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By Jim Hoft | Published November 4, 2020 at 1:33pm

Republicans started off this morning with a few dozen GOP poll watchers in downtown Detroit at the TCF Center, the former Cobo Center. The party called in more workers.
The number of GOP poll workers then climbed to several hundred by noon.

There was a GOP watcher at nearly each table in the center.

Now this…

From our source inside—-

TRENDING: SEVEN Milwaukee Wards Report More Presidential Votes than Registered Voters — State Voter Turnout Is Nearly 90% Which Is Virtually Impossible

The Detroit officials are now blocking GOP poll workers after they went to lunch.

Police were called.

100 poll workers

They are blocking GOP watchers from entering the room after lunch!

Our contact says the Democrat operatives are very hostile and threatening.

Vote counters with BLM masks and racial justice clothing are allowed into the center.

Police are locking the poll watchers out!

Update— The Democrats are screaming at GOP watchers. The police are guarding the doors to prevent the GOP workers from entering the center.

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