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waving flagBy: Scott Mason on May 12, 2016

Graham believes Jenner posing for Sports Illustrated is just a sign of the moral decay in American culture. “What happens when you remove biblical standards and leadership from a country? Moral bankruptcy, that’s what,” Graham said, adding, “As our culture abandons its once cherished Judeo-Christian foundation and values, godly traditions disappear and we sink deeper into secularism.”

Graham wasn’t finished expressing his frustration with the destruction of American morality, also citing a New York Times article that debated whether prostitution should be decriminalized, and rumors that Elsa, a character in Disney’s “Frozen,” should be a lesbian and have a girlfriend in the movie’s sequel.

“In the social media campaign for this, one proponent tweeted, ‘Little kids need to learn that there’s nothing wrong with being gay,’” he said. “What a lie! This reveals their agenda to get the LGBT message to young children and influence their lives.”AMEN

In a different Facebook post from earlier this week, Graham defended North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and the fight over the state’s transgender bathroom bill against the federal government, an ordinance which has ignited a national firestorm.

“This is far reaching — it impacts every state and every family in our nation, not just North Carolina,” said Graham. “Let’s pray for Gov. McCrory and all those fighting this battle for what is right.”AMEN

h/t: TheBlaze

Comments on: "Franklin Graham: Jenner Posing Nude Is Proof Of US Moral Bankruptcy" (1)

  1. This is the issue with bashing negative elements of religion. Do that, and what you have left, is the path that the west is headed down


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