Poll: Majority of Democrats say socialism has ‘positive impact’

The term ‘socialist’ once was used as an epithet in American politics. Perhaps no more.

In a year in which Bernie Sanders, a self-described ‘Democratic Socialist,’ is running a competitive primary campaign for the White House, a new survey finds that a healthy portion of Democratic primary voters are favorably inclined toward socialism.

Nearly six-in-ten Democratic primary voters believe socialism has a ‘positive impact on society,’ according to polling conducted this month for the right-leaning issue advocacy group American Action Network and provided to POLITICO.Alinsky affect

Democratic voters in every age group, every gender, and every race view socialism favorably, according to the early February telephone poll of 1,000 likely Democratic primary voters fielded by Republican firm OnMessage Inc. and commissioned by AAN, which is tied to the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC dedicated to House Republicans. And among people 45 and under — a group that has helped power Sanders’ primary performances — the ideology is preferred to capitalism by a margin of 46 percent to 19 percent. definetly

This new acceptance of Socialism is tied to the rise of Bernie Sanders and one of the largest groups in his base of support; Millennials. The same people who are demanding safe spaces on college campuses are driving the party of the left, further left.

U.S. News and World Report offers this:

Young People Favor Bernie Sanders, Socialism

A plurality of young people choose Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, at 74 the oldest candidate in the 2016 presidential race, as the political figure they like and respect the most.

Thirty-one percent of Americans aged 18 to 26 rate Sanders the highest, followed by President Barack Obama with 18 percent and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with 11 percent, according to a survey by Republican pollster Frank Luntz. Nine percent of young people say Republican front-runner Donald Trump is the political figure they like and respect the most.

Fifty-eight percent of young people choose socialism over capitalism (33 percent) as the most compassionate system. Sixty-six percent say corporate America “embodies everything that is wrong with America,” compared with 34 percent who say corporate America embodies what’s right with America. A plurality of 28 percent say the most pressing issue facing the country is income inequality – one of Sanders’ top themes. Next on the list of pressing issues among young people is the cost of education, with 24 percent. This is another main theme for Sanders in his campaign.Keys taken

In 2008, college students helped give us President Obama. Now they want to give us President Bernie.

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