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Why didn’t FBI tell court about Christopher Steele bias?

Reported by Byron York  | July 26, 2018 09:49 PM

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., set off the argument last February, with the release of the so-called Nunes memo. In the memo, Nunes wrote, “Neither the initial application in October 2016, nor any of the renewals, disclose or reference the role of the DNC, Clinton campaign, or any party/campaign in funding Steele’s efforts.”


In another passage, Isikoff and Corn wrote: “As FBI officials saw it, Steele seemed more interested in getting the story out rather than quietly working with them on the investigation. ‘There was clearly an agenda on his part,’ one senior FBI official later said.”

So to conclude: The FBI based a substantial part of its warrant application on Steele’s work. Steele had a strong and clear anti-Trump bias. The FBI knew about it. The bureau should have informed the court. And it did not.

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Oroville Dam: Five workers fired for posting photos to social media

waving flag disclaimerAuthored By TK Whiteman | February 21, 2017

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Damaged spillway at the Oroville Dam. (Facebook)

Damaged spillway at the Oroville Dam. (Facebook)

Things are going from bad to worse at California’s battered Oroville Dam. As if the severely damaged spillway wasn’t enough of a danger, the Sacramento Bee is reporting that authorities are pumping out 60,000 cubic feet of water per second (cfs). Unfortunately, the inflow of water due to the deluge of rain into the Oroville Lake just spiked at roughly 91,000 cfs. And things in the near future don’t look much better.picture3

Citing a meteorological event known as an “atmospheric river” (AR), Pacific Standard Magazine is citing that one of those very same weather scenarios is headed straight for the mountains of Central California.

According to the American Meteorological Society, an atmospheric river is typically thousands of miles long, while a mere few hundreds of yards wide. A single AR is capable of carrying a greater flux of water than the Amazon River, the largest river on the planet.

Acting much like a baseball field backstop, the tons of water that constitute an AR will slam into the Sierras, then the very same water will flow back towards the coast, but instead of making it to the Pacific, the wet stuff will fill the hundreds of already swollen dams and reservoirs much like the Oroville Dam.

As also reported by Pacific Standard Magazine;

Heavy rains will continue on Tuesday, at which point serious problems could begin to emerge. The fragile Oroville Dam will again be tested, but dozens of other dams — like the one at Don Pedro Reservoir near Modesto — are also nearing capacity statewide and planning emergency contingencies.

By late Tuesday, the San Joaquin River — the main hydrologic thoroughfare of the vast Central Valley — is expected to exceed a level not seen since 1997, and then keep rising the rest of the week. The river is already in “danger” stage — the stage above flood stage when critical levees could begin to become compromised.picture2

But here’s where things start to get a bit strange.

While the State of California is soothing frayed nerves by telling the world (cited above by the Sac Bee) that the water level at the Oroville Lake may be at 850 feet, all is well. After all, the Oroville Dam tops out at 900 feet.


Yet just a few short days ago the Los Angeles Times reported that “the Federal Aviation Administration has issued a temporary ban on flights around the Oroville Dam to allow emergency aircraft to operate safely.”

With both aircraft and drones banned until May 17, the government is claiming the ban is necessary due to work crews continuing “to conduct aerial surveys of the erosion on the emergency spillway.”words-of-a-leftist-propagandist

Speaking of erosion on the emergency spillway, San Francisco’s KRON published a rather terse report that five contract workers at the dam have been fired for posting unauthorized photos of the virtually destroyed spillway on social media;

Five Oroville Dam workers have been fired for violating a contract by putting pictures of the dam on social media.

The Department of Water Resources hires a contractor to work on the dam. The contractor hired was Syblon Reid.

This contractor has a strict “No social media, no photos policy” at every site they work on.

Some of the employees did not abide by their contract and posted pictures of the Oroville Dam emergency spillway online which is why five people were released.

As far as the state government is concerned, The Atlantic magazine reports that the maintenance and inspection records of the dam are spotty at best, Third World-ish at worst.

Provided the dam doesn’t burst, thusly threatening the lives of up to 200,000 Californians,  the cost of repairs is estimated at between $100 million to $200 million. Once it’s dry enough to begin work, that is.

In the meantime, Gov. Jerry Brown has pumped $64 billion in a high speed rail system that opponents have dubbed a boondoggle that is in reality “the train to nowhere.”

The California State Senate has also passed a slew of bills sent to the governor for signature that would place the California taxpayers on the hook to protect the estimated 2.4 million illegal aliens residing in the Golden State.partyof-deceit-spin-and-lies


HILARIOUS Cartoon DESTROYS Liberal Voter ID Arguments

waving flagReported by Cassy Fiano, Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Liberals are always against voter ID laws, saying that it will somehow prevent minorities from voting. But this meme destroys every argument they’ve got.

voter ID

voter ID meme

When the New Hampshire primary commences on Feb. 9, it will make American history by becoming the first-ever primary election to require voter IDs!

Fox News explains:

Tens of thousands of new voters are expected to flood the polls, and they will need to show up with a valid photo ID, which can include a driver’s license, passport, military ID, and even some student ID’s from colleges and schools approved by the state.

Note that this rule first went into effect during the 2012 general election. Its implementation came so late in the year, however, that it was not used during that season’s primary election, and as a result, voter fraud occurred:

Lorin Schneider, Jr., who lives in Massachusetts, pleaded guilty to wrongful voting charges for illegally voting in New Hampshire three times. He cast his ballots in the 2008 presidential election and again in both the presidential primary and general election in 2012. He was fined roughly $7,000, given a suspended prison term and lost his right to vote in the state.

This month, Manchester resident Derek Castonguay also pleaded guilty to voter fraud after prosecutors say he voted illegally and tried to vote twice during the mid-term election in 2014. He also was given a suspended jail term and fined $1,000.

… That said, I expect to hear a lot of moaning and whining from liberals who allege that voter ID laws disfranchise minority voters and are thus racist.More Evidence

Call me a loon, but I think the belief that minorities lack the capability to go and obtain an ID like everybody else is in itself quite racist. Also rather racist is this belief that minorities are too afraid to get their pictures taken.

Yes, the people who say they aren’t racist are the same ones who say that minority voters are just too dumb or poor to go get an ID card, which usually costs less than $15. But remember, they’re not racist at all — they just don’t think minorities can accomplish anything on their own without white liberals holding their hands through it.

All about the vote illegalalienvoters-300x300 Buying votes Picture1 In God We Trust freedom combo 2 Pro-Life News Report

waving flagMonday, December 7, 2015

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Obama Backs Planned Parenthood Rally, Says “America is a People Who Stand Up” for Abortion
President Obama showed solidarity with the nation’s No. 1 abortion provider this weekend by expressing that America is “a people who stand up for the rights of women to make their own decisions about their health,” according to a statement that never once mentioned “abortion.”

Hillary Clinton Likens Pro-Lifers to Terrorists, Condemns “American Assault on Planned Parenthood”
In a weekend interview, pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared to put pro-life people on the same level as the terrorists behind the shooting in San Bernadino, California. In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos,Clinton appeared to liken pro-life people to terrorists — talking about the “terrorist” attack in California and, in the same breath, condemning pro-life advocates for their “assault on Planned Parenthood.”

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Shocking Video Shows Patient Begging to Stay Alive, But Hospital is Trying to Kill Him
If you’re ailing and in a Texas hospital, who should decide if you have the right to live: you or a committee of hospital administrators? Right now, an American hero is fighting for his right to make that decision from his hospital bed at Houston Methodist Hospital. David Christopher “Chris” Dunn is one of countless Texans who have been victimized by the draconian Texas Advance Directives Act (TADA), enacted by the Texas Legislature in 1999.

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How Can Planned Parenthood Denounce Violence When it Kills 330,000 People Every Year?
 Violence is always wrong. No matter what form it takes, harming or killing innocent human life is a social injustice we should all stand in solidarity against. The Prolife movement denounces violence against the innocent, no matter what.

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Woman Gets Pregnant Just to See if She Can, Then Has an Abortion
 I recently re-read the wonderful book Why Women Shouldn’t Marry: Being Single by Choice, by Cynthia S. Smith and her daughter Hillary B. Smith. (It was originally published by Cynthia alone in 1988; the second edition, to which daughter Hillary contributed, came out in 2008.)

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Charlie Sheen: I Can Prove My Ex-Fiancé Never Had an Abortion, Baby Was a “Total Lie”
 More accusations are flying between Hollywood star Charlie Sheen and his ex-fiance Brett Rossi after she sued him last week for allegedly bullying her into having an abortion. Sheen has denied the claims. Now sources close to him say his ex-fiance never had an abortion because she was never pregnant, the entertainment news website Radar Online reports.

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This Sperm Donor Has Fathered 54 Babies in Just Two Years; He Has 8 Children of His Own
 Declan Rooney said he just wanted “to help women in need” when he decided to set up a private website to donate his sperm. But after fathering 54 children in just two years, some are questioning Rooney and the ethics and legal implications of his many sperm donations.

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Thousands Attend Funeral of Garrett Swasey, Pro-Life Police Officer Killed at Planned Parenthood
Thousands of people gathered to mourn a pro-life police officer Friday in Colorado Springs, after he gave his life defending people from a crazed gunman around a Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

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Experts: Brutal Attacks on Expectant Mothers, Unborn Babies Is Increasing in U.S.

Father Sues to Keep His Daughter Alive, Hospital Threatens to Pull the Plug Without Consent

After Colorado Shooting, Abortion Activists Admit There is Less Abortion-Related Violence Now

Abortion Activists Vandalize Cross Display to Memorialize Babies Killed in Abortions

South Dakota Abortions Drop to Lowest Total Ever, 50 Babies Saved From Abortions Last Year

Liberal Activist Michael Moore Gives Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz $5000 Via United Way

Bernie Sanders: If Men Could Get Pregnant, There Would be Little Debate About Abortion

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Receive a free twice-weekly email report with the latest pro-life news headlines on abortion, euthanasia and stem cell research. Sign up here.

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waving flagFriday, December 4, 2015

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Censored: Networks Ignore Landmark Pro-Life Victory De-Funding Planned Parenthood
The liberal media often say more by what they don’t report than by what they do report – especially when it comes to topics that challenge their agenda. During the Friday morning news shows, all three broadcast networks censored Thursday’s vote to strip federal funding of Planned Parenthood. While ABC, NBC and CBS turned a blind-eye, other traditional media outlets and the pro-life movement reported the “landmark victory.”

Charlie Sheen Forced Fiancee to Have Abortion So Baby Wouldn’t be “Retarded,” Lawsuit Claims
Embroiled in scandal for allegedly hiding his HIV status, actor Charlie Sheen is now being accused of pressuring his ex-fiance into having an abortion. Ex-fiance Brett Rossi said Sheen bullied her to abort their unborn child in 2014, ranting that she would “give birth to a retarded child,” according to People. Sheen also allegedly said he did not want the child to inherit HIV.

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Pro-Life “Prayer Warrior” Nicholas Thalasinos Killed During the San Bernardino Shootings
A pro-life advocate was among the victims who were killed during a mass shooting Wednesday in San Bernadino. The Live Action blog indicates that pro-lifer Nicholas “Michael” Thalasinos was one of 14 people who were shot and killed in what authorities are now confirming was a terrorist attack. Twenty-one others were injured in the tragic shooting.

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Presidential Candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz Vote to De-Fund Planned Parenthood
 Three pro-life Republican presidential candidates voted on Thursday to de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business after it was caught selling the body parts of aborted babies. Hearings have exposed how the abortion company likely violated federal laws to sell the body parts.

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After Adopting Six Children, This Couple Opened an Adoption Agency Next to Planned Parenthood
 Parents of ten children, six of them through adoption, Randy and Kelsey Bohlender have more personal experience than most involved in the adoption process. Earlier this year, the Bohlenders re-launched their own state-licensed adoption agency — naming it Zoe’s House, after their first adopted daughter.

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Salt Lake City Gives Planned Parenthood Abortion Business a “Human Rights Award”
 The leaders of Salt Lake City don’t seem to understand the concept of human rights. Every year, the city Mayor’s Office of Diversity and Human Rights and the Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission give away Human Rights Awards to recognize organizations and individuals that have worked to improve the lives of people in the community, the Desert News reports.

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Pro-Lifers to Sing Christmas Carols at Home of Planned Parenthood Doc Wanting Lamborghini
 Mary Gatter became a household name in July when she was shown having been caught on camera negotiating the sales prices of the body parts of aborted babies. Gatter infamously said she was hoping to sell enough aborted baby parts to purchase a Lamborghini.

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Dominican Republic Court Upholds Abortion Ban Saving Unborn Children From Abortions
The Dominican Republic is holding fast to its pro-life principles after its highest court blocked a new law Wednesday that would have legalized abortions. The court affirmed that the small Caribbean nation will continue to protect unborn babies from the moment of conception in all cases, Reuters reports.

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Twin Baby Who Died 74 Minutes After Birth Becomes the Youngest-Ever Organ Donor

Man Stomped on Girlfriend’s Stomach So Hard After She Refused Abortion, He Killed Her Baby

Lindsey Graham Trashes Pro-Life Ted Cruz for Opposing Abortion of Babies Conceived in Rape

Abortionist: “I’m Not Going to Apologize” for Doing Abortions, “It’s Moral Work”

Tyson Fury Was Born 3 Months Premature Weighing 1 Pound, Now He’s a Heavyweight Boxing Champion

Doctors Told Me to Abort My Baby Because She Was “Incompatible With Life,” She’s 7 Now

Court Won’t Review Decision Not to Prosecute Doctor Who Offered Sex-Selection Abortion

Netflix Show “Jessica Jones” Promotes Character Having Abortion, Baby Was “Growing Like a Tumor”

Bernie Sanders Missed Vote to De-Fund Planned Parenthood But He Still Loves the Abortion Biz

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Receive a free daily email report from with the latest pro-life news stories on abortion, euthanasia and stem cell research. Sign up here.
Receive a free twice-weekly email report with the latest pro-life news headlines on abortion, euthanasia and stem cell research. Sign up here.

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waving flagWednesday, December 2, 2015

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Obama Vows to Veto Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood, Which Sells Aborted Baby Parts
The White House issued a proclamation for President Barack Obama today indicating that he will veto the bill the Senate is considering currently that would de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business. The abortion company has been caught selling aborted baby parts and aborted babies themselves for profit to scientists conducting dubious research.

Liberal Media Falsely Try to Link Planned Parenthood to San Bernadino Shooting
In another tragic and horrible shooting, active shooters have killed at least 20 people at a center for adult developmentally disabled people in San Berndino. Already liberal media outlets are attempting to tie the shooting to Planned Parenthood, which has a center located a mile away, in an attempt to trash pro-lifers.

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What This Catholic Priest Did After the Planned Parenthood Shooting Will Shock Some People
After the terrible shooting at Planned Parenthood last week, the pro-abortion n side of the abortion debate and its friends in the media were quick to crucify the entire pro-life movement and brand pro-life people as a bunch of violent extremists. Never mind that that alleged shooter, Robert Lewis Dear, has no connections with the pro-life movement and reportedly little interest in the issue of abortion itself.

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MSNBC: Pro-Lifers are “Terrorists” Who Make Working at Planned Parenthood “Dangerous”
 Leave it to MSNBC to turn a tragic shooting by a deranged gunman not affiliated with the pro-life movement and turn it into a general attack on pro-life advocates who respect the lives of people both born and unborn.

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Media Mocks Tim Tebow for Getting Dumped Because He’s Committed to Abstinence
 Tim Tebow’s relationship with former Miss USA model Olivia Culpo is over. Because, according to reports, Culpo is upset that the couple isn’t having sex, since Tebow has decided to remain abstinent until marriage.

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Ted Cruz Vows to Put “Principles Judicial Conservatives” on the Supreme Court
 The pro-life movement has been extraordinarily successful in reducing abortions to historic lows and closing a record number of abortion clinics, many of which violate the numerous pro-life states laws pro-life groups have passed to protect women and unborn children. But the pro-life movement has had a difficult time in the almost 43 years since Roe v. Wade was handed down in getting the nation’s highest court to overturn the disastrous decision that essentially allowed virtually unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy.

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We Will Never Apologize For or Stop Saying That Abortion Kills Unborn Babies
 Upon hearing about the tragic shootings Friday in Colorado Springs, I issued a statement on behalf of various pro-life leaders saying that because we do not yet know the motives for this violence, we should not jump to conclusions that it had to do with opposition to Planned Parenthood or abortion.

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Donald Trump: De-Fund Planned Parenthood and “Look Carefully at” Overturning Roe v. Wade
During a question and answer period after a speech in New Hampshire on the campaign trail, presidential candidate Donald Trump repeated his call for de-funding the Planned Parenthood abortion business. The call for revoking its taxpayer funding comes one day before the Senate is prepare dot vote on the matter and one week after a deranged gunman shot a dozen people outside an abortion clinic in Colorado Springs, killing three.

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Ted Cruz’s Amazing Response to the Claim Pro-Lifers are Responsible for Planned Parenthood Shooting

Woman Says Her Husband is Demanding She Get an Abortion, Says it Would “Kill Him” if She Refuses

Baby Given No Chance of Survival Beats the Odds After Her Parents Reject Abortion

Abortion Survivor Says She Has Forgiven Her Mother for Trying to Abort Her

New Audio Shows Bill Clinton on Abortion: Women Don’t Have a Right to “Crush a Baby’s Skull”

NARAL President to Pro-Lifers: Face the “Judgment of the Consequences of Your Hate-Filled Rhetoric”

Wendy Davis on Planned Parenthood Shooting: Republicans are “Fueling This Kind of Behavior”

Planned Parenthood Sues Idaho to Put Women’s Heath at Risk in Webcam Abortions

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Twice-Weekly Pro-Life
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Receive a free daily email report from with the latest pro-life news stories on abortion, euthanasia and stem cell research. Sign up here.
Receive a free twice-weekly email report with the latest pro-life news headlines on abortion, euthanasia and stem cell research. Sign up here.

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