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I just can’t understand what the rationale is for letting people out of jail who are away from the general public. This isn’t some freak virus that just pops up out of nowhere. It must be transmitted.

If the guards at the jail do their job and follow proper social distancing rules, they’re not going to infect inmates, and if they do…so what? They are scumbags who deserves to be in prison.

This guy is a convicted child molester and they’re worried about his safety and well-being? What about the countless kids that you’re putting at risk of being his next victim? Not to mention that being out in the general population with the rest of America is just putting him out in the world where the virus actually is.

“The health risks to a person in custody caused by the pandemic constitute changed circumstances,” which entitle Christie to a new hearing, Chief Justice Ralph Gants wrote, according to a report from The Salem News. “We also conclude that, in conducting that (new) review, a judge must give careful consideration not only to the risks posed by releasing the defendant –- flight, danger to others or to the community, and likelihood of further criminal acts — but also, during this pandemic, to the risk that the defendant might die or become seriously ill if kept in custody.”

So what they’re saying is that they felt that the risk of him catching a virus was greatest than the risk of him being a danger to others….a convicted child rapist. Unbelievable!

Why don’t they apply this standard consistently and just not put any child rapist in prison at all? Because the odds of them being murdered in prison are much greater than on the outside.

Welcome to the American “justice” system

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