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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defended President Obama’s decision to trade five enemy combatants imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay to the Taliban in exchange for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

“I don’t believe in second guessing people who have to make these hard choices,” she said at a Denver event promoting her new memoir “Hard Choices.” 

Clinton echoed the language repeated by the White House on Monday, telling critics that there was a tradition of bringing American soldiers home.

Is Hillary to blame“We do have a tradition – I ascribe to it, it’s a tradition that’s not only embedded in our military but in our country – and that is we try not to leave any of our soldiers on the field. We try to make sure that, insofar as possible … we bring them home.”

“I have deliberately said nothing until I heard Hillary’s response to all this Bergdahl mess. I am a Marine Viet Nam Vet. I spent my time in the bush and earned a Purple Heart for stepping in a Cong foot trap. For all you other vets, I served my time in “I Corp” region. I still refuse to forget all of our MIAs and POWs who WERE LEFT BEHIND BY A GOVERNMENT THAT STILL DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT VIET NAM VETS. So don’t lecture me Mrs. Clinton about some tradition of not leaving our military behind. There are still hundreds of men Leftist Socialist/Marxist have forgotten about in Viet Nam. I have not, and I will not.” JB

Hillary ClintonClinton expressed some concern about the five released combatants, pointing out that the last thing the United States wanted was to see them return to the battlefield.

“On the other hand,” she added, “You also don’t want an American citizen, if you can avoid it, especially a soldier, to die in captivity.”

“Unless their conservative, and served in Viet Nam.” JB




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