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President Trump Fights for Pro-Life Rule to Stop Killing More Babies in Abortions
Liberal Media Trashes Pro-Life Senator Tim Scott, Calls Him “Trump’s Coon Squad”
Abby Johnson Tells GOP Convention the Reality of Abortion: The Baby “Fought Back, Desperate to Move”
Nick Sandmann Slams Liberal Media “War Machine” That Doesn’t Care About “Truth”


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Joe Biden is Such a “Devout” Christian He’ll Force Catholic Nuns to Pay for Abortions
President Trump May Pull Off Another Upset, Here are The Reasons Why
Chen Guangcheng, Who Exposed Brutal Forced Abortions in China, Will Speak at GOP Convention
Trump Investigating Andrew Cuomo, Democrat Governors Who Killed Nursing Home Patient
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President Trump Fights for Pro-Life Rule to Stop Killing More Babies in Abortions

President Donald Trump’s administration is fighting back against powerful abortion advocacy groups’ attempts to weaken safety regulations that protect mothers and unborn babies from dangerous at-home abortions.




Billy Graham’s Granddaughter Blasts Democrats for Forcing Christians to Fund Abortions

President Trump’s Convention May be the Most Pro-Life Republican Convention Ever

God Bless Nick Sandmann for Not Yielding to the Liberal Mob

CNN’s Joe Lockhart Trashes Nick Sandmann, Calls Him a “Snot Nosed Entitled Kid”

Court Drops Bogus “False ID” Charge Against Sandra Merritt, Who Exposed Planned Parenthood

THE VIRGIN MARY SPEAKS TO AMERICA: “Come to Me, all mothers who weep for their children. Come to Me and I will solace you, and you will find great comfort with Me.” – Blessed Virgin Mary –  Join in Our Lady’s 50th Anniversary Vigil, September 26 to 28, 2020.  Priests go free, domestic air, hotels, meals. Buses available in various states. For info or call 609-654-0245 or 609-206-2963.  For a free rose petal blessed by Jesus and Mary write to St. Michael’s World Apostolate, PO Box 514, Bayside, NY 11361 (ADVERTISEMENT)

Media Calls Pro-Lifers People With “Fringe Views.” But Majority of Americans Oppose Abortion


100 Years After the 19th Amendment, Remember the Early Feminists Were Pro-Life

Chicago Abortion Clinic Injures Woman in Botched Abortion, Tries to Hide Severity From 911

Scotland Killed 13,583 Babies in Abortions in 2019

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