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Something Very Personal




For those of you that know my mom. Mom was admitted to PIH in Whittier Sunday morning with 228/100 BP, tightness on her chest, and difficulty breathing. After many test, a CT Scan and MRI, it was determined that she has a lot of fluid around, AND in her lungs. Congestive heart failure, and a lesion on her Pancreases. Her doctor said today that her kidneys are shutting down because they cannot handle all the excess fluids. Dialysis is questionable, more likely hospice. Her doctor gives her about a month.

Dad is not handling all this well. After 74 years of marriage, that is understandable. He does not know yet about the doctors last report.

Without asking, I know you will be praying for the family, especially for dad. Before you ask, yes, I am doing good. I have been seeing this come on for about a year. God is keeping me. He is my ABBA FATHER, and already started the comforting process.

In case you are wondering, mom is 91 years old (January 27, 1927).

Jerry Broussard


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  1. I will Pray for her!!

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