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The Left’s Moral Relativism Has Eaten Our Culture Alive — and Conservatives Have No Political Strategy to Stop It

June 26, 2015 Listen to it Button

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RUSH: Look, I know everybody is trying to understand this, and everybody’s trying to explain it to each other. Everybody’s looking to everybody else for a deep meaning, an explanation that makes sense. Because none of what’s happening makes sense to people. So what’s going on? Well, hang in there. I’m going to give my shot at this today, folks.

The EIB Network and Rush Limbaugh, get ready. Oh, yeah, that too. Open Line Friday, which could be juicy today. This is where we try to emphasize callers a little more than we do Monday through Thursday. Never know how it’s actually going to play out. But the rule is on Friday whatever you want to talk about, have at it. Telephone number is 1-800-282-2882. And the e-mail address

Ladies and gentlemen, not to be — I don’t even know what the word is — dismissive, the outcome of this case today has never been in question. The fact that the Supreme Court was going to find gay marriage as they did should not be a surprise. It doesn’t mitigate the result. I mean, just like yesterday we could all predict what was going to happen with Obamacare, but being alive and seeing it happen and living through it, the reality of it, it’s crushing. Same thing here.

The only question on this one was going to be the vote, was it going to be 5-4 or 6-3. It turned out to be 5-4. Now, everybody’s looking for an explanation. Everybody’s reading dissent opinions. Everybody’s consulting. A lot of people calling each other, emailing each other, “Gee, what?” I can’t tell you the number of people who have sent me e-mails with a simple theme, the same theme. “How do you persevere? How can you go on the radio today? What in the world, how do you even know anybody’s going to be listening? Do you realize, all seems lost, what in the world is there to say?”

Well, I’m here, and I’m going to do my best to put this into some sort of perspective. One thing I’m not is in a state of denial. I think there’s a lot going on, and to try to put them in any kind of priority, “Okay, this is the worst and then this is the next worst.” That’s a futile exercise and ultimately meaningless. But I think, folks, you can almost include Obamacare in this. In this decision today, the court legalizing gay marriage, this is in a way Roe v. Wade all over again. The country was involved.

As Scalia pointed out in a dissent, there was a pretty robust debate going on, state by state, over gay marriage. It’s now been shut down. So once again, five justices have forced a way of life on people, and many of them disapprove of it, do not support it, and have not had a chance to vote on it. So I think we’re faced with a future where a culture will continue to be roiled much as it has been since Roe v. Wade.

I’ve heard commentators today on all the cable networks, and they run the gamut. One of the seemingly common themes among some quasi, so-called conservative commentators or analysts is, “Hey, these are just people and they just want what’s been denied them,” and it goes on and on. “They just want dignity and respect. It’s not asking for much, they just want –” and it’s not about that in all cases. The rule for gay marriage is not about joining anything, it’s about redefining.It HasNever Been About Marriage

I mean, if the move for gay marriage was about joining, then a couple that walks into a bakery and wants a cake baked for their wedding and proprietors say, “No, it’s against our religious beliefs to support gay marriage,” then the gay couple would leave and go find some other bakery to bake their cake. But that’s not what happens. They go to court and they try to get that bakery shut down, or that photography studio shut down. So it makes me dubious of this idea that there’s just an effort here to join the majority. There’s clearly an effort underway to up-end and redefine and punish.

Take a look at what happened in Charleston, South Carolina — by the way, all this comes under an umbrella, which I’ll explain. There’s a singular theme for all of this that’s happening. And maybe even pretty much a — though you may not agree with it — singular explanation for it. But after the shooting in Charleston, look at how quickly that became a Republican event. And look at how quickly people moved to banish the Confederate flag.

The Confederate flag had nothing to do with anything involved with the Charleston situation. It had nothing to do with it. It was totally unrelated. An opportunity was made, seen and acted upon by the Democrat Party to move their agenda forward. The Republican Party was totally unprepared for it. The conservative movement was totally unprepared for it, was left to either join it or be humiliated and held up for ridicule.

Now, I think in the case of this gay marriage decision today, the answer to this sadly is not going to be found in politics or policy, because the problems and the truth go way beyond that. I think we’re dealing with a culture that is under assault and is deteriorating rapidly. The truth is that all this transcends the Constitution. I think there is a spiritual war going on where truth is no longer truth. There is no objective truth. Everything is relative now, particularly morally. Words have no meaning. Words can be whatever the most forceful group of people want them to mean. Whatever the most intimidating group of people wants a word to mean is what it will mean.Truth The New Hate Speech

So the door’s open for liberals and oligarchs to do whatever they want to do. And I don’t know that politics or legal solutions alone are the remedy for what is happening. To me, a bigger casualty than the healthcare debacle and the socialism aspects of Obamacare is the assault on the Constitution and an even bigger casualty still was on the truth itself. Words no longer mean anything. They’re just tools for liberals to accomplish whatever ends they want to accomplish.

Now, I’m going to get into some of the words from dissenting justices on the case today, the gay marriage case, because they’re poignant, and they get to a point, make a great point. But I’ll tell you, folks, everybody’s trying to understand the difference in John Roberts, his decision today, his opposition to gay marriage compared to what he wrote yesterday for Obamacare, is incoherent. The two don’t make any sense side by side. I have a theory.

I think I know or have a good idea of why Obamacare survives, amnesty survives and will survive, and I think it’s basically fear. Fear of being the one, anyone in history, who dared oppose or repeal anything accomplished by the first African-American president. I think that has created a paralysis in the Republican Party and in the conservative movement and at the Supreme Court and at Congress and at the Senate. I think it’s pervasive and I think it’s going to be forever. I think that fear is going to survive long after Obama has served his terms of office.


In other words, the effort to repeal Obamacare in, say, 2017, 2018, I don’t know who is going to have the guts to actually do it. Somewhere along the line somebody is not going to want their name attached to it because the historical notation that X was a leader in the movement that repealed the act of Obamacare brought to us by the first African-American president. My point is, I think there is more fear than we have ever understood. I think there is a paralysis-type fear brought about and brought on by the election of the first African-American president.

It is made even more intense by the fact that people can see what the media does to you if you dare stand up in opposition to Obama. And Obama has made it clear that after his terms in office are over he’s not going anywhere. He’s going to have a residence in Washington and one of the reasons for that is to protect his legacy. If anybody makes a move to repeal anything, whatever it is, and we’ve still got a year and a half. I told you in January of this year, folks, buckle up, these next two years will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. They’re starting out that way. We’re now six months in. And it is the case.

But here’s the thing, folks. When you get right down to it, everywhere I look today — yesterday, the day before, last year, the year before that, the last decade, the decade before that. Everywhere there’s conservative anger — everywhere — over everything that’s happened. Today the anger is at the Supreme Court. Yesterday the anger was at the Supreme Court. And that’s all there is, is anger. There’s never anything done beyond expressing the anger. There aren’t any policy reactions.loose both

There aren’t any efforts whatsoever to deal with the assaults and the attacks that are relentless and daily from the left. I mentioned Charleston. I mean, here you have a horrible, sad event in Charleston, South Carolina. And within minutes it became the fault of the Republican Party! It became the fault of the conservative movement. The media, as per usual, began looking for any evidence that Dylann Roof had any tie whatsoever to the Republican Party.

They focused on the Confederate flag. It became yet another daily march of the Democrat leftist agenda, which has — as its number one objective — to eliminate political opposition in this country. I’ve said it for the past two days and I’m going to say it again. The biggest threat that Obama and the Democrats have is us. They fear us more than they do ISIS or the Iranians or whatever, because they view us as able to take away from them their power via elections.

They’re not worried about ISIS taking their power away; they’re not worried about the Iranians doing that. So we must be destroyed. We must be attacked and annihilated and rendered irrelevant. The Dukes of Hazzard, for crying out loud! A television show, because the Confederate flag was on the roof of the car, comes under assault. There never is any strategy to deal with this. We know what’s coming — at least I do! I’ve made a career here out of warning everybody what’s coming, and there never is…

inconvenient truthThere doesn’t ever appear to be any awareness of what’s coming and there certainly isn’t any strategy to deal with it. And that is one of the reasons why I know you’re frustrated and maybe despondent. You have invested in everything you think you can do. You’ve donated. You’ve purchased. You’ve voted. You’ve gotten out the vote. You’ve done everything you can. You have called. You have emailed. You have faxed.

You have let your opinions be known, and you hear everything you want to hear during campaigns — and that’s the last time you hear it. The fact of the matter is a Republican Congress is helping Obama build his power base by not stopping any of it, by not opposing any of it. I continue to see no opposition strategy. Gay marriage, Obamacare. Both of these, particularly Obamacare, the best I can tell the Republican strategy has been, “We’re not going to fight Obama because he’s the first black president.

“We’re just not going to do it. Say what you want, conservative voters, but we’re not going to do it. There’s no future in it. The media will kill us. They will call us racist. We’ll let the Supreme Court deal with it.” For military base closings back in the late ’80s, Congress would go out and hire Blue Ribbon commission members — former Congressmen, retired people — to do this and that, to do the heavy lifting of closing military bases rather than get their fingerprints on it.

Campaign finance reform?

Same thing.silent - Copy

Everybody you talked to in the Republican Party said, “It’s unconstitutional. We can’t support that!” President Bush signed it. They said, “Let the court fix it.” The court didn’t fix it. They found it constitutional. “We’ll let the court deal with Obamacare. The Supreme Court will fix it. We’ll go to the court. We’ll sue. That’s what will happen.” And we keep losing every time we go to the Supreme Court because we do not have a political strategy. Nor is there a political will to even devise a strategy.

Everything is, “Wait until the next election. We’ll get them in the next election! We’ll get them in 2017.” We have a year and a half to go until 2017! Who knows what kind of destruction will take place between now and then? But yet, folks, there’s a conservative apparatus all over Washington, DC. There are conservatives everywhere. There’s an entire TV network made up of ’em. Conservative talk radio is made up of conservatives. There’s no shortage of conservatives. They’re everywhere.

We’ve got conservative think tanks here, think tanks over there. We’ve got conservative analysts; we’ve got conservative advisors. They’re everywhere!

Raising money…


Writing books…


Nothing changes.


RUSH: It’s Open Line Friday. I’m going to go to the phones, and the only way to do this is to be disciplined about it. I say provocative things all the time, and I’ve just gotten started today, folks. Hang in there. Be tough. That was just the open monologue. That was just warming up. I’m going to go to the phones, though. Ovi in Orlando. Great to have you on the program, Ovi. Hi.

CALLER: Actually, it’s O-z-z-i-e, like Ozzie and Harriet. (chuckles)

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: But in any case, I was going to disagree with you a little bit. I don’t think Republicans are so much afraid of challenging what Obama does because he’s the first black president. I think the real issue for Republicans is they don’t know what to do with those 30 million Americans that — if they change Obamacare — would be uninsured.

RUSH: Ozzie, they’re not insured now. Ozzie, they’re not insured now.


RUSH: Obamacare is an absolute disaster. Obamacare deserves to have been thrown overboard years ago. Obamacare is destructive. Obamacare is going to destroy people’s ability to end up with disposable income in their lives and get ahead. Obamacare is an absolute disaster like much of everything this administration has brought us. It has not insured any significant millions of uninsured. Now, I understand the theory.Complete Message

The theory is, “The Republicans don’t want to throw Obamacare overboard because that means they’ll have to fix it.” That’s exactly my point! I made the point yesterday that the conservative movement has become not a party of opposition, not a movement of opposition, but a movement of fine tuning. And what does it fine tune? Democrat proposals! Democrat ideas! Instead of rejecting them, instead of throwing them overboard and proposing to the American people — who are smart enough to understand — alternative ideas, we fine tune socialism and call it conservatism.

Sorry, that’s not the answer.


RUSH: By the way, here we are right on schedule. Right on schedule. Here is a headline from the Washington Examiner: “Poll: 72% Fear lost forever - CopyEconomic Crash, Concern ‘Highest Ever’.” What the story is about, if you read it, the GOP pollsters are telling Republicans, “You’ve got to let go of those social issues, they’re killing you. It’s the economy, stupid people, you’ve got to drop the social issues.”

It is my contention that Republicans aren’t doing a damn thing on social issues. The Democrats are the ones forcing social issues on everybody. Today, the latest example, it’s the Democrats forcing these things and average, ordinary Americans are trying to defend what they believe in. There is no aggressive behavior on the part of Republicans or conservatives. Everybody is in a defensive posture. Everybody is just standing by trying to hold on to what they believe in and what they have left.

Every bit of the aggressiveness, every bit of the offense, every bit of whatever is being undertaken is from the Democrat Party. And yet, here we go, the Republican candidates for president are being told, “Get rid of social issues, let them go. It’s the economy, the economy is the way to win.” And letting go of the social issues is how our culture is being corrupted. It’s another one of these things that’s 180 degrees out of phase. And the social issues, I know what it is, folks, I know, I know. It’s a bunch of moderate Republicans who think they’re losing on abortion.

They’re losing on everything. And they just don’t know it. They’re losing on everything. You think they’re winning on the economy? We live in the most disastrous economy since Jimmy Carter, and the Republicans may be winning elections. Is there any pushback on any of this? There’s a lot of talk. There’s a lot of requests for donations. There’s a lot of fundraising going on. A lot of people promising you that they’re enacting policies or thinking about policies and they’re going to do this and they’re going to do that. The moment of truth comes and they don’t do it, and they kick the can down the road because it’s not the right time.Tree of Liberty 03

It’s never the right time. There isn’t any opposition. Those of you that are feeling lost today, those of you who feel like it’s over, you’re at your wit’s end, we’re winning nothing, we’re losing everything, you’re still the majority. That’s what’s got you so bedraggled. That’s what’s got you so ticked off. You’re still the majority. You know it. Less than two percent of the population is bullying its way through the country and nobody is doing anything to stop it because of fear or what have you. And that’s what’s got you upset.

What good is winning elections? That’s the big truth. The big, final, ultimate act is going and voting and you succeed in winning landslide victories in 2010 and 2014, what have you got to show for it, nothing. That’s why you’re mad. Tired of feeling like losers? Tired of feeling like there’s no recourse. The way the game is being played right now there isn’t. The Supreme Court, throw them in the mix, depending on the issue, and they’ll pretend they are the federal government, lock, stock and barrel. The other two branches don’t even count and don’t even matter.

A story from yesterday: “Christian Farmers Fined $13,000 for Refusing to Host Same-Sex Wedding Fight Back — The owners of a small Dofamily farm in upstate New York fined $13,000 for discriminating against a same-sex couple for refusing to host a wedding on their property are fighting back.”

Too bad they’ll lose, especially with the court’s decision today. All resistance to the militant gay agenda now is just officially just a rear guard action. It’s a lost cause, like the Confederacy. Pretty soon, like the Confederacy, all this is gonna be a hate crime to even remember.

“In an appeal filed today before an appellate division of the New York Supreme Court, a lawyer for Cynthia and Robert Gifford, owners of Liberty Ridge Farm near Albany, N.Y., argued that when finding them guilty, the court did not consider their constitutional freedoms and religious beliefs. ‘[The decision] violates the Giffords’ free exercise of religion, freedom of expressive association, and freedom of expression protected under the United States and New York Constitutions,'” according to their lawyer. Plus it was their property.

There isn’t a freedom of religion in the US anymore. Not for Christians. That’s the point. “The Giffords were found guilty of ‘sexual orientation discrimination’ by an administrative law judge,” and have been told that they must attend sensitivity training classes.


Big Gay Hate Machine A LIST FOR FREEDOM let them take arms - Copy freedom combo 2

Holder Goes Full-Scale Hamas: Cops Are Occupying Force in Neighborhoods of Color

Listen to it ButtonRush Limbaugh of the Rush Limbaugh Radio Broadcast

December 02, 2014

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RUSH: This is really fascinating what’s being attempted here in St. Louis and in Ferguson.  It’s not by any means the first time, but this is the most brazen that I can recall.  We have an event that happened.  We’ve had hours, days, weeks of evidence and testimony. It’s been corroborated. The liars were discovered and thrown out. We know what happened.  Yet that wasn’t the desired result, and so that result doesn’t count and it’s being rebuilt into a new problem, and the problem in St. Louis is the cops.

The problem in Ferguson is the police.  If you doubt me, listen to what Eric Holder said.  This is more outrageous than what Obama said, ’cause Holder takes Obama’s comments… Basically what Obama said is that Ferguson demonstrates racism is everywhere in America and now he, Obama, is on the case and he’s finally gonna deal with this and he’s gonna end it.  But Eric Holder decided to add to or to build on Obama’s claim that Ferguson demonstrates that racism is everywhere.

Here’s what Holder said:  “Problems we must confront are not only found in Ferguson; the issues raised in Missouri are not unique to that state or to that small city.  We are dealing with concerns that are truly national in scope and that threaten the entire nation.”  What happened here?  Again, they want to make it look like this happens every day, multiple times a day.  They’re painting a picture here that innocent young blacks are assassinated by cops who are hunting.

Multiple times.

“It happens frequently, and this is the last straw.  We’re not gonna put up with this any more,” even though it’s rare.  It doesn’t happen with anywhere near regularly, which is one of the reasons why this one made such news.  But, anyway, the truth has been learned, and it’s not what was desired. So Eric Holder says, “In the coming days, I will announce the updated justice department guidelines regarding profiling by federal law enforcement.’  

“This will institute rigorous new standards and robust safeguards to help end racial profiling once and for all,” and here is the money quote: Our police officers cannot be and cannot be seen as an occupying force, disconnected to the communities that they serve.”  So Eric Holder has now gone full-in Hamas.  Cops are now an occupying force.  Cops are not peacekeepers.  Cops do not keep the order. com03police_state

Cops do not protect the innocent and property. 

The cops are an occupying force in neighborhoods of color all over the country.  “Problems we must confront are not only found in Ferguson…”  Isn’t it interesting that that’s the exact way this bunch talks about Israel, folks?  They talk about Israel as an occupying force with Hamas and other terrorist organizations being the victims, and the Israelis are the mean-spirited, extremist, racist occupying forceEvil is Good

Now Eric Holder has gone all-in with the cops being the same thing, and he wasn’t finished.  Eric Holder said, “Problems exposed by Ferguson threaten the entire nation.”  He was speaking at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.  He said, “The nation needs to confront the broken relationship between group after group in this country.”  Now, let’s see.  What’s happened here in the last six years? Liberalism a mental disorder

Gays got gay marriage, Hispanics got amnesty for illegals, and African-Americans apparently are gonna be able to riot without anybody stopping them if they want to.  Apparently they’re gonna be able to engage in civil disobedience and the excuse is gonna be offered, “Well, it’s just their feelings. The president said they don’t feel right, they don’t feel welcomed.  They don’t feel like they’re part of the community.” 

We all got screwed with Obamacare, so everybody’s getting something from this Regime.  The problems of Ferguson Missouri are radical leftists in the government and the media distracting from the destruction of free market separation of powers. So, yes, problems exposed by Ferguson do threaten the entire nation, but not in the way Obama and Holder are discussing.  Now, I have here, you might think, an unrelated story.  I want you to listen very carefully.  This is from the Wall Street Journal.

Let me read to you the headline.  The story’s from yesterday.  Spree of Newark Violence Spurs Action by Mayor, Police.”  Listen very carefully, folks. “Newark, New Jersey, officials on Monday vowed a crackdown on violence after a bloody Thanksgiving weekend that left three dead and multiple people injured in 11 shootings. Mayor Ras Baraka said in a news conference, ‘Our mind-set is it’s an emergency here in our city. 

“‘This is the first time we’ve had all these shootings to this extent: 11 shootings, three dead, multiple injuries.’  The spate of violence illustrated a broader challenge for Newark, which has long been one of the state’s most dangerous cities.  But the long Thanksgiving weekend brought a level of gun violence Newark hadn’t seen in some time, Mr. Baraka said.  Officials said they were worried about losing gains made against crime earlier in the year now.”

Now, you say, “Okay, what’s the big deal, Rush?” 

Well, hang on here.  In the first place, no protests are being planned for the three dead over the Thanksgiving weekend.  The president and Eric Holder haven’t talked about this at all.  We have three people dead, 11 shootings.  There is no talk of problems in the community.  There’s no talk of needing to sit down and have a confab at the White House to figure out what went wrong and how to fix this.  But if you read the rest of the story in the Wall Street Journal, do you know what the reaction from the leaders in the community is?

Do you know what their solution to the problem is?  (pause)  Take a guess.  (pause)  Everybody’s calling for more cops.  Everybody is calling for more police!  The Obama administration in Ferguson and in St. Louis are trying to portray the police as the problem. 

  • The police did not burn down anybody’s building. 
  • The police did not destroy anybody’s business. 
  • The police did not rob a convenience store. 
  • The police didn’t get in a fight with themselves and try to abscond a weapon and use it against each other. 

None of that happened.

So the Regime in Ferguson is trying to blame everything that went wrong on the cops.  In Newark, three people were dead on Thanksgiving Day, 11 shootings, and what everybody there is demanding is more police.  They’re gonna send in more police.  Governor Christie is even gonna send in state highway patrol troopers.  The police are gonna bunker into Newark to protect innocent bystanders from being gunned down in the streets.

Now, wait a minute.  How does that jibe with what we’re being told about what went on in Ferguson?  How can you have three people dead, 11 multiple shootings, and the solution in Newark is the cops?  The solution is more cops.  The solution is more armed troops and uniformed cops to come in and keep the peace and protect things.  In Ferguson, it seems to be just the exact opposite;

  • The problem is the cops. 
  • The citizens don’t feel right. 
  • The problem’s the cops.
  • The problem’s the grand jury.
  • The problem’s everybody else. Liberalism a mental disorder

I thought, if you listen to Eric Holder, the police are an occupying force, in every community.  The problems we must confront are not found only in Ferguson.  The issues raised there are not unique to that state or small city.  Our police officers cannot be and cannot be seen as an occupying force disconnected to the communities that they serve.  I would bet you that before this happened in Ferguson they were not seen that way.  I bet they were not seen as an occupying force.  I bet they’re not seeing that way in too many places.

But in Newark, and you know it’s a Democrat state, and it’s a Democrat mayor, and it’s a Democrat everything, they’ve got out-of-control gun rampage, and the call, the solution is for more cops.  Pull quote from the story:  “Bashir Akinyele, a teacher who works for the Newark Anti-Violence Coalition, said many of the problems stem from poverty and broken families. The unemployment rate is more than 10%, higher than in much of the country, even as the city’s downtown has teemed with new development.” Actually mentioned the true source of the problem:  broken families, unemployment.AMEN

Too bad we can’t work on those to fix, isn’t it?  Why, they’ve actually even identified the problem in Newark:  broken families, unemployment, the Obama economy.  Too bad we’re unable to talk about that.  No, no.  We can’t even get to the root cause because we’re in the process in Ferguson of obliterating the truth, and we’re gonna use everything we can. We’re gonna use Al Sharpton, we’re gonna use the media, we’re gonna use the St. Louis Rams, we’re gonna use whatever we can to rewrite the truth using the power we have to do it.  And we’re gonna portray the cops everywhere as an occupying force, except Newark, where more of them are needed to stop rampaging murderers.

Back after this.


RUSH:  Just a reminder to every police officer in this country, you are being watched, and I’m very serious about this.  Rich Lowry had it right in his column today.  You cops had better keep a sharp eye, because the powers that be are looking to find another cop they can accuse of racial assassination and railroad indict, and convict.  They lost on this one.

Police officers in this country are in dangerous jobs at great risk right now because they have a target on them.  They have a bull’s-eye that is being painted, that’s being drawn by the highest positions of power in this country.  It’s a very dangerous circumstance, very dangerous situation taking place here, folks.  And the cops right now are in the crosshairs of the most powerful forces in this country. com04

They failed to get what they wanted in Ferguson.  They’re gonna find a way. They didn’t really get what they wanted out of Florida and the “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman and all that. They didn’t get what they wanted in the Duke lacrosse case.  They really want a win.  And the cops are the focus, the target for that next win.  Partyof Deceit Spin and Lies




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