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The Clarion Project Newsletter for March 1, 2017 Facebook Twitter Youtube issue 395


Muslim Brotherhood: We’re Spending $5 Million on PR in U.S.Muslim Brotherhood: We’re Spending $5 Million on PR in U.S.

The group has launched a major influence campaign to prevent Congress from designating the Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. learn more


EXCLUSIVE: Why I Decided Not to Bomb London (Part II)

Former extremist Sohail Ahmed previously told Clarion why he wanted to carry out an attack. Now he explains why he changed his mind.

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EXCLUSIVE: Why I Decided Not to Bomb London (Part II)

The Radical Islam Bits of Trump’s Congress Speech

Read excerpts from Trump’s first speech to Congress and hear what our expert analysts Ryan Mauro and Jennifer Breedon have to say.

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The Radical Islam Bits of Trump's Congress Speech

Muslim Vets Offer to Guard US Synagogues

True supporters of human rights should be welcome in the battle against anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry. Any impostors should be outed.

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Muslim Vets Offer to Guard US Synagogues

ISIS Calls for Murder of Jews in the West

A propaganda message sent using an ISIS-linked Telegram group exhorted supporters in the West to dress up as Jews to carry out attacks.

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ISIS Calls for Murder of Jews in the West

Surge in Refugees from U.S. Seeking Asylum in Canada

After Trump’s election and Canadian PM Trudeau’s declaration that all refugees were “welcome,” illegals have been pouring over the border.

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Surge in Refugees from U.S. Seeking Asylum in Canada


Swedish Ambulances Face 'No Go' Zones Swedish Ambulances Face ‘No Go’ Zones

The head of the Swedish ambulance union talks about his request for tactical units to accompany ambulances into ‘no-go’ zones.



S.J.M. [Re: ‘Muslim Brotherhood: We’re Spending $5 Million on PR in U.S.’]: Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella organization governing Hamas in Palestine and CAIR in America BOTH are fruit from a poisonous tree. Both need to be treated as a branch of Brotherhood and BOTH Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR need to be banned in America.


C.B. [Re: ‘Anti-Trump Women’s Movement Teams Up With Islamist Terrorist’]: So in that march a convicted murdered was chosen to speak, and a convicted terrorist. Nice, these are the people women aspire their daughters to follow.




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San Diego Schools Using Muslim Group with Ties to Terrorism to Fight Islamophobia

waving flagAuthored By Dave Jolly February 10, 2017

Have you ever heard of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) or know who they really are?

According to the FBI, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society (MAS) both serve as front groups to help funnel money and information to the Islamic terrorist groups. Not only does the FBI list them as having ties to terrorists, but the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently listed both CAIR and MAS as being foreign terrorist groups. The UAE has outlawed both groups from operating in their country.America are you really paying attention

In 2014, Barack Obama met leaders of CAIR and MAS and agreed to work together to fight the decision of the UAE in listing them as terrorist organizations. In 2009 our own FBI cut all ties with CAIR because they were not an appropriate group to be associated with.

Prior to that in 2006, CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, in which the Holy Land Foundation was found guilty of funneling millions of dollars to Hamas. The US Department of Justice (before Obama and Holder corrupted it) stated that CAIR was involved in the conspiracy to finance Islamic terrorism and that they took their orders directly from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, (R-MN) commented about Obama’s working with CAIR and MAS and told WND:

“The president is going exactly in the opposite direction of trying to stamp out terrorism.”

“It’s interesting that the administration has parted ways with its own position and is now meeting with a U.S. court designated co-conspirator of terrorist financing.”

“CAIR is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States, as is the Muslim Student Association, and they try to present a storefront view of moderate, mainstream Muslim thought when, in fact, they are just the opposite.”

“They (CAIR) tend to be the mask covering up violent jihad across the globe. They pretend to be the mouthpiece of moderation when, in fact, they are anything but.”

As a parent, now that you know a little bit of who and what CAIR is, how would you feel if you found out that the public school your kids were attending had CAIR helping sell and convince your kids that Islam is a safe and peaceful religion? According to a recent report from EAGNews:

“The San Diego school board’s anti-Islamophobia campaign kicked off at Logan Elementary School Thursday with lessons from the Council on American-Islamic Relations.”i-am-definitly-not-okay-with-that

“CAIR spokesman Hanif Mohebi told the mostly Latino seventh- and eighth-graders he was just like them once, and Muslim bullying is the same thing as Latino bullying, according to KPBS.”

“‘Where you’re sitting, I used to sit there,’ Mohebi said. ‘And without my beard, I used to look exactly like you, and people used to think I’m Mexican. So I’ve heard all the negative stuff that they will say. And it hurts.’”

“The district-sponsored presentation came with pamphlets that read ‘Know your rights as a Muslim youth in school,’ and tips on handling deescalating Muslim bullying situations.”

“It’s part of the board’s promise to the people in response to ‘heated campaign rhetoric’ and pressure from CAIR and its followers to address alleged rampant bullying of Muslim students. The Muslim advocacy group pointed to a years old study it produced that contends 55 percent of Muslim students in California have faced bullying or discrimination, most of which was verbal, KPBS reports.”

Knowing the history of CAIR, you can bet that their in-school program is not just about bullying, but has a lot to do with trying to brainwash kids into believing that Islam is not dangerous or anything to be feared. CAIR teaching kids how great Islam is like, is like placing a fox to guard a coup of chickens – a very deadly situation.


R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

Following Trump’s election, CAIR leader calls for Arab Spring-type overthrow of U.S. government

waving flagAuthored November 14, 2016

Following Trump’s election, CAIR leader calls for Arab Spring-type overthrow of U.S. government

Hussam Ayloush. (Image: Screen grab of CNN video, YouTube)

Despite statements from both President Obama and vanquished Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, liberals have been unable to accept the fact that Republican Donald J. Trump won Tuesday’s election and is set to become the 45th President of the United States.  Many have taken to the streets in violent protests, others have demanded Trump and his supporters be assassinated and still others are working to enact a coup d’état by encouraging the Electoral College to ignore the will of the voters.  Now comes word that a leader of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued a tweet advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government.

Early Wednesday morning, Hussam Ayloush, head of the Council on American Islamic Relations’ Los Angeles office, tweeted this:


America Never ForgetDaniel Pipes explained:

That second line is Arabic (“الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام‎‎”) for “The people wants to bring down the regime.”

In other words, Ayloush unambiguously and directly called for the overthrow of the U.S. government.

Say what?

Not because we doubt Pipes, but because we wanted to see this for ourselves, we ran the Arabic through Google Translate and got this:


against America

Image added by

Not exactly subtle, is it?

A post at Sean Hannity’s website notes:

The slogan was first used during the Tunisian Revolution which kicked off the Arab Spring. It was also used frequently during the Egyptian revolution in which the regime of Hosni Mubarak was overthrown.Islam is NOT

Pipes added:

Ayloush is not a marginal figure but someone with access to the heights of American power, including the White House. According to an Investigative Project on Terrorism analysis in 2012, he


Further, “IPT has learned that the White House logs curiously have omitted Ayloush’s three meetings with two other senior White House officials.”

Pipes also said that Ayloush would normally have kept this particular emotion “under wraps,” and “offered a rare, candid insight into the mind of one CAIR apparatchik.”

He also noted that advocating the overthrow of the government is a violation of federal law:

Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States … Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

But as we’ve learned over the last eight years, some are more equal than others.culture of deceit and lies


Joe Newby is an IT professional. He has written for Conservative Firing Line, Examiner, NewsBusters, and Spokane Faith and Values.

The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday November 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter Youtube issue 357


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Muslim Community Ponders a President Trump

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Sexy Nun or Sexy Burka – What’s the Difference?

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Afghan Rape Survivor Reportedly Raped Again By Police

A teenager in Afghanistan who was raped tried to report the assault to police, who made her father wait outside and raped her again.

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Afghan Rape Survivor Reportedly Raped Again By Police

Don’t Let CAIR Be the Sole Voice for Muslim Rights

When the FBI questioned Muslims about a possible Al Qaeda attack, CAIR was there to offer legal advice. Where was everyone else?

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Don’t Let CAIR Be the Sole Voice for Muslim Rights

Do Walls Make Better Neighbors?

Answers to our question regarding a wall higher than the Berlin Wall built by Germany around an immigrant center near Munich.

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Do Walls Make Better Neighbors?


Is a Toronto-based school principal a promoter of hate and Islamophobia? John Goddard takes a detailed look at the case and its main players.

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Iran Organizes Marches on Anniversary of US Embassy Takeover Iran Organizes Marches on Anniversary of US Embassy Takeover

The Iranian regime’s media outlets broadcast footage of the November 3 anti-American marches held throughout Iran, which marked the anniversary of the 1979 takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran.



E.H. [After suspected homegrown terrorists from Michigan and Wisconsin were arrested, we asked people in those states if the threat of radical Islam was a significant factor in whom they voted chose for president]: Radicalism? Of course it is a choice in who I have voted for.


C.L. [After suspected homegrown terrorists from Michigan and Wisconsin were arrested, we asked people in those states if the threat of radical Islam was a significant factor in whom they voted chose for president]: Yes, definitely, it makes an impact on whom I vote for president.




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DEAR AMERICA: Do You Believe CAIR Is ‘Sickened and Heartbroken’ Over Orlando Terrorist Attack?

waving flagPublished on June 13, 2016

URL of the original posting site:

CAIR has released a statement about the Orlando attack during a press conference — do you believe that their message is genuine and true?

American Muslim leaders are condemning the attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando that killed 49 people and wounded more than 50 others.

Nihad Awad, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, called the killings a hate crime and said the group has no tolerance for extremism of any kind.

A law enforcement official has said the gunman, Omar Mateen, called 911 from the nightclub and expressed allegiance to an Islamic State leader.

The suspect’s father, Mir Seddique, told NBC News that his son got upset when he saw two men kissing and that the attack ‘had nothing to do with religion.’


A former Afghan official says the father of the Orlando nightclub gunman is a native of Afghanistan who appears on a television program known for ‘its anti-US tirades’ and ‘pro-Taliban’ remarks.

Awad says members of the LGBT community have stood with Muslims in the past and today they stand that community.

‘We are sickened and heartbroken by this appalling attack. Our hearts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of the victims. There can never be any justification for such cowardly and criminal acts, period,’ Awad said in a statement.America are you really paying attention

Read the rest of the story at: Daily Mail

Picture1 true battle Picture1 In God We Trust freedom combo 2

What US schools are now doing for Muslims is UNREAL

waving flagWritten by Allen West on April 5, 2016


I fully support all children in the United States having equal access to a quality education. And one part of that education should be centered on learning the American experience, our history, our fundamental principles and values. There is no doubt we’ve failed almost two generations in teaching them the basics — civics and such. And now as our open borders policy floods America with non-Americans, we have to ask, are we teaching or indoctrinating in our public school system? 

Well, there’s one public school system in America bending over backwards to accommodate a group that presents a very interesting irony in our country.

As reported by, “The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a federal civil rights complaint against the St. Cloud school district in 2011, alleging a hostile environment for the district’s Somali students that included widespread and frequent harassment based in large measure, on religion. The majority of the Somali community is Muslim. Five years later, remnants of that tension remain.

“The St. Cloud school district is a long way away from really being a place where all students feel completely welcome,” said Jaylani Hussein, the executive director of the council’s Minnesota chapter. America Never Forget

In St. Cloud’s middle and high schools, the district allows prayer time for students, including Muslim students, as federal law requires. The rooms used for prayer are open to all students to observe their beliefs and are used for other purposes throughout the school america

Districtwide, school lunch menus provide pork-free options for students, and staff members try to spur the newcomer students’ interest in sports, culture clubs, and other extracurricular activities to develop connections beyond the classroom.Islamanipulation


Somali student-athletes played key roles on Apollo High’s 2014 state championship soccer team, and track and field teams have drawn plenty of Somali participants. The district has partnered with the University of Minnesota to develop uniforms for female athletes who wear hijab, the headscarves worn by some Muslim girls and women.”

muslim-obamaAnd just so you know, the district provides prayer rugs. Now, can you imagine the same happening for Christians? Where is the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) on this one? The silence is deafening because if you were a Christian and tried to have prayer in the school, well, y’all know what would happen. How many times have we seen Christian coaches attacked for praying with their team? We brought you the story back in 2014 about what happened at the Madison County High School football stadium in Georgia where a monument — privately funded — displaying two Bible verses was ordered modified or removed.

Here is what the FFRF posted on its website after the decision: “The Freedom From Religion Foundation, has scored another victory for secularism in a public high school. The Madison, Wis.-based group has 21,500 members nationally, including over 400 members in Ga. Madison County School District in Danielsville, Ga., will either modify or remove an overtly religious monument at the Madison High School Football Stadium. FFRF became aware of the monument after a complaint was reported by a local resident who is affiliated with the athletic program. The monument was unveiled on Aug. 22, and currently sits at the team entrance to the field. The monument features the school’s logo alongside two prominent New Testament bible verses carved on the stone: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” and Romans 8:31 “If God be for us who can be against us?” “Courts have continually held that school districts may not display religious messages or iconography in public schools.” Seidel also noted religious monuments divide teams: “This divisiveness is heightened by the particular CP 01passages displayed, ‘If God be for us, who could be against us,’ literally turns the student body into ‘us’ and them’—into Christians and everyone else. The import is clear, if you are not Christian, you are not a Red Raider.”

You see, for the radical secular humanist left, the existence of Christianity is divisive. It cannot be openly displayed. To the demented minds of these individuals there is no freedom of religion, unless it’s a religion they accept. You may have a freedom to worship but they’ll designate exactly where that worship can take place.Combined

But Muslims get a free pass from the secular humanist left. Why? Why is it that the progressive socialists are so damned ready to attack Christians but will align themselves with the Islamists at every turn? Tell me how many Christian schools openly operate in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan where they can bring lawsuits forcing acceptance of their religious practices?

Meanwhile, back in Minnesota, “A 2011 settlement ending a federal civil rights investigation of the treatment of Somali students in St. Cloud requires the school district to report all allegations of harassment. Under the agreement, the district must make its schools more welcoming to Somalis. But the agreement didn’t signal an end to the resentment and clashes in the district. Last spring, racial and religious tensions at Technical High School erupted when students and parents, most of them Somali, alleged that school officials did not adequately respond to bullying incidents and anti-Islamic discrimination. A social media post that implied a Technical High student had ties to the Islamic State terrorist group whose adherents have been responsible for deadly attacks, sparked the protest.”AWWW Poor Baby

Interesting, the Somali community in Minnesota didn’t like the truth being told — there individuals within their community who support the Islamic State. We’ve reported here about the five Somalis who’ve been charged with supporting ISIS while others have gone off to fight. Yet, they get to use our legal system and force acquiescence to their demands. But a simple monument in Madison County Georgia at a high school football stadium is considered “divisive” because it has Christian biblical verses? Am I the only one perplexed and angered by this?

Where are the designated prayer rooms for Christian students — heck, try to establish a Christian prayer group or club at a high school or college these days and see what happens.

This is a blatant hypocrisy. Imagine if the Christian students and their parents actually demanded the school purchase for Bibles for them. And you know about the high school in Maryland that was teaching the students the five pillars of Islam, for memorization. When a father challenged it, he was issued a restraining order from coming onto the school campus.

Teachers in our public school system cannot openly have Christian items displayed, like Bibles or crosses. Lest we forget, young Christian children were slaughtered by Islamists in Pakistan over Easter. And here our Christian children cannot have a monument at their high school football stadium.

Ladies and gents, we respect other cultures and belief systems, but we also should demand that our own be respected. The fact that this is happening in a public school system and the secular humanist left says nothing can only be interpreted one way: they are enablers and sympathizers to the subjugation of American Judeo-Christian values. Y’all do realize that the two most “holy sites” of Islam are not open to non-Muslims. Bibles and crosses are not allowed to be displayed in Saudi Arabia. Oh by the way, the Saudis recently issued an edict that they will be executing all gays and lesbians in order to eradicate homosexuality.

And Christians are divisive? The FFRF claimed they scored a victory — no, you showed us you’re all cowards and just like President Obama, you’re Islamist sympathizers.Picture1 true battle Picture1 In God We Trust freedom combo 2

HORROR: Terror Group Rallies American Muslims In Effort To End Donald Trump

waving flagBy: Davis on March 26, 2016

URL of the original posting site:

While billionaire businessman Donald Trump has enjoyed a large amount of popularity among Republicans and independents, many groups, and even a few countries, have been working hard to stop his rise.

The New York Times reported that the Council on American-Islamic Relations and other radical Islamic groups in America are attempting to register Muslims as voters in the hope of stopping Trump at the ballot box. CAIR, which according to Breitbart has been linked by the FBI to several terror groups, has decided that rather than condemn the actions of the Islamic State terror group, they would prefer to stop the man speaking out against radical Islamic terrorism.

“The fear and apprehension in the American Muslim community has never been at this level,” Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for CAIR, stated. “The anti-Islamic tidal wave is spurring civic participation.”Bull

America Never Forget

That supposed “anti-islamic tidal wave,” to the degree that it exists at all, would be actually the result of the population getting sick and tired of radical Islamic terror attacks occurring on a regular basis. But let’s not worry about little things like truth and logic when there is political hay to be made.

Bigotry, we’re afraid, will never die. But perhaps if the Muslim community would stand up, accept that their religion has a problem, and work to fix that problem, they wouldn’t have to be treated with as much fear and suspicion.

“The community is very anxious and afraid about our security with all the rhetoric that we hear,” said Ghazala Salam, the president of the American Muslim Democratic Caucus of Florida.culture of deceit and lies

Americans are afraid about their security and safety because radical Islamic terrorists have been trying to infiltrate our country — with some success already — and trying to kill all of us. Somehow being “afraid” of hurtful words doesn’t seem on the same level as being afraid of hearing “Allahu Akbar” and then gunshots or a massive explosion.

If only CAIR would work as hard at eliminating radical Islamic terrorism as they do fighting Republicans. If they put that kind of effort into it, we wouldn’t need to even talk about them anymore.

H/T Breitbart

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