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ABC Threatens to Stop Doing Business in Georgia if New Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect
Nancy Pelosi Claims to Support Children, But She’s Blocked a Bill to Stop Infanticide 80 Times
El Paso Shooter Promoted Population Control: “If We Can Get Rid of Enough People” Planet Will be “Sustainable”
Joe Biden Lied During Debate to Cover Up His Flip-Flop to Appease Pro-Abortion Radicals

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Democrats Say Everyone Needs Health Care, Except for Babies Who Survive Abortions
Missouri Abortions Drop 10% as More Babies Saved From Abortion
Democrat Politician Claims We Need to Kill Babies in Abortions to Reduce Crime
Nightmare Details Surface of Forced Abortions in North Korean Prison Camps With Burning Irons
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ABC Threatens to Stop Doing Business in Georgia if New Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect

One of America’s biggest broadcasting networks may boycott the state of Georgia for trying to protect unborn babies from abortion. 

Kentucky Governor Candidate Claims He’s a Christian, But He Just Fundraised With Abortionists

HBO Show “Euphoria” Celebrates Teen Having Abortion, Killing Her Baby to Make Her Life “Better”

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Lawmakers Want to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth in New South Wales, Australia

New Zealand Bill Would Legalize Virtually Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth

Would Planned Parenthood Stop Abortions to Focus on Women’s Health Care? New CEO Says “Absolutely Not”

Black Activist Says Abortion is the Real Racism: “We’re are Literally Killing Ourselves From the Inside Out”

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