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A Word From Me

My Dad is 94 years old, in “end of days” transition. Severe dementia, with constant hallucinations’. He is in an assisted care facility, and on hospice. Why am I telling you that, to explain why I will be away from this blog for an unknown period of time. 

Because of the hallucinations’, Dad keeps trying to get out of bed, and then falls. The occasional time he can get to his walker, he is found roaming all around the facility (three floors. He lives on the 3rd floor). Each time he justifies himself with some kind of scenario he’s playing out in his mind. 

The facility does nor have the personnel to set with him, and California law forbids restraints of any kind. In order for the State of California coming down on me for all his falling, hurting himself and all the worse possibilities, someone has to sit with him every night. That’s me. Moving him to memory care is too expensive. 

I only had one sibling and she was murdered in 1973. So the duty is on me alone. The assisted care facility has offered to take him to memory care right after breakfast, and spend the day there, and then go back to his room at around 8:00 p.m.. That’s when I need to be there.

Last night I had to wrestle with him for three hours (keeping him from getting out of bed) before he finally went to sleep. The hospice case worker is working with dad’s doctor adjusting his medication so he will be less active.

My mom went home to the Lord two years ago. Her last 90 days was typical mom, calm, sweet and memorable. Dad??????????? 

So for an unknown period of time I won’t be at this desk communicating with your about the stories and reports important for all of us. There is talk that hospice might be able to spell me from time to time, and that will make it possible for me to publish.

Right now I am going to bed for a few hours. It’s 1:00 p.m.. Good night.

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  1. lozzafun said:

    You will never regret this loving gesture.. May he find peace that he so deserves.. Dementia is a relentless disease.. As a caregiver, I have witnessed it all too often .. Take care of YOU!


  2. Sorry to read of your hard time, and moving towards the loss of another parent. Take this time to remember all the positive, no matter what they will come flowing when it’s too late to show your appreciation. God bless you for standing by until the bitter sweet end.

    God watch over you both.


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