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Tyler Perry on ‘Defund Police’ Push: ‘I Think We Need More Police’

Wednesday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” movie mogul and actor Tyler Perry expressed his concerns over the so-called “Defund Police” protests around the country. Perry indicated he was “worried” the message was “being hijacked” for the sake of politics in the wake of George Floyd’s death while in the custody of Minneapolis police.

“So, when they saw George Floyd’s death, this horrific, horrible death played out as this man pleaded for his life and begged and said ‘please’ many, many times, it — seeing it changes everything,” he explained. “So I became very, very optimistic when everybody galvanized together because I know that’s when change comes. When people galvanize and come together as one, that’s when change happens.”

“But, lately, I’ve been very, very concerned that the message is being hijacked by some other groups or political ads and parties that are trying to stop the message of what we’re asking for here as police reform, right?” Perry continued. “So, yeah, I was, but I’m worried now because of what I’m seeing.”

Perry also spoke about paying for supermarket gift cards for Atlanta Police to hand out at a Kroger grocery store on the heels of Rayshard Brooks’ death. When posed a question about the political backlash generated from protesters calling for the defunding of police, Perry stressed his view that police were a necessity.

Remarks as follows:

Well, when I first heard it, I was troubled by it, and I thought OK, this is — this is going to be weaponized by — in this political year. I completely thought that that was happening. That’s exactly what’s happened. It’s been weaponized. But I did some research. And what I would challenge people to do is do research and find out what it means. Now, you’ve got to understand this — I’m not for taking money from the police department. I think we need more police. My studio is in a neighborhood where I think we need police.”

But we don’t need police that have — that are under-trained. And you’ve got to understand — I have really close friends who are police officers that I love dearly, who are really good people, who have been very, very hurt by this, as well. And here’s what I want you to understand, Anderson, wrong — where there is wrong, I’m going to stand up against it. When Rayshard Brooks was murdered, I thought that was wrong. When George — George Floyd was murdered, I thought that was wrong, like so many other people. But when a police officer who was white in a suburb in Atlanta was shot in the head by a shoplifter, I thought that was wrong, too, and I reached out to do what I can to help his family.

When Secoriea was — an eight-year-old was shot near the Wendy’s in her mother’s backseat, I thought that was wrong, too. So, anywhere there is wrong, I’m going to stand up against it. I just don’t believe that, and I believe in most — I don’t believe that there are lots of people — let me just change that to understand that there are a lot of people in America who feel the way that I do, right? I think we need the police. I know that I need the police. I have several that work for me here at the studio. We need them, but we need them reformed. We need them trained well. We need the right structure, right? But some of the things inside of defund the police, I really understand like having officers who are clinically trained to deal with certain situations. I think all of those things are helpful. But taking money from the police department to make the police department smaller, that troubles me.

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Obama complains public has ‘forgotten’ his successes, says ‘You’re an idiot’

waving flagBy Paul Bedard | June 19, 2015

“I got a letter a while back from a gentleman living in Colorado, and clearly an intelligent guy, and he had taken a lot of time to write this letter. And he said, you know, I voted for you twice, but I’m feeling disillusioned,'” Obama said.

“And I get letters, people say, ‘You are an idiot,’ and here’s what you didn’t do, and here’s the program that is terrible, and all kinds of stuff. But this gentleman, he said, I voted for you twice but I’m deeply disappointed. And it went on and on, chronicling all the things that hadn’t gotten done,” added Obama.

President Obama leaving Air Force One in Los Angeles to attend fundraisers. AP Photo

While he didn’t detail the writer’s frustrations, Obama, who previously noted how the economy has come back, jobs are growing and the future looks brighter, said “he seemed to have forgotten everything that had happened and how he had benefitted.” The president told Democratic donors that writer’s angst was probably directed at Washington’s division and his inability to unite the parties. The core I think of his concern, the core of his complaint was that he thought that when I got to Washington I could bring people together and make them work more effectively,” he said. “And on that issue, I had to tell him, you’re right. I am frustrated, and you have every right to be frustrated, because Congress doesn’t work the way it should.”Picture1

Alinsky affectBut not for lack of trying, even though he senses Americans don’t think he has.

“Sometimes I feel like people forgot the essence of my pledge when I ran for president. What I promised — I said to people, I said, I am not a perfect man I will not be a perfect president, but I promise you I will wake up every single day and I will go to bed every single night thinking about how to make sure that ordinary Americans have a chance. And I will fight as hard as I can, and I’ll be as honest and straightforward as I can about what I believe can open up the doors of opportunity to everybody. That pledge I’ve kept,” said the president.Bull Party of Deciet and lies

Frustrations aside, the president said that he still plans big things and revived his call for supporters to stand behind him and help.

“If we keep that faith and fight off cynicism, then 20 years from now, 50 years from now, 100 years from now, people are going to say, okay, they ran the good race and we’re further along and America is better and more just, and opportunity is more real for more people,” the president concluded.DO NOT JACKASS

Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner’s “Washington Secrets” columnist, can be contacted at combo 2

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