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Nine-Hour Hearing Held in Delaware County After Officials Took a Detour from Counting Center into a Closed Building for 6 Hours on Election Day

By Jim Hoft | Published November 22, 2022


As reported earlier – Pennsylvania election observers filed a complaint against the Delaware County Board of Elections after county officials took a detour on election night with the county’s ballots and v-drives into a closed building for six hours.  Poll watchers were prevented from entering the building at the time.

The county also deleted 194 voter registrations that were deleted after election day whose ballots were counted.

Here are several allegations that were filed in a complaint last week in Delaware County.

The Gateway Pundit reported on this last week.

TRENDING: Nine-Hour Hearing Held in Delaware County After Officials Took a Detour from Counting Center into a Closed Building for 6 Hours on Election Day

PA Voters File Lawsuit to Delay Certification After Officials Detoured from Counting Center into a Closed Building for 6 Hours on Election Day

A hearing took place Monday in Delaware County Pennsylvania.

Bill Lawrence reported on the 9-hour hearing that was held in Delaware County on Monday in front of Judge Barry Dozor on the election abnormalities.

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Via Bill Lawrence Online.

Delco Election Concerns Aired In 9-Hour Hearing Before Judge Dozor — Delaware County Common Pleas Court Judge Barry Dozor presided over a remarkable nine-hour hearing, yesterday, Nov. 20, concerning the request by Leah Hoopes, Gregory Stenstrom and Nicole Missino that certification of the Pennsylvania county’s certification of votes from the Nov. 8 election be postponed until Nov. 28 so a hearing could be held at which evidence could be presented regarding election irregularities.

Well, the hearing was basically held but limited to specific allegations made in the plaintiffs filing, namely that 2,778 records of requests for mail-in ballots were deleted by the county; at least 194 voter registration records of individuals who voted were deleted; a partisan third-party was allowed to control and tabulate mail-in ballots; and the chain of custody was adulterated by detouring the election-night journey of the county’s physical ballots and v-drives for six hours into a closed building, where poll watchers were prohibited from entering, before continuing the delivery to the centralized counting center at the Wharf Building in Chester.

These claims were generally, and reasonably, explained by the County during the course of the day but other troubling points were brought up.

Judge Dozor, who deserves great praise, is expected to rule today.

Mrs. Hoopes and Stenstrom were certified poll watchers while Mrs. Missino was the Republican candidate for the 165th District in the State House. They represented themselves. Attorneys are notably reluctant to take vote fraud cases in Delco for fear of repercussions. Deborah Silver, a previous attorney for Mrs. Hoopes and Stenstrom, faced an attempt to disbar her which reportedly cost her $20,000 to beat.

The plaintiffs lack of experience led them to make mistakes. They were unable to call expert witnesses including data expert Robert Martini, who was unable to present a report which we are including at the end of this article. Martini, as a fact witness, testified, however, that the machine tape in the 1st Precinct of Marple’s 7th Ward was missing a hashcode.

This is a legitimate concern. If it happened there it likely happened elsewhere and reveals a security issue.

Mrs. Missino was unable to get into the record the voters who told her that their votes were never tallied.

Joan Weber, an entrepreneur who had been director of finance for Conde Nast, was unable to testify regarding the strange shrinkage in the tally for mail-in ballot requests she recorded from the state’s OpenDataPa website.

Julie Yu, whose report of election day ballots being taken unexpectedly from the Springfield Library dropbox to the county-owned “Flagship Building” at 2 W Baltimore Pike, in Media, might have made the most significant claim. The ballots had been expected to go to the counting center at the Wharf in Chester. The change caused suspicion regarding the the chain of custody.

James Allen, the county director of election operations, testified the change was due to Act 88 that was passed by the state legislature in July.

To get funding provided by the act, the county had to agree to, among other things, that it post on its publicly accessible Internet website an unofficial number of absentee ballots and mail-in ballots received for the election by 12:01 a.m.

This required election night procedures for the collection of dropbox ballots to be changed for logistical reasons, Allen said.

In previous elections — and in the weeks before election night — dropbox ballots were and are collected by county employees using vans and taken directly to the counting center. The new constraints led to the election night dropboxes being collected by two-person teams using private cars, with at least one member of the team being a county employee, according to Allen. Rather than being taken directly to Chester these ballots were first gathered at the Flagship Building.

Mrs. Hoopes, in her cross-examination, got Allen to admit that the change was never made public and that the county guidelines actually called for the ballots to go to Rose Tree Park on election night.

Things like this are what causes suspicions to arise.

Laureen Hagan, chief clerk of the Bureau of Elections, testified that the county never deletes requests for mail-in ballots. It remained unanswered as to why 2,778 such requests appear to have been deleted.

Stenstrom testified that he saw a cart of between 20,000 and 30,000 pre-canvassed ballots without pedigree at the Wharf on Election Night and that at 8:05 p.m., about 25,000 votes almost immediately appeared with lopsided margin for Democrats.

The logic and accuracy testing for the scanning machines was a big issue throughout the day with attorneys Nick Centrella, representing the Election Board, and William Martin, representing the County, desperately trying to keep it out.

Mrs. Hoopes got it on record that Delco was not following state protocols in its testing. She also got it on record that the county followed directives from their information technology guy rather than what was prescribed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Gavin Lawn, an observer at the counting center, testified he was inspired to become involved after receiving 13 mail-in ballots at his home in 2020. He said during his scheduled shift on Nov. 9, the door to the counting room was locked despite their being people inside.

Stenstrom said that he’d like the Judge to let him compare the ballot images from the scanner with the Department of State database to ease any concerns about the election being rigged. He said this could be done quickly and easily using off-the-shelf software without affecting the integrity of the machine.

There is no reason not to let citizens be allowed this access.

County solicitor Martin implied the plaintiffs and their supporters were merely sore losers motivated entirely by a dislike for mail-in ballots rather than legitimate concerns about the election.

About 40 people packed Courtroom 7 with another reported 80 in an overflow courtroom. About 20 stayed the whole nine hours.

Again kudos to Judge Dozor for the effort to address concerns.

Jim Hoft

Jim Hoft is the founder and editor of The Gateway Pundit, one of the top conservative news outlets in America. Jim was awarded the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award in 2013 and is the proud recipient of the Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Journalism from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation in May 2016.

Exclusive: Systemic Voting Issues In Pennsylvania County Even More Extensive Than Previously Known



Pennsylvania elections press conference

The video (and audio) hits just keep on coming from Delaware County, Pennsylvania, where a whistleblower secretly taped the aftermath of the chaos from the 2020 presidential election. Two recent recordings exclusively obtained by The Federalist from a source with knowledge of the recordings provide further evidence that systemic problems plague the large Pennsylvania county. The newest recordings provide some of the frankest discussion on how bad the behind-the-scenes situation was, with one election worker describing a part of the post-election situation as “abominable” and the attempt to do the impossible—reconcile some precincts’ voter sheets—as “a nightmare.”

The whistleblower, Regina Miller, began recording conversations involving Delaware County officials after she became concerned with what she saw as a contract worker assisting election employees. A source familiar with the videos explained that Miller made the recordings as election workers scrambled to find—and in some cases create—documentation in response to a “Right to Know” request that sought copies of the paperwork that would confirm the accuracy of the vote tallies certified for the 2020 election.

To date, the videos have exposed a wide array of problems with election integrity, including on-tape admissions that the election laws were not complied with, that 80 percent of provisional ballots lacked a proper chain-of-custody, that there were missing removable drives for some of the voting machines, and that election workers “recreated” new drives to response to the Right to Know request.

The most recent video, however, reveals a new area of concern related to the reconciliation of the voting totals in the precincts. Captured on film in this video was a conversation between one election worker and the whistleblower. With boxes of voting sheets lining the basement floor of a Delaware County building, the election worker tells Miller, “There were six precincts in one location and all of the machines were, all of the scanners were, programmed to accept any ballot of those six precincts.”

“It was a nightmare,” the Delaware County official explained, adding that “you couldn’t, there’s no way you could reconcile” the results.

The Pennsylvania Department of State checklist for the November 2020 election explained how the reconciliation process was to proceed. According to the Department of State, each precinct was required to compare the numbered list of voters created at the poll on election day to the number of votes recorded on the voting machines that appeared on the result tapes from the machines at the close of the polls. But with ballots from one precinct scanned into the voting machine of another precinct, as the Delaware County official noted happened, it would “be impossible to reconcile.”

The Pennsylvania election code required the election board to investigate any discrepancies or irregularities among the records. But, again, an investigation could not resolve any discrepancies because the ballots of six separate precincts were improperly comingled. More detail on the widespread problem of missing and comingled machine tapes was also revealed in a second conversation, with this discussion captured only on audio. That discussion began with the whistleblower again noting the chain-of-custody issues previously reported, where provisional ballots were transferred in unlocked bags.

This conversation added more insight to the potential risk caused by the lack of a chain of custody by exposing the number of hands the unsecured ballots passed through, each time providing a new opportunity for fraud. The unsecured ballots went from the “poll workers’ hands, then to return locations, then to the police officers, and then to us,” the whistleblower explained.

Miller then moved on to the issue of the machine tapes and inquired on the best way to have them returned to the county from each precinct. In response, an election worker is heard saying, “They have to be attached to the return sheet and they weren’t.” “We literally have two boxes that we got from the county of tapes,” the unnamed county official continued, “but they didn’t go with any ballot sheet.” Other machine tapes never made their way into the box, however, with the Delaware County official exclaiming: “It was abominable.” “When the community service people cleaned out the cages, they were finding tapes in there because someone just didn’t know what to do,” the election official noted in reference to the locked areas where the election machines are stored after the election. Then “we all panic, is that the fifth tape or the first tape?” he added. Some precinct workers thought if they just sent the tapes back, we’d figure out where they went, the recording continued. “You know, we couldn’t,” he told the whistleblower. When the whistleblower asked if it is a legal requirement or just the practice to staple the tapes to the return sheet, the election official said, “I think it’s a combination of both.”

He’s right. Under Pennsylvania’s election code, the return board must carefully review the tally papers and machine tapes and reconcile them with the general return sheets, but if the tapes are missing, such a reconciliation is impossible. That wasn’t the only reconciliation problem, however, as the undercover recording made clear. “We haven’t even talked about reconciling used and unused ballots,” the election worker noted, which Pennsylvania law also requires to be reconciled.

So now, added to the previous evidence of systemic defects in the 2020 Delaware County Pennsylvania election, we have additional details indicating the county’s mishandling of the last presidential election made it impossible for the county to fully reconcile the recorded votes to the number of votes cast and the number of ballots used and unused. Yet the county certified the election results.

What other counties in what other states likewise certified their election results notwithstanding similar, or worse, problems? We may never know, because what goes on in the canvasing of elections apparently stays in the basements and warehouses dotting every county in our country.

Without video evidence confirming cases of election malfeasance or fraud, politicians on both sides of the aisle will continue to put allegations—even from insiders—down as mere conspiracy theories. Sadly, even when there is video evidence such as here, the story is largely ignored by the corrupt press—or it will be until Democrats next take a beating at the polls.

Given the disaster Joe Biden has been, that is likely imminent.



If a reputable private citizen of America who owns his own company and was once a ranking officer of the Navy, is not afraid to come out in the open to expose irregularities in the recent Presidential Elections, then something major is amiss.

The witness introduced himself: “My name is Gregory Strenstrom, I am from Delaware county, former Commanding Officer in the Navy, veteran of foreign wars, CEO of my own private company, a data scientist and forensic computer scientist and an expert in security and fraud.”

“I was told that every election they leave a couple of USBs in the voting machines…after talking to law enforcement I found out that was not the case, that more than two [USBs] is unusual — so, they denied they did it but as of today, 47 USB cards are missing and they’re no where to be found…so I was told personally that these cards that were uploaded…they didn’t update the vote live in real time,” Strenstrom said.

He continued, “They only uploaded about once every 2 or 3 hours. I demanded they updated the vote so I could see what the result was and it was 50,000 votes — and as a computer scientist, an American and a patriot it doesn’t matter who those 50,000 votes were — I’ll tell you they were for Biden but what was shocking to me as an American and someone who has gone to sea, gone to war that could even happen.”

The regular procedure should be that not more than 2 USBs should be in any voting machine at any one time. But Strenstrom observed that more than 47 USBs were uploaded and he demanded the vote canvassers update the results. So they did, but he was shocked when they announced that 50,000 votes were attributed to Biden in 2 short hours.

As someone who served America and risked his life overseas for country, he couldn’t believe this statistically improbable event could happen in the heartland!



Here’s What Chattanooga Muslims Were Caught Doing Just 3 Days Before Marine Shooting

waving flagSaturday, July 18th, 2015

URL of the original posting site:


Only three days before the Islamic terror attack in Chattanooga, Tenn., that resulted in the deaths of four U.S. Marines and a U.S. Navy sailor, Muslims staged a demonstration in Chattanooga to defend Islam and denounce a man they called the “American Taliban.”t04

Robert Doggart, 63, was the target of the Muslim protestors. Doggart had been released from federal custody and into home detention in Signal Mountain, Tenn. — a suburb of Chattanooga — after pleading guilt in April to planning an attack on the town of Islamberg, N.Y. As the name would suggest, Islamberg is primarily populated by Muslims. It is a small town in Delaware County founded by a Sufi cleric in the 1980s.t03

Doggart’s original plea agreement was thrown out by another judge, and he was subsequently charged last Tuesday with soliciting someone else to carry out his attack. This promptly sparked protests by Muslims who wanted Doggart back in custody (H/T BizPac Review). If Doggart is guilty of planning an attack, then he deserves to be behind bars; there is no question about that.t02

However, it is interesting to notice the lack of Muslims protesting the Chattanooga terror attack. They were quick to protest a planned attack, but where are the cardboard signs protesting the slaughter that actually occurred?

Why aren’t they demanding justice for Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan of Springfield, Mass.; Lance Cpl. Skip ‘Squire’ Wells, of Marietta, Ga.; Sgt. Carson Holmquist, of Grantsburg, Wisc.; Staff Sgt. David Wyatt, of Chattanooga, and Navy Petty Officer Randall Smith?

Where are the signs demanding everyone involved in this horrible plot be brought to justice?

Both men may be equally guilty of plotting a terror attack, but one was caught before he could do anything and the other managed to enact his sick plan. There should not be outrage at one and not the other.

Share this everywhere so people are aware of the hypocrisy of these Muslim protesters.

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