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Reported By Jim Hoft | Published January 18, 2021

In her first public appearance with her husband after becoming First Lady Melania Trump kicked off the Melbourne, Florida rally in February 2017 by reciting the Lord’s prayer.
The crowd cheered wildly!

What a beautiful and gracious First Lady we had the past four years.


But not everyone appreciated the gesture. The demonic left was outraged at Melania’s prayer for the country.

Melania Trump is the most beautiful and stylish First Lady in American history. The liberal media hated her. They despised her beauty and class.

Like her husband, Melania Trump was under assault for four years by the demons on the left.

On Monday Melania Trump published a farewell message to America. In her message, Melania salutes law enforcement officers, addresses the hardships of those who have overcome opioid addiction, and also calls for nonviolence during these unprecedented times.

America was blessed to have Melania.

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