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This Administration is a joke. An absolute joke.

As a supposed defense of the decision to release five terrorists to gain one American who at best was a deserter and at worst was a Taliban sympathizer, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel pointed to the release of these prisoners as hopeful sign that terrorist will now engage in the peace process. Really 01No, seriously, Really 01

They won’t. They’re terrorists.

The five high-ranking terrorists were held in Guantanamo Bay as they were “high-risk” terrorists who posed a threat to the United States. However, seemingly favoring a terrorist catch-and-release policy, the weakest administration in history traded the five terrorists in exchange for an American who had been held since 2009 after he deserted his post and wandered off into Afghanistan.
On Sunday, Hagel defended the decision on Meet the Press and claimed, “So maybe this will be a new opening that can produce an agreement” between the Taliban and the United States. 
“Maybe, just maybe if we give the terrorists what they want, they won’t hurt us.” This is the most cowardly foreign policy this nation has ever seen, and that includes Jimmy Carter.

Obama defending muslimsWithin hours of Hagel’s cowardly optimism, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid dismissed Hagel’s belief that this will earn goodwill, saying, “It won’t help the peace process in any way, because we don’t believe in the peace process.”

 Again- they’re terrorists. That’s how this works.

It’s nothing new; the White House has been pleading, begging the Taliban and other terrorist organizations to negotiate. Repeatedly, the terrorists have refused, noting that they do not seek peace, but victory.

After the release of the five terrorists, Taliban emir Mullah Mohammed Omar hailed the release as a “great victory” for their cause and stated, “This huge accomplishment brings the glad tidings of liberation of the whole country and reassures us that our aspirations are on the verge of fulfillment.” 

Not only was this a remarkably stupid move that rewards terrorism, but we don’t even know what we got in return; all initial information about Sgt. Bergdahl seems to indicate that he was a defector who hated Americans.
If we are going to fight a war on terror, we should fight to win. What we have is a weak leader surrounded by weak advisers that advocate cowardice and appeasement as a means of making the rest of the world like us.  
Wake up America
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