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Reported By Eric A. Blair | Published June 1, 2020 at 9:31am

A state newspaper in China is calling violent riots in U.S. cities “retribution” for Washington’s support of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, adding that they are a “beautiful sight.”

The Global Times, a Chinese Communist Party outlet, suggested in a column that Beijing “would be justified if it openly backed the protests and riots in the U.S. that have prompted eight governors to call out the National Guard,” The Washington Times reported.

The column, written by Global Times Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin, took aim at the Trump administration for threatening to impose sanctions on China over its new security law in Hong Kong.

The newspaper also took aim at [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat. It mocked a statement Mrs. Pelosi made nearly a year ago that pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong were “a beautiful sight to behold” at the time.

“Now, the ‘beautiful sight is extending from Hong Kong to over a dozen U.S. states,” the paper said. “U.S. politicians now can enjoy this sight from their own windows.”

Trump has doubled down on his stern policies against China. Last week, he withdrew the U.S. from the World Health Organization over its handling of China’s role in the coronavirus crisis. The president has also hit Beijing for its “security lockdown” on Hong Kong.

“Chinese officials ignored their reporting obligations to the World Health Organization and pressured the World Health Organization to mislead the world,” Trump announced last week. “The Chinese government has continually violated its promises to us and so many other nations. These plain facts cannot be overlooked or swept aside.”

But Hu said the U.S. should stay out of Chinese matters.

“A quick question for Pelosi and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: Should the Chinese government and National People’s Congress issue a statement to support the protests by African-Americans and the grassroots of U.S. society?” Hu wrote. “It seems to be what Beijing should do according to the logic of Washington cheering for the rioters in Hong Kong.”

Trump, though, said Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong “is a tragedy for the people of Hong Kong, the people of China and, indeed, the people of the world.”

“China claims it is protecting national security, but the truth is that Hong Kong was secure and prosperous as a free society,” Trump said. “Beijing’s decision reverses all of that. It extends the reach of China’s invasive state security apparatus into what was formerly a bastion of liberty. China has replaced its promise formula of ‘one country, two systems’ with ‘one country, one system.’”

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