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President Trump: “Virtually Every Top Democrat Supports Late-Term Abortion Right Up to Birth”
Elizabeth Warren Claims “We are Called to See the Value of Every Human Being.” But She Supports Abortion
His Devotion to Abortion and Incessant Gaffes Make Joe Biden Totally Unelectable
Head of Abortion Biz Made $525,000. Got “Performance Bonus” Because It Killed Nearly 5 Million Babies

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“Comedian” Samantha Bee: Pro-Lifers are a Bunch of “Sh—- Men” Who “Don’t Know Where a Vagina Is”
His Mom Took the Abortion Pill But Immediately Changed Her Mind, Thankfully Gabriel Survived the Abortion
Majority of American Hispanics are Pro-Life, Want All or Most Abortions Made Illegal
Pro-Abortion Cyclist Charged After Spitting Directly in Pro-Life Protester’s Face
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President Trump: “Virtually Every Top Democrat Supports Late-Term Abortion Right Up to Birth”

During a massive rally with supporters last night, President Donald Trump slammed abortion and Democrats’ extremism on abortion. Before a rousing crowd of 20,000 in the arena. 

New Group Offers “Abortion Doulas” to Help Women Feel Better About Killing Their Babies

Catholic Bishops Condemn Abortion in Cases of Rape: Killing a Baby is Wrong No Matter How Conceived

shirtPro-life t-shirt by Noeclexis. Good everyday t-shirt for prolife supporters . Also good for pro life marches and demonstrations. Get it on Amazon.

Sidewalk Counseling: A Life-Saving Ministry of the Pro-Life Movement

Minnesota Taxpayers Were Forced to Spend $1.06 Million Killing 4,356 Babies in Abortions

Kamala Harris Complains About People Killed By Guns, Celebrates 61 Million People Killed by Abortion

President Trump Nominates Pro-Life Attorney Sarah Pitlyk to Become a Federal Judge

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