the place closest to us that we also tend to ignore, but at this moment, we also need pugilists who are willing to stand up for normalcy and vibrancy. The freshly sworn-in trio in the South is offering us that. As California goes, so goes the nation is one possibility. But if we pay attention and keep electing leaders like these, the other possibility is that as goes the South, so goes the nation. 

Freedom is neither an essence nor a slogan, it’s a way of life that must be protected.

Richard Cromwell is a writer and senior contributor at The Federalist. He lives in Northwest Arkansas with his wife, three daughters, and two crazy dogs. Co-host of the podcast Coffee & Cochon, you can find him on Facebook and Twitter, though you should probably avoid using social media.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders becomes first woman elected governor of Arkansas

By Michael Gryboski, Mainline Church Editor | November 9, 2022


Sarah Huckabee Sanders | MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former White House spokesperson for President Donald Trump and the daughter of Mike Huckabee, a former governor, has become the first woman elected governor of Arkansas. With 93% of the vote in by Wednesday morning, Sanders defeated her Democrat opponent Chris Jones, getting 63.1% of the vote, while Jones received 35.1% and Libertarian candidate Ricky Harrington 1.8%.

Sanders’ father previously served as governor of Arkansas from 1996-2007, with Sanders joking in her acceptance speech that while she always considered him “the best governor Arkansas has ever had,” she hoped “to take that title away from him pretty soon.”

“More than 10,000 miles, 75 counties, here we are,” said Sanders. “It has been an absolutely amazing journey every step of the way.”

Sanders also told those gathered to celebrate her win that “at the end of the day, this campaign was never about me. It was about each of you.”

“This election is about taking Arkansas to the top,” she continued. “I know that Arkansas can be first, and I’m committed to being the leader that takes us there.”

For his part, Huckabee took to Twitter to celebrate his daughter’s election win, calling it a “pretty special night.” He also lauded the election of Republican Leslie Rutledge as Arkansas’ next lieutenant governor.

Throughout the gubernatorial race, Sanders had a strong edge both with name recognition and financial support, including having fundraised millions of dollars more than her two opponents.

In September, Sanders was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and underwent surgery to treat it, announcing after her operation that “by the grace of God, I am now cancer-free.” John R. Sims, Sanders’ surgeon, said in a statement at the time that he believed the “surgery went extremely well” and accurately predicted that she would recover quickly.

“This is a stage 1 papillary thyroid carcinoma which is the most common type of thyroid cancer and has an excellent prognosis. While she will need adjuvant treatment with radioactive iodine, as well as continued long-term follow-up, I think it’s fair to say she’s now cancer free, and I don’t anticipate any of this slowing her down,” Sims said.

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After Laura Bush Attacked Trump & Called His Border Policy ‘Immoral,’ Sarah Huckabee Embarrassed Her

Reported by 

URL of the original posting site:

On Monday the Trump administration fought against the harsh criticism from former first lady Laura Bush.

Laura Bush has bashed President Trump and his administration for his “zero tolerance” policy that has led to the separation of migrant families. Sarah Huckabee Sanders the White House press secretary and the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen came together and blamed the past administrations and George W. Bush for initially making these immigration laws that have led to the current situation.

The law was actually signed in 2008. Trump and his administration were not the ones who created the crisis. He has inherited the problem and is the only President brave enough to fix it. Now the media is throwing out lies about the new “Border Policy” and Sarah Huckabee is not taking it lightly. 

Reported by subjectpolitics:

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders took the podium today and shot down the mainstream media LIES that have been spread over the weekend about immigration enforcement.

Specifically, Sarah was asked about Laura Bush’s comments calling the Trump Admin. policy “Immoral.”

Sarah did not hold back. She stood up for Pres. Trump and exposed Laura Bush as the hypocrite she truly is. (Video Below) This :40 second clip is going viral as Sarah proved once again you better be prepared if you’re going to attack President Trump.

“Frankly, this law was actually signed into effect in 2008 under (Laura Bush’s) husband’s leadership, not under this administration…”

“We’re not the ones responsible for creating this problem. We’ve inherited it,” she added. “But we’re actually the first administration stepping up and trying to fix it.”

If you missed it, Laura Bush wrote an op-ed over the weekend where she said, “I appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries, but this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. It is immoral. And it breaks my heart.”

President Trump is already being attacked by Michelle Obama all the time, now George W. Bush’s wife is trying to tear him down as well?

This just shows how much Pres. Trump is upsetting the establishment and doing what he promised to do.

Watch Sarah Sanders full Press Briefing here:

Today’s THREE Politically INCORRECT Cartoons by A.F. Branco (Getting Caught Up)

Deep State Troopers

After all efforts by Mueller, Comey, Clapper, Brennen, and the rest of the deep state, there still is absolutely NO evidence trump colluded with Russia.

Bad Cops Mueller and ComeyPolitical Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2018.
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Straight from the gutter, Michelle Wolf’s comedy routine turned to mud thrown at Sarah Sanders during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Michelle Wolf Correspondents DinnerPolitical Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2018.

Sarah Breaks Down After 9-Year-Old Girl’s Battle Is Brought to National Stage

Reported By V Saxena | January 25, 2018 at 7:56am

URL of the original posting site:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders grew visibly emotional this week as she shared the heart-wrenching tale of a 9-year-old girl from Texas, Sophia Marie Campa-Peters, who has requested that the Trump administration ask the world to pray for her.

“This Friday, Sophia will undergo brain surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital, and she has one request: She has asked the entire world come together and pray for her on the day of her surgery,” Sanders said during Tuesday’s White House briefing, according to a transcript from the White House.

“In her amazing, 9-year-old mind, that meant creating a goal of just reaching 10,000 people,” Sanders continued, her voice noticeably cracking with emotion. “We want to make sure she gets that and far exceeds it. So today, Sophia, I’m here to tell you that millions of people from every corner of the world will be praying for you on January 26th.”

Including President Donald Trump, who told Sanders to tell Campa-Peters “to keep fighting, to never give up, keep inspiring us all, and never, ever lose faith in God. With Him, all things are possible.”

We too want to join the White House’s call by requesting that all of you, our dear readers, pray for Campa-Peters as well. Though just to be clear, we already know in our hearts that she’ll be just fine, no matter what happens. How so? Because, despite suffering “from a rare disease that causes the blood vessels in her brain to narrow and close,” as noted Tuesday by Sanders, and despite “enduring four massive strokes” three years ago that “left her partially paralyzed,” Campa-Peters has never once balked in fear.

“When the doctors told her she would never walk again, she dismissed them,” Sanders said. “‘If you’re only going to talk about what I can’t do, then I don’t want to hear it,’ she said. ‘Just let me try.’ Not only did she try, she succeeded, leaving her doctors dumfounded. When they asked how she was doing these things, she had a simple answer: ‘Because I’m awesome,’ and she’d smile.”

Campa-Peters’ mother and father clearly didn’t raise a wimp, particularly of the spineless, liberal kind. Listen to Sanders’ emotional plea below:

Two years ago Campa-Peters suffered from another bout of minor strokes, yet she continued to remain strong nevertheless, prompting one of her neurosurgeons to say the following to her mother: “This little girl has God on her side.”

She does indeed have God on her side.

Combined, these experiences eventually inspired Campa-Peters’ mother to reach out to the Trump administration.

“In a world where things are so bad and ugly, when there is so much loss of faith, people needed to hear Sophia’s story so that they could hear a true testament to God’s grace and His glory revealed,” her mother wrote, according to Sanders.

So please, if you have some time to spare and you believe in the power of prayer, take a moment to pray for this young lady. Thank you.

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