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A new kind of lollipop was discovered by police in the Houston area, and it’s one that you want to keep far away from any children you know. The treats are reportedly laced with methamphetamine.

Police in Spring, Texas, responded to burglary call when they made the discovery. They found a man and a woman who had stashed so much of the drug candies in their car that the back hatch wouldn’t close, Lt. Ruben Diaz said at a news conference Tuesday, the Dallas News reported.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said police estimated that the couple had around 600 pounds of the meth-pops in their car. Deputies believed the suspects, Evonne Mick, 36, and David Salinas, 21, took drugs from the house where the burglary had reportedly taken place.

“None of the investigators with me had seen it done like this before,” Diaz said, according to KRIV, Fox 26 in Houston.

“Bags and bags of what appear to be candy lollipops, but they all have meth inside them,” he said, adding that the pops were in a variety of shapes, including butterflies, flowers, bats and Star Wars characters.

The lieutenant also said each lollipop had street value ranging from $20 to $40.

Diaz added that it appeared that the lollipops were designed to target children.

“If they were not sold directly to a child — if the lollipops were dropped anywhere in the neighborhood — a child picking them up would think it’s regular candy,” he said.

Mick and Salinas face a charge of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

Diaz said authorities did not believe the couple actually made the lollipops, adding that the department was working on finding out who did make them.

Drugs and candy are a bad combination. If you see a child with one of these lollipops, knock it out of their hand immediately.

H/T Tribunist

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