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This is a real hero and a man who should be featured front page on every news site! When a Virginia trucker pulled into a run of the mill rest stop, he never would have believed he would save someone’s life. Kevin Kimmel parked at a truck stop in New Kent County, Virginia. As he was sipping coffee in his cab, he noticed a odd-looking RV with black drapes covering its windows.

Then, he saw caught a glimpse of a young girl’s face looking out one of the windows. And something about the look on her face disturbed him. So he started watching the RV more intently.

It seems the girl was being held by sex traffickers and was being forced into a life of prostitution and the trucker’s vague feeling that something wasn’t right saved her from a life of slavery and degradation.

A truck driver has described the moment he spotted a suspected trafficking victim peeking out of a van before a man got in and the vehicle ‘started rocking’.

Kevin Kimmel was parked at a gas station in Richmond, Virginia, on January 6 when he witnessed the alleged incident and called police.


His call led to an FBI investigation after officers found a dishevelled 20-year-old woman who appeared to be malnourished with puncture wounds in her feet, according to a police report.

An Iowa couple, Aldair Hodza, 36, and Laura Sorensen, 31, have been charged with abducting the woman and forcing her into an online prostitution scheme.

Court documents allege Hodza tortured the woman by burning her with keys heated over a stove, and driving nails into her feet with a hammer.

“When I saw the young girl’s face, I said that’s not going to happen, I’ve got daughters and granddaughters,” Kimmel told WTVR.

“I only learned the gruesome details through the news. I’m just happy I helped her,” he added.