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Fact Check: Biden Tells Biggest Lie of the Night, Maybe the Entire Election

Reported By Andrew J. Sciascia | Published October 22, 2020 at 8:21pm

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden landed himself in a factually sticky situation Thursday night, arguing former President Barack Obama had never taken part in the policy of family separation carried out at the outset of the Trump administration.

The false claim came late in the second and final debate of the 2020 presidential election cycle, as he faced off with incumbent Republican President Donald Trump on the issue of illegal immigration.

“These 500-plus kids came with parents. They separated them at the border to make it a disincentive to come to begin with,” Biden said. “They got separated from their parents and it makes us a laughingstock and violates every notion of who we are as a nation.”

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“Kristen, they did it,” Trump said, addressing debate moderator Kristen Welker. “We changed the policy. They did it. We changed — they built the cages.”

“We did not separate — they,” Biden trailed off, changing course.

“Let’s talk about what we’re talking about. Let’s talk about what we’re talking about. What happened? Kids were ripped from their arms and separated.”


The narrative was not original, having already been fact-checked on numerous occasions by independent sources in the establishment media.

The Associated Press, for its part, checked former first lady Michelle Obama for making similar claims in an address to the 2020 Democratic National Convention this past August.

“Michelle Obama assailed President Donald Trump on Monday for allegedly ripping migrant children from their parents and throwing them into cages, picking up on a frequent and distorted point made widely by Democrats,” The AP wrote. “She’s……………………………..READ THE REST OF THIS REPORT AT


Today’s TWO Politically INCORRECT Cartoons by A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco Cartoon – Jail Break

Democrats like Minnesota’s Governor Walz seek to free criminals while threatening to arrest small business owners.

Minnesota COVID-19 Mitigation StrategyPolitical Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2020.

A.F. Branco Cartoon – #Obamagate

Obama seems worried about the DOJ dropping the Flynn case, is that because of what scandals it will reveal in his own administration?

Obama On the Flynn CasePolitical cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2020
Donations/Tips accepted and appreciated –  $1.00 – $25.00 – $50.00 – $100 –  it all helps to fund this website and keep the cartoons coming. – THANK YOU!

A.F. Branco has taken his two greatest passions, (art and politics) and translated them into the cartoons that have been popular all over the country, in various news outlets including “Fox News”, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and “The Washington Post.” He has been recognized by such personalities as Dinesh D’Souza, James Woods, Sarah Palin, Larry Elder, Lars Larson, Rush Limbaugh, and has had his toons tweeted by President Trump.

Jerome Corsi Files Criminal Complaint Against Mueller Team

Reported By Randy DeSoto | December 3, 2018 at 12:00pm

URL of the original posting site: Corsi

In this Oct. 7, 2008, file photo, Jerome Corsi, right, arrives at the immigration department in Nairobi, Kenya. (AP Photo)

Conservative author Jerome Corsi filed a “criminal and ethics” complaint against special counsel Robert Mueller on Monday, alleging his team threatened prosecution if Corsi refused to provide false testimony against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Fox News reported the 78-page complaint, filed with the Department of Justice and the DOJ’s inspector general, stated “Dr. Corsi has been criminally threatened and coerced to tell a lie and call it the truth.”

The filing also calls for the removal of Mueller and his prosecutors for their misconduct.

“Special Counsel Mueller and his prosecutorial staff should respectfully be removed from his office and their practice of the law and a new Special Counsel appointed who respects and will obey common and accepted norms of professional ethics and the law and who will promptly conclude the so-called Russian collusion investigation which had been illegally and criminally spinning out of control,” the document reads.

According to his complaint, Mueller’s team wanted Corsi to testify to acting as a liaison between Trump campaign associate Roger Stone and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange regarding the release of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee. The filing reads that Mueller’s office “knowingly and deceitfully threatening to charge Dr. Corsi with an alleged false statement,” unless he gives them “false testimony” against Trump and others.

Corsi announced last week on multiple media outlets that he would not sign Mueller’s agreement calling for him to plead guilty to one count of perjury.

“They can put me in prison the rest of my life. I am not going to sign a lie,” the 72-year-old told CNN.

According to a court filing by Mueller’s team, Corsi wrote in a short email to Stone in July 2016, “Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps. One shortly after I’m back. 2nd in Oct. Impact planned to be very damaging.”

“Time to let more than (Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta) to be exposed as in bed w enemy if they are not ready to drop HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton),” “The Obama Nation” author added. “That appears to be the game hackers are now about.”

Corsi explained to Fox News host Tucker Carlson last week that he had fully cooperated with Mueller’s investigators, turning over his computer and cellphone, but he initially forgot about the email, until it was brought to his attention. He amended his statement to Mueller’s team in September, which they accepted without complaint, but prosecutors changed their tune after they determined, he “could not give them what they wanted,” according to Corsi.

“They do this what I call a perjury trap,” Corsi told Carlson. “They ask you a question. They have material they won’t show you. You’ve forgotten about. They say, ‘You’ve just lied,’ because this email you’ve forgotten about 2016 proves your current memory is wrong. It’s a memory test.”

In a statement on Monday, his attorney Larry Klayman charged Mueller with “effectively seeking to overthrow a duly elected president” through coercing false testimony.

“This rogue government tyranny perpetrated by a Special Counsel and his prosecutorial staff, which is designed to effectively overthrow a duly elected president by coercing and extorting false testimony from Dr. Corsi and others, cannot be permitted in a civilized society,” he said.

Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz argued last week that Mueller’s probe is creating crimes rather than uncovering past ones, and that the “devastating” report against Trump he will write will be based on people “who have lied.”

“Virtually all of his indictments and pleas come from people who he got to lie in front of investigators by setting perjury traps for them,” Dershowitz told Fox News host Sean Hannity. He added, “(A)nd the other ones have to do with financial dealings unrelated to the president. Where’s the beef? Where’s the crime?”


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Randy DeSoto is a graduate of West Point and Regent University School of Law. He is the author of the book “We Hold These Truths” and screenwriter of the political documentary “I Want Your Money.”

Inmate Admits Sex Assaults at Women’s Prison… ‘She’ Used to Be Named Steve

Reported By Malachi Bailey | September 12, 2018 at


An inmate in a British female prison sexually assaulted multiple fellow inmates, and it turns out the predator is actually a man, formerly known as Steve, who “identifies” as a lesbian woman.

These days, according to The Telegraph, the 52-year-old is officially known as Karen White, but was born with the name Stephen Wood. At the time of the assaults, White was undergoing sex reassignment, but had not had surgery, The Telegraph reported.

White didn’t hesitate to prey on the female inmates. Within weeks of arriving in prison, he began making lewd comments toward another inmate before he forced himself on her, according to the Telegraph.

That was not White’s only victim. He was accused of four sexual assaults in total between September and November last year, according to The Guardian. He confessed to at least two of the attacks.

He was finally moved to an all-male prison, according to PJ Media.

It’s good that he won’t be able to assault any more women in his new prison, but he should have been in the all-male prison to begin with.

The female prison where White committed his assaults did not only have female prisoners. It also had children. The prison contains a mother-and-baby unit that can accommodate up to 10 infants aged under 2, according to The Times.

This fact becomes even more shocking considering White’s past convictions. White is a convicted pedophile who was previously jailed in 2001 for an attack on a child, according to PJ Media.

Putting a convicted male pedophile into an all-female prison with infants and toddlers is not just a simple mistake. This is an example of negligence in the name of being “progressive.”

Social media users were disgusted at the news.

RELATED: Report: Nearly All Sex Assaults Reported at Sports Centers Were in Unisex Facilities

The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Justice claimed that it made a mistake by not looking at the predator’s history when he was transferred to the female prison, but said the offender’s history is typically taken into account. Considering the number of transgender sexual predators in prison in the U.K., it’s a mistake could easily happen again. A government survey found that there were 125 total transgender inmates in England and Wales, and 60 of them were serving time for a sexual offence, according to BBC News.

It is likely that there are even more because the list doesn’t include those who already have a gender recognition certificate.

As long as men are moved into female prisons, it is inevitable that human error will allow another case like this one to fall through the cracks.

In the United States, President Donald Trump’s administration has taken steps to avoid something similar here by sensibly relying on an inmate’s biological sex to determine what facility the inmate will be house in, according to a report in The New York Times in May. (Naturally, The Times didn’t like that one bit. The headline was “Federal Prisons Roll Back Rules Protecting Transgender People.”)

But U.K. prison officials are finding out what the Trump administration already knows — and liberals and The New York Times will never accept.

Men shouldn’t be put into women’s prisons at all.


Summary: Malachi Bailey is a writer from the Midwest with a background in history, education and philosophy. He has led multiple conservative groups and is dedicated to the principles of free speech, privacy and peace.

Here’s The Campaign Slogan and Picture Hillary Wants Banned from the Internet – Let’s Share the Hell Out of It

waving flagPublished on April 19, 2015

URL of the original posting site:


Well, if the shoe fits. Please forward this to Hillary’s campaign manager. Enjoy.

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Picture1true battle Picture1 In God We Trust freedom combo 2

BOOM: Hillary Will HATE This Martha Stewart Meme… So SHARE It

waving flagPublished on May 12, 2016

URL of the original posting site:


Hillary can’t stand this! Do you think that this is a great question? Hillary seems to be untouchable, but hopefully not for long.

FOR PRISON Picture1 true battle Picture1 In God We Trust freedom combo 2

ALLEN WEST: Obama Releases Convicted Islamic Terrorist From Federal Prison

Posted on January 21, 2015

This is not a ‘Gitmo’ release.



Freedom with Prayer

White House Brushes Off Plight of U.S. Marine Jailed in Mexico


By Susan Jones / October 2, 2014 – 6:08 AM

tahmooressi( – It’s the State Department’s problem.

Imperial Islamic President ObamaOn the same day Republican lawmakers urged President Obama to do something about an American war veteran languishing in a Mexican jail, a White House spokesman indicated it’s not going to happen.

“My colleagues at the State Department are very focused on this issue,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said at Wednesday’s briefing. “And so, I’d refer you to them for their efforts to work with the Mexican government.”

Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, says he asked Vice President Biden to ask President Obama to call the Mexican president directly to urge leniency for Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi — but apparently it hasn’t happened.

“I don’t believe it has (happened),” Earnest responded, “and that’s because this is an issue that is being handled through the State Department and through the existing channels at the State Department.”

The State Department told reporters on Wednesday that it sent a representative to Wednesday’s hearing of the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee, but the committee did not invite anyone from the State Department to testify.

As reported, Sgt. Tahmooressi, who served honorably in Afghanistan, was later diagnosed with PTSD. Back home in the U.S., he was living out of his truck when he made a wrong turn into Mexico six months ago, with three legally purchased guns in his possession.

Tahmooressi says he took a wrong turn near the border and did not intend to end up in Mexico at all, but he’s been jailed ever since, because it is illegal to bring guns into Mexico. So far, all pleas for his release have been rejected.

At a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee hearing on Wednesday, Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) said he is “mystified” that President Obama found time to negotiate with the Taliban for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who walked away from his unit in Afghanistan, but couldn’t find time to “call our ally, the Mexican president, to appeal to him on behalf of our Marine.”primary

Salmon said Tahmooressi is a “war hero” who needs help that Mexico cannot provide for his PTSD; and Salmon also said Andrew deserves help from President Obama.

Other committee Republicans also faulted Obama for not raising the Tahmooressi issue directly with the Mexican president.

“Shame on President Obama for not making a 30-second telephone call to the president of Mexico and getting this thing settled a long time ago,” Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R_Calif.) said.

“He’s the commander-in-chief. That means he’s personally the commander of people who volunteer to fight our wars. And if they don’t think that cares enough about him to make a phone call, what are they — you know, they’re going to feel they’re betrayed, and they are being betrayed.”

Rohrabacher said he knows that Sgt. Tahmooressi did not do anything intentionally wrong: “I went to Tijuana, and I retraced his steps…And on the way back, when I drove out of that parking lot and made that turn to the left, it appeared — I can testify to everybody today — it appeared that I was going into California.

“And once you made that turn, there was no going back until you were in Mexico. There is no doubt that this problem was not caused by any intention of Andrew to in some way not respect the law of Mexico. And that — that is very evident.”

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) received applause when he urged Obama to “pick up the phone and do your job on behalf of our Marine.”

Article collective closing

Congressman pleads for Christian pastor’s life

Says secret diplomacy wrong, State should make noise about American jailed in Iran

Published: 15 hours ago

author-image Michael Carl

Michael Carl is a veteran journalist with overseas military experience and experience as a political consultant. He also has two Master’s Degrees, is a bi-vocational pastor and lives with his family in the Northeast United States.

Saeed Abedini and his family.

A Texas congressman charges the State Department is mishandling the case of American pastor Saeed Abedini, who is being held in an Iranian prison.

Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said federal officials appear to be using quiet diplomacy in Abedini’s case.

That approach, he contends, is the opposite of what should be done.

“The State Department almost universally when it’s a hostage situation, and this is really what it is, [stays] quiet for fear of doing harm. And I think it’s the exact opposite. When you stay quiet, you will cause harm, and it doesn’t raise the problem to the people who are in charge,” he said.

Stockman said the Iranians originally intended to use the pastor as a “bargaining chip.”

“You know, we had some of their officers in the Quds Force, and the Iranians were going to bargain for their release.

But apparently, the Obama administration while negotiating just traded the prisoners without getting anything in return, which kind of surprised the Iranians,” Stockman said.

“Normally there’s an exchange and we got nothing in return, when in reality we should have pushed for the release of the pastor,” said the congressman.

He said now he would “encourage” the American people to get more involved directly in Abedini’s case, because he’s not seeing much input from the public.

“I would like to see something more visible and the family actually get involved more, going on TV and other things,” Stockman said.

American Center for Law and Justice Executive Director Jordan Sekulow agrees. More public involvement is what is needed in light of the government’s nearly uniform silence on the American pastor, he said.

“The issue is getting the attention of Congress. I think the petitions have worked to the extent that they got Congress’ attention. We’ve had congressional hearings. They have done what they can and they will continue to help. But, they can only do so much,” Sekulow said.

Sekulow acknowledges that Congress isn’t the State Department, but petitions can still generate some attention.

“We’ve seen bipartisan support and we’ve seen the State Department have to pay attention,” Sekulow said. “We wouldn’t have had the congressional hearings, the message … to Secretary Kerry, and we wouldn’t have had the White House make any statements at all but for the American people speaking up.”

International Christian Concern Middle East analyst Todd Daniels believes citizen action can be effective, if it mobilizes larger sections of the population.

“The strategy to engage other parties that have a vested interest is certainly possible as part of the overall efforts to see Saeed be released, as sanctions on certain sectors are being lifted,” Daniels said.

Human rights activists have been disappointed with the limited amount of attention shown to Abedini’s case.

However, Middle East Forum President Daniel Pipes isn’t surprised by the lack of government engagement. He said the U. S. government historically has shown little interest in Iran’s human rights record.

“The U.S. government historically has downplayed human rights issues vis-à-vis the Islamic Republic of Iran, focusing instead on terrorism and the nuclear buildup,” Pipes said.

He said it adds a burden for citizen groups.

“This leaves NGOs in the unenviable position of trying to raise human rights issues, which are largely ignored by Tehran. Unless Washington and the other powers include human rights, this will not change,” Pipes said.

Daniels believes NGOs and the U.N. could play a role.

“There may be steps remaining for pushing for international bodies to review his case for what appear to be irregularities and a violation of international norms. While these may not be binding measures, it could force Iran to give an account for the charges on which Saeed is being held and could lead to an avenue by which his conviction or sentencing could be overturned,” Daniels said.

However, Daniels noted actions on the non-governmental level have had little impact on Iran.

“Many of these options have been pursued to no avail, but the injustice in this case demands that the efforts to see his release come should continue. While it appears that the huge amount of effort so far has fallen on deaf ears, it is important to remember that God, who ultimately moves on these decisions, does hear. So the appeals before that throne should continually be made by His people,” Daniels said.

Sekulow believes that reaching out to corporations that do business in Iran could become an avenue to build more interest in Abedini’s case.

“We’re looking at learning how we can positively work with the businesses that may be gaining from the sanctions being lifted. We’re not looking to do anything negatively but to see how we can positively let those people who they work with in Iran … see what can be done to get this American released,” Sekulow said.

Daniels agrees with Sekulow that the concept of corporations acting on Abedini’s interest has potential.

“Iran is slowly becoming increasingly integrated with the global economy. So if there were corporations willing to call for tangible improvements on rights issues (the release of Abedini) as part of their bargaining to pursue business ventures, that may be leveraged to help move the decision makers towards releasing Saeed,” Daniels said.

Mark Durie, an adjunct fellow at Australia’s Center for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths, is skeptical that corporate pressure can succeed, because Iran’s “business interests” have limited power.

“The potential problems with this suggestion are twofold:

  • one is that Iranian business people generally do not have that much leverage with the regime. Indeed for them to lobby on behalf of a Christian in prison could be personally dangerous for them.
  • Iran is not an open and free society in which it is open to people to lobby their government on such matters,” Durie said.

Pipes believes that, ultimately, the movement to free the American pastor will have to come from within Iran.

Sekulow said the American government and its people both need to be pressing Iran for Abedini’s release.

WND reported in December that Saeed Abedini’s wife, Nagmeh Abedini, testified before a House subcommittee hearing on human rights. The hearing was chaired by Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., who observed the injustice of the pastor’s jail time.

“Pastor Abedini is an American citizen, but he was told he could re-enter Iran to carry on his relief work. The Iranian government offered him safe entry. He accepted the Iranian government’s offer for safe passage, but the Iranian government hasn’t kept its promise,” Smith said.

Smith said “the fact that they moved him to the more dangerous prison shows that they knew he would be an important factor in the negotiations.”

“He’s an American citizen, and he remains in an absolute hell-hole in Iran. We can’t waste this opportunity.”

Nagmeh Abedini has announced she plans to attend the sixth annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy in February.

“This will give me a worldwide platform to speak out about religious freedom issues and Christian persecution,” she said.

Abedini first was held in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison and later was transferred to an even worse location – the 22,000-inmate Rajai Shahr, home to drug dealers, murderers and rapists. He was working in Iran under a government-approved building plan when he was arrested in 2012.

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