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News: Michigan Mosque Paid for FGM, Lawyer AllegesNew   allegations in the case of the Michigan doctor from the Muslim Indian Dawoodi Bohra sect. Read
News Analysis: Trump Calls Out Qatar on Terror Then Sells Them F-15s  Qatar bought the fighter jets for an initial payment of $12 billion  .Read
Opinion: New Blasphemy Laws for Canada?  Canada’s anti-Islamophobia motion may eventually silence freedom of speech. Learn More
Video: ISIS Executes Christians in the Philippines  The Philippines has been fighting ISIS for four grueling weeks. Watch
Video: Russia: We Don’t Consider Hamas, Hezbollah Terrorists  The Russian Ambassador to Israel made the shocking comments — watch on MEMRI TV.  Watch
Feature: It’s Ramadan – Arrests for Eating, Drinking and Smoking  A look at 5 Muslim countries that officially guarantee freedom of religion.  Learn More
Interview: Minorities Face Horrors as Bangladeshi Gov’t Colludes with ISIS: Report  An exclusive interview with Shipan Kumer Basu, head of the Hindu Struggle Committee  Learn More
Readers Write

Daughter Tells of Father’s Sexual Demands; Reaction Is Unbelievable

“What planet are we on again? What century? Subjugation of women, even daughters??”


Linda Sarsour Claims Sharia Never Imposed on Anyone. Really?

“Except for all the gay men beheaded or thrown off the roofs of buildings for being gay. Or, those women who were oppressed from birth and were forced to endure female mutilation.”


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