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Rush Limbaugh Dead At 70, Wife Announces

Reported by SHELBY TALCOTT, MEDIA REPORTER | February 17, 2021


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh died Wednesday after battling lung cancer, according to his family. His wife Kathryn announced the news on his radio show, Fox News reported. Limbaugh’s death follows his announcement in January 2020 that he was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Throughout his battle, Limbaugh continued hosting his radio show, “The Rush Limbaugh Show.”

Shortly after his diagnosis, former President Donald Trump awarded Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2020. The surprise award at the State of the Union address led to the radio host tearing up as then-first lady Melania Trump placed the medal around his neck.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest award given for a civilian.

Limbaugh launched “The Rush Limbaugh Show” in 1988 and it became the most listened-to radio show in America, according to Fox News. He would go on to become one of the most well-known figures in conservative politics and media.

“I wasn’t expected to be alive today,” Limbaugh told listeners during his last show of 2020. “I wasn’t expected to make it to October, and then to November, and then to December. And yet, here I am, and today, got some problems, but I’m feeling pretty good today.”

Limbaugh’s producer Bo Snerdly updated fans earlier in February after Limbaugh was absent from the show for one week. Snerdly said the staff was continuing to pray for Limbaugh over what the radio host previously described as a “death sentence.”

Limbaugh is in the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, as well as the Radio Hall of Fame. He was a best-selling author and appeared on TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the World list in 2009.

Prior to his cancer diagnosis, Limbaugh learned he had an autoimmune disease that affected his hearing beginning in 2001. A few years later in 2003, Limbaugh went into a treatment facility for an addiction to pain medication, according to Fox News.

Limbaugh also worked on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” for a short time in 2003, but resigned after comments he made about an NFL quarterback sparked backlash.

“We love people,” Limbaugh told the crowd. “When we look out over the United States of America, when we are anywhere, when we see a group of people, such as this or anywhere, we see Americans. We see human beings. We don’t see groups. We don’t see victims. We don’t see people we want to exploit. What we see — what we see is potential. We do not look out across the country and see the average American, the person that makes this country work. We do not see that person with contempt. We don’t think that person doesn’t have what it takes.”

Why Liberals Love the Enemies of Israel

Transcript from the Rush Limbaugh Show

By Rush Limbaugh, March 19, 2015

URL of the Original Posting Site:


RUSH:  Let me see if I get this straight.  The Obama administration and the American media can spend money and run campaign ads designed to turn out the Israeli Arab vote, and that isn’t racist.  No, no, no.  That’s perfectly fine.  But then Netanyahu coming along with his allies pointing out that Obama and the Democrats and the media have targeted the Arabs and therefore trying to get his own base to turn out, that’s racist?

How can Netanyahu responding to what the Democrats are doing be considered racism and what the Democrats are doing not be racism?  This is getting… This has been out of hand for I don’t know how long.  The Democrats are throwing down the race card and getting away with it because there’s too much fear in retaliating to it, against it.  There’s too much fear.  Everybody’s frightened in the elected political class to do something about this.  But it’s long been out of hand.  It’s perverse.  It’s destructive.

There’s nothing positive or uplifting or inspiring about any of this, contrary to the claims of Democrat PR.  They’re the ones that started all this. They’re the ones that targeted money and ads to turn out the Arab vote.  Never once did anybody think that was racist. So Benjamin Netanyahu responds to it by pointing out the left is targeting the Arab vote and trying to get his base to turnout to counter that, and all of a sudden that becomes racism?

It’s all the same race Middle East anyway.  It’s all Semitic.


RUSH: Here’s Thomas “Loopy” Friedman, the New York Times.  This really is absurd.  This is alternate universe.  This is two different worlds in which people live.  The idea that racism was a factor in the Israeli election, the very idea is flat-out absurd.  Well, you see, the Democrats can never lose on the merits.  No, no.  And Barack Obama can never actually be rejected by people either here or in Israel.  No, no.  There has to be some explanation when he loses, and it can’t have anything to do with his policies.  It can’t have anything to do with his meddling.

My guess is that a bunch of Israelis were fed up with the American president interloping in their country trying to ambush an election, influence it, for his own personal desires, not the United States’ best interests and certainly not Israel’s.  Obama injected himself into that election for his own personal reasons, whatever the heck they are.  There had to be some Israeli backlash to that.  Probably not as much as you’d think, but there had to be some.

But it doesn’t matter.  On any given day the Democrats never lose.  They either have tricks played against them, somebody cheated, or the race card was used, or the War on Women took an unexpected turn or some such thing, and then their allies pick up the ball and run with it.

I want to ask you a question that I asked you yesterday.  Have you ever stopped to think, in this whole Middle East peace process — and remember that’s all it is.  It’s a process that never ends.  It’s a process that recycles and repeats.  It’s a chess game and the game never is won or lost.  The pieces keep being moved around by different players, depending on the American administration and the Israeli prime minister and whoever’s running the show at the PLO or Fatah or whatever they call themselves on any given day, Hamas, Hezbollah, you name it.

The Middle East peace process is an industry unto itself.  It’s not designed to be resolved.  The Middle East peace process does not have an achievable objective.  We’re all being lied to about this. We’re all being strung along.  My whole life there’s been no change in it.  We’re all roped into believing that there’s a solution to this, with words, with the right people, doctors, nurses, clean water, whatever, speeches, you name it.  There aren’t any such solutions, and there never are to conflicts like this.

Ours is a world governed by the aggressive use of force, not by the aggressive use of process.  This is made especially and abundantly clear in this case because there is no such thing as a two-state solution.  I don’t know how much time you out there as individuals pay attention to the Middle East peace process.  I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t pay much attention at all, ’cause it never changes.  It’s the same thing.

The news on the Middle East peace process does not change from administration to administration, from person to person, from year to year.  Oh, you might have changes that appear to be different, like this two-state solution business, or when the Israelis finally decide to accept the idea of a Palestinian state.  But then whenever something like that, which some people would consider progress is made, guess who undermines it?

Hello, Yasser Arafat.  Hello, whoever is running the show in negotiations against the Israelis, because they do not want a two-state solution.  There is no two-state solution.  There’s a one-state solution.  A two-state solution actually means the end of Israel.  Go take a look at the Hezbollah charter.  Take a look at things stated by Yasser Arafat when he was around.  Doesn’t matter who.  You’ll see, take a look at Iranian caliphate.  No matter where you go the objective is wiping out the Jewish state.  It doesn’t exist anymore, and neither do the people who at present live in it.

That’s the objective, that’s the only objective.  There is no desire to live side by side in peace and tranquility and mutual respect and all of that.  There is no such possibility resulting from negotiation.  Just never gonna happen.  I dare say the people involved in it know it.  But the Middle East peace process has become a career.  The Mideast peace process is something that when you’re 15 you say, “You know, I want to work there. I want to work there for life.  I want to become a diplomat working at the Middle East peace process.  I want to be a career appointee to the Middle East peace process so that I am there no matter who the American administration is, president is.”

This whole thing is a joke.  What makes it — obviate the two-state solution?  Well, the demand for right of return.  Right of return is incumbent on a two-state solution.  Right of return means that anybody who wants to call themselves a Palestinian anywhere in the world has the right to come back to whatever they designate as the Palestinians state.  And, by the way, the Palestinian state is going to be what Israel is now or there’s never gonna be a deal.  And who’s gonna make that deal?

Who in Israel is going to negotiate the end of the nation?  You know, now that I ask that, I can see that that could happen if you elect the wrong Israeli leftists.  Israeli leftists are the equivalent of the current Republican leadership in this country. Just as the current Republican leadership’s scared to death of the Democrats, scared to death of the media, the Israeli left is scared to death of Iran. Everything you hear about the Republican leadership not criticizing Obama:  We don’t want to provoke him. We don’t want to make ’em mad. We don’t want to anger the independents. We don’t want to turn away the independents. We don’t want anybody getting mad at us. We don’t want the media criticizing.

Same thing.  The Israeli left is the same way, except their objective is placating Iran.  They’re neophytes who believe that these people can be appeased.  The right of return eliminates any possibility of a two-state solution or existence.  Besides that, none of the militant Arab population wants a state of Israel.  So all this is academic, is my point.  Obama inserts himself in this process. Actually, in the internal affairs of Israel, he inserts himself personally and professionally. He throws down this notion of the race card. He starts the whole thing with the race card. Bibi responds to it and Bibi’s accused as the only one that plays the race card.

But I need to ask you, do you ever wonder why the Democrat Party in this country, whoever, be it Bill Clinton, be it Barack Obama, be it John Kerry, I don’t care, be it Dianne Feinstein, I don’t care, pick one, why are their allies the Palestinians, and why are the Israelis, which is the ally of the United States, why are the Israelis tied, at least at present with Netanyahu as the prime minister, to the conservative or Republican Party?  Why is that?  That’s more understandable.  Shared values, foreign and domestic, same worldview, same Western civilization roots.

But why, no matter what Democrat you mention, no matter what Democrat’s ever in the White House, or whatever Democrat’s secretary of state, whatever Democrat ends up anywhere, why are they always simpatico with the Palestinians?  And there is an answer to the question.  Without going into it in great detail, it’s no more complicated — I mean there is ideology involved.  There’s a common ground.  Leftists will find their friends anywhere around the world.  They do not have to be American.  They do not have to be domestic in any way.

But aside from their ideological commonalities, and there are some between the Palestinians and the Democrat Party, when I say — Hamas, Hezbollah, there’s another reason for it, and that is they feel sorry for ’em. They feel sorry for ’em like they feel sorry for the African-American population in America.  They actually look at the Palestinians and they see a bunch of people worthy of pity.  “Oh, these poor guys, look at ’em, nobody wants ’em, they’re outcasts. They can’t get along with anybody,” and they look at the Israelis as the big, evil white — even though they’re not — majority.  Israel is the equivalent of the biggest enemy that the Democrats can muster in American conservatism or in the American Republican Party.

It’s really no more complicated than that.  Well, it is actually because there is ideological common ground as well between the enemies of Israel and the Democrat Party in this country, but in large part it’s really no more complicated than the evil tyranny of a majority and the poor, helpless, put-upon, discriminated-against minority and people of color.  And, as such, the Democrats look upon these minorities not with respect.  They look upon them with pity and the bigotry of low expectations.  They’re people that can’t do anything on their own.  They’re people who can’t survive on their own.  They’re poor people, they’re just incompetent and inept, and they need a champion.  They need somebody speaking up for them. They need somebody defending them.

The Democrats rush to the cause, make themselves look big and magnanimous, and there’s something magic about always opposing the majority, even when you’re it.  You disguise the fact that you’re in the majority, you blame others for being the majority, and you rip ’em to shreds every day just because they are.  And just because they’re the majority they’re intrinsically corrupt.  They’re automatically cheating. They’re automatically corrupt. They’re automatically ingrates because they are the majority.  And, as such, they’re incapable of being sympathized.  They’re incapable of anybody having empathy for them because they’re just evil.

In the liberal worldview it does not really require any more detail than that, but there is.  There are other reasons to explain why the Democrat Party and the American left is simpatico with the enemies of Israel.


RUSH:  Here’s Thomas “Loopy” Friedman.  This is last night on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront.  Her question was, “You wrote today that Netanyahu went for the gutter with the comment to supporters that Arab voters were coming out to vote in huge numbers.” Would you please explain that to us, Mr. Friedman?  How can that be Netanyahu going for the gutter?

FRIEDMAN:  Netanyahu, to save himself, took votes from even farther right parties. And now he is saddled with the way he did that, this kind of race baiting. And at the same time with throwing out the window of his election bus the whole notion of a two-state solution. The people who are happiest tonight, who are high five-ing and toasting themselves with endless Allahu Akbars is the Iranian regime in Tehran. Iran wants a one state solution, so there is a constant grinding between Israeli settlers and Palestinians. Nothing makes Iran happier than Israel opting for a one state solution

RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, that is just flat-out wrong.  It is dangerously wrong.  It is arrogantly misinformed.  And this guy is the Bible to everybody who reads the New York Times.  In terms of foreign policy, Thomas Friedman is the Bible.  And this is dangerously, embarrassingly, every bit of it wrong.  There never will be a two-state solution.  These people are living in dreamland.  They have no concept of the dynamics of anything that they do.  Just like when they raise taxes they don’t understand when people are able to avoid it.  They don’t understand when people try to find ways not to pay the new taxes.

There’s never gonna be a two-state solution because the Palestinians do not want that.  And how anybody with even one half the IQ of a pencil eraser doesn’t understand that is literally beyond me.  And then we hear this other bromide here, “Well, he took votes from even further right parties.”  So?  They were registered to vote.  So what, where they came from.  What makes them so evil that they are further right?  How does that matter?  Where does “further right” equal “evil”?  Except in this man’s upside down world.  But that’s not even the point.  The race-baiting?

If anybody race-baited it’s Barack Obama and whoever ran that campaign for him over there.  They are the ones who pointed out the need to turn out the Arab-Israeli vote.  And, by the way, what is racist about that any?  There is no racism in this.  Only in the convoluted, upside down world of liberalism can people of the same race be somehow tagged as racial minorities.  It’s just inexplicable.  So race-baiting, when the first people that did it were people that are Friedman’s allies.

The first thing, they run all these fraudulent polls telling everybody Netanyahu’s gonna lose, and then they run all these stories claiming they’re gonna really turn out the Arab-Israeli vote.  Well, that’s no different than turning out minority votes in this country.  The opposition party is gonna do something to counter it.  It’s called free and open elections.  It’s called campaigning.  Except when the left comments on it, somehow, if you don’t just sit there and let them beat you, if you don’t just sit there and give up and let them beat you, you’re engaging in racism.  It’s sick.


RUSH:  In fact, it’s not even a one-state solution that the Palestinians want.  It’s not a one-state solution the Iranians want. I’m picking up where I left off ’cause I got offended.  I was interrupted, but I couldn’t do anything about it.  What we’re talking about here is a final solution, and the final solution is, there is no Israel and there are no Jews living where Israel is now.  That’s the objective, and this is never gonna gets solved on the Palestinian side, the Iranian side, and the Arab side, ’til that happens.  Pure and simple.  If that ever happens, you’ve got a solution.

And how they gonna do that, folks?  How’s that solution?  If that were to happen, how is there no Israel, and how are there no Jews living on the land that is now Israel, how does that happen?  You think somebody’s gonna negotiate that?  You think somebody’s gonna come along in the Middle East peace process and agree to that?  You think the United Nations is gonna pass a Security Council resolution that everybody’s gonna vote for that wipes Israel, as it exists, off the map and put the Jews that live there somewhere else?  Preferably in the Mediterranean, is what the Palestinians want.

Do you think that’s gonna happen?  That hasn’t an iota’s of a chance happening unless there is a military conflict that Israel would lose, which is how conflicts like this have traditionally been solved throughout human history.  This two state, one state, Thomas “Loopy” Friedman here, this is idiotic.  I can’t believe that — well, yes, I can.  Because this the process to them, this is all that matters is the process itself.  The fact that it never solves anything is part and parcel of it.

The process is where you get to show how smart you are.  The process is where you get to demonstrate your brain power.  The process is where you get to demonstrate where your allegiances lie.  The process is where you get to identify who the bad guys are and who the good guys are so that you can be a good guy. The process is where you get to identify racism and bigotry and sexism all over the place.  The process is whereby you establish your credentials as some sort of expert.  The process is meaningless.  The process is worthless in terms of its stated objective, and that’s a solution, ’cause there is no solution, except a final solution.

Now, the Israelis would be fine and dandy with a negotiated Palestinian state, except they know that that’s not what the Palestinians really want.  And therefore, how do you negotiate seriously when you know what they claim to want isn’t true, when their stated objectives are not what their real objectives are, when you know what their objectives are.  Their objectives are your elimination.  And so it’s insolence, it’s disrespect to the American president, Barack Obama, when you stand up for your own nation’s existence?  It’s insolence, it’s disrespect when you dare to win your own election?

The opposition, by the way, being aided and assisted by Barack Obama.  And let’s remember once again, spending money, targeting other resources, running campaign ads to turn out the Arab vote in the Israeli election, that was the American Democrat Party, that was the American president, Barack Obama. That’s the advice that the Herzog campaign got. That’s how the money was spent over there.

American money was spent targeting objectives, resources, and running campaign ads at Israeli Arabs, designed to get them to turn out and vote.  But that wasn’t racist.  In the magic of Democrat Party politics, that wasn’t racist.  To target ads and resources at Arab-Israelis, oh, there’s no racism in that.  Don’t you dare accuse us of racism.  But Netanyahu and the Likud Party responding to it, defending against it somehow is racist?

This stuff has to stop.  This is nothing but pure destructive.  There’s nothing inspiring, there’s nothing uplifting, there’s no good that comes of this.  And then these brainiacs like Thomas “Loopy” Friedman toss in their five cents and tack on with their: Oh, yeah, he kind of race-baited there, Netanyahu.  Yeah, yeah, he race-baited.

How in the hell, again, when everybody there is of the same race, how do you race bait?  And then Netanyahu committed the real offense.  He went out and he appealed to the even farther right parties.  Oh, that’s really low.  That’s really the scum of the earth, those further-right parties.  We can’t put up with that.  And then after all of this, Obama still lost in a landslide.

So there’s gonna be a price for this, and that price is gonna be we are gonna abandon Israel at the UN, and we are going to assist the Iranians.  We may put sanctions on Israel now and lift them on Iran.  I mean, imagine Eddie Haskell with nuclear weapons and the Beaver keeps beating him.  That’s what we’re looking at here.  We’ve got a man-child, an immature child, spoiled brat who’s had his way his whole life, been treated as something special his whole life, and his life recently is a series of humiliations, from losing the automatic bid for Chicago to get the Olympics.

I could go down a list of things that were supposed to be slam dunks that Obama has lost and this is just the last straw.  So now everybody’s gonna pay for this act of insolence.  I feel like I’m watching Game of Thrones here and the 15-year-old king wants to start chopping off heads.  And everybody’s afraid to say no to the 15-year-old king ’cause it might be their head that gets chopped off.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu is doing everything he can to save his state, save his country, save his people.  Even people in Israel who don’t like him miss this.  But that’s what his objective is.  But I’m telling you, don’t fall for this two state, one-state solution garbage.  It’s the final solution.  By the way, one of the biggest jokes here in Friedman’s comment is that the Iranians are sitting over there giving themselves a bunch of high fives as in Allahu Akbars.  That I’d like to see.  I’d like to see the mullahs high fiving each other wherever they live.  “Hey, Ayatollah Khamenei, high five me, Allahu Akbar!”  Can just see this.  This is the picture that Friedman paints, and that they’re happy about this, they’re happy Netanyahu.  Of course they’re happy.  Because they want a one-state solution.

What one-state solution is he talking about?  What one-state solution would make the mullahs in Iran happy?  How are the mullahs in Iran kept happy with Netanyahu winning?  The only way that makes sense is if the mullahs in Iran know that the Middle East peace process has no end, by definition, by design, and it doesn’t.  You know why?  They need an enemy.  Just like the Democrat Party needs a demon, needs an enemy, needs a vilan, so do those guys, and Israel is made to order.  Israel can never, ever be allowed to participate in a solution, ’cause Israel’s the bad guys.  They can’t ever do anything good.  They can’t ever do anything noteworthy.  They can’t ever do anything laudatory.  That would blow everything sky-high.

The Israelis must always remain the bad guys, and, as such, there will never, ever be a solution until they get their nuke, and then look out.  And that is what Netanyahu knows, and anybody with common sense knows.  And it doesn’t take much common sense.  All it takes is the courage to believe what the Iranians have told everybody, from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the Ayatollah Khomeini to the Ayatollah Khamenei, to whatever ayatollah, whatever mullah, whoever you want to talk to, that’s their stated objective.

ISIS, you name it, that’s their objective.  And that, the elimination of Israel and the expulsion of the Jews from that real estate, that is the objective, and that is the only solution they’re interested in, and that is the final solution.  It’s not a one-state, it’s not a two-state, it’s the final.  And nothing short of that will ever be acceptable.



You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

By Listen to it ButtonRush Limbaugh, December 17, 2014

URL of the Original Posting Site:


RUSH:  I was just asked a question, ladies and gentlemen.  Does this mean that you can now go to Canada and buy a Cuban cigar and bring it back home?  I don’t think it means that yet.  We are still here trying to figure out what happened.  And, by the way, I need to remind you all of something.  This is chump change compared to what’s gonna happen the next two years.  I have warned all of you people, I have warned you that these last two years of the Obama administration are gonna actually be what he would have done if he’d had total control and did not have to worry about the Constitution the first two years.

You’d better look out because today is just a smidgen example.  All these memos, executive orders, rewriting, overwriting, ignoring the US Constitution.  Wait ’til we sell Iran the nuclear bomb.  Wait ’til something like that happens.  You haven’t seen anything yet.  This Cuban thing, this is chump change.  Yes, yes, yes, I’m joking, but I’m trying to illustrate a point by using excessive exaggeration.  You haven’t seen anything yet.  This is just the beginning.  This is just a teaser, appetizer, for what is on tap the next two years.  Everything Obama thinks this country’s guilty of and needs to apologize for, he’s gonna take care of.  Cuban embargo, our fault, shouldn’t have happened, We’ve devastated the Cuban people, it never made any sense, it’s a relic, and it comes from a part of the American past which is not honorable, all that kind of stuff.

Get this.  You may not know this yet.  The Regime has made an official move.  Are you ready for this?  The Obama admin, the DOJ is actually beginning the process of eliminating police officer shootings from grand jury proceedings.  In other words, police officers will no longer benefit from the equality clauses in the US Constitution.  In other words, if there is another police shooting, the local prosecutors will not be able to slough it off to a grand jury.  Grand juries will not be permitted to handle those.  They’ll be held directly by the DA or the state attorney or whoever else.  That’s a denial of equal access laws and the Regime is just gonna do it, gonna probably announce it with a memo.  And nobody’s making any move to stop Obama on this.


RUSH:  So I checked the e-mail during the break, as I always do.  “Rush, where’d you see that story on Obama and the grand juries and the cops?”  It’s at (The Hill‎: WH Task Force to Review Grand Juries’ Handling of Police Killings).  Here’s the headline:  “White House Task Force to Review Grand Jury’s Handling of Police Killings” — A White House panel is examining whether grand juries are the best way to review the use of deadly force by law enforcement in the aftermath of controversial decisions not to indict police officers who killed unarmed black men.

“‘One of the things that we will be looking at as a task force is independent review of these kinds of cases and how should that take place,’ Philadelphia police chief Charles Ramsey, who is co-chairing the panel, told NPR’s Morning Edition on Tuesday. … ‘Is a grand jury, for an example, the proper way of doing it, with the district attorney’s involvement and that so forth?’ he asked.”

So this White House panel, handpicked by Obama, wants to take away police shooting cases from grand juries.  So what happens to equal protection under the law?  Aren’t cops American citizens?  Aren’t they almost on the same level as illegal aliens?  So why deny them equal protection under the law by denying them the ability for their cases to be heard by a grand jury?  But that’s not all.

The White House panel also wants to force local cops to undergo training.  This same White House panel that wants to take away police shooting cases from grand juries is demanding that local cops undergo training.  The task force admits that they can’t tell cops, police departments, what to do. But they in effect say that they can threaten to withhold federal money from police departments to make the states and counties do their guy bidding.

Which is exactly what the federal government’s done to get control of education, if you must know.  The way the Feds control curricula is to deny federal funds for things like the school lunch program, or to threaten to. Therefore they get their fingers in the curriculum and education, which is a state and local province.  So I’m telling you, folks: These next two years, you’re gonna see things like this pop up all over the place, and it’s gonna be machine gun-type cadence: Rat-tat-tat. Delusional

They’re gonna be one after another, and every social injustice that Obama and the left think is occurring in this country, they are going to address it and fix it with the implementation of Alinsky-type leftist liberalism with the stroke of a pen.  It’s all gonna happen, predicated on the notion that the US and the way it was founded was unjust and immoral, unfair, unequal.

And finally — after 200-some-odd years, finally — somebody is gonna come along and get it right.  It’s gonna be frequent, and you’re gonna feel overwhelmed, and you’re gonna be looking to the Republicans in Washington to stop it, and they’re not gonna have the slightest idea themselves what’s happening.  You’re gonna look in vain at our nation’s capital hoping somebody there would stand up to stop this.

Those who do, such as the Ted Cruzes and the Rand Pauls and the Mike Lees — those who do stand up and try to stop whatever happens — are going to be come under assault and attacked as kooks and freaks and maniacs and uncooperative and all the other insults.  That’s the way the game is now being played.


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Lawlessness Leads to Frustration and Desperation — On All Sides

Complete Message

BEGIN TRANSCRIPT from the Rush Limbaugh Show on August 14, 2014

RUSH:  Back to the phones we go, John, and once again in St. Louis. Welcome, sir.  It’s great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  First-time caller, longtime listener.

RUSH:  Great to have you here.

CALLER:  Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  Yeah, I’m a retired physician who lives in North County in St. Louis about two miles from all the demonstrations that are going on.  From my perspective — we’re been here for over 30 years — I’m glad the police are stepping up and do this.  Well, a lot of us are concerned about the violences. (sic)  You gotta remember, the protestors have a right to protest as long as it’s peaceful. 

But around 4:30/five o’clock every night it turns violent.  I personally would like to have seen the police step it up even further to crack down this lawlessness and vandalism that’s going on here in St. Louis.  This is pathetic to see what’s happening here, to allow these people to break the law consistently.  Their so-called selective indignation is not appropriate. 

A year ago, last Fourth of July, as a retired physician I’m out here with my family, a young black man, who was a future collegiate basketball player. He was shot in the head and in the chest for nothing but standing up for his cousin, because of derogatory statements made after being seen by a bunch of young thugs on the street.  Now, I didn’t see any marching, any indignation.

RUSH:  Wait, wait, wait.  I missed that.  Who shot this kid?

CALLER:  A bunch of Afro-American kids. (garbled)

RUSH:  It was a gang? It was a gang shooting?

CALLER:  It was a gang, and they shot this innocent young man who was bound for college as a college basketball player.

RUSH:  Anybody know why they shot him?

CALLER:  Yeah, ’cause he stood up for his cousin, because they were making derogatory comments about her.

RUSH:  So he “dissed” these guys —

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  — while defending his cousin and that’s intolerable.  So, yeah.

CALLER:  And they pulled out a gun and shot him in the head, and I stabilized him ’til the paramedics got there.  You gotta remember, Rush, that the people that are coming in after the peaceful demonstrations are not even from Ferguson.  They’re from other parts of the area.  They’re coming in to cause problems, and those of us who are taxpayers here, we’re fed up with this!

RUSH:  Well, they’re —

CALLER:  I mean, consistently, gunshots! Twice a week we hear five to six gunshots going off in the community up here.  I really think I’m behind the police. Now, I’m not for shooting an innocent individual. I don’t care white, black, what have you.  And that needs to be evaluated, looked into appropriate way.  But what’s happening here in Ferguson is nothing but thuggery.  These people, especially after the sun goes down around here, they’re just causing problems.

You know, they’re throwing things, objects, the vulgar language. And then there’s been actual recording of gunshots being shot at the police.  To allow this to go on…  I thought we were a country of laws.  I’m ex-military, and I don’t believe in this.  I think something needs to be done to stop this. And to allow this to go on like this idiot governor we have? I think this is pathetic, Rush.

RUSH:  Well, I’ll tell you, I think that there’s a lot of frustration over lawlessness in the country.  It’s everywhere, and I think police departments are also fed up.  They’re human.  They’re citizens, too, and they’re human beings.  Look at the immigration laws.  We have the government of this country actively suing states which attempt to enforce existing immigration law. 

Immigration law counts for nothing anymore.  We have a president who is bragging about executive orders and executive actions — and if Congress won’t act, he will.  I submit to you that all of this sends a message, a subtle signal that the law, if it doesn’t apply to some people, it doesn’t apply at anybody. 

Imperial President ObamaIf people can get an exemption from it, if the president doesn’t have to obey the law, if the immigration laws don’t have to be obeyed… You throw in every other societal aspect that results in our culture pending crumbling and rotting. It’s a very slow process.  It has taken years.  This, I don’t think, happened overnight. 

But you have a general frustration on the part of everybody that there doesn’t seem to be any glue holding everything together.  The honor system doesn’t seem to even work, and the rule of law combined with the honor system is what has kept, for example, elected officials and law enforcement officials honest.  It all seems to be breaking down.  I actually think that in many places… I don’t know about Ferguson.

But I do know that in New Jersey we had a cop the other day who trashed Obama and he was fired, and it was all about, “Hey, if this guy can break the law, why can’t we?”  I think this attitude is effervescing out there all over this country, and when lawlessness happens to be celebrated by the media and laughed at because whoever’s breaking the law gets away with it and wins political in the process, I don’t think it can help but send a signal to people. 

Go to Chicago.  Has anybody been convicted or even tried for the wanton murders that are committed there every weekend, it seems?  So there’s a… I don’t know how to describe it.  It’s a slowly evolving reality that people think nothing is holding anything together anymore.  I think cops are every bit as susceptible to this as any other citizen is, and I think they’re as frustrated by it as anybody else is. 

They’re as frustrated by lawbreakers who get away with it. They’re as frustrated as anyone, maybe even more so.  How hard they work to bring people to justice and then technicalities get cases thrown out? It’s been going on for a long, long time — and then, at some point, a tipping point is reached.  So I understand you and our previous caller from St. Louis basically saying the same things.  So I appreciate your time.  I’m glad you took the time.  Thank you for waiting to get on.


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