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Published by | July 20, 2017

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This video gives the BRUTAL truth about the Antifa protesters. It. Is. Perfect.

The ‘antifascist’ group that was once on the fringe is becoming mainstream because of attention from The Media (D) and the #Resistance.

The Left is committed to embracing any group that will ‘resist’ President Trump, no matter how delusional or mixed up in their worldview. In some bizarro Leftist world, President Trump is a fascist. So are conservatives that think that free speech is something that we can — and should — engage in.

It was the so-called anti-fascists that have been tearing Berkeley apart anytime a conservative tries to speak on campus. First Milo Yiannopoulos, then Ann Coulter. We’ll see what happens in September when Ben Shapiro heads over to UC Berkeley to speak. Shapiro has already called out the Administration to not hide behind Antifa‘ and says that ‘the home of the free speech movement has an obligation to protect free speech‘.

Antifa has made it their job to ‘resist’ President Trump. There’s a reason for that — for most of them, it’s the only ‘job’ they have.

And it’s so weird that the Left is ok with supporting them in their version of ‘resistance’. These people are violent. They are destructive.

If conservatives are ‘evil’ for their fight against a hiked up minimum wage, (which would raise prices on everything and cut workers’ hours,) then what about the people that smash up and loot the Starbucks that actually employs people? It’s not like the employees can show up for their shift if the store is closed for repairs, right?

Besides, where are the Antifa folks going to get their post-protest Frappuccino?

There are rabid feminists fighting for Muslims to have the right to subjugate and abuse women because to do otherwise wouldn’t be ‘tolerant’.

Ugh. These people are so ridiculous.


Yes, they’re people with a worldview that appears to be stitched together with all the skill exhibited by Dr. Frankenstein when creating his monster. It’s huge, ugly, and it lumbers about scaring people. The big difference between Frankenstein’s monster and Antifa is that the monster was devastated by his frightening exterior and was a gentle soul on the inside. Antifa is thrilled that they’re scary monsters.

The Antifa crowd are so very committed to tolerance that they are completely intolerant of the people that disagree with them.

These people are happy to ‘punch a Nazi’ and to them, anyone that disagrees is a Nazi.

These Leftist extremists are wreaking havoc everywhere.

Is this where we want to be as a society?

These Antifa thugs are bullies and don’t even see that they are the very thing that they claim to fight against.

It’s time to change our culture.

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